Title: Under Covers
Genre: The New Professionals (previously posted to NewProfessionalslash)
Author: Alyse alys4@easynet.co.uk 
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Category: Curtis/Keel, PWP, first time
Rating: NC17 (like you had to ask!)

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Summary: One of the boys has to go undercover. Response to Clare's 'rent boy' challenge on NewProfessionalslash

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Under Covers

By Alyse

"One question," demanded Chris Keel as he eyed the clothing laid out in front of him with obvious distaste. "Why me?"

"Well," floundered Tina Backus, "out of the two of you... I mean, you look more... the part that is."

"What you're telling me," replied Keel with admirable self-control in the circumstances, "is that I look more like a rent boy than he does?" The latter was said with a head jerk towards his partner and friend Sam Curtis, who was trying, unsuccessfully, to hide a grin.

Keel's ire rose further as Sam openly chuckled. "Must be all those tight t-shirts you wear, Chris," his partner smirked. The scowl Keel aimed in his direction didn't work, as Curtis just continued to grin back.

Agent Backus attempted to ease the situation. "Well, Keel, you are a little younger, and cuter..."

"Cuter?" interrupted Curtis. It was Keel's turn to grin at his partner as Sam continued. "Are you blind, Backup? And as for younger, I'd hardly dignify ten months with 'younger'."

Keel's grin grew wider. "I must be ageing better than you, old man." Sam merely snorted.

Agent Backus, aka Backup, sighed heavily and wondered why their boss, Malone always seemed to pick her as the bearer of bad news. "What I meant, boys, is that Keel fits the profile of our target's type."

Keel seemed reluctant to drop the issue. "And what type is that?"

"Jailbait," murmured his partner in his ear. The feel of Sam's hot breath against his skin sent an involuntary shiver through Keel. He was reluctant, however, to let Curtis get the last word.

"You do realise, of course, that if I look like a rent boy, then she's saying that you look like a john."

"I've never had to pay for it, Keel, and I don't intend to now."

Backup had had enough. It had been a long day, and she was tired, and all she wanted to do was slip into a hot bath, and forget about these two.  Well, maybe not, she amended, surreptitiously eyeing the pair of them up.  Thinking about them while she was in the bath might be just the thing...  However, she had to get out of here first. "Do you two mind? Just choose an outfit, Keel and get going." It came out more snappish than she intended, and they both gave her a long look before turning their attention to the table.

"I still don't see why, out of all of the guys he could pick for a little fun, he would pick me," Keel continued to grouse.

"Simple, mate," explained Curtis, swooping down on the pile of clothing to pull out a pair of leather trousers. "You're going to be dressed to kill."

"Very nice," admired Curtis when they were done. Keel shifted a little uncomfortably. 

"I still don't see why you wouldn't let me wear underwear. These trousers are tight!"

"VPL," explained Backup.


"Visible panty line," she grinned.

"And tight is the point," added Curtis. He took a long moment to look his partner over thoroughly. The trousers were tight, fitted to Chris' muscular thighs and groin in a way that left little to the imagination.
His top, like his trousers, was black, sleeveless and equally fitted. As much as Sam may tease his partner about his 'tight t-shirts', he'd certainly never seen him wear one as tight as this. It outlined every
muscle on that smooth chest, the darkness of the cloth sitting well against Chris' pale skin. The outfit was completed by short, black biker's boots and a stylishly distressed leather jacket. Sam struggled to hide his
instinctive reaction to that get-up. Next to him, Backup was a little more open in her appreciation, her mouth curling slightly up in a smile as she made a happy humming sound deep in her throat.

Keel decided that they were both enjoying this way too much. "I feel like a... a..."

"Rent boy?" interjected Curtis brightly. Keel scowled at him. Curtis continued, blithely ignoring him. "I think that's the point Chris. And may I add that you wear it well. Very hot."

"Very, very hot," added Backup.

They were definitely enjoying this too much. He was not going to blush.  He'd be damned if he was going to blush.

