Warning - This is a slash fiction site, these stories contain in many cases explicit m/m sex scenes.  Please go elsewhere if you are underage or object to this premise.

Time to fall over in shock for I'm adding more fiction.



Update - February 15th 2004

 Midsomer Murders by Elfin and Carmen, Hornblower by Rach

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Allo Allo
Arthurian Legend
The Authority




Babylon 5
Bedrooms and Hallways
The Bill
The Bill/Ultraviolet
Blake's 7
Byker Grove



Captain Scarlet
Chicken Run
Combat Sheep
Coronation Street


Dalziel and Pascoe
Dark is Rising
The Detectives
Diagnosis Murder
Dr Who
Drop the Dead Donkey




Face Off
Father Ted
Fawlty Towers





Hamish MacBeth
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Holby City
Holly Oaks
Hope and Glory (TV)



In Deep
Indiana Jones
Inspector Morse
It Ain't Half Hot Mum


James Bond
Jeeves and Wooster
Jonathan Creek
Jurassic Park III



Keeping Up Appearances
Kung Fu :TLC
A Knight's Tale


La Femme Nikita
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
The Little Mermaid



Midsomer Murders
Moulin Rouge


New Professionals
Northern Exposure



One Foot in the Grave
Only When I Laugh
Over Here


Peak Practice
The Persuaders
Plunkett and MacLeane
The Professionals



Quantum Leap
Queer as Folk


Randall and Hopkirk Deceased (original series)
Randall and Hopkirk Deceased (new series)
Red Dwarf
Robin of Sherwood



Scooby Doo
Soldiers of Fortune
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Stargate SG1
Still Crazy
ST: Voyager



The Fast Show
Thief Takers


Upstairs Downstairs


Velvet Goldmine


The Whole Nine Yards





bullet Dark is Rising/Highlander  

  by Gunbunny.  10kb.

Desert Peach/Blackadder

'Thoughts of Home'   by Cerise. 14kb, NC17 m/m slash,  The Desert Peach/Blackadder
Set during WW1,  Edmund Blackadder and the young Manfred Pfirsich Marie Rommel meet in the trenches.  (Previously published in an edition of the Crevichon Press zine 'Friends will be Friends.'


Due South/Forever Knight

'Possessed'  by Sigrina.  64kb.  PG 13.  Due South/Forever Knight.  
'Facing the Truth' by Sigrina.  21kb.  PG13  (Sequel to Possessed) 

bullet Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/The Professionals 

Brothers in Arms  by Sigrina.  85kb.  PG13.
bullet HP/The Fast Show

Like Making Love to a Beautiful Woman
  by Fushcia.  22kb.  NC17.  Arthur Weasley/Swiss Tony.
I know, I don't archive HP fic :-).  But this is a Fast Show parody and parodies are an accepted exception to normal literary copyright. 

bullet Moulin Rouge/Forever Knight 

Rouge  by elfin.  30kb.  PG13.  Nick/La Croix, Nick/Christian.

bullet Red Dwarf/The Authority 

Dudes in Space  by K9.  19kb.  R.  Contribution for the BritSlash Red Nose charity challenge.

bullet Robin of Sherwood/Dark is Rising 

Pawns and Players 
by Sigrina.  22kb.  AU crossover Robin of Sherwood/The Dark is Rising
Pairings: Bill (Will Scarlet)/Barney Drew, Robin/Will implied, Will Stanton/Simon Drew
bullet X-Files/Mary Poppins

The Unrecognised X-File
  by Sebastian.  97kb.  NC17.  M/K.
bullet Xena/Hercules/Red Dwarf

  by Elvichar.  51kb.  R.

Those that defy description!

Smur de Mur de Mur de Buggery  by Sigrina.  5kb. 
'A Twisted Tale' by Sigrina 16kb. Rating NC 17.   
'Rat Dreams' by Sigrina 6kb. 
Rating... hard one this R?  Description, another hard one...  A comic tale with Mulder in it, and no sex.  
'Party Time'   by K9.   30kb.
R. m/m slash fiction, multiple characters. Parody.
Cascade PD hosts the annual Cops Christmas party, with amusing results.

