Title: Lure
Pairing:  Jack/Michael
Rating: R
Author: Alison
Status:  Complete
Disclaimers:  The characters Jack, Michael, Pearse, Vaughan, etc. from 'Ultraviolet' belong to Channel 4/World Productions and the wonderful writer, Joe Ahearne
I am just taking them out to play with, and will return them as found.
No copyright infringement is intended, and no money has passed any hands.

This has all been done for love.

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By Alison


I watch him as he sits talking, his expression varying from morose to slightly amused but never really achieving a smile. He’s still hurting, I know. Kirsty refuses to speak with him, hell I’m dead pleased about that, but fairly sure that his ‘friends’ on the Squad have as much to do with her decision, as her fear of us. I promised him I’d keep away from her, and I have, but I also promised to keep in touch, and I will, as soon as his ‘friend’ leaves.


I’ve been checking out this pub for some time now. The barman leaves me alone. I’ve fed on him a couple of times and he allows me free reign. It’s wonderful how easy it is to influence humans, but tragically difficult to turn those you don’t wish to bite.  


I check on Mike again, a slow smile has just lit up his handsome face, although it dies too quickly. Always had a tendency to brood has our Mike; he’s a moody, thoughtful, caring, damn loyal and surprisingly passionate man. I can vouch for the first tendencies; the passion unfortunately tends to be centred on things, rather than people, and never me, to my intense regret, although he was always on a crusade to get me to take more responsibility for my actions. That’s a laugh, I still wonder how the hell I ever thought I was cut out to be a copper, but hell I survived, even got to make Sergeant in the Murder Squad, clever bugger, that’s me.


The vampires knew about me somehow, they knew I was a little bent, and had me drawn into the counterfeiting scam before you could say Jack Robinson. I always had my suspicions that more than met the eye was going on, but I was being paid to look the other way and help out with contacts, not pry, so I didn’t.


When my contact revealed his identity, I was flabbergasted, but they were correct in their judgement of me, I was scared but fascinated. I wanted in, but I wanted to know. He kept telling me I had to experience, and laughed when I began quoting Anne Rice, chapter and verse, and detailing scenes from ‘Interview with the Vampire’. I tell you for nothing, that Brad Pitt was beautiful but so damn boring give me Lestat any day.

So, he wouldn’t tell me much, and I had a sudden panic about a few things, sex being one of them. Again, Anne Rice and her damn books were to blame; I mean her vampires swan around, sucking blood, killing their victims, and failing to screw. I didn’t want an eternity without sex, thank you very much.


John, my contact, laughed himself silly at that one, before beckoning me upstairs and proceeding to show me how capable vampires were in the sexual shenanigans department. That was a first for me and I can’t say I was too impressed, but after I’d recovered I demanded my turn on top and well, the earth pretty well moved for me that time, although quite honestly John failed to light my fire. In fact I rather think I disliked him, but I was glad he’d answered my questions so… practically.


I asked him if he had always been gay and he laughed, told me he preferred woman, but enjoyed sex. Not sure how I felt about that for an answer to be quite honest. Really made me think, up to that point I’d never been with a guy before, hadn’t really felt the need, but that experience had me checking out the gay bars and I had a couple discreet encounters with some guys that were more my cup of tea, and realised that woman, and in particular, Kirsty, were just not going to be enough for me from now on.


I cared for Kirsty and I really think I did love her, but when it came to the crunch I crossed over on our wedding night and it was Mike that I turned to. Loyal Mike, caring Mike and managed to be so arrogantly stupid that I screwed up the meeting and ended up reduced to a pile of ashes! And what sent Mike over the top? Not threats to himself, no, threats to my damn fiancée. That still makes me mad.


When I found myself on that bridge facing Mike I remember being delighted to see him; I think I was ‘dead’ for some months. Mike looked sad, defeated almost, looking down when I teased him about looking older. When I heard Kirsty call my name I was stunned, but it wasn’t until I took in the other people that I realised I was in danger, so I grabbed her, gave her a kiss and some good advice, and jumped.


I checked out on Mike later, after I’d got the facts, and the others told me the story leading up to my revival. They were disappointed to get me rather than Dr Robert Marsh, but tempered their disappointment when they realised that I had the potential to be a lever to get at Mike. They really want Mike, and not just for his knowledge of the squad, but also for other reasons I’m still not certain of. One guy laughed, and said, Mike was one of us, he just didn’t know it, and that his heritage was of the best. Now that puzzles me, tell me why do beings that make themselves need to worry about heritage?


I’m day dreaming here not that I dream any longer but you get my meaning. So, I check out Mike and it’s beginning to look good. The friend is making signs of imminent departure, so I hope to be on soon. They want a lever and I’m hoping to give them one. But I’m not really sure how Mike’s going to react so I’m taking the slow and gentle approach and the public approach. He’s not going to be getting his gun out and firing at me in a crowded pub is he?


Oh, and one more admission before I start on my Mike catching. I want Mike and I want him very much. I’ve taken to the gay club scene. I’m getting quite well known to be honest, and I’ve had a number of the guys there. There’s one I’m rather keen on tall, dark, and handsome and a little on the sombre side. Remind you of anyone? Yeah, that’s where this is leading? I have the hots for my apparently straight ex best mate. Every time I’m fucking a guy I think of Mike. I want it to be him under me groaning my name in ecstasy, pushing back against me, his neck arched at just that right angle so I can bite and lick his neck and his lips. His arse tightening around me pulling me into orgasm, his body I’m wrapped round.


I have visions of him naked, kneeling chained at my feet, my slave, mine to do what I want with. He’d be begging me to fuck him, caressing me, stroking against me. Then reality hits in, Mike would be more likely to deck me than stroke me and knowing him he’d be caught between laughing himself sick or making himself sick. I know my Mike.


