Eamonn Walker


Eamonn Walker guest starred in the last series of Bergerac.  Bergerac was a detective show set on the Island of Jersey  (part of the Channel Islands, they have their own Governments but are part of Britain, although situated just off the coast of Northern France), very picturesque, but very tiny and while Bergerac was in residence <g>, with an amazingly high murder rate <g>. Initially Bergerac worked for the Bureau des Etranges, but by the last series was working as a private eye moving between Jersey and France. In this episode he's employed by an estranged husband to see if his wife is being ripped off by a rather strange group, not exactly a cult, but they believe in mysterious powers from Atlantis.  Eamonn plays the sceptical boyfriend of a girl attending a session there.  I've got to confirm the date but late 80's should be approximately right.  Eamonn has aged well for he doesn't look much older now.


Eamonn chopping
logs in a shell suit
he'd doubtless
rather forget.
Eamonn's character
with Bergerac
  This one is my