Title: Deeper
Author/pseudonym: Caroline
Pairing: Garth/Liam
Rating: R
Status: Complete

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Disclaimers: Characters belong to Valentine Productions and the
B.B.C. Just the story they're in belongs to me.

Notes: I couldn't find any fic in this fandom, so I thought i'd
better write some myself, which is why it's so short and a PWP. The
origin of Garths accent is a mystery to me in the series, so please
excuse my simple, yet pathetic attempts to copy it.

Summary: Liam checks on Garth while he's undercover.

Warnings: First Time. Spoilers for the episode Romeo Trap



by Caroline


Liam pushed open the door of the noisy bar, earning him a few of those classic cowboy stares before the regulars went back to their drinks. A quick glance around the place and he spotted his target standing at the bar. He was playing with what looked like an empty packet of cigarettes.

Knowing that he'd been spotted, he ordered his drink, casting glances at the man. The barmaid took his money, giving him the wrong change. He decided not to say anything, simply pocketing the money and sitting down in one of the booths. They both had to play this carefully. They'd gone too far in setting this up to let something cock it all up at this stage.

He swallowed the beer, purposely not looking at his partner at the bar. The drug squad knew Garth hadn't been let into the inner-circle yet, the drug dealers they where after playing it paranoid like they thought they where people of importance. The reason Garth had been sent in was to prove the connection between Eddie Tate, a local gangster and as of yet, an unidentified politician. The Drugs Squad had found just enough to establish the connection, but it was nothing like real, hard and fast proof.

Liam turned from his inspection of the beer mat he'd been shredding, biting his lower lip and looking over at Garth, who looked behind himself before smiling back at him, pointing at his own chest as if to say, what? Me?

Liam inclined his head a little, offering up a crooked smile of his own.

Garth came over, sliding into the booth along with him.

He leaned over the table, pushing Liam's half-empty beer glass out of the way, just so he could get close enough to talk without fearing they where being overheard.

"You took your bleedin' time." He cast a quick look around the bar, pasting a smile to his face. "Do you know how many blowjobs I've been offered since I got here?"

Liam gave a small chuckle. "More than you're worth probably. So? What's the word?"

"The word is," said Garth, taking a mouthful of his own drink, "That the bastard still doesn't trust me an inch." He shook his head, reaching into his jacket and pulling out a packet of cheap cigarettes, offering one to his partner, then lightening them both with his equally cheap lighter.

"I've got a couple of gimps following me. See that twat at the bar with the pink shirt?"

"We ought to lock him up for that alone."

Garth nodded. "Tell me about it. Probably thought it wouldn't make him stand out in a gay bar. Don't know where the other one pissed off to though." He drew in a lungful of smoke, hating himself just that little bit more at loving something that was probably going to kill him someday. "Is he looking over?"

Liam raised his glass, drinking to cover up what he was actually doing, which was checking out the pretty poor attempt at surveillance from the other side of the bar. "Yep."

"Shit. I'm sick of this one Liam. It's doing me head in."

Liam shrugged. He didn't really know what to say. It seemed as if every job they did somehow did Garth's head in. "You'll be fine. You always are."

That earned him a look he couldn't quite describe, even if someone put a gun to his head and told him to. "Am I? How would you know?"

"Because I see the end result. You're good at this Garth. Better than I am. At least you don't have a family worrying about you while you're out doing this, wondering if your cover's still safe enough. It still gives me nightmares thinking about what could happen to Pam and the kids..."

Garth laughed. A mean sounding thing that Liam didn't really like at all. "Yeah, that's right. I'd forgotten how lucky I was not having two children and a loving wife waiting for me back home. Oh wait. You don't do you? Have a loving wife that is. Pam wants a divorce."

Garth knew as soon as he'd said it, that he'd said the wrong thing. Knowing exactly what he was doing, knowing it would look right to the tail at the bar, he reached out and put his hand over Liam's. "I'm sorry. I'm a dickhead all right? It's hanging around these dickheads all day; pretending to be one of them." He let go of Liam's hand, wondering if his friend would understand.

Liam reached out, slowly drawing a finger down Garths face, trying very hard not to smile. "I get it alright? Don't apologise." He took his hand away, Garth shivering slightly as he then leaned back into his seat in the booth, sucking the finger slowly into his mouth. "You need to get away from this for a bit."

Garth laughed. "God, you really do go all the way, don't you?"

Liam leaned over again, taking Garth's hand this time. "If I don't, no one would believe me. And belief is what makes us good at this game Garth."