And that’s it, knowing my Mike as well as I do I’m going to catch him.



Michael had felt a prickling sensation for some time as if someone was watching him but ignored it glad to be drinking with Vaughan, and back on friendly relations with him. His balls up on the bridge had driven a wedge between them, not that he could blame Vaughan, but lately, he seemed to have mellowed. Michael knew it was partly because Kisrty had left London, Pearce had informed him, she wouldn’t answer his calls, and partly because he’d been pulling his weight, making himself useful.


He still felt very ambivalent about the job. He hated what the Code V’s stood for and the end results of some of their experiments, but never the less he found it hard to terminate them. To be honest, some of the humans he’d had to deal with had in his opinion been far more despicable. Vaughan wasn’t willing to accept it but the Code V’s were fighting for their lives, if that is what you could call it, it was just unfortunate that their needs and human needs conflicted.


He waved Vaughan off and picked up his drink as someone slid onto the barstool that Vaughan had just vacated.


“You’re looking good, Mike.” The person said and Michael froze. He turned quickly, his hand automatically going for his gun until commonsense stopped him; Jack was unlikely to kill him here in front of all these witnesses.


“Said I’d keep in contact, didn’t mean to take so long, but you know how it is, Mike.”


A longing for Jack’s company swept over him and he turned to face him. He looked exactly the same as last time, different clothes, but otherwise, Jack.


“What do you want?” he mumbled, turning back to his drink.


“Just maintaining contact mate.” Jack said easily, nodding towards the barkeeper who placed a small glass of red wine in front of him. Michael watched fascinated as Jack raised the glass and took a few sips.


“Can you drink?” he asked curiously.


Jack grinned, “For appearance sake yes, doesn’t actually do anything for me at all.”

He winked at Michael. “I can eat a little as well.”


Michael nodded, returning his attention to his slowly diminishing drink.

“So, what are you doing with yourself?” he said casually, wondering for how long this façade of normality could be maintained between them.


“Things,” Jack said lightly, and laughed at Michael’s expression. “I can’t tell you Mike, my lot would be most upset and your lot would be planning how to destroy me, so lets just keep it casual shall we?”


Michael shrugged his shoulders. “Do your lot know you’re here?” he asked.


Jack laughed, “No.”


“Then why?”


“Because I miss you mate, if you want the god’s honest truth,” Jack said, all signs of levity gone from his voice.


Michael drew in a sharp breath. “Yeah, and I miss you and it’s all you’re damn fault, you bastard,” he said as quietly as he could, aware that the barman was watching them with interest.


Jack was silent for a time and Michael couldn’t think of another thing to say so he waited.


“I want to explain, Mike but not here. Will you meet me again in public but somewhere a little quieter and we can talk?”


“Why?” Michael asked suspiciously.


He heard Jack sigh and wondered how he made the noise; surely he didn’t breathe or need air?


“Because I need to explain and because I want us to be friends again.”


Michael shook his head. “Don’t be stupid, Jack. Are you forgetting we’re on opposite sides now?”


Jack did that oh so human sigh again. “Mike, it’s me, changed I know but still basically me. We can be friends, of a sort, as long as neither of our people know and you have to know that if I do anything stupid and bite you or stuff your lot are going to be on to it immediately.”


Michael nodded reluctantly. Angie checked them over at intervals so none of them or any of the other staff in the building could get infected without it being picked up.


“So, I want to talk with you and tell you about my life as it is now. Come on say you will,” Jack wheedled.


Michael sighed himself feeling that he was about to commit to something very foolish indeed but recognising that he needed to know.

“Okay,” he said reluctantly, “but I name the venue.”


Jack nodded, “No extermination squad?” he asked sceptically.


Michael blushed, “No, just you and me, private but public.” He frowned. “Number Six, it’s a trendy restaurant Soho way. They do small meze type meals. If I order no will notice if you hardly eat. It gets really full but they have a couple of booths so I’ll book for the weekend, Saturday night?”


Jack nodded. “Eight o’clock? Right, I’ll be there Mike, look after yourself.” And with a light pat on Michael’s arm he left the pub.


Michael rubbed his face in his hands finished his drink and walked unsteadily out into the fresh air.




I’m not gloating yet and I’ve got a promise. Mike tends to keep his promises, and he let me touch him without throwing a fit. I lied about my lot knowing I’m seeing him, it made him more comfortable I think. I would imagine he has strict orders to report all contacts, definitely no fraternising with the enemy.


I’m going to stick my neck out and trust him so I’ll be there for the meal. I’ll even try and eat a little and I’ll tell him about why I crossed over. I think I’ll flirt just a little as well, see if he realises. What I do know for sure is that I chose the venue next and next time it going to be a Joe’s bar. Let’s just hope he doesn’t know is a gay bar until I’ve got him settled and hooked. I’m already planning what I’ll do there but let’s not jump ahead. I’ve got Saturday night to convince him we can still be friends.




By Saturday night Michael was beginning to regret his willingness to meet up with Jack. He had told no one about their meeting although he had found himself hesitating outside Pearce’s office a couple of nights. It was a messy and ultimately disastrous job that made him go ahead. He could still hear the Code V screaming for his mate, after Vaughan had taken her out. Michael had frozen, the agony on the vampire’s face so believable that he couldn’t believe that he wasn’t human. Vaughan had swung round and finished her off as well then proceeded to give Michael one hell of a dressing down. Michael had suffered it in comparative silence, remaining fairly mute throughout the report to Pearce and leaving HQ as soon as he could. Even a shower and food couldn’t rid him of the memory of the vampire’s expression.