"Die," he snarled before stalking out, his face scarlet.

"Any sign of our target?" Curtis spoke softly, sure that the mike he wore would pick up the sound regardless.

"None yet." Spencer's voice was tinny in his ear, but the words were clear nevertheless. "We're checking out his other haunts now." Curtis made a soft affirmative noise, keeping his eyes on his partner.

Chris was certainly a hit tonight, he thought. He'd obviously had several propositions, and had managed to turn them aside with aplomb and without blowing his cover. He had consented to dance with one or two patrons of this exclusive club, however, and the sight of their hands roaming over his partner had made Sam's blood boil. This place was little more than an upmarket and discrete brothel, catering to a well-heeled clientele where money was everything and how people came by it was nothing.

Right now Chris was talking to a tall, fat man whose skin glistened unhealthily in the soft lighting, and who was already running his hand down Chris' side, his eyes glittering with the desire for possession. His face
was familiar, and Curtis was reasonably sure that CI5 had a file on him for something or other, and whatever it was wouldn't be good. Curtis fervently hoped that their target showed up soon, since if Chris had to dance with that man his partner may very well lose it. Chris was trying to inch away, obviously uncomfortable and trying to hide it. Actually, if Chris had to dance with that man he may lose it himself.

The earpiece he wore crackled into life. "Curtis? Our guy's not moved from his house. Team two just reported in. His heavies just arrived with some young guy. Looks like our target is fixed for the night."

"You mean you can order in?" Curtis muttered under his breath. "Why am I still here?"

Spencer laughed softly. "Malone says you two are finished for the night.  Debriefing, 10am tomorrow."

Curtis sighed. Time to rescue his partner.

"I have a date for the night," Keel was saying belligerently as Sam came up behind him.

"But your 'date' hasn't shown," Keel's would-be amour replied. "Do you really want to go home empty handed? I would make it worth your while..."  With that remark, he reached out again and dragged one finger down Chris' chest.

Sam wrapped one arm around his partner's waist, pulling Chris tight against him and resting his chin on the American's shoulder. "Go play somewhere else," he said bluntly. "This one's paid for."

Chris had tensed up when Curtis first grabbed him, relaxing only when he heard his partner's light tones. However, at the last remark he tensed up again and eased himself from Sam's grasp. "You haven't paid yet," he stated baldly, his eyes challenging as they met Sam's.

For a long moment the two men stared at each other, until the corner of Sam's mouth turned up slightly in a reluctant half-smile. With cool, controlled gestures he pulled his wallet from his inside jacket pocket and
extracted some notes. Grabbing Chris once more, he pulled the other man closer, so close that their lips were only a hairsbreadth apart. "That should take care of it," he murmured softly, shoving the cash into Chris' trouser pocket, and lingering there just a moment too long. "Now you're mine, for the night." There was something very possessive about that statement, Chris thought dazedly, aware that he might just have pushed his partner one step too far. Sam used the hand hooked into his pocket to pull him even closer, so that their legs were pressed together, as well as other portions of their anatomy, before pressing his mouth to Chris' ear. "All night," he added.

'Oh shit,' Keel thought. 'Now I'm definitely in trouble.' If he'd learnt nothing else in the two years he'd been Curtis' partner, he'd learnt that it really didn't do to tick his partner off. Keel had never managed to
incur his friend's wrath, but he'd known many people who had. Some of them were still alive. Deciding that discretion really was the better part of valour, he shut his mouth.

They left the club as discretely as they could. Given the fact that there appeared to be the makings of a full-blown orgy beginning in one of the darkened alcoves off the dance floor, they didn't attract much notice.  Keel was in such a hurry to get away from those stares and wandering hands that he didn't notice when the door through which they exited swung open again behind them. Curtis did however. The first that Keel knew was Curtis pushing him up against the wall and claiming his mouth, hard.  Curtis' body was hard and lean, and pressed up against what felt like every single inch of his body. Keel's mouth opened up against the ruthless assault, and he moaned softly.