A Story for Comic Relief  by Sigrina.  7kb.  Umm.  Well it's got some KF:LTC in it, and it's funny and it was very kindly written at a moment's notice for BritSlash's Comic Relief fund-raising challenge.
Zen and the Art of Defensive Origami  by Claire, Lillith and Temaris.  83kb.  Contains X-Files, Stargate and many others...  
Zen and the Art of Chocolate Klismaphilia
  by Claire, Lillith and Temaris.  57kb.  Mainly X-Files M/K this time, sequel of sorts to the above. 

bullet 'Allo, 'Allo

'The Lieutenant, The Lance Corporal and The Wardrobe
  by Romana.  25kb.
René/Gruber and Yvette/Helga.
  by Romana.  7kb.  Yvette/Helga.  PG.
bullet Arthurian Legend

Amor Vincit Omnia  by Rose Freeman.  34kb. PG13.  Guinevere/Morgan Le Fay.

bullet The Authority

Muscle and Bone and Feathers  by Gunbunny.  9kb.  Jenny/Shen.

bullet Babylon 5 

Wishing for the Moon
  by Sigrina.  8kb.  Allen/Garibaldi.  PG13.
bullet Bedrooms and Hallways

Bathrooms and Conveniences  by K9. 30kb. 
A little known British gay themed film which deserves to have a much wider audience. Watch if if you have a chance.

bullet The Bill 

Dark Blue Reflections
  by Tarlan.  106kb.  Meadows/Monroe.  NC17.
The authorised sequel to Sue's 'Blue Movie'.
The Truth, The Whole Truth  by Clare.  15kb.  NC17.  Dale Smith/Nick Klein.
The Chemicals Between Us  by Aly.  8kb.  PG.  Nick/Smiffy.  Written for the BritSlash Red Nose charity challenge.
Saying Goodbye  by Clare.  10kb.  PG13.  Dale Smith/Nick Klein.
Never that Way  by Aly.  11kb.  PG.  Nick. 
Uniform gets in touch with Naturism  by Augustus.  45kb.  PG14.  Various pairings.

  by Sioux.  108kb.  NC17. Luke Aston/Craig Gilmore.
3AM  by Gemma.  7kb.  NC17.  Luke/Craig.
Aftermath  by Eggbert.  17kb.  NC17.  Luke/Craig.


The Bill/Ultraviolet
Casting a Shadow pt1
  by Beverly Hills.  92kb. Michael Colefield/John Boulton.  NC17. Angst.
Casting a Shadow pt2 
by Beverly Hills.  33kb.  Jack Beresford/Rod Skase. NC17. Rape.
Casting a Shadow pt3 
by Beverly Hills.  49kb.  Michael Colefield, Rod Skase.  NC17. Angst.

bullet Blackadder

The Wedding Night
  by Bad Faery.  21kb.  Lt. George/Gen Melchett.  PG13.
What if Blackadder couldn't find a way to stop Melchett from marrying the gorgeous Georgina?
Aftermath  by Bad Faery.  3kb.  PG13.
The Usual Place  by Elim.  6kb.  Blackadder/Darling.  PG.
bullet Blake's 7

Gauda Prime: A Fairy Tale  by Zenia.  9kb.  PG13.  Blake/Avon.

bullet Bottom

Top, Middle and Bottom
  by Elvichar.  8kb.  R.  Richie/Eddie.
bullet Buffy   

Visions by Princess Xavier.  Link.  Spike/Xander.  PG13.  
Hello London by Armelle Armaya.  Ethan/Ripper/Spike.  NC17. 
Responsibilities  by Gunbunny.  6kb.  Spike/Xander.
Bad Vodka, Bad!  by Clare.  8kb.  Xander/Riley, Xander/Spike.  PG13. 
White on Blond 
by Claire.  24kb.  Wesley/Spike, Wesley/Angel.  NC17.

Alternative Reality series by Sigrina  
1: Sex, Magic and Betrayal   22kb.  Miss Calendar/Willow.  NC17. 
2: Trying to Make Things Right  6kb.  Jenny/Willow.  PG13
3: In the Pale Moonlight  11kb.  Spike/Ethan.  NC17.
4: A Fairly Simple Seduction Pt1  10kb.  Jenny/Willow, Giles/Oz.  PG13.


Aftermath  by Sigrina.  9kb.  PG13.  Ed/Beckett  
Like Smoke around a flame by Princess Xavier. A link to the story on Princess' site.  
Pairing Ed/Beckett. PG13. 

bullet Byker Grove 

  by Joanne.  10kb.  PG13.  PJ/Duncan.
bullet Captain Scarlet 

'Every Time We Say Goodbye, I Die a Little.'  by Electron. 14kb.   Scarlet/Blue.  PG13.