So here he was outside Number Six, all dressed up and nowhere to go but inside. The place was still fairly quiet when he entered and he was shown to his seat, given the menu and had ordered by the time Jack turned up.


His feelings on seeing Jack again were mixed. On the one hand he was scared shitless, on the other he’d really missed his friend and he felt a jolt of pleasure at seeing his grinning face at the opposite side of the table. He pushed the red wine forward raising his eyebrows as Jack took a sip then a large gulp.

“I’ve ordered,” he offered. “Stuff you used to enjoy so maybe you’ll like to try some?”


Jack grimaced shrugging his shoulders. “I’ll try if it pleases you,” he said.


Michael grinned. “Well some thing has changed can’t imagine you doing anything to please me before.”


Jack smirked at him. “Come on, Mike. I behaved myself on the squad and if that wasn’t to please you I sure don’t know what else it was for.”


“Your career,” Michael said, totally unmoved.


Jack grinned again, swirling his tongue around the glass top. “Have any second thoughts, Mike?”


Michael nodded, looking down at the table. “I was going to tell my lot, and not turn up but…” he sighed. “I decided against it.”




“It doesn’t mater.”


Jack stared at him. “I want to know, Mike. I wasn’t sure myself, thought you might have sold me down the river but decided to trust you.”


Michael looked up sharply. “Why?”


Jack laughed. “I think I asked the question first.”


A small smile curved Michael’s mouth and he looked fully at Jack for the first time. “Yeah, you did.” He sighed. “We had a run in with two of your kind yesterday and it made me think?”


“About what?”


Michael sighed again. “About everything I’ve been told about you lot.” He raised his hand as Jack began to speak. “No, I don’t want to hear what a cute cuddly bunch of misunderstood teddy bears you really are but I do want to have a more impartial view than those of my colleagues.”


“Uh huh.”


Michael looked up inquiringly. “And what does that mean?”


Jack shrugged. “How are you going to do that, Mike?”


Michael sighed. “Perhaps by trusting you a little and listening to you.” He said, feeling a little foolish as he did so.


“I’d like that,” Jack said, reaching forward and placing his hand on Michaels’ arm. “I meant what I said Mike, I’ve missed you, you’ve always been important to me.”


Michael shut his eyes tightly taking a deep breath as he did so. “Please, Jack,” he said shakily. “I’d rather you didn’t touch me, I’m not sure I can handle that type of intimacy yet. I’m still getting my head round the face that I’m stupid enough to chance screwing up my job or getting killed, just to satisfy my curiosity.”


Jack sat back, removing his arm slowly. “I wouldn’t hurt you, Mike,” he said simply.


Michael looked up angrily at him, pain obvious in his eyes. “Then tell me exactly why I was fighting for my life in that playground?”


Jack sighed, and Michael was distracted yet again by the sound.


“That was monumental cock up, Mike,” Jack said simply. “I was so bloody full of myself I just didn’t think.”


Michael gave a short bark of laughter, “That sums up Jack Beresford to a T,” he said meaningfully. “Full of shit, Jack, that’s what you are some of the time, just full of it.”


Jack shrugged. “I wasn’t out to kill you I thought you understood that. I was going to infect you, get you to lead us to the secretive Squad that had been exterminating our kind and were all ready to do me.”

He looked directly at Michael putting his hand on his arm lightly. Michael let it rest there for a second before gently pulling away.

“I was newly born into my powers, getting used to my strength and speed, exulting if you want a better term and before I knew it I was being hunted. Couldn’t even contact my best mate. Certainly couldn’t go near my fiancée.”

He looked directly into Michael’s eyes. “I’m sorry, Mike. I know we can’t put the clock back and I know I’ve screwed up your friendship with Kirsty but I was terrified.”


Michael swallowed not unaffected by Jack’s apology. A small part of his mind prompted him to remember that Code V’s were master manipulators. Just as he was about to answer the food came. He watched Jack as he smiled and chatted with the waiter as the small individual dishes were removed for the tray and onto the table. The aroma from one of the plates had him salivating. He explored the other pots carefully before taking a thin pancake filling it with bits and bobs from each dish, covering it in sour cream and rolling it and cutting into it before finally tasting it. It took him a minute or two to realise that Jack was laughing at him.


“What?” he asked bemused.


“Turned into a connoisseur now, Mike?”


“Hungry,” Michael answered returning the grin for a second before settling down to eat. He watched Jack from under his eyelashes, as he placed a small amount on his plate and dabbled his fork in the resulting mess.

“Kirsty’s left London,” he said abruptly.


Jack nodded, “Doesn’t surprise me what did surprise me was the lengths she went to, to find out about you.”


Michael nodded.


“I rather think she had the hots for you Mike?” Jack continued.


Michael blushed. “She was marrying you need I remind you.”


Jack shrugged, “But you loved her?”


Michael nodded quickly.


“Do you still love her?”


Michael frowned. “Yes I suppose so but she’s gone now. I would have lost her to you, Jack so I suppose she would be lost to me anyway.”


“Could have tried a threesome,” Jack said easily.


Michael choked on his food reaching hurriedly for a glass of water to help him. “You what?” he asked appalled once he’d got his breath back.


Jack grinned at him. “You heard.”


“I may have heard but I’m not sure I believe I heard correctly.” Michael muttered. Jack looked positively cherubic with innocence his eyes glinting in the light and his expression one of mild concern. “And don’t give me that look either.”


Jack laughed, taking a small sip from his glass. “Share and share alike, Mike,” he said easily.


Michael looked musingly at him. “Jack, you’d have killed me and Kirsty would have helped.”


Jack shrugged, holding the wine glass to the light and looking at him through the glass. “Maybe then but not now, Mike,” he said rather cryptically. “Becoming what I am has sure helped me to put some things in perspective.”