Garth stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray. "You know Special Ops won't let me walk away from this one. They practically told me not to come back if I didn't find that bent MP." He chuckled again at the thought. "I told them it'd be hard to sniff out one crooked Minister of Parliament from all the rest of those wankers.

The other man shook his head. "That's not what I meant. You're supposed to be some gay drug dealer right? Well, I know I was supposed to just follow you into the bogs and walk out with a smile on my face, but the same scenario can be done with just walking out of here and going back to your place. The men at the bar can follow, we'll do a little play acting and then when we get to your place, we pull the curtains, pull out a deck of cards and drink ourselves into a stupor."

Liam knew he'd said the right thing when Garth smiled. "That sounds like the best bleedin' idea you've had in ages." He put the near empty packet of cigarettes back in his pocket before he frowned a little. "Play acting?"

Liam licked his lips purposely, not even trying to hide the smile.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"And you're not?"

"Not if I have to kiss you I'm not!"

Liam bit on his bottom lip again. "Well, how about a bit of a cuddle then?"

"Do I get to grope you, or do you get to grope me?"

Liam stood, finishing the last of his drink. "We'll just see what happens shall we?"

"The things I do in my job. Me old mam would turn in her grave if she knew." Garth stood too, checked to see if he had everything before leaving the booth. He stood next to Liam, leaning in very close to his ear, while he ran his hand slowly down the other man's back. "I've just eyeballed number two. He's moving out of location."

"Gotcha. That means X-Ray one will probably follow us out after a bit, while two watches our movements outside."

"I suppose I could have taken up acting instead. Its similar to this, except I could have brought in me stunt double". Garth sighed. "Me mam always thought I'd look good up on the silver screen."

* * * * *

They stepped out into a cold January night, shivering a little as the chill crept through their jackets.

Liam had come out first, and turned to look as Garth stepped out behind him. "He's over by the red Mazda. We make this look good, we could loose them here and now."

Garth nodded, a mischievous smile on his face. "Good eh?"

Without warning, he had his hands on Liam's chest, pushing him hard into the wall of the pub.

Liam's eyes widened in shock as Garth pressed in, but this was exactly what they needed to do. They needed to fool the bad guys so Garth could get them sent away for a very long time, so he opened his mouth and accepted the tongue that pushed it's way in past his lips.

Suddenly Garth didn't know what he was doing. Everything was heightened into feeling and what he felt right now was something he hadn't known he was missing until right then. Connection to another human being that actually cared about him.

For nearly three weeks now, he'd been starved of his own life; forced instead to live someone else's, someone he could never be. Once, he'd been sickened by later recognised feelings of love for a man he'd known was an active paedophile. The psychologist had claimed it was because the man could have killed him when Garth had finally broken into their inner circle, instead turning the gun on some stupid bird who had wondered into the shed that had been decorated like a child's bedroom. He'd fixed the problem by killing the bastard, but this life he was in now was a long way from being fixed; a million miles away from being anywhere near to being right. Right here, right now, Liam was an anchor to something a little better than what he'd been asked and had accepted to do. He needed that connection, which is why, while in the middle of faking out one of the bad guys the kiss became something else.

Liam must have felt it too, for he suddenly opened his eyes, pushing Garth away from him. "What the fuck was that?"

Garth just stood looking at him, opened mouthed, his body starting to shake a little from the down side of the adrenaline rush.


"Garth! Wait!"

The taller of the two men stumbled away slightly, before turning and running down the street.


Liam ran after him, knowing that the little melodrama they'd just played out would only grab the curiosity of the men following them all the more.

"Garth! Slow down you stupid...Garth!"

Reaching out, he grabbed hold of the sleeve of the other mans jacket, roughly turning him round, bringing them both to a halt. "Liam...I'm so sorry. Really. I think it must have been..."

Whatever he had been going to say died on his lips.

"You don't get it, do you?"

Hands shaking, Garth pulled out the last of his cigarettes. "Get what?"

Liam put his hand out, rubbing it up and down Garth's arm. "That it doesn't matter. We're partners you twat."

Garth shook his head angrily, stepping into Liam's face a little, but keeping his voice down. "Don't you get it you moron? I kissed you. I didn't mean to, but I did."

"You where supposed to."

"Not like that I wasn't!" Garth moved away slightly, turning to stare at the post box that had suddenly become easier to look at than his partner.

"I know."

Garth turned from his inspection of the red post box to look at him. This was getting too weird, and he still had to deal with everything this case was bringing out in him. He didn't need Liam messing with his head while the rest of the world was taking it's turn.