Curtis pulled away, leaning into his ear once more to whisper, "Looks like your friend doesn't take losing well. My six." Glancing over Curtis' shoulder as instructed, Keel could indeed see that his 'friend' had
followed them out, and he wasn't alone. "Car's round the corner. I suggest we move, mate."

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! A diversionary tactic, and he'd... well, he'd responded like he was what he was dressed as. He wondered if Curtis would ever let him live it down. Knowing his partner's wicked sense of
humour, he doubted it. 

They hightailed it to the car, easily outdistancing their pursuers. Keel slumped in his seat, letting Curtis do the driving. He found himself reluctant to say anything, or even to look at Sam, but his professionalism
reared its ugly head.

"What now?"

"Our target shows no sign of moving from his current abode," Sam replied with a smile, turning to look at him. Keel refused to look back, staring out of the car window into the night. Sam tried again. "We've got the night off." Keel still didn't look at him. "What do you want to do?"

"Take me home."

Keel said nothing for the entire ride, brooding, wondering how he could have made such a monumental cock-up as to believe that his partner was really kissing him. Kissing him, Chris Keel, as opposed to kissing his partner when they were undercover and the situation called for it. Sam was nothing if not professional in that respect. Admittedly, there had been times when he'd almost convinced himself that his partner was flirting with him, but the next minute Sam would be eyeing up a blonde, and he'd realise
that he'd been mistaken. Chris had been attracted to other men before, but hadn't done anything about it. He'd liked women well enough that he'd never felt a lack in his life, and then he'd met Ann and fallen in love... 

He dragged his mind ruthlessly away from thoughts of his dead wife. He'd had a lot of practice at shutting the grief away in a corner of his mind and not thinking about it. So why now? Why become attracted to the one man he'd probably never have? CI5 were always professionals and professionals didn't fall for their partners. 'Too messy and too emotionally involved'. He could almost hear Sam's voice in his mind. So
even if his partner did secretly lust after him, Sam wouldn't do anything about it.

He was finally roused from his reverie when he realised that Sam was bringing the car to a halt. As he unfastened his seatbelt and became aware of his surroundings, he realised that this was not the street outside his apartment where he could go in, lick his wounds and dream of Sam. "Where the hell are we?"

"My place," replied Sam succinctly, leaning down to his window. "In case you've forgotten, I bought you for the night." And with that the bastard turned and headed towards the front door.

Keel barely made it there before the security door swung shut behind Curtis, although Sam did relent enough hold the lift for him. Once in the lift, Curtis stared at the door while Keel stared at Curtis, his fury
rising with every second. Finally, Keel had had enough of the silence.

"What the fuck are you doing?" They reached Sam's floor and the doors opened, and once again Keel was left trailing his partner. It wasn't doing anything to improve his temper.

Sam put his key in the lock before he actually answered his friend.  "You're annoyed about something, and I know you. You'll brood about it and get more and more pissed off. So we need to talk about it. And since this is my place, you can't throw me out if I annoy you more. So I figure that I've got as long as it takes for you to order a cab to get whatever it is out of you." And with that he opened the door.

There was a twisted kind of logic in that Keel had to admit, as he stood with his mouth open watching the door slowly swing shut in front of him.  Sam caught it before it closed completely. "Are you coming in or should I just call you a cab now, and let you loiter in front of the building? I wouldn't advise it in that outfit. Being arrested wouldn't look very good on your record."

Keel flushed slightly, but relented long enough to join Sam in his flat.  It was a nice place, his mind catalogued unconsciously, while his body was occupied in fidgeting nervously. Considerably tidier than his own apartment. Sam pushed him towards the sofa. "Want something to drink? I've got wine or beer."

"Beer," he said through a suddenly dry mouth. "You got any American?"

"I said beer, not cats piss. You can have Boddies and like it." Keel caught the can Sam threw at him, and downed about a third of it before he felt able to look his partner in the face.