“Such as?” Michael asked curiously.


“What’s important and what’s not important?”


Michael decided that this time he’d be the one doing the sigh thing and being human and breathing he’d make a meal of it. It seemed to amuse Jack excessively so he toned it down and waited.


“Take you, Mike, you’re important to me,” Jack said seriously.


“You could have fooled me,” Michael said impatiently.


Jack shook his head. “Listen, Mike. I cared for Kirsty, I thought I loved her and perhaps I did, but it was you I turned to when the chips were down and it’s you I want to be with now.”


“You turned to me because I knew about the squad, Jack,” Michael said angrily.


“Partly, I won’t deny that but mostly because I always have turned to you when I need help haven’t I, Mike?”


Michael blew his cheeks out, unsettled by Jack’s plea. He was right; Jack had always turned to him to get him, or occasionally them, out of trouble. Jack’s method was to bluster it out, often very effective but Michael planned, organised and soothed, pouring water on the proverbial fires and trying to prevent Jack lobbing ‘incendiary devices’ on the fire to usually disastrous effects.

“Yeah,” he said slowly. “I always was the mop and brush up guy.”


Jack grinned. “See, I miss that Mike, I miss you.”


Michael felt troubled, reaching for the last of the food and slowly scraping it onto his plate. Spiking a piece of meat he fiddled with it trying to gain thinking time. This meeting was putting him out of balance, Jack was so… Jack like, well other than the slightly emotional plea that he missed him. Truth told Michael missed Jack like hell. He missed him every day, every time he wanted to tell someone else about his bizarre job. To laugh over the blunders and the mishaps and let off steam about Vaughan in particular. He liked Vaughan but he could never see himself in the same kind of easy going but essentially close relationship that he and Jack had had. And that was the problem, past tense, had had, clumsy words but true. How could he, a Vampire exterminator, be friends with a Vampire?

“It’s not possible,” he articulated his feelings slowly. “Jack we are so far apart you can see space between us never mind sky. Look at me, think about what I do for a living, unfortunately.”


“Leave them, Mike,” Jack said instantly. “Get your old job back.”


Michael lowered his head in his hands for a second before shaking his head, sitting back up he looked firmly at Jack. “Wouldn’t be the same without you and I have a feeling I’m considered slightly guilty just by association.”


“Don’t be stupid, Mike,” Jack said somewhat sharply. “I made absolutely sure that none of the mud came anywhere near you. You were squeaky clean and I wanted you kept that way, as was Kirsty.”


Michael looked up enquiringly.


“Because I love you, you daft sod,” Jack said gently. “We’re mates, best mates and I think the world of you. Do you think I’d have fitted you up for any blame?”


Michael swallowed; crossing over certainly seemed to have made Jack more open to his emotions. He loved him? Thought the world of him? Pity vampire voices couldn’t be recorded because he’d love to have that one on tape somewhere.

“Err, no,” he said somewhat thrown. “No, of course I didn’t but I did wonder how you were going to explain away the extra money.”


Jack laughed affectionately. “I wasn’t you silly bugger. I was just going to spend a little more on quality stuff like a few good holidays you know.”


Michael didn’t know but nodded his head anyway. “Why did you do it, Jack,” he asked simply.


Jack sighed, and Michael again found himself watching him as he did so, appearing to take a deep breath and blow it out.


“Because it wasn’t enough, Mike. I wanted more. I craved a little more excitement and yes I wanted more cash. And when I discovered who had hired me I was fascinated, totally blown away. They promised excitement galore, eternal youth, power and wealth. I couldn’t turn it down could I?”


“Do you regret your choice now?” Michael wanted to know.


Jack shook his head, “It’s tailor made for me mate, just one thing lacking.”




“You,” Jack said, smiling a little. “You, Mike.”




He practically ran from me, Christ he was so embarrassed it was funny. I do know that Joe’s bar is going to have to wait a while but I’m not upset. No, despite his embarrassment Mike was interested, flattered and equally missing me I could tell.


I got him to agree to meet me at a little bar the other side of town and I’ve agreed to tell him exactly what I’ve become. How it affects me, how I feel, the works. It seems a fair bargain. I get Mike’s company and he gets informed about what he’s going to soon experience, because mark my words. I’m not letting Mike go, nope. I want him by my side and under me, quite literally, and I’m going to have him. Run Mike, run but you can’t hide from me.




The following week after his meeting with Jack was if anything, worse than the previous week. They’d been following a money trail to a blood bank of sorts and found Code V involvement. Pearce seemed to believe it was some kind of bizarre joke whilst Vaughan was plain angry and bewildered.


“They won’t drink from anything but a human,” he said carefully. “I gave Hoyle a bag of blood and he squeezed it over the one way mirror.”


Michael listened quietly. He’d traced the consignment of blood and discovered the bank with some effort and was left with the feeling that they had just been played for suckers. Seemed like the Code V’s had a sense of humour along with a need for revenge. Why else would Lester Hammond have killed that biker? They also seemed to love.


He closed his eyes breathing deeply. He’d still not told any of his colleagues that he’d now met Jack twice, and that he was planning to meet him again at the weekend to talk.


Pearce was talking again so Michael tried to concentrate.




He’s here and he’s listening, his eyes flickering over me as I describe my life now.


“So do you need to sleep?”


I smile at him. “Want me to tell you we have rows of coffins stacked way and we all get in them at dawn?”


He laughs a little unsteadily shaking his head before taking another sip of the lager he’s been nursing tight all evening.


“No we don’t need to sleep but we can go into a sort of dreamless meditative state,” I say neutrally.


“Meditative?” his voice is incredulous and I can’t blame him. I was never into any alternative crap.