Firsts  by Jon Snow.  28kb.  
NC17  m/m slash fiction.  Sam/Adam.
Revenge by byron.  24kb. NC17.  Jack/Barney.



Only Borders  by Sigrina.  12kb.  PG13.   Freddie/Anatoly.  
This story is based on 'Chess' the Musical.
Every Second We Have  by Sigrina.  6kb.  PG13.  Freddie/Anatoly.  
Sequel to Only Borders.
Looking Back  by Sigrina  10kb.  PG13.  Freddie/Anatoly.

bullet Chicken Run

Spring Chickens
  by Corleone.  24kb.  PG13.  Nick/Fetcher.
bullet Combat Sheep

Combat Sheep was a one episode comedy special on BBC2.  Now imagine if you will the Professionals only with Sheep... or ye standard Cop show only with Sheep and you get the idea...

I can't Flocking believe this...  by The Three Dolly's.  104kb.  Rating - Haven't a clue, implied comedic bestiality? In the best possible taste?  Pairing... I'll leave it as a surprise...  Oh this is a crossover of sorts with New Profs...


Coronation Street

Learning Nakedness   by Jeff Creighton  74kb  PG13     Ashley/Nick  

bullet Dalziel and Pascoe 

  by elfin.  20kb.  PG13.  Dalziel/Pascoe.
After Peter's marriage break up, he stays with Dalziel.
Epiphany Pt 1 'Wild Horses' by elfin.  43kb.  PG13.  Dalziel/Pascoe.
So Much
  by elfin. 21kb.  NC17.  Dalziel/Pascoe.
Running Water
  by elfin.  54kb.  Dalziel/Pascoe. 
A Striking Balance 
by elfin.  205kb.  Dalziel/Pascoe. (complete version)
  by elfin.  7kb.  PG13.  Dalziel/Pascoe.
Scenes from the Kitchen Table by elfin.  53kb.  Pascoe/Wieldy, Pascoe/Dalziel. 
Shots in the Dark
  by elfin.  66kb. PG13.  Dalziel/Pascoe. 

Home  by Elvichar.  16kb.  R.  Dalziel/Pascoe.
Set after the marriage break up.

What We Say and What We Mean by DRamsey.  10kb. PG13.  Dalziel/Pascoe.

A Matter of Trust  by Violet Nightingale.  43kb.  NC17.  Andy/Peter.
A Four-Course Meal  by Violet Nightingale.  53kb.  NC17.  Andy/Peter.
A sequel to 'A Matter of Trust'.
The Last Wetherton Virgin  by Violet Nightingale.  35kb.  NC17.  Andy/Peter.
A Full Disclosure  by Violet Nightingale.  44kb.  NC17. Andy/Peter.
A sequel to 'The Last Wetherton Virgin'.

bullet The Dark is Rising

  by Gunbunny.  6kb
bullet The Detectives

Undercover Blues  by K9.  17kb.  PG13.  Briggs/Louis.

bullet Diagnosis Murder

Unexpected Gossip
  by Joram.  82kb.  PG.  Steve/Jesse.
Diagnosis Murder - Revelations  by Clare.  94kb.  PG13.  Steve/Jesse.
Ragnarok  by Clare.  142kb.  NC17.  Jesse/Rick Brooks, Steve/Jack Stewart, Steve/Other, Steve/Jesse. 

Dr Who     

Military Affairs Pt1  by Heather.  PG13.  Doctor/Brigadier
Military Affairs Pt2    NC17.
Military Affairs Pt3    NC17.
Full Circle by Viridian5.  53kb.  NC17.  Doctor/Turlough.


Drop the Dead Donkey 

The Morning After  by Sigrina.  PG13.  15kb.  Henry/surprise.



Paper Moons and Twisted Dreams by Sigrina.  5kb.  NC17.  Vic Fontayne/Nog.



Sex, Lies and Videotape   by Zoe Rayne     NC17     Steve/Matthew 
On the Stalls  by Jeff Creighton  58kb.  NC17   Sanjay/Simon/Tony
Escape  by Christine Logan.  20kb.  R.  Steve/Beppe.  Steve and Mel's wedding is off..

bullet Face Off

Dark Souls  by elfin.  15kb.  NC17.  Pollux Troy/Sean Arthur (as Castor Troy).

bullet Father Ted

The Madness  by Augustus.  22kb.  PG.  Ted/Dougal.

bullet Fawlty Towers

Lack of Understanding
  by Elvichar.  16kb.  PG13.
bullet Friends 

Friendly Persuasion
by Elvichar. 13kb.  G.
Itty Bitty Kiss  by Elvichar.  3kb.  G.  Epilogue to 'Friendly Persuasion'.
A Need to Know  by Nakeno.  47kb.  R. 


