Douglas Henshall


Gentlemen's Relish


Gentlemen's Relish was a comic period piece about a fading portrait artist and now photographer played by Billy Connolly, his loyal houskeeper played by Sarah Lancashire and his newfound employee and friend one Cromwell Marsh played by Dougie Henshall.  Dougie introduces his new employer to artistic nude photography in the best possible taste, while selling said pictures on the side to a publisher of Gentlemen's magazines under the title of Gentlemen's Relish.

It's a fairly amusing little tale, with good performances from all the cast members and shot very beautifully in the style and lighting of the photographs, one thing I noticed taking some of the grabs was how the pictures looked like old paintings.

Just in case anyone has forgotten, Dougie Henshall is of course the actor who played Paul in Thief Takers 'Nasty Boys'. Just thought I'd get a plug in for my favourite show while I'm at it ;-).