I nod my head and his face breaks into the long, warm grin I love so much. It just lights up his sombre face and makes his eyes dance delightfully.


“Oh wow I have got to see this.” He stops suddenly realising he’s just made a little faux pas but I ignore it and nod my head encouragingly. I watch him relax and take another sip of his too warm lager. How I’m going to get him drunk enough to seduce I just don’t know?


“I’m stronger and faster,” I add to keep the conversation going. He nods and looks inquiringly at me.

“I suppose we don’t tire, we have immense stamina in all areas.”

I look at him innocently and he watches me carefully a light blush beginning to highlight his upper cheeks.


“In everything?” he finally asks his curiosity getting the better of him.


I leer at him. “Oh yes, don’t believe all you read we have a full and active life the only thing we can’t d is go out in the sun.”


“Some of your kind have taken to driving around in blacked out cars,” he says musingly. I fail to tell him that I’ve done the same thing and I’m contemplating getting a full set of leathers and going around on a motorbike. Suppose I could become a vampire courier or something. That could be quite fun, I’ll suggest that to the council sometime.


“Ever seen Blade?” he asks out of the blue.


I nod, yet another film that makes vampires look like the most decadent of creatures. We’re certainly not goody two shoes and many of us do have out vices and desires. But we also work, together towards the big game plan. Ensuring that we continue to have a ready untainted supply of human blood. I mean, I like my blood hot, and I can’t imagine how disgusting it would taste fired down from the ceiling via bloody water sprinklers. What a fucking waste.


“The top dog vampire covered himself with strong sun protection and met Blade in the street. I always thought that was totally impractical,” he’s saying.


I grin at him, amused by his preoccupation and to be honest thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to just spend time with him.

“Well don’t expect me to try it.” I tell him sternly.


His grin is all I can hope for but it breaks too soon as he remembers just who and what we both are.


“My orgasms are twice as long and intense,” I say provocatively.


He chokes on his drink and I’m next to him in an instant slapping his back.


His eyes shoot daggers at me. “You did that on purpose,” he growls.


I perfect my innocent look and take the opportunity to get him something stronger, much stronger.  When I return he’s still sitting there obviously thinking. He takes the drink automatically, nods his thanks and drinks almost a third of it in one go.

Bingo, I’ve got him. I said that was strong.


“Wow,” he splutters indignantly. “What on earth did you put in there?”


“Bars best malt beer. Strong and rich, or that’s what it says on the label,” I inform him some what mendaciously. It’s my very own pick and mix, spirits and Guinness.


“Remind me not to have it again,” he says, sniffing the glass cautiously but obviously decides not to upset me, and takes another, somewhat more tentative sip. He savours the taste, sips again, and turns back to me.

“Orgasm?” he says indignantly. “Tell me when were we talking sex?


I grin. “Every opportunity,” I say cheerfully. “And in my opinion it should be less talk and more action.”


He shakes his head, amused, but still curious. “With others of your kind?”


I pull a face. “Possible, but haven’t find one to set my heart on fire.”


He looks amazed. “You’ve got a human lovers?”


I nod.


“Can’t they tell you’re, you know, err different?”


I laugh at him, and he blushes. “Feel me, Mike,” I say holding out my hand.

He looks puzzled, but obediently touches my palm, tracing his fingers up my hand to my wrist. It takes me all my will not to shiver.

“How do I feel?”


He nods his head. “Warm enough, certainly not cold to the touch,” he hesitates, blushes again, and then ploughs on. “But sex is about body reactions, heightened sensations, breathlessness.” He waves his hands around, his blush becoming somewhat brighter. “I mean how do you achieve that?”


I grin at him. “I’ve never had any complaints, Mike.”


He glares at me. “That’s not what I mean, and you know it.”


I shrug my shoulders. “I don’t honestly know. Mike, I just know that it actually better than before.”


He looks stunned, sitting back and sipping at his drink. I keep the smile off my face as I watch him slowly getting drunk.



I’m glad I’m a vampire, because Mike’s a solid guy, and pretty heavy. I open his front door, walk him to the sofa, and drop him gently in it. A quick check around the, very nice flat and I’ve got my bearings. I pick Mike up and take him to his bedroom, stripping him slowly, enjoying every second as I slowly reveal his lithe, sexy body. He’s got legs to kill for, and a surprisingly smooth chest, few hairs. I could occupy some time trying to find some to count. We’ve swum together, showered together, but I don’t remember taking too much notice of him then.


I give him a gentle kiss, and he mumbles something profound. I push him into the middle of the bed, and pull the duvet round him before stripping myself and climbing in behind him. The feel of him against arouses me so much; I’m pushing against his arse before I’m thinking.


Slow and gentle was the by word. No taking him when he’s drunk you fool. The aim is to leave him memories of gentleness, kissing, hugging and comfort. Pleasant things, wonderful things, things hopefully he’ll want more of. He certainly was curious about my lovers, and I tried very hard to keep the pronouns neutral. Don’t want to frighten him.


He stirs in my arms, and I kiss him a little more, moving round to nibble and kiss his lips, he kisses back and I’m entranced. He’s feasting on my lips, kissing, nibbling at them, exploring my mouth with his tongue. I turn him to face me, and we get more comfortable, well except for my hard on drilling into his stomach, and his fighting brewer’s droop, to get half hard. I explore his chest, his arse, along his thighs, and he lets me, his eyes still closed, his energy still in kissing me.


Shit, I’ve got to cool this down before I’m jumping him out of pure frustration. I slow my movements, return my hands to his head, kiss him a little more, break off the kiss, he moans delightfully, and I turn him round so he’s facing away from me. I hold him tight nibbling at his neck, telling him I love him and stroking his back. Slowly, a happy smile on his face, he drifts into sleep.


