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Many Apologies...    The last year has been a bit chaotic personally resulting in very little time for fan pursuits.  But touch wood things might be a bit better this year although my dear mother has two more operations due in the next few months.


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Updates  - 15th February 2004

Fiction Archive - Midsomer Murders, Hornblower

Updates -  8th February 2004

The Gallery - More pictures of Jeremy Sheffield visiting Africa for the Holiday programme and his Afternoon Play appearance, Brendan Coyle in Rockface, Douglas Henshall in The Young Indiana Jones and a striking image of Eamonn Walker from Othello.

Updates - 4th February 2003
The Gallery - Pictures of the gorgeous Jeremy Sheffield, and Brendan Coyle and George Irving in Dangerfield.



I was hoping to do some skins of my favourite slashy subjects for the forthcoming game The Sims 2, but alas it has been delayed til later in 2004.  But as soon as the designing tool is released I will be adding some to this site.

Ok yes the bit people actually want to know...  I will be tackling the backlog of the fiction mountain. 


Instant Slash - Try something different and have a go at this fun Instant Slash game compiled by one of our list members.




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