Fandom:  Casualty
Pairing:  Jack/Barney
Rating:  NC17
Hey guys, this is my first first slash writing actually.
Should I continue? I don't know anything really, about who's allowed
to archive this, blah blah blah - but basically I hope you enjoy it
if you read it. Let me know if you do. (-;

Disclaimer-type-thing - Casualty own the characters of Jack and
Barney. And they're both gorgeous. But this doesn't imply that
they're gay, or bi, or whatever. Don't read this if you don't want to.

I've just seen the episode where Jack arrives, and just melted at him
and Barney. Had to write something. Here it is.



by byron


From their very first encounter, Jack and Barney had sensed
the mischief in the other and played on it. On his first day working
in the busy department of Holby A&E, Jack had been fooled by Barney
and Anna into going through a bag-lady's items in an attempt to
identify her, almost catching fleas in the process, when they both
knew who she was. At the time, Jack had promised to get them back,
and tonight was the night when he was really going to stitch Barney
up good and proper.
    "You doin' anything tonight, mate?" Jack blew on his
hands to
warm them as he and Barney left the department after a long shift
together. They'd had an outbreak of measles, three car accidents
a stabbed nurse to deal with – just an ordinary day in Casualty
them. But they were both knackered by now.
    "No. Why?" Barney looked nervously into the face of the new
receptionist, careful not to glance for too long. God! This was
ridiculous. He was straight, He was straight, He was
didn't know what it was, but something in the way Jack smiled in
cheeky way just made him burn inside. He'd never fancied a guy
before, never contemplated such a bizarre thing, but Jack…He
the thoughts away, and tried to stop his voice from wavering.
    "D'you want to come back to my place for a bit? I was gonna
go down the pub wiv' a couple of mates, but I'm exhausted.
say, beer and pizza?"
    "Sure. Why not?" Barney looked over his shoulder. "Shall
ask Chloe?" He quizzed the receptionist half-heartedly, privately
looking forward to having Jack alone for an evening.
    "No, let's make this just you and me, eh?" Jack winked
at him.
    Winked at him?
    Barney's heart skipped a beat. Surely this couldn't
no, he was being stupid. Jack the lad, that's what Jack was. And
was he, for Christ's sake! A lad. A straight lad who didn't
guys. Apart from Jack.
    Oh this was infuriating! Barney shook his head in an effort
to clear it, and shrugged his shoulders. "Okay." He moved
round to
the passenger seat of Jack's gran's three wheeler that
she'd allowed
him to borrow for work, and got in.
    Jack rubbed his hands together and grinned to himself. This
was working perfectly. It would just be him, Barney, and some
and he couldn't wait to get Barney back. He hadn't missed the
that Barney had quietly given him recently, and at first he
place them. Then he knew where he'd seen them before – on the
of countless girls in Ibiza. Well, who could blame them? He grinned
again. But he was really gonna wind up Barney tonight and see how far
he could push him…
    Jack got in the car, and turned on the stereo. He'd
positioned it just right.    
    "…it's Friday I'm in love…." The Cure filled
the car. It was
a Friday night. It wasn't very subtle.
    Barney felt his ears go red. It's a coincidence, it's a
coincidence…but as much as he told himself that, he wondered if
might be trying to say something…