Lasagna! Pookie  by Losh.  6kb. NC17.  Garfield/Pookie. 

bullet Hamish MacBeth

Simple Explanations
  by Elvichar.  9kb.  PG13.  Hamish/Doc.


That Certain Smile by Roxanne  NC17. 15kb.  Duncan/Methos. 
A submission for the 'Cheesy Challenge'.    
Tempted by Roxanne  15kb. PG13.  Duncan/Methos.
A Phone Call Away  by Pathos.  14kb.  NC17.  D/M.

bullet Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Six by Nine
  by Elvichar.  7kb. Ford/Arthur
Elderberry Whine by ZoeRayne.  Link.  Ford/Arthur.
bullet Holby City

Every Cloud Pt 1
 by fanficwriter.  11kb.  NC17.  Alex/Anton.


Revenge - Chapter 1 by S. Baker. 10kb.  NC17. Rob/Lewis. 
Revenge - Chapter 2 by S. Baker. 10kb.  NC17. Rob/Lewis.
Revenge - Chapters 3-7  by S.Baker. 76kb.  NC17.  Rob/Lewis.

bullet Hope and Glory (TV series) 

A Little Light Relief 
10kb.  NC17.  Ian/OMC.


Becalmed  by Sandi   49kb    NC17     Hornblower/Pellew   
A Thought of Thee  by Reets  24kb  NC17  Hornblower/Pellew  
A submission to the 'sex in a hammock' challenge.
Wellard and the Dolphins  by Stella. 40kb.  The first three sections of this unfinished tale.
Kingston Days by Rach.  55kb. NC17.  Bush/Kennedy.  New! 

bullet In Deep

Deeper  by Caroline. 31kb.  R.  Garth/Liam.


Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Best Laid Plans of Monkeys and Men by Losh.  16kb.  PG13.
It's got humour!  It's got monkeys!


Inspector Morse  

Orchids by Elfin.  36kb.  R.   Post Slash Morse/Lewis.
This story contains spoilers for the last ever Morse novel.
Roses  by Elfin.  14kb. PG13.  Prequel to Orchids.
Through the Mists by Elfin. 151 kb. PG13  
Morse/Lewis first time story.
A Path through the Woods by Elfin. 7kb. PG. Pre-Slash.
I Only Have Eyes For You  by DRamsey.  18kb.  PG13.  Morse/Lewis.
Hurt Together, Hurt Alone by Sandi.  27kb.  PG.  Morse/OC, Morse/Lewis.  Originally published in the Uncharted Waters series of zines.


bullet It Ain't Half Hot Mum  

Whispering Grass
  by Elvichar.  20kb.  PG13.  
The Sergeant-Major has a surprise proposition.
bullet James Bond: Golden Eye 

Crying in the Rain  by Gwendolen.  27kb.  NC17.  James Bond/Alec Trevelyan.

bullet Jeeves and Wooster 

Snapshot:  The Tie  by Bad Faery.  4kb.  PG.  Bertie/Jeeves.
Snapshot:  The Mark 
by Bad Faery.  4kb.  G.  Bertie/Jeeves.


Jonathan Creek  

The Poetry of Magic series by Elfin
The Poetry of Magic
by Elfin.  79kb.  NC17.  Jonathan/Adam.  
Jonathan saves Adam's life after a trick goes wrong.
The Poetry of Magic Pt 2   by Elfin.  62kb.  NC17.  Jonathan/Adam.  
The Poetry of Magic: Smoke and Mirrors by Elfin.  10kb.  Jonathan/Adam.  
An interlude between pts 2 & 3.   
The Poetry of Magic Pt3 'That Night'  by Elfin.  42kb.  NC17. Jonathan/Adam.  
The course of true love doesn't always run smoothly.  
The Poetry of Magic: The Erotic Art of Illusion (Second Interlude)  by Elfin.  40kb.  NC17.  Jonathan/Adam.   A second interlude after part 3.
The Poetry of Magic: One Valentine's Day  by Elfin.  5kb.  PG13.  Jonathan/Adam.  
Another interlude.
The Poetry of Magic Pt 4 'Going Deeper' by Elfin.  29kb.  NC17.  Jonathan/Adam.
The Poetry of Magic Pt 5 'Climax'  by  Elfin.  14kb.  R.  Jonathan/Adam.
The Poetry of Magic: Decision  by Elfin.  14kb.  PG.  Set after Pt 5.  Jonathan has to choose between Adam and Maddy.
The Poetry of Magic: Christmas (Third Interlude) 
by Elfin.  9kb.  NC17.
The Poetry of Magic: Skin Third Interval pt 1 (link)
The Poetry of Magic Pt 7: Endgame  by Elfin.  49kb.  NC17.