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" Sam asked softly. Keel's eyes darted away from him as his fingers started to fidget with the ring pull on the can. "Let me guess. There's lots to choose from. Stop me when I get to the right one. You're pissed off because you had to so this in the first place. You're pissed off because you got pawed by low lifes and that's somehow my fault. You're pissed off because I bought you in the bar. You're pissed off because I kissed you..."

"Why did you?" Keel interrupted, his eyes still focused on the can he held.

Sam settled into the chair opposite him. "I could tell you it's because of the parts we were playing, and because we were being followed."

"But that's not it, is it?" Keel finally met his eyes. He suddenly looked very young and there was an air of vulnerability in his expression that made Sam's heart contract.

"No, that's not it," Sam replied, "anymore than that's the reason you kissed me back." Keel wanted to look away again but found that he couldn't. Sam's eyes were locked with his, and he couldn't break that gaze
if his life depended on it.

"Why then?" Was that his voice? It seemed to be, it had to be, but Chris couldn't remember the last time he'd sounded so unsure of himself. Sam gave a half-smile in response, but his eyes remained serious.

"Perhaps because I've been fighting my libido for so long that I finally got tired of it," he answered. "And I have to admit that that outfit didn't help. Like I said very hot."

"What now?"

"Do you mean what happens now to our partnership in terms of where do we go from here, or what happens right now?"

"Right now."

"Much as I like you in that outfit, I think I'd rather see you out of it." 

Keel blinked. Straight to the point, which he should have expected from Curtis, but it still seemed surreal - a fantasy not a reality. "Oh," was all he could respond.

This time Curtis' mouth curled up in a genuine smile. "Too fast?" he asked gently.

"Well," replied Keel, trying almost successfully to hide the tremor in his voice, "you did buy me for the night." He watched, fascinated, as his partner's eyes darkened with some unknown emotion. And then suddenly Sam was kneeling on the floor in front of him, his hands reaching up to cup Chris' face.

This kiss was slower as they leisurely explored each other's mouths. 'Not enough,' thought Keel dazedly, as he reached up to pull the other man closer to him, plundering his mouth, running his fingers through Curtis' hair. Soft. He should have known it would be soft.

Sam's mouth was moving away from his, running over his cheek, down to his chin, nipping slightly there, and then down to his neck, where he nibbled and sucked. Chris was moaning and gasping now, as fire raced up and down his spine. His hands tugged on Sam's hair, pulling the other man's head up
so that he could kiss him again, his tongue sliding past Sam's teeth, exploring his mouth again. And then he hooked his leg behind his partner's thighs, his hands leaving Sam's head to meet in the middle of his chest
where he pushed, hard.

Taken off guard, Sam toppled backwards, landing on floor with enough force to knock the breath out of him. He didn't have a chance to get it back before Chris landed on top off him, straddling his thighs and leaning down to rest his hands on either side of his head. A brief glimpse of a feral grin, and then Chris' mouth was on his again, devouring and demanding. All Sam could do was hand control over to him, for the moment at least, and go along for the ride. And what a ride it was. He took full advantage of it,
running his hands possessively over his partner's back, over that tight rear and down Chris' thighs, firm beneath the tight leather, feeling his level of arousal rise higher and higher. Matched by Chris' if what was
pressing into his stomach was anything to judge by.

When he couldn't take it anymore, he braced the flat of his foot on the floor and used it to lever himself up, catching Chris off balance this time, and using the momentum to roll the pair of them over until Sam was on
top. He used this position to his advantage, running his hand over Chris' chest, first over the tight black t-shirt, and then when he'd managed to free it from the pants, under it. Chris' skin was hot under his hand, and he was almost overwhelmed with the desire to feel that skin pressed against his. He dragged his lips away from Chris', taking in his partner's, his lover's, glazed eyes, the wet, puffed lips and look of sensuous abandon.

"Bedroom, now!"

He staggered to his feet, reaching down to grasp Chris' outstretched hand and pull his partner up to stand beside him. He kept hold of Chris' hand until they reached the bedroom, only releasing it to push his partner down onto the bed. He stood there for a long moment, just letting his eyes roam over his partner's slim form, encased as it was still in that tight leather. Backup was right - very, very hot.