"You know dick, Liam."

"Only my own. I haven't slept with a woman since Pam kicked me out of the house."

That caused Garth to laugh, a nervous sound that even to his ears sounded pathetic. "And what? Just what does that mean exactly?"

Liam stepped in that little bit closer, forcing Garth to move back from him, feeling the cold hard letter box press into his back.

"That maybe I need something more than that. More than she can give me."

Garth really felt his world slipping away then. "Your not saying what I think you're saying, are you?"

"I love Pam, and the kids, and I wouldn't change anything that's gone on between us. Good and bad. But it just wasn't meant to be. Even when we where together, we never clicked. Not like..."

A laugh escaped Garth. "Jesus, you're not going to try and get me to say it are you?"

"All right, I won't. But you know what I mean. Pam...Pam's in the past. She's moved on." He reached up his hand to Garth's face, meeting resistance. "She's never known what this is like. It's a bastard of a job. The hours, the scumbags we have to play nice with. Yet I don't think I could walk away from it. Just like you. I don't think I could walk away from any of this."

Garth wiped his hand over his mouth, a desperate nervous move, never taking his eyes off Liam. "This is just too fucking weird, you know that right?"

It wasn't exactly what he'd meant to say, but what else he could he? Tonight had just taken a turn for the strange and he didn't know what the hell he was going to do about it.

Liam frowned, taking his hand away and shoving it into his pocket. "You can't say you don't want this." He tapped his head with a finger from his free hand. "I know you. Deep down, I know you and we're alike Garth. We get the same buzz from the same things, or else why stay in a job with no or little back up when we could get a bullet or a knife in our bellies at anytime.

"I can't believe you're saying this. Are you really saying this or is this just me being thick?" He shook his head, looking as he did so over Liam's shoulder. "Fuck. We've still got company."

"Shit." He looked up into Garth's eyes, trying to see something in them, only finding the usual mix of disbelief in everything and humour, like he was the only one to get the joke of a really screwed up world. "You've trusted me before. Why not trust me now?"

Garth leaned closer to his face, mere inches away, and not for the first time tonight wondered just what the hell he was doing. "You're me backup. If I didn't trust you I wouldn't be here now. Because there would be no-one else I'd want watching me back."


The short distance between them ended when lips met lips, this time with a lot more than just fabrication urging them on. Garth noticed somewhere in the back of his mind that a hand had reached round to the back of his neck and was holding him in place. Like he had anywhere else he wanted to go?

The taste in Liam's mouth was the same as earlier, only this time, this time Garth wasn't just acting on instinct. This was something he was aware that Liam actually wanted no matter how strange or unthinkable it had been only ten minutes ago and it made the kiss deeper, more important. And that made it more of a turn on. No-one wanted him. Ever. He couldn't remember the last time someone had wanted him in any shape or form and finding it here, now, was something he would never have bet on in his life.

The stale taste of tobacco mixed with a fading taste of beer; combining in an odd sensation of stubble catching against stubble that just dragged him closer to an edge he hadn't seen coming.

He reached round, placing a hand against his partners back, pulling him in closer, suddenly needing to feel everything and everywhere.

Panting slightly, they pulled apart, Garth feeling himself get hard as he watched Liam licking his lips.

Liam nodded. "You're blushing."

An almost snort escaped from Garth's lips. "I fucking well hope so. I've just been seduced by a senior officer."

"Why don't you put in a complaint then?"

Garth pulled him in tight, kissing him again, enjoying the sensation of tongue gliding wetly against tongue, rubbing the top of his leg against Liam's hardening cock before breaking off to gasp for air. "Who the hell said I was complaining?"

"Jesus..." Liam felt a smile creep onto his face. "You got any more of that up your sleeve?"

"Not up my sleeve, no. Down me trousers is where I keep all my tricks. Wanna see me make a dick disappear?"

"Depends on where you're going to hide it."

"Oh, I have a couple of places in mind. Your mouth for one."

He'd said it half in jest, half to see how far Liam really thought this could go. The hungry look in his eyes told him exactly what he needed to know.

Liam looked around them and saw a small ally way hidden in the half shadows of the streetlights. "Do it. Here..." It was late but most of the Friday night crowds where still in the pubs. No one would see them.

"We've still got a fuckin' tail on us. What about him?"

Liam just grabbed Garth by the collar dragging him into the dark ally. "I could invite him along, but I doubt I could suck you both off at the same time. He'd have to wait his turn."

The pair of them stumbled past a couple of large bins, finally standing behind one of them. Liam reached out, pushing Garth up against the wall before turning to undo the button on the top of his jeans.