bullet Jurassic Park III 

The Theory of Reverse Darwinism  by elfin.  113kb.  NC17.  Billy/Alan.
The Theory of Reverse Darwinism Pt 2  by elfin.  89kb.  NC17.  Billy/Alan. 
The Benefit of Mortal Danger  by elfin.  10kb.  PG.  Billy/Alan.
The Sheer Joy of Survival  by elfin.  7kb.  PG.  Billy/Alan.
When it Rains  by elfin.  17kb.  NC17.  Billy/Alan.
Potential Beginnings  by elfin.  5kb.  G.  Billy/Alan. 
 by elfin.  29kb.  NC17.  Billy/Alan. 
by elfin.  23kb.  PG.  Billy/Alan.  Sequel to Development.
Out of the Frying Pan...
  by elfin.  32kb.  PG13.  Alan/Billy.
...And into the Fire
  by elfin.  46kb.  NC17.  Alan/Billy.  Sequel to 'Out of the Frying Pan'. 
 by elfin.  6kb.  PG.  Alan/Billy. 

The Last of His Breed  by Amy Throckrex-Smythe.  163kb.  PG-NC17.  Alan/Billy.  Pts 1-6.


Keeping up Appearances  

Allied Liberation  by Jeff Creighton.  34kb.  PG13.   Richard/Onslow. 
 An hilarious tale, based on the British sit-com.

bullet A Knight's Tale

Moon in Hand
  by Louise.  49kb.  NC17.  Wat/Roland. 
bullet Kung Fu : TLC

Coming Home
by Sigrina.  12kb.  PG13.  Peter/Kermit.
bullet La Femme Nikita 

Gemini Pt1
by xof.  111kb.  NC17.  Michael/Birkoff.
Gemini Pt2 
by xof.  110kb.  NC17. Michael/Birkoff.
bullet Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels  

  by zE.  12kb.  R.  Eddie/Bacon.
Lock, Stock and One Violent Beating  by Fastfood Junkie.  10kb.  PG13.  Ed/Soap.

The Little Mermaid 

When Momma's Away  by Losh.  7kb.  G.  Flotsam/Jetsam.

bullet Midsomer Murders

Absent Friends
by elfin.  17kb.  NC 17.  Troy/Barnaby.  New!
A Step in the Wrong Direction
  by Carmen.  22kb. NC17.  Troy/Barnaby.  New!


bullet Moulin Rouge 

In the Shadow of the Moulin Rouge  by elfin.  39kb.  NC17.  Christian/Other.
Of Loss and Hope  by elfin.  11kb.  PG.  Christian/Argentinea.  Pre-slash.
Snow  by elfin.  11kb.  PG.  Christian/? 
Chanson D'Amour  by Elvichar.  9kb.  PG. Christian/the Argentinian.  Pre-Slash.


New Professionals

Partners by Clare.  5kb.  PG13.  Pre-Slash.
Haunted  by Clare.  19kb.  PG13.  Pre-Slash.  Halloween challenge entry.  
All Hallow's Eve by Claire.  11kb.  PG13.  Halloween challenge entry.  
Target by Jon Snow. 6kb.  PG13.   Another of the Halloween challenge entries.  
Under Covers by Alyse.  40kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  
Keel going under cover as a rent boy brings the partners closer together. 
Cooking Lessons  by Alyse.  59kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel. 
Curtis is fed up with being given takeaways and vows to teach Keel to cook.
Truth or Dare  by Alyse.  88kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel. 
Ageing Disgracefully  by Alyse.  13kb.  PG.  Curtis/Keel.
Shattered  by Alyse. 31kb. NC17.  Curtis/Keel.
Once in a Blue Moon  by Alyse.  83kb.  PG13.  Curtis/Keel.