I hold him for a while longer, then get out of bed, head for his bathroom, jerk off, clean, dress and depart.




Michael felt dazed for days after his second meeting with Jack. He knew he’d got rather inebriated. He knew Jack had taken him home, and apparently undressed him, put him to bed and left, leaving a note to suggest that they met at somewhere called Joe’s bar, next weekend. What he was less certain of was the feeling that he and Jack had kissed, passionately. That Jack had held him, caressed him, and finally soothed him to sleep whilst whispering that he loved him!


False memories or not, the idea made Michael both blush furiously and yet want to repeat them. He couldn’t understand himself, he had never thought about sex with guys, he wasn’t homophobic, both he and Jack had friends who were gay, and it just hadn’t arisen. Girls or women had been more than enough for him, especially in the heartache business. So why hadn’t he been disgusted or terrified. Jack was both male, and a Code V? The only thing he could come up with was that he missed Jack so much that he was happy for any contact, and that Jack’s caresses had been so soft, gentle and undemanding that, well how could he be angry with him?


He had a drowning feeling, he sensed he was getting pulled in deep, but he hadn’t the energy or the motivation to fight his way to the surface. Somehow seeing Jack made him feel less lonely, and as long as he said or did nothing that could compromise the Squad, he was going to carry on seeing Jack.


Decision made, and worries firmly suppressed, Michael got on with being a good Squad member.




Joe’s bar was interesting. Michael squeezed his way through a heaving mass of mostly leather-clad men, and searched for Jack’s familiar face. Not seeing it he checked out the tables, before heading back to the bar and ordering a lager. Slightly more comfortable he turned to watch the proceedings. As his eyes wandered around the place he realised two things. There were considerably more men than women, and that the couples were all the same sex. He watched fascinated as two spectacularly attractive women practically devoured each other’s faces, feeling each other up in a manner that would get them arrested at another place. He noticed he wasn’t the only one getting an eye full, and concluded that at least some of the patrons swung both ways. His thoughts were confirmed as he watched a threesome, two women and a guy, writhing all over each other.


Turning back to the bar he wondered exactly why Jack had wanted to meet here. A tap on his arm made him look up, a young, blonde, attractive man stood before him, his eyes looking him over appreciatively.


“Are you alone and available?” the guy inquired.


Michael blushed, and hated himself for it. “I’m waiting for a friend,” he said hurriedly.


“Pity,” the blonde man said, “If he fails to turn up, just ask the barman for Jake, I’ll be glad to accompany you.”


Michael flushed. “Thank you, he said as calmly as possible. “I’ll do that.”


The guy flashed him a very sexy smile, and vanished. Michael gulped, wiping his hand over his face.


“Slaying hearts already, Mike.” An amused voice whispered in his ear. “He likes them talk dark and handsome, just like me actually.”


Michael tried hard to suppress the automatic blush, and sighed dramatically, folding his hands on the bar and laying his head on them.


Jack ran his hand over his neck, and laughed. “Sorry, I’ll stop trying to embarrass you, come on mate I’ve got us a good seat for the entertainment.”


Michael’s head shot up. “Entertainment?” he croaked, dreading to think what would be on offer, considering the free entertainment already available just for looking.


Jack laughed in his ear, and a tongue flicked out and wiped at his ear, making him shiver. “Singing, dancing, cabaret,” he whispered. “Maybe a little B&D, but not much.”


“B&D,” Michael whispered back slowly, beginning to wonder if he’d been drugged or just wandered into some kind of alternate reality.


“Bondage and Domination, tops and bottoms, that kind of stuff, not really my scene, but it can be cool.”


Michael gulped, he wasn’t entirely sure he knew exactly what Jack was talking about, but he had a sinking sensation that he was going to be finding out soon. Feeling any control slipping through his fingers like butter, he grabbed his drink, following Jack, noticing the number of men who smiled and chatted to him as he pushed his way through the crowds. He was rather uncomfortable at the way a number seemed to be checking him over as well. He squeaked when someone pinched his bottom, feeling his already flushed face become hotter and presumably redder, and was very relieved when Jack directed him to a chair and table, placed directly in front of a small stage.


Jack sat down and beamed at him. “Good, great view.”


Michael felt a little more relaxed, drank some lager and checked out the tables near him. It was full of couples, mostly talking, one or two making out a little, but nothing quite as spectacular as the two women near the bar. He turned back to Jack and asked.

“Do you hang out here much?”


Jack nodded. “I told you I dated, well most of the guys come from here.”


Michael wasn’t surprised, but he was confused. “When did you start taking an interest in guys?” he asked somewhat accusingly, a little hurt that Jack had not felt able to confide in him.


Jack laughed. “Only recently, Mike, don’t worry I wasn’t holding out on you, I had my first experience a few months before I crossed over, and had a couple of one night stands after that. Had the wedding gone ahead, I would have discreetly got my jollies and otherwise remained faithful to Kirsty.”


Michael frowned. “That wouldn’t have been fair on her,” he said, angry on her behalf.


Jack shrugged his shoulder. “Well it would have been a darn sight less messy than telling her, sorry love, still fancy you, but I need to fuck men occasionally. Can you handle that, or is the wedding off?”


Michael gaped at him.


Jack raised his eyebrows. “ I was getting round to thinking about telling you but I wasn’t sure how you’d react, I knew you were very fond of Kirsty.”


Michael considered for a time, what would he had said? He’d have felt angry, felt that Kirsty was being fooled, but he wouldn’t have wanted to hurt her or betray Jack.


“So what do you think now?”


Jack’s question came out the blue. Michael frowned. “If that’s what turns you on, well fine,” he said carefully.


Jack laughed. “You don’t approve then.


