Title: White On Blond
Author: Claire
E-mail: moonlettuce@blueyonder.co.uk 
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Wesley/Spike, Wesley/Angel
Status: New; Complete
Date: 18 May, 2001
Series: It’s a one-off
Website: http://www.moonlettuce.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

Disclaimer: And yay, the Great God Joss came down and decreed that we
may play his toys, but not make any money off them. So I am, but I’m

Notes: British spelling abounds!

Notes the second: I’m firmly rooted in SireDenial. Angel is Spike’s
sire, and always will be.

Summary: Angel returns to the Hyperion to see something he never



White on Blond

by Claire

Angel grimaced as he pushed open the sewer access to the Hyperion hotel.
When Cordelia’s vision had sent him after a Xentil demon that had just
hatched in the sewers of downtown LA, she’d neglected to mention its six
siblings that hatched with it. It had taken him three hours to stop them
all from reaching the streets and now all he wanted to do know was stand
under a hot shower and get the remains of the hardened slime out of his
hair. Closing the access hatch behind him, Angel slowly headed across to
the lobby, noting the smell of the freshly made tea and frowning
slightly. He’d thought Wesley would have already headed home, but that
was definitely the smell of the other man’s favourite tea that lingered
in the air, along with... Angel stopped, his senses blazing. Spike. His
wayward childe had been in the hotel. And he’d been there recently.

Striding forward, he walked towards the lobby, intent on finding out
when Spike had been there, and what he’d wanted. Suddenly, Angel
stopped, realising why the scent of his childe was so strong. Spike
hadn’t just been to the hotel, he was still there. Frowning, Angel
quickened his pace to the lobby, wondering just why Spike had made the
trip from Sunnydale. If it was something about Buffy, Giles would have
rung, or come himself, he would never have sent the blond vampire with a
message. Which meant that whatever Spike was there for, it was personal.
He could just hope that Spike hadn’t been subjecting Wesley to his usual
attitude while Angel had been gone. Even if he had, Angel was more than
sure that Wesley could deal with anything Spike chose to dish out. Half
expecting to walk out to see Wesley keeping Spike covered with a
crossbow, Angel turned the corner into the lobby and stopped in his

Wesley was backed against the desk, papers scattered both around him and
on the floor, and Spike was, the only word that Angel could think fitted
was *plastered* against him, hands covering Wesley’s, pressing them to
the desktop.

Angel had already taken a step out of the shadows he was still standing
in, ready to yell at Spike to get the hell away from Wesley, when he
stopped and sniffed the air. Frowning, he checked again, just to make
sure he wasn’t imagining things. But no, that wasn’t fear he could smell
coming from Wesley. The only thing he could detect emanating from the
mortal was a sharp scent of arousal. Thick, heavy arousal. And taking
another look, he could see why.

Spike’s leg was between Wesley’s thighs, gently rubbing the junction
between his legs. Angel could see from where he was that Wesley’s face
was becoming flushed and his eyes were dilated. Angel shifted as he
smelled the arousal in the air, his own trousers becoming tighter as
each scent hit him. The atmosphere within the hotel was heady and heavy
with the scents of sex, and it was bombarding Angel’s senses.

Stepping back further into the shadows that surrounded him, Angel
continued to watch the two men standing in the lobby of the Hyperion.

Spike’s hands danced up Wesley’s arms, trailing over his neck and face
until his fingers tangled in the brown hair, pulling the human to him
and pressing their lips together.

The sharp tang of copper filled the air and Angel watched as Spike’s
eyes closed in rapture. A drop of blood welled out from between their
joined mouths and ran down Wesley’s chin. Breaking the kiss, Spike’s
tongue darted out and lapped at the red trail the blood had left on the
other man’s face.

“You taste so good, pet.” Spike’s voice was soft, as the first words
that had been spoken since Angel had come across the two of them echoed
in his ears, mocking him that the one who knew what Wesley tasted like
was his childe and not Angel himself.

Wesley didn’t answer. Silence rang through the hotel for long moments,
the beat of the mortal’s heart the only thing Angel could hear. Time
seemed to slow as Wesley turned his heated gaze on the blond vampire.
Raising a hand, he traced a finger over Spike’s lips as he tilted his
head and exposed his neck in mute surrender.

Angel was rooted to the spot, unable to tear his eyes away from the
scene unfolding in front of him. Did Wesley even realise what he was
offering? Torn between wanting to stop Spike from what he was about to
do and knocking his childe out of the way and taking his place, Angel
continued to watch as Spike lowered his mouth to Wesley’s neck and
licked a long swipe along the jugular before fastening his lips over the

Unable to stand there and do nothing, Angel took a step forward before
he realised that Spike *wasn’t* in gameface. Melting back into the
darkness of the shadows, Angel continued to watch as his childe raised
his lips from Wesley’s neck, laving his tongue over the dark red patch
that stood out starkly against the mortal’s pale skin. Spike’s tongue
swept at the redness once more before he slid to the floor in front of
Wesley, his hands reaching out to undo the other man’s belt.

