Title:  Snapshot: The Tie
Author: Bad Faery
E-Mail: bad_faery@yahoo.com
Pairing: Bertie/ Jeeves
Rating: PG
Summary: Bertie's fashion sense once again goes awry.
Spoilers: None
Archive:  Yes
Feedback: Yes please.
Disclaimer:  PG Wodehouse created Jeeves and Bertie.
God only knows what he'd think of this.
Notes:  This is a series of vignettes from Jeeves and
Bertie's life together. All are from the same universe
although they're in no particular order.
Dedication: For everybody who liked "Humble Servant".

Snapshot: The Tie

by Bad Faery

He has brought home another unsuitable piece of

I find it hanging in the wardrobe, as he has not had
the courage to present it directly to me.  It is a
bright aquamarine accented with small flecks of
emerald green.  Briefly I imagine the remarkable
things it would do to his eyes before firmly reminding
myself that it is far too flashy to be appropriate

I turn, prepared to give a veiled lecture on the
impropriety of blue ties, to find him gazing at me in
innocent appeal.  He smiles hopefully and I nearly
melt.  For a moment I cannot bear the thought of
chiding him, not when he looks at me in such a sweet,
pleading way.  My baser instincts inform me that if he
must wear an inappropriate tie, aquamarine is the
color to choose.  I nearly let the matter drop without
comment and let him have his way, when I see the glint
of humor shining in his eyes. 

I have been set up.

He deliberately purchased that tie to see my reaction.
Knowing what the thought of him in that color would
do to me.  I instantly school my features into my most
severe look of disapproval.  It would not do to
disappoint him.  I make it clear that the tie is not
to be worn in public.

In private, however, is an altogether different story.

End Part One of One



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