"I thought you wanted me out of this," quipped Keel, grinning up at him, the dimple in his cheek showing.

"Good idea," replied Sam, his voice husky. "Why don't you do something about that?"

Keel didn't reply, but his smile widened wickedly. He sat up slowly, shrugging off his jacket as he did so and letting it slide off his shoulders, watching Sam's eyes dilate with desire as he did so. There was
something very seductive and primal in that move, and it went straight to Sam's groin. Keel's jacket was thrown to the floor, and he dragged his t-shirt over his head with a swift and elegant movement, dropping it to lie next to his jacket. Sam's mouth quirked in a wry smile, but for once he didn't comment on his partner's slovenly habits.

Bare-chested now, Chris leant back on his elbows, his eyes running appreciatively over Sam's body, still clad in his smart suit. The dimples were even more pronounced now. They ought to be illegal, thought Sam
amused, especially when combined with an expression as wantonly lustful as the one Chris was wearing now. Far be it from him to disappoint the anticipation in that gaze.

He made less of a production of stripping than Chris had, removing his jacket and shirt with quick, economical movements. He managed to throw them on the chair rather than the floor, but that was the only concession he made to neatness. His eyes locking with his partner's, he moved forward with conscious grace as Chris scooted backwards on the bed. Sam followed slowly, moving so that his body straddled his friend's, leaning forward to press Chris down onto the bed.

Chris' heart was pounding, double time, triple time. The feel of Sam's bare chest against his was electric, and the sensation of Sam's mouth against his, Sam's tongue in his mouth was even more so. That hot and
delicious mouth travelled over his skin leaving blazing trails in its wake, nibbling at his chin and then his ear, that talented tongue flicking into the dimple in his cheek. All Chris could do was wind his fingers in the heavy sheaf of Sam's hair and moan softly.

Sam moved down to lave Chris' chest, his eyes flicking up to catch Chris' once more, as he sucked one tight nipple into his mouth. 'So good,' Chris though incoherently as his body arched up under Sam's ministrations. Sam's fingers trailed lightly over his chest, followed by that hot sucking mouth,
driving Chris into a frenzy for the sole purpose of hearing his moans and gasps.

Sam moved lower, fingers now trailing over his partner's taut belly, back up over his ribs and up his sides. That actually earned him a sound that was suspiciously like a giggle. He explored this development further,
enjoying the way Chris' body wriggled under his as his partner twisted and turned in a vain attempt to escape, his giggles turning into helpless laughter. Interesting. Keel was ticklish. Sam filed his information
away. You never could tell when something like that could come in handy.

It was Chris' turn to turn the tables, as he tensed and surged up under Sam, flipping his lover over and landing on top of him. Sam couldn't help but let the laugh bubbling up inside him out - a joyous sound which only made Chris' smile widen. For a long moment the two agents just stared at each other, respect and something more in each of their gazes, and then Sam broke the moment, reaching up to pull Chris' face down to him, unable to resist the lure of that mouth any longer.

Sam rolled them over again, his limbs entangling with Keel's as once more his weight pressed the other man into the covers. And then his mouth moved down his partner's body again, teasing and exploring no longer but with a goal in mind. Chris raised himself up on his elbows again, his eyes glowing as he watched Sam catch hold of his zip in his teeth, grinning up at him wickedly as he eased it down. Chris had to grin back, his grin changing to a gasp when Sam buried his face in Chris' groin, inhaling his

Chris' hands clutched convulsively at the sheets as Sam eased his erection free, nuzzling at it with his cheek and mouth, his gasps and moans increasing in intensity as Sam teased him relentlessly. "Oh fuck, yes," he
sighed as Sam finally relented enough to run his tongue over his cock. Sam raised his head to grin at him wolfishly.

"No," he growled. "Fucking comes later."