“Ah... Angel will be back soon.” The English accent was undercut with a
current of need.

“Fuck Angel.” Spike paused. “Although... been there, done that, got the
chains to prove it.”

Angel’s cock leapt at Spike’s words. An unbidden image of his naked
childe laid out before him sprang into his mind. But the image soon
fled, chased away by a gasp that drew Angel’s attention back to the pair
in front of him.

Wesley’s fingers flexed, grasping at the smooth wood of the reception
desk. His hard cock sprang free of its confines as the fabric of his
trousers and shorts pooled around his ankles.

His hands settling on Wesley’s hips, Spike leant forward, his tongue
darting out to lick the head of the warm flesh in front of him.

“Oh god, please.”

Angel had never heard that tone from Wesley before, all needy and
wanting. His tongue creeping out to moisten his suddenly dry lips,
Angel’s hand flexed as it rubbed over his hip.

“You want this?” Spike asked, his voice low and seductive.

“Yes,” breathed Wesley, his head thrown back and eyes closed.

“Whatever you want, pet.”

Angel’s cock twitched convulsively as he watched Spike move suddenly and
swallow Wesley to the root, the young man’s strangled cry reverberating
around the spacious lobby. Angel had had the younger vampire on his
knees enough times to know of Spike’s talents. He bit back the
derogatory laugh. Hell, he’d *taught* Spike most of them. If there was
one thing Angelus had been sure of, it was the ability of his children
to suck cock. He could imagine the cool tongue circling the head before
sliding down the length of the hard shaft, teeth slightly grazing the
skin, adding a hint of pain to the overwhelming pleasure.

Wesley whimpered as Spike’s head bobbed up and down his hard cock, lips
running over the heated flesh. Matching the younger vampire’s rhythm,
Wesley thrust further into Spike’s mouth, arm sweeping behind him,
knocking more papers and sending them fluttering off the desk. Angel
absently noticed that the translation of Bjarel’s Daemon Prophecies that
Wesley had been working on for over a week was among the casualties that
now lay scattered on the Hyperion’s floor.

“I’m... oh, Jesus!”

The warning Wesley gasped out was cut off by Spike darting forward.
Angel could see the younger vampire’s throat working convulsively around
Wesley’s hard cock as the young man stiffened and yelled, before sagging
back against the desk.

Pulling away, Spike gracefully pushed himself to his feet, rubbing a
finger around the corners of his mouth. “It’s not just your blood that
tastes sweet, Wes,” the blond grinned, as he leant forward, running his
tongue around Wesley’s ear.

Angel’s breath hitched as he watched his childe gently nip at the flesh
of Wesley’s earlobe before moving back slightly.

“I want you,” Spike said succinctly. “And I’m going to have you.”

“Yes.” The word from Wesley was so soft that Angel strained to hear it.

Spike flashed a blinding grin, before pressing back against Wesley and
crushing their lips together.

Long moments passed as the younger vampire all but devoured Wesley, lips
pushing together. Eventually, Spike broke the kiss. “Turn around,” he

Pulling Spike back for a brief kiss first, Wesley turned around, bracing
himself against the desk.

Spike’s eyes raked down the length of Wesley, matched almost perfectly
by Angel. A now crumpled shirt hid the upper part of his body, giving
way to the lean legs and pert ass that he kept hidden under the loose
fitting trousers he wore.

A sudden worry ran through Angel’s mind, as he watched Spike’s fingers
dance over Wesley’s flesh and dip into the crevice hiding the entrance
to his body. Surely his childe wasn’t about to tear into Wesley dry. He
himself had taken Spike dry too many  times to contemplate, but humans
were different, they didn’t have the healing abilities vampires had.

Hands moving to his belt, Spike undid his jeans, pushing the tight
material down his legs. “You ready?” he asked quietly.

Wesley nodded.

Placing a hand on Wesley’s hip, Spike raised his other wrist to his
lips. Ridges sprang to his face as he bit down into his own flesh.
Holding his hand down so blood pooled in his palm and ran down his
fingers, Spike pushed his fingers into Wesley’s body, opening him.

Gasping, Wesley writhed under Spike’s touch. “More,” he panted.

Grinning, Spike brought his wrist back to his mouth and bit back into
it. Blood dripping from the wound, he moved his wrist over his cock,
coating himself in the slick liquid. Taking his cock in his fingers, the
blond positioned himself at Wesley’s body. Leaning down, he nipped at
Wesley’s ear as he murmured, “you want this, don’t you, pet?”

“Yes.” Wesley’s eyes closed as the breathy word escaped from his lips.

Spike grinned as his hand settled on the warm back, pausing briefly
before pushing himself fully into the willing body. Throwing his head
back in pleasure, Wesley arched into Spike.