"You really want this?" Garth was desperate for him to say yes now; a dark corner of his mind asking was this part of some cover, some attempt by the ever professional to maintain appearances. Any other rational thought was thrown aside as his zip was pulled down and he suddenly felt a hand slide down past the elastic of his boxers, curving around his cock.

"Does this answer your question?"

Liam didn't wait for an answer, instead he began to slowly move his fingers...up the length of him, then down again. Eventually finding a rhythm that pulled a moan out of his partner.

Garth let his head fall back against the old red brick building. "Jesus Liam. Are you trying to kill me?"

"Not if I can help it I'm not. Tell me what it feels like...me, touching you...touching you there..."

Garth pulled in a ragged breath, before pulling his head back up to look at his partner. "Hot," he sighed, licking his lips. "It makes me want to ram it down your throat..."

He then felt another hand slid up the inside of his t-shirt, feeling it run over his stomach, his muscles there reacting, contracting slightly at the touch as it left a hot trail when finally it reached his nipples, fingers squeezing them, sending tendrils of something that was both pain and pleasure rippling through him, collecting in his cock. "Fuck...More. I..."

The hand at his chest disappeared, together with the one down his boxer's, but only for a moment as he felt the cool night air against his legs as his trousers suddenly pooled around his ankles.


That caused Garth to focus. "Wha..."

"I said," Liam pulled him close for a savage kiss, Garth feeling him hard through his trousers, his own dick rubbing up against the dip at the top of his thigh. "Standing there...looking like that...Beautiful..."

All of a sudden, Liam dropped to his knees and before Garth could even question it, the head of his cock was engulfed by a warm, wet sensation he'd only ever experienced from a woman before.

His hands reached out blindly, the sensation more than anything he'd ever felt with a woman simply because he'd never had this particular experience from a man, from this man before.

Liam slowly moved his mouth away, only to begin licking at his shaft before finally putting his hands round Garth's ass, pulling him closer as he swallowed as much of him as he could, sucking at him as hard as he could.

Garth could feel the familiar sensation start in the soles of his feet and before he knew it he was coming and Liam was taking it all.

Garth felt like his legs weren't capable of holding him up anymore, and was surprised to see Liam fall onto his backside. Garth just slid down the wall until he was on eye level with Liam.

Liam, who was licking his lips again and bringing a finger up to his mouth to catch a little over spill Smiling, he licked it off, finally sucking his finger into his mouth.

A chuckle escaped from Garth. "That was..."

Liam nodded. "I know. Wanna do it again?"

"Definitely. Think you can wait until we get back to mine?"

Liam trailed a hand over his hard cock through his own jeans. "I suppose. You up for it?"

It was a serious question asked in jest, but Garth caught it's meaning. He stood, puling up his clothes and tucking his shirt back in. "I'm always up for it me." He reached out a hand and pulled his partner to his feet, drawing him close for a searing kiss, tasting the bitter-salty taste of himself there along with the dry taste of cigarettes and the beer. He smiled against Liam's mouth, talking against his lips. "Let's get back to my place. You can call in to H.Q. from there, let them know we're ok and then we can get down to some serious work under some covers for a change."

* * * * *

Hidden, having watched it all, but not within earshot, the man who had been following his boss's latest dealer smirked at the sight in front of him.

"What are you doing?"

He jumped at the touch on his shoulder, but it was only Phil, the guy who had been in the pub keeping an eye on Garth.

He nodded his head in the direction of the bins, where he could just see the two men standing to their feet.

"Garth found himself a cocksucker, the fucking fag. I don't understand why Eddie wants anything to do with him."

Phil slapped Mike around the head. "Cause he's offering us more trade you stupid piece of shit." He paused as he heard the sound of the two men moving. Pulling the younger man out of the way, the crossed the street to Phil's car.

"You sure you saw what you saw?"

Mike just laughed at the memory. "Oh yeah. Definitely." He opened the car door and climbed in. "Why?"

Phil climbed into the drivers seat. "Eddie wasn't sure he was what he was claiming to be, but if you saw what you saw..."

"I did. The guy he's picked up sucked him off. It was disgusting. I don't know how they can do something like that with another bloke..."

Phil started the car, fighting the urge to slap the kid again. "Good. That means we don't have to kill him then, and Eddie can get on with business."

The car slowly pulled away from the curb, the two police officers coming out of the alleyway spotting the men who had been following them but ignoring it, just like they were trained to do. They had other things on their minds.

The End.


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