    Jack turned the key in the lock of his apartment. "Sorry
about the mess, mate." He swung the door open with difficulty, as
strained to push aside the junk collecting in his hallway.
    Barney entered the apartment gingerly, trying to calm himself
down. Only beer and a pizza, beer and a a pizza…but as he took
first breath of the musty smelling house he thought he was going to
pass out. The whole place smelled of Jack, that strange mixture of
stale and sweet that pulled his head around without him even noticing
when he walked past him in the clinical corridors of Holby. He
realised he was slowly getting a hard on…oh God this was JUST
what he
didn't need.
    "Where's your bathroom?" He asked Jack, a slight waver
in his
voice giving him away a bit.
    "First on your left upstairs. Need a release from the day?"
Jack's eyebrows were raised above a sly smile.
    "Release, what do you…?" Barney stuttered.
    "A piss? Right? I mean, you went on your last break hours
    Was Jack flirting or was he reading too much into this? "Oh…
yeah, right. That's right."
    Jack went into the kitchen and grinned. Things were working
out perfectly. Pulling out an old pizza delivery form from inside a
messy drawer, he considered what he wanted to eat with his video.
Smiling even more wickedly, he wondered what Barney would want to be
    Barney splashed water over his face in the bathroom, and
thought about his Auntie Anna until he stopped feeling his erection
uncomfortably straining against his underwear. Why had he agreed to
this again? His busy day seemed ten years ago, and now he was in an
even more intense situation, alone with Jack in an apartment that
smelled of him.
    "What you doin' up there?" Jack called up the stairs
with a
smile in his voice, "you beatin' off or something?"
    "No, don't be a twat," Barney called down, pulled the
on the dilapidated toilet, almost pulling the thing off, and came
    "D'you like meat?" Jack asked Barney.
    "Come again?" Barney quavered.
    "I ain't come the first time yet, what you chattin'
Jack laughed at the young nurse's uncomfortable face. Oh this was
perfect, Barney boy fancied him rotten. "I was talking about the
pizza. Do you like meat on your pizza?"
    "Oh, right…yeah, yeah that'll be grand."
    "Good. Beer?" Jack opened a can and passed it to him.
    "Cheers," Barney gulped down half the can, needing something
to quench his thirst, his desire…
    "Let's go through." Jack had opened another can by now,
took him through to the sitting room. The only chair was piled high
with car magazines, and so they sat side by side on a small settee.
Barney thought he was going to explode. "Pizza won't be
long," Jack
said, "They're really good round `ere."
    "Right. Excellent." Barney sat upright in the chair,
about his Auntie Anna again.
    "So what do you fancy watching? How about Pretty Woman?"
    "You're joking aren't you, I've seen it about half a
times…" Barney moaned half heartedly, trying to regain some of
innocent humour of the moment.
    "Nah, it's great mate. Julia Roberts is well foxy."
    Barney had to agree there. She was.
    "Lets fast forward to the bits where you can see her in
Jack leapt up to the video player, and whilst it was fast forwarding
looked back at Barney. "S'hot in `ere innit?"
    "Is it?" Barney nervously replied. "I hadn't
    "You've gone bright red, you must `ave mate." Jack
and removed his T-shirt leaving him bare chested. "You don't
mind do
    Barney could barely speak. Jack's body was perfect, well-
defined and pert. His nipples were soft in the heat of the house, but
Barney could imagine moving his tongue over them to tighten them up.
His six-pack begged to be touched…
    He suddenly realised he was staring at Jack's crotch.
    "Er…sorry? What?" He stumbled, looking back up at Jack.
felt his penis rising again. God! Had he no control over his own body?
    Jack saw Barney's open mouthed expression of shock at his
body and smiled inwardly. He was proud of his body, worked out a lot,
and it was moments like these that were worth waiting for. Keeping
his face neutral, he said again, "You don't mind? It's
just that I'm
hot in `ere."
    "Oh, no!" Barney said far too quickly. "No," he
repeated his
words, a little more sedately, "You go for it."
    "Want to make yourself more comfortable?" Jack asked,
standing over Barney now, with his shoulders back and head forward
like a little boy. "We'll be here a while."
    "No, I'm fine. Really, I'm fine." Barney tried to
away the hard lust that was overcoming his body. Why didn't
uniforms hide his body better? More specifically, his hardening cock?
    "Suit y'self." Jack sat down next to Barney, a little
than the sofa strictly required. They both watched Julia and Richard
talk for a bit, before it got to the scene which Jack liked so much,
where you could see Julia's perfect body…
    Inwardly, Jack smiled. This was perfect, going better than
he'd thought possible. Laughing his head off inside, he made
appreciative noises and slowly, slowly moved his free hand down to
his crotch. This drove them wild, the girl's interested in him,
they saw him getting turned on…and by the shortness of his
colleague's breath, it was working for him too. Now how turned on
could he get Barney without actually doing anything?
    Barney couldn't believe it. Here Jack was, next to him,
beginning to masturbate. This couldn't be happening. He
tried to keep his eyes on the film, but before long he couldn't
resist staring as Jack slowly brought his cock to life. Through the
material of his trousers, the outline of his member became evident,
and Barney lost all hope of keeping his own cock down in the face of
such stimulus.
    Jack closed his eyes, and gently, gently kept pulling at his
cock, enjoying the feeling it was giving him as he released the
tension of the day. How incredibly erotic it was to hear Julia
Roberts moaning over the delicate chords of the film, and hear Barney
beside him practically panting with desire. He smiled slowly, then
counting down, three……two…….one……opened his eyes and
looked at Barney.
    Barney ricocheted his head away as Jack was suddenly staring
at him staring at Jack's cock.
    Jack laughed. "Sorry mate…get a bit carried away with old
    "Fine!" Barney managed to get out, before calming his voice
once again. "Fine. Really. No bother."
    Jack looked down at Barney's crotch and raised his eyebrows