Conversations series by Alyse. 
Conversations by Alyse.  18kb.   PG13.  Curtis/Keel.  
Fear of Flying  by Alyse.  8kb.  PG13.  Curtis/Keel.  Sequel to 'Conversations'.
Explorations  by Alyse.  31kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  Pt 3 in the 'Conversations' series. 
The Morning after the Night Before   by Alyse.  13kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  Pt4 in the 'Conversations' series.  
Parameters  by Alyse   16kb.  PG13.  Curtis/Keel.   Pt5 in the 'Conversations' series. 
Trust  by Alyse.  106kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  Pt 6 in the 'Conversations' series. 
Terms of Endearment  by Alyse.  34kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  Pt 7 in the 'Conversations' series.
First Darkness Falls  by Alyse.  96kb.  15.  Curtis/Keel.  Pt 8 in the 'Conversations' series.
Then Morning Comes  by Alyse.  101kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  Pt 9 in the 'Conversations' series. 
Stormy Weather  by Alyse.  205kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  Pt10 in the 'Conversations' series. 
All I Want for Christmas
  by Alyse.  59kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  Pt11 in the 'Conversations' Series. 

Billet Doux series by Alyse.
Mirror, Mirror on the Floor by Alyse.  52kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.
Who's the Kinkiest One of All? by Alyse.  52kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.
Second in the 'Billet Doux' series.
An Arresting Affair  by Alyse.  48kb.  NC17.  No 3 in the Billet Doux series.
The Book of Keel  by Alyse.  65kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  No 4 in the Billet Doux series.
The Book of Curtis  by Alyse.  39kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  No 5 in the Billet Doux series, and a sequel to 'The Book of Keel'.
Don't Call Us  by Alyse.  40kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  Telephone sex.
We'll Call You  by Alyse.  37kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.  More telephone sex.

Criminal Endeavour series  by Alyse.
A Law unto Themselves  by Alyse.  32kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.
North Carolina or Busted  by Alyse.  45kb.  NC17.  Curtis/Keel.



Northern Exposure

Chris  by Princess.  17kb.  R.  Chris/Joel 

bullet One Foot in the Grave

A quick note, these two tales were written very quickly for BritSlash's annual Halloween Horror by two people who should really know better <g>. We're allowed to insult ourselves btw <g>. 
Cold Passion
  by K9.  8kb.  NC17.  A Buffy crossover I kid ye not <g>.
Halloween Dreams   by Elanor.  PG.
bullet Only When I Laugh 

Better Medicine  by Elvichar.  11kb.  PG.  Archie/Figgis. Written for the Britslash Comic Relief challenge March 2001.

bullet Over Here

Paper Wings
  by Anne Fairchild.  97kb.  NC17.  Archie Bunting/Cyril Baker
An unusual fandom, Over Here was a comedy-drama set during WWII, and based around the RAF.
Archie was played by Sam West (Lord Edrington in Hornblower), and Cyril by Martin Clunes.
bullet Oz 

  by Elanor.  Beecher/Keller.  A very short vignette.
And They Say Romance is Dead  by k9.  13kb.  PG13.  B/K.  Written for a charity challenge.

Peak Practice  

Halloween Night  by Elfin.  7kb.  Jack/Will.  Halloween challenge entry.


The Persuaders

Observing Brett (and Danny of course)  by Azpou.  12kb.  Brett/Danny.  PG13.

bullet Plunkett and Macleane

Stand and Deliver
  by Zoe Rayne.  Plunkett/Macleane.  PG13. (link)
A Ruby in the Rough  by Christine Belmont. 30kb. R. Plunkett/Macleane. 
Pt 2 in the Remarkably Unsuccesful series.
The Party  by Christine Belmont.  34kb. Macleane/Rochester, Macleane/Lord Pelham, Macleane/Plunkett.  Pt3 in the Remarkably Unsuccesful series.
bullet Porridge

Burnt Porridge  by Elanor. 14kb.  PG13.   Fletcher/Godber, MacKay/Barrowclough.  BritSlash Red Nose Challenge contribution.



The Undiscovered Ends  by Zoe Rayne    R.  Professionals/Soldiers of Fortune crossover.  Benny Ray/Chance, Bodie/Doyle.
Previously published in a zine. 
Sequel to the Soldiers of Fortune story - Worth the Wear of Winning
Excuses  by Sigrina.  7kb.  Bodie/Cowley.  Rating PG13. 



