Title:  Snapshot: The Mark
Author: Bad Faery
E-Mail: bad_faery@yahoo.com
Pairing: Bertie/ Jeeves
Rating: G
Summary: Reflections on secrecy
Spoilers: None
Archive:  Yes
Feedback: Yes please.
Disclaimer:  PG Wodehouse created Jeeves and Bertie.
God only knows what he'd think of this.
Notes:  This is a series of vignettes from Jeeves and
Bertie's life together. All are from the same universe
although they're in no particular order.
Dedication: For everybody who liked "Humble Servant".
Other Ramblings: Would anybody be interested in a
Wodeslash list? I don't know if there are enough
people writing in this fandom to justify one but...
might be fun.

Snapshot: The Mark

by Bad Faery

He fastens his collar neatly over the new love-bite on
his throat, hiding it from view.  It stands out
vividly against his fair skin, the reddish mark
announcing my claim to anyone who looks upon it.
Gazing at it, my desire rises again with the thought
that this beautiful creature is mine to mark in such a
way.  I am aroused almost beyond bearing at the
knowledge that he permitted me to brand him, not only
permitted but encouraged through touch and the breathy
moans of pleasure he made as I suckled at his
delectable skin. 

And now he is hiding it.  He is shielding my mark of
possession from view.

I placed it there deliberately.  So that it could be
hidden.  So that nobody might see it when he is fully
dressed.  For nobody must know of this, of us.  Our
class difference, even more than the fact that we
share a gender, precludes it.  I may possess him only
as long as I remain silent about it.  But I placed it
where the collar will rub on it all day, so that he
will have a constant reminder of our forbidden
relationship.  I will be resident in his thoughts all

For now it is enough.

End Part One of One



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