Chris could only gape at him, open-mouthed, all thought driven out of his head until Sam suddenly swooped down and almost swallowed him whole. He howled, arms rising over his head to seize the headrest, muscles locking in unbearable tension as Sam's mouth continued to work on him. With the very
small part of his brain that was still working, Chris had to note that Sam was very, very good at this. While he didn't really want to contemplate what that meant at the moment, he had to admit to a sneaking relief that at least one of them appeared to know what they were doing. Soon he wasn't even capable of that much thought, almost drowning in the waves of pleasure washing over him.

Sam, for his part, was coming to the realisation that his partner was
nothing if not vocal. Somehow he hadn't imagined that Chris would be a
screamer, and he would have smiled if his mouth hadn't been occupied with
better things - like seeing just how vocal he could make his partner. To
this end he utilised every trick he'd ever learned, swirling his tongue
around the corona, lapping at the tip with his tongue, rising up until
Chris' cock almost slipped out of his mouth and breathing hot air over the
top, then sucking hard, deep throating him until his nose was buried in the
curly hair at the root. It was too much for Chris, who came hard, yelling
his name.

Sam continued to mouth his cock gently, milking the last few drops from it, his hand unconsciously stroking soothingly along Chris' flank until he felt Chris' body relax. Reluctantly he raised his head, letting Chris' now
flaccid cock slip from his lips. Rising to his feet at the foot of the bed, Sam let his eyes drink in the sight of his partner, stretched out in a post-coital daze. Chris' eyes were closed, his chest still heaving,
glistening with sweat. He'd released his death-grip on the headrest and his arms now framed his head. He still wore those tight leather trousers, clinging to the contours of his hips and thighs, the open v of the zip
framing his now quiescent cock. He was unbelievably erotic, and Sam felt his own neglected arousal twitch at the sight.

He reached down to unbuckle and remove Chris' boots, and then slid his hands into the waistband of Chris' trousers, easing them down. Chris raised his hips to help but didn't open his eyes. Naked, he was even more arousing. Sam quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes, and settled himself down on the bed next to Chris, who still didn't open his eyes.  Concerned now, Sam grasped his chin in one hand, gently turning his face towards him.

"Chris," he murmured softly, his voice reflecting his concern. Only now did Chris meet his gaze, his grey-blue eyes half-lidded and somnolent.  "You okay?"

"Mmm-mm." Chris' eyes drifted shut again.

"Is that a 'yes' mmm-mm, a 'no' mmm-mm, or a 'my brains have just trickled out of my ears' mmm-mm?"

"Last one."

"Well, it's nice to know I'm not losing my touch."

Chris' mouth curled up in a sweet smile, but his eyes remained closed.  "Very good at it," he murmured sleepily.

"Thank you."




"You're not going to sleep are you?"


"Good, because I believe you mentioned something about 'fucking' earlier and I'd like to explore that suggestion with you."

Chris' eye cracked open a little, and he gave Sam what only could be described as a long-suffering look. "Now?" he asked a little plaintively.  "Doesn't that require movement?"

"I believe so, yes."

"You can't expect me to move after that."

"You're a CI5 agent and ex-Navy Seal, trained to the highest peak of physical fitness, able to march all day, and fight all night, and one little blow job reduces you to a quivering wreck?"

"It was a very good blow-job."

"Thank you, but you're avoiding the issue."

"Which is?"

"This," replied Sam, nudging Chris' thigh with his now very neglected erection. He adopted his very best 'whipped puppy' look, and Chris couldn't resist laughing.

"Well, you bought me. I'm all yours - at least for tonight. Whatever you want." Those words, combined with the look Chris was now aiming in his direction, made Sam even harder.

"I want to fuck you," he growled softly into Chris' ear. There was a slight hesitation on Chris' part, and a brief apprehensive look flitted across his face. Anyone else may have missed it, but Sam knew him too
well. "Chris..." he began.

"No, it's okay," Chris headed his objections off. "It's just..." His teeth caught his lip for a second. "I haven't actually done this before."