Like a Man  by Sigrina.  15kb. NC17. Higgins/Pickering. 

bullet Quantum Leap

Night Thoughts
by Sigrina.  10kb.  PG13.  Sam/Al.

Queer as Folk

Just Another Night by K9.  6kb. 
Warnings, some bad language.  Stuart reflects on Cameron and Vince's relationship.
The Stand Off by K9.  35kb. NC17. 
Vince, Stuart and Nathan get some things 'straightened' out.  Warnings, some bad language, mention of slightly underage sex.
Second Chance by K9.  21kb.  NC17.  Sequel to 'The Stand Off'. 
The Final Straw  by K9.  61kb.  R.  Sequel to ' The Second Chance'.  Alfred is taken suddenly ill. 
Love Job by Grey.  35kb. 
NC17.  Stuart/Nathan.    Stuart has a difficult time fighting his attraction to young Nathan and adjusting to Vince's relationship with Cameron.
Unexpected Guest by Clare.  6kb.  PG13. Stuart/Nathan.  
Halloween story.
Games of Chance  by xof.  NC17.  Stuart/Vince.
Our World  by xof.  35kb.  NC17.  Stuart/Vince. 
An AU ending for series 1.
In Each Other's Arms by xof.  23kb.  NC17.  Stuart/Vince. 
Sequel to 'Our World'. 
I Dare You  by xof.  11kb.  NC17.  Stuart/Vince. 
Together  by xof.  60kb.  NC17.  S/N, S/N/V, S/V. 
  by xof.   NC17.  Stuart/Vince.
Until Tonight
  by xof.  22kb.  R.  Stuart/Vince. 
Your Eyes
  by xof.  NC17. 33kb. Stuart/Vince.
Lover Mine
  by xof. 42kb.   NC17.  Stuart/Vince.  
No Words, No Thoughts
  by xof.  25kb.  NC17.  Stuart/? 
Not Letting Go by xof.  77kb.  NC17.  Stuart/Vince. 
In This Quiet Little Room
  by Koenig.  81kb.  NC17.  Stuart/Vince. 
by Koenig.  10kb.  PG13.  Stuart/Vince.
If ever I would leave you 
by Koenig.  24kb.  NC17.  Stuart/Vince 
Warning! : n-c m/m sex, memories of child abuse.
White~Pink~Orange  by Koenig.  5kb.  15.
Tread Softly  by Koenig.  9kb.  PG13. Stuart/Vince. 
The Irish Patient
  by Koenig.  8kb.  PG13.  Stuart/Vince. 

bullet Randall and Hopkirk Deceased  (Original series)

Some Body to Love  by Sue.  5kb.  Jeff/Marty.  A humorous tale, Marty is dead and...
bullet Randall and Hopkirk (new series) 

Gone with the Wind
by Elvichar.  6kb. PG13. Jeff/Marty.

Red Dwarf 

Hearts in Jail  by Elvichar.  32kb.  Lister/Rimmer.
Substitute  by Thesseli.  4kb.  PG13.  Lister/Rimmer.

bullet Robin of Sherwood 

Not Blind by Gunbunny.  3kb.  PG13.  Robin of Loxley/Will Scarlett.
Herne's Son  by Sigrina.  8kb.  PG13.  Will/Robin.
Owning the Wolf  by Sigrina.  17kb.  NC17.  Guy of Gisburne/Robert de Rainault.
Wanting  by Sigrina. 9kb.  Will/Robin.
Picking up the Pieces
  by Sigrina.  8kb.  Will/Robin (Robert of Huntingdon), sequel to Wanting.
Season's Change
by Sigrina.  12kb.  Will/Robin (Robert of Huntingdon), set in the same universe as Herne's Son, Wanting etc.
bullet Scooby Doo 

A Shaggy Hammock Story
by Sigrina.  7kb.  R.  Shaggy/Fred.
bullet Sharpe

Forlorn Hope by Eggbert.  15kb.  PG13.  Hagman/Harris.
By Candlelight  by Eggbert.  13kb.  R.  Hagman/Harris.  Sequel to 'Forlorn Hope'  New! .

bullet Soldiers of Fortune

Jungle Revelations by Draig.  45kb.  PG.  Matt/Nick. 