Michael shook his head. “No, it’s not that, it’s just…” he sighed, looking into Jack eyes. He took a deep breath and tried again. “Have you been coming on to me, Jack? It’s just I got these memories of us kissing, and you touching me and stuff, and well,” he blushed deeply and dropped his eyes, unable to continue.


Jack reached for him and drew his face up, holding his chin in both hands. “Yes I have, Mike, and not for a one night stand either.” He leaned forward and kissed Michael very gently on the lips, drawing back to look at him. “Would you like me to do that again?” he asked quietly.


Michael nodded slightly, closing his eyes as Jack’s lips found his mouth again. They felt warm, and slightly moist, just like lips should feel, and other than the strength in the hands holding him, Michael wasn’t sure that he would have been able to tell that he was kissing a guy.


“Would you like to find a room and a bed, and explore these feelings further?” Jack whispered in his ear.


Michael gulped and nodded; there was no way he would be able to concentrate on anything else at the moment.


Jack’s grin engulfed his face; he grabbed Michael’s hand and dragged him out of the club up some stairs and into a surprisingly pleasant room. Michael had hardly time to look at the furnishings when he was pushed onto the bed, and wrapped into the arms of a very happy looking Jack, who proceeded to kiss him, almost unconscious. He was gasping like a fish left out of water as Jack began to undress him, pulling off his jacket impatiently, and tugging his tee shirt over his arms. That accomplished, Jack retuned to kissing him, stroking down his chest and pinching his surprisingly sensitive nipples as he did so. 


Michael hung on, stroking what he could feel of Jack, returning the kisses when he had the breath, and feeling more turned on that he could remember in ages. His astonishment at the turn of events remained, but his worries and uncertainty seemed to have vanished like his clothes. Jack had unzipped his jeans and was proceeding to pull them down his legs. Michael hitched his bum up to assist, gasping as he felt the evidence of Jack’s arousal, pushing against his stomach. Jack grinned, pulled his jeans and briefs off him, and sat back on his heels.


“You have a great body, Mike. I’m kicking myself for not appreciating it earlier, just think what fun we could have had over the years.” He ran his hands down Michael’s side, along his very erect and willing cock and along his thighs.


Michael groaned and blushed, certain that he had never blushed so often in his entire life. Jack grinned again, bending down to drop a kiss on Michael’s lips, then standing to undress quicker than Michael could actually see. He was astride Michael and stroking his thighs again before Michael had actually processed that he was naked.


“We’re going to take this very slowly, Mike. I’m going to be honest here, I dream of being inside you, fucking you as you scream and writhe in pleasure under me.” He bent down and licked along Michael’s thigh.


Michael felt the all too familiar feeling of heat scurry across his face as he listened, breathless with arousal, to Jack’s slow seductive speech, groaning piteously as Jack’s tongue travelled nearer and nearer to his groin.


“Reach up and hold onto the head board, Mike,” Jack whispered in his ear.


Puzzled, but obedient, Michael obeyed.


“Now keep your hands there, don’t move them unless you’d like me to tie them there?”


Michael shook his head.


“Another time maybe?” Jack said seductively, and Michael nodded, flushing as Jack laughed, bending down to kiss him firmly.


“I’m going to make you feel wonderful, Mike. Just lay back and thoroughly enjoy it. Can you do that for me?”


Michael nodded, then croaked, “Yes!”


Jack smiled. “Good, then let me begin, you smell good, Mike. Did you shower for me?”


Michael nodded.


“Mmmm, lime, mmm.” Jack licked at a nipple, pausing to bite gently and trailing his tongue down to Michael’s groin. He planted a kiss on the tip of Michael’s cock, making Michael groan in anticipation. He then kissed down his cock, along his thighs and up between his arse cheeks. Michael could never remember anyone doing this to him before and groaned in delight. When Jack pulled his feet up to plant them on the bed and began licking at his opening, he was shocked and appalled, but the sensation was nothing like he had ever experienced.  Unconsciously, he opened his legs wider, and began moving his hips forward as Jack slowly fucked his hole with his tongue.


He clenched and unclenched his fingers from their grasp on the bed head, and was so far gone with pleasure that when Jack stopped his tonguing and inserted a slick finger in instead, his only thought was relief that the wonderful sensations were not going to stop.


Jack licked his way back up his body, and returned to kissing. Despite an initial reluctance, Michael returned the kiss with abandon, writhing on Jack’s finger, pushing his hips down, sobbing out Jack’s name when his mouth was finally released.


“You are so damn sexy,” Jack whispered, nibbling at his ear and inserting his tongue in his ear. “Can I suck you off?”


Michael moaned, “Just be careful with those teeth,” he gasped out.


A laugh, and Jack was sucking him, swallowing him whole and making him scream. Michael was in heaven. He’d always enjoyed sex, and found great pleasure in the act, but Jack’s administrations were out of this world. He knew he’d turned his girlfriends into a puddle of jelly when he gone down on them, and he’d very much enjoyed being given a blow job, although suck job would be a better definition, but the blow job and the anal stimulation together were fantastic. Occasionally as Jack pushed a little deeper, he had this wonderful shivery sensation spread from his arse to his groin that he wanted to repeat again and again.


I can’t believe I’m enjoying this so much, he though in a moment of comparative coherent thought, and I just know that if Jack said he wanted to turn me over and fuck me, that I kneel up and let him.


As that thought crossed his mind, Jack gave a long suck, thrust his finger in deep, and Michael screamed and screamed as he came so strongly that he was incapable of thought or movement for minutes after.


Jack held his trembling body, whispering words of love that Michael found himself believing. Jack did love him, and if Michael was honest with himself, he not only loved Jack, he well on the way to be madly and deeply in love with him.