in genuine surprise. It wasn't the fact that Barney was so
turned on, but rather that his cock was quite so…developed.
up the pretence of improvisation, he said, "Looks like it has the
same effect on you, mate."
    Barney was burning up with embarrassment. "Yeah, yeah,
    "You look hot, mate, why don't you take off your
    "Look, the heating's fucked, it don't bovver me. I'm
going to
take these off, so…" With that, Jack stood up and took of his
trousers, making sure that Barney got a good eyefull of his arse
through the thin cotton of his boxers. Sitting down again, he saw
that his erect cock wasn't even faintly hidden in his new state
undress, and smiled up at Barney. "Come on, we're all
lad's `ere
aren't we? Let's enjoy the film." He turned back to
Julia, smiling
    Barney's throat felt like a desert, so dry that he couldn't
swallow; his penis was rubbing uncomfortably against his boxers, it
was true, and he couldn't picture his Auntie any more, just
beautiful, beautiful body. Oh what the hell, he thought, try anything
    Jack smiled as he heard Barney get up beside him, and strip
down to his boxers. When they were both sitting down beside each
other again, he slowly moved his hand back to his cock, and started
stroking it again. This was fucking wicked. Now onto the next stage.
    "Barney…?" he asked, still staring at the screen.
    "Ye-yeah?" Barney replied, feeling a droplet of sweat
down his arm.
    "Have you ever…"
    Oh god… thought Barney.
    "…been with a guy?"
    "A guy? Och, no…" he responded with a joviality he
quite feel.
    "It's just…oh nothing."
    There was no way Barney was letting him get away with
that. "No, what?"
    "It's just…sometimes I think…oh I dunno. D'you
mind if I do
something impulsive?"
    "Like what?"
    In one fluid motion, Jack leant over and kissed Barney on the
lips. His powerful upper body pushed Barney back onto the sofa, and
he opened his mouth ever so slightly to lick Barney's lower lip.
could feel Barney's erection pressing wildly against his stomach,
own cock rammed against Barney's left leg. He had never been
attracted to men, but this was actually turning him on. Such
such humiliation over Barney…he loved it.
    Barney opened his mouth in surprise and pleasure at Jack's
sudden move and could barely control himself as lust took over.
Meeting Jack's tongue with his own, they engaged in one of the
passionate snogs that Barney had ever experienced. He could feel
Jack's manhood against him, wanted to see it, to feel it, to kiss
    And then suddenly, Jack broke off. Barney sat gasping in his
seat, suddenly watching the film again.
    "Sorry…sorry mate." Jack said, in mock apology.
    "No…no, don't apologise, it's…fine."
Understatement of the
year, Barney thought.
    "I just, I just always wanted to do that. To see, you know,
to see if I was turned on."
    "Right. Right. Were you?" Barney's question came out far
quickly for it to be as nonchalant as it was intended.
    Jack paused just long enough for the dramatic effect to
really build. "No mate!" He finally said, "No, not at
all!" And with
that, he burst out laughing. "Had you going there, didn't I,
You want to touch this do yer?" he arrogantly indicated his body,
running his hand down his chest and putting it inside his boxers to
hold his cock.
    Barney was speechless. "You…git."
    Jack was still laughing. "You should see your face mate!"
    Barney's head was racing. But he knew Jack wouldn't get away
with this. Leaning over him on impulse, he pinned the pretty
receptionist to the sofa, and cut off his laughing by plunging
another kiss on his lips. But this time Jack pushed him away.
    "Get off me you gay boy!" He grinned, standing up (in more
ways than one) over Barney. "Fair's fair, but that was a
joke, mate.
You get your kicks elsewhere."
    But Barney still wasn't done. With a speed that Jack hadn't
foreseen, he ripped down his boxers and swallowed Jack in one go.
    Now it was Jack's turn to be speechless. The sensations
buzzing up and down his shaft made his laugh die in his throat,
whilst a groan of pleasure escaped him.
    Barney kept going, faster and faster, loving the new
experience and knowing how good he was at giving head from Jack's
response. He loved oral sex, loved going down on women anyway, but
having something solid inside his mouth was a totally different
experience. He took hold of the base of Jack's cock in his right
hand, and moved his head quickly up and down Jack's knobend.
    Jack felt his knees buckle; he never could take head standing
up. Without either of them knowing quite how it was managed, Jack
collapsed onto the couch whilst Barney knelt on the floor, his head
deep between Jack's knees. His right hand still clasped the base
Jack's cock, and he took the opportunity to feel Jack's body
with his
    Jack was in heaven; he'd never had a blowjob as good as this.
Barney knew exactly what to do, which buttons to press…when to
going and when to stop. Occasionally he made little sounds of
protest, but was too overcome with sensation to actually mean them.
    Barney knew from Jack's bucking hips when the time was almost
ready for him to shed his load. Stopping suddenly, and withdrawing
both his hands, he looked up at Jack's panting form.
    Jack opened his eyes in surprise and disappointment, looking
down at Barney in front of him. "Why did you stop?"
    "Oh, I thought you wanted me too…" Barney grinned in the
that only he could.
    Jack grinned back, wryly. "Oh shut the fuck up and swallow."
With that he pulled Barney back over his cock and took control,
bobbing the nurse's head over his cock until he could feel the
up inside of him.
    Barney felt the saltly liquid travel down his throat as he
was suffocated by Jack's all-encompassing penis, smelling the
scent that so excited him. I've swallowed him whole, he thought
    Jack gasped and finally withdrew from Barney's mouth, still
panting, naked against his couch. "My God…that
    "Thanks. But you're forgetting something." Barney stood
and smiled down at his own, still hard, cock.
    At that moment, the pizza delivery boy rang the bell.
    "Saved by the bell!" Jack grinned up in post-coital
    Barney grinned too, shaking his head, pulling on his
trousers. "You wait til later. I haven't finished with you,

The end. Of this part, anyway. Let me know if you want any more.



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