Star Wars - The Phantom Menace

Bad  by Armelle Armaya.  6kb.  PG13.  Palpatine/Valorum.

bullet Stargate SG-1

  by elfin. 10kb.  PG.  (BritSlash Halloween challenge 2000)
Black and White by elfin.  11kb.  PG13.  Jack/Daniel
bullet Still Crazy

A Kiss Is Still A Kiss  by Louise.  13kb.  PG.

bullet ST:Enterprise

 by elfin.  40kb.  PG.  Trip Tucker/Malcolm Reed.
bullet ST:Voyager

The Ball  by Romana.  23kb.  PG.  Janeway/Seven.  (BritSlash Red Nose Charity challenge story



Green Ginger  by Elfin.  120kb.  NC17.  Pre-Slash.  Warning - story includes references to past child abuse of one of the characters which is integral to the plot.
Chalk  by Elfin.  131kb.  NC17.  Jardine/Ross (m/m), Jardine/Ross/Reid (m/m/f)

bullet The Fast Show - Ted/Ralph

Seasons  by Augustus.  8kb.  PG.  Ted/Ralph.  Pre-Slash.

See also under Crossovers.


Thief Takers  

Confusion by Elanor.  20kb.  NC17.  Bob/Paul.
Don't Make Me Dream by Stacy L.A Stronach.  21kb.  NC17.  Bob/Paul. 
A Debt To Be Paid by K9.  15kb.  R. Bob/Paul.  
After Paul is released from hospital, Bob takes him to his flat to recuperate.
A Debt To Be Paid Pt 2 by K9.  27kb.  R.  Bob/Paul.  
Paul's health suffers a setback.  Bob agonises over his feelings for the criminal he has befriended.
A Debt To Be Paid Pt 3 by K9.  33kb.  NC17.
Bob reaches a decision.
Plan B  by Grey.  18kb.  NC17.  Bob/Paul.



Happy Birthday, Mike  by Sigrina   18kb.
Maybe Tomorrow? by K9.   9kb.  R. m/m slash fiction, Michael/Jack.      
Jack the vampire pays his ex-colleague and best friend Michael a late night visit. 
Temporary Truce  by Mareen.  14kb.  NC17.  Michael/Jack.  PWP set after the last episode.
The Points in Time series
  by Alison
Eight separate stories, all inter linked, but spaced over time. Parts 2 and 3 happen over a period of twenty-four hours, the others over weeks and months. Rating R. m/m slash fiction.  Pairing: Jack/Michael
1. The Visit
.  18kb. Jack visits Michael at home.  Pre Slash
2. Reflections.   16kb.  Vaughan reflects, Jack acts. Pre Slash
3. The Prisoner.   24kb.  Jack gets what he wants.  Warning for Part 3, coerced sex. Seduction not rape is the intent, but restraints are used. It was written this way because of the author's reading of the two characters, one unwilling to be denied, and the other in denial.
4. Elucidation.   22kb.  Michael discovers his fate.
5. Regrets.   13kb.  The Squad discover what happened to Michael.
6. The Attack.   14kb.  Vaughan cannot believe the evidence of his eyes.
7. The Aftermath.    24kb.  A very tired Pearse is faced with destruction.
8. Ambiguities.   13kb.  A resolution, of a kind.
Lure  by Alison.  77kb. R.  Jack/Michael.
Possession  by Alison.  97kb.  R.  Jack/Michael.
Tightening Circles  by Alison.  221kb.  NC17.  Michael/ofc, Michael/Jack.
First Impressions and Second Chances  by The Lopsided Weevil.  70kb.  R. Michael/Pendrell.  Michael gets to know his new colleague Pendrell ex of the X-Files. 


Ultraviolet/The Bill
Casting a Shadow
  by Beverly Hills.  92kb. Michael/John Boulton.  NC17.  Angst

Casting a Shadow pt 2
  by Beverly Hills  33kb.  Jack Beresford/Rod Skase. NC17. NC17. Rape.
Casting a Shadow pt 3 
by Beverly Hills.  49kb.  Michael Colefield/John Boulton. NC17. Angst.

bullet Upstairs Downstairs

Rose and Sarah  by Romana.  18kb.  Rose/Sarah.

bullet Velvet Goldmine

Somebody Call Me Sebastian
  by Silk.  21kb.  R.  Curt/Brian.
bullet The Whole Nine Yards 

All the Way
  by Elvichar.  11kb.  NC17.


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