"I thought you were in the Navy," exclaimed Sam before he could stop himself. That earned him a withering look which would have done Backup herself proud. Sam grinned back unrepentantly, before growing serious again. "We don't have to do anything you don't want..." he tailed off, his meaning clear. Chris gave him a smile which didn't quite reach his eyes.

"You bought me, remember?" There was a faint hint of bitterness under that tone.

"Don't," said Sam intently. They stared at each other until Chris dropped his gaze, a little confused and overwhelmed.

"I want," he said, the admission sounding as though it had been wrenched out of him.


"Sure." A deep breath. "Very sure." This time Chris didn't look away.  After a moment Sam nodded seriously.

"Wait here," was all he said, rising with easy grace from the bed and moving towards the small bathroom, Chris' eyes following him.

When he came back, Chris had rolled over onto his front, his head pillowed on his folded arms. For a long second Sam stood there, undecided, until Chris, sensing his hesitation, slid one slim thigh up the bed, spreading his legs to give Sam greater access. He glanced back over his shoulder, his face sombre but determined. "This is supposed to be fun," prompted Sam gently. That earned him another smile, complete with dimple, and that eased his heart somewhat.

He was as gentle as he knew how to be, sliding his hands over Chris' back and legs, soothing and relaxing him before moving down to the opening to his body. For a long time he just stroked over the skin, the lubricant on his fingers letting them slide easily, circling closer and closer to his objective, then sliding under Chris completely, to stroke along Chris' renewed erection. Chris moaned again, rocking his hips to slide his
arousal through Sam's slick fist. Reassured that Chris did want this, Sam moved back to Chris' entrance, this time sliding the tip of one finger in before Chris had a chance to realise. Chris' body battled the intrusion for a moment, before relaxing and letting Sam ease his finger in further.  He withdrew it, added more lubricant and eased back in again.

Two fingers now, his fingers probing deeper, searching for that spot and finding it, causing Chris to cry out with pleasure. Three fingers, and he could feel Chris tense at the intrusion, pain battling with the desire for
more of that sensation, pleasure winning as Chris rocked back against his hand, forcing him deeper and deeper.

He withdrew his fingers, his hands shaking with need now as he rolled the condom over his length and coated himself with lubricant. And then he was easing himself into Chris, feeling yet more resistance, and hearing Chris hiss with pain. He forced himself to wait until Chris relaxed, and let Chris dictate the pace.

Chris had never imagined that it could feel like this, this sensation of being stretched and filled to the point of pain. It did hurt, burning, but the feel of Sam's fingers brushing over his prostate had triggered a need
in him, a need he didn't know he'd had, and now all he wanted was more. He told Sam this, begging and pleading, words forced out of him as Sam continued to ease his way into his body, thrusting gently, each push driving him a little deeper into his body until every movement was touching that magic spot, sending blinding bursts of pleasure through him.

Sam pulled Chris' up onto his knees, spreading him further, and enabling him to drive in deeper. He reached under his partner again, grasping Chris' erection, which had faded with the pain of entry, angling his thrusts to ensure that he hit Chris' prostate with each thrust. Chris' cock thickened in his hand, and his lover began to move with him, backing into his thrusts, whispering his encouragement, begging for more. A few more thrusts and Chris was yelling his name again as his cock jerked in Sam's hand, coating it with his come. Sam threw his head back, the cords in his neck tightening as the convulsions of Chris' body around him drove him over the edge too.

They collapsed on the bed, with Sam still resting on his partner, pressing soft kisses against Chris' shoulder. He eased out of Chris' body, Chris wincing slightly as he did so, and rolled to the side, wrapping his arms
around him. Chris relaxed against him with a happy sigh. "Okay?" Sam asked.

"Very." There was a pause, before Chris continued, "Although I may not be able to sit down tomorrow." Sam chuckled softly.

"It gets better."

"Does that mean you'll want my services for more than one night?"


Chris turned his head to grin at him. "Could get expensive."

"Worth every penny," Sam smiled. He leant in and kissed his new lover again. "Worth every bloody cent."

The End

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