To be honest, he couldn’t think of anything more wonderful or more fucked up. He, Michael Colefield, ex copper, now a bona fide vampire hunter, was in love with Jack Beresford, also an ex copper, and now a fucking vampire. This was certainly not something he would be sharing with his colleagues at HQ.


“I love you, Mike,” Jack said for the hundredth time, and Michael left his troubled thoughts and turned to him, releasing the bed head, and bringing his hands down to hold Jack’s face.


“Do.” Kiss. “You.” Kiss. “Want.” Kiss. “To.” Kiss. “Fuck.” Kiss “Me?” Kiss?” He asked.


Jack groaned. “Stupid question, Mike. I want to fuck you for ever.”


“Do it!” Mike ordered.


Jack looked at him. “Have you any idea what you’re getting into?”


Michael shook his head. “No, but I know enough, your cock goes up my arse and if it feels half as good as your tongue and your finger, I’m going to be in heaven.”


“It will hurt,” Jack warned.


“But it will stop hurting?”


Jack leaned forward and kissed him gently. “I will make it feel so good you won’t want me to stop,” he promised. “But you have to listen to me and breathe. I don’t intend for this to be a one off, I want this to be the first of many.”


Michael nodded.


Jack grinned. “Prepare to die from pleasure, Mike.” He leant forward and began tonguing and licking Mike’s opening again, before slowly inserting a slicked up finger in. Michael wondered when he put the lube on, or at least he assumed that was what made the finger slide in and out so easily. Another finger made him groan and he again was thrusting his hips against the sensation. A third finger made him shiver with anticipation. He pushed urgently as Jack scissored his fingers, causing him to gasp. A change of angle and the shivery feeling turned into an electric bolt of pleasure thrumming along his nerves.


Again,” he groaned, and with a laugh, Jack thrust and stroked him inside as he rode out waves of incredible pleasure. To his amazement his cock showed signs of regaining interest in the proceedings.


Jack turned him onto his knees, withdrew his fingers, to his intense disappointment, kissed his neck and said.

“Breathe, Mike.”


Mike took a deep breath, and felt the head of Jack’s cock breach him. The pain was intense, and for a moment he wanted to scream for Jack to stop. He took another deep breath, reminded himself that he’d asked Jack to do this to him and counted to twenty. Jack pushed again, and whilst the pain didn’t let up, something gave, and Michael felt a little more comfortable. Jack stopped, kissed him gently and then pushed again. This time the pain was more bearable, and Michael felt Jack slowly slip up into him. The sensation was indescribable, he felt full, not painfully full anymore, but very very aware of Jack’s cock in an area of his body he’d never really expected to feel anything so large. Jack moved pulling slowly out of him, and the full feeling dissipated slightly, until Jack thrust slowly back in. Michael found it strange but not unpleasant. Jack moved again, slowly getting a rhythm going, increasing the pace slightly, until one particular thrust rubbed on something and gave him that fantastic electric current of pleasure.


“More,” he moaned.


Jack laughed, thrusting again kissing his neck as he did so, moving round to kiss at his lips and lick at his chin. Michael kissed back when he was able, but he was too occupied in moaning and writhing on Jack’s cock, not wanting the sensation to end. He reached for his erection, only to have his hand knocked away.


“Mine,” growled Jack possessively, grabbing his cock and stroking it hard.


The glorious feeling of Jack inside him, his hand on his cock, his lips on his neck, was too much. With a scream Michael came, aware as he clenched and clenched his arse that he was pulling Jack with him. He felt Jack’s orgasm pump up into him, finding the sensation surprisingly pleasant. He collapsed on the bed, Jack on top of him. Satiated and happy, he butted his head against Jack’s chest until Jack wrapped his arms round him, and fell asleep.




He’s mine; I can hardly believe it, Mike’s mine. You should see him; he’s fast asleep in my arms, a look of extreme happiness on his face, his hair spiking everywhere. I’m fucking ecstatic, I can hardly believe that I been inside him, god it was fantastic. It not only felt good, it felt right. The other times have been good, but nothing compares to doing this to someone you love, someone who loves you. I know Mike loves me; he’d never have given up control or let me fuck him if he didn’t.  


This changes everything right? Wrong, I still want him, my lot still want him, and therefore he’s crossing over, as soon as possible. Perhaps we can have a few months of hidden pleasures, neither my lot nor his lot aware of our relationship. I can say I’m still seeing him, he can keep quite about us for longer, and when the whole things goes up, cos it will, then I’ll take him. I’ll make sweet glorious love to him then I’ll drain him. The first thing he’ll be aware of when he comes into his powers will be my cock up his arse, my arms clasped possessively round him, my lips on his neck, my kisses making him shiver. Funny that, I can still shiver with excitement. Then he’ll know that he’s mine, that I love him, that I’m his. Forever and ever, or at least for the foreseeable future! I can’t see me growing tired of Mike for a long long time, but we’ll fight. Oh yes we’ll fight, especially when he finds that by taking him, I’ve claimed a right to his loyalty, a right to his obedience.  I’ll tell him, love me, honour me, obey me, and I’ll be your slave forever. I’ll let him work that one out. And in the mean time I’m relatively free, the bonds of the brotherhood lay loosely about me as the one who crossed me is in ashes, taken out by the Squad. I can’t say I have much concern over that, as I said, I didn’t much like him, and I doubt that he would have demanded much from me. I however will demand everything from Mike, and he will gladly give me everything, his life, his soul, his loyalty and his love.


I kiss him gently. I’ll let him sleep a little more before I wake him. I’ll get him home, and then make love with him again in his bed. He’ll never deny me then. Every time he sees his bed he’ll think of me, and I’m going to make sure he has little time for anything else by visiting him every night I can.


He’s caught, hook, line and sinker.



The end

July 2001



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