Angel couldn’t stop himself anymore. The sight and sounds of his childe
driving into Wesley’s body had his cock throbbing. Opening his leather
trousers, Angel’s hand snaked inside, grasping his cool flesh. Matching
the movement of his hand with Spike’s thrusts into Wesley, Angel closed
his eyes, imagining it was him surrounded by the tight heat of the young
man. His fingers tight around his cock, Angel pumped his flesh,
listening to the gasps and mewls coming from Wesley and the growls
coming from Spike. Suddenly, the noises changed. Opening his eyes, Angel
looked over to the tableau in the lobby to find Spike holding himself
inside Wesley, perfectly still.

His cock straining purple against the mahogany of the reception desk,
Wesley whimpered. “please,” he begged, his voice so ragged Angel could
barely hear him. “i need-” His words cut off with a gasp as Spike’s
fingers grasped his cock.

Angel licked his lower lip, almost feeling the contrast between his
childe’s cool skin and Wesley’s heated flesh, and his own fingers
tightened around his hardness.

Still buried to the root in Wesley’s trembling body, Spike leant over
the ex-Watcher’s back, slowly licking his way across the back of the
other man’s neck. “I know what you want,” Spike murmured. “Close your
eyes,” the vampire told him, smiling when Wesley did so

As soon as Wesley’s eyes were shut, Spike raised his head looking
straight over to where Angel was standing. Meeting his sire’s eyes
through the shadows, Spike grinned as he blew Angel a soft kiss as he
leant down and whispered in Wesley’s ear. “And imagine I’m Angel.”

The effects of Spike’s words were instant as Wesley bucked into the
vampire’s hands and came, screaming. Angel’s eyes widened at Wesley’s
reaction, even as his hand sped up its movements on his cock. Biting
through his lower lip to keep himself from crying out, and with the
smell of Wesley’s come assaulting his nose and the young man’s cry of
completion ringing in his ears, Angel exploded into his trousers.
Leaning against the wall he watched as Spike thrust once, twice into
Wesley and roared, the smell of his childe’s come joining the scent of
Wesley’s and his own.

After long moments, Spike pulled out of Wesley, the movement prompting a
whimper from the ex-Watcher. Dragging his jeans back over his legs and
tucking himself back into them, Spike fastened his jeans and walked
around to the front of the reception desk.

Wesley looked up at the blond vampire, eyes still glazed with satiation.

“Bugger it,” muttered Spike as he leant over the desk and grabbed
Wesley. Pulling Wesley partly over the desk, Spike kissed him for what
seemed like hours. Eventually letting Wesley go, Spike grinned at him as
he collapsed back against the wood. “Tell Peaches I’ll see him around.
Oh, and Wes?”

“Yes?” Wesley just managed to focus in on Spike, but Angel could tell it
took him some effort.

“He’s an idiot if he can’t see what he’s missin’.” With a final grin,
Spike turned and strode out of the Hyperion, leaving Wesley slumped
against the desk with the vampire’s come running down his thighs.

Quickly fastening his own trousers, Angel moved quickly towards the back
exit of the hotel. Opening the door and slipping into the alley he ran
towards the street, hoping to see which direction his childe went in.
Skidding out onto the street, he stopped suddenly, finding Spike leaning
against the wall waiting for him.

“Enjoy the show, Peaches?” Spike asked, pulling a battered packet of
cigarettes out of his pocket and getting one before slipping it back.
“Then again,” he said, pointedly glancing at Angel’s trousers, “since I
can smell you from here, I guess I already have the answer to *that*

Angel flushed, being reminded that because of Spike’s vampire sense of
smell, his childe knew exactly *how* much he’d enjoyed the show *wasn’t*
why he’d followed him out of the hotel.

Lighting the cigarette in his hand, Spike inhaled deeply. “Always feel
like a smoke after a good shag,” he commented. “An’ that Watcher of
yours *is* a good shag. Not that you’d know,” he added.

Before he knew what he was doing, Angel had his hand wrapped in Spike’s
shirt and had hauled his childe to him. “If I go back and find that
you’ve hurt him,” he growled, “I swear you’ll be joining that cigarette
in an ash tray.”

Spike’s eyes flashed yellow as ridges sprang to his forehead. “I can’t
hurt him, you soddin’ poof, not unless I want the excruciating,
mind-numbing pain that comes with it. Now, get your bloody hands off
me.” Spike snarled at him until Angel let him go. Smoothing out the
wrinkles in his duster from where Angel had grabbed him, Spike took
another long drag of his cigarette, flicking the ash to the ground.
“Anyway, s’not my fault if you’ve been ignoring what’s under your nose.
Just grabbed the opportunity when it came. Can’t fault a guy for that.
‘Sides, this would never have happened if you’d been there when I wanted
to see you, instead of sweeping off to save the damsel and leaving Wes
there looking all rumpled and shaggable. Trust me, he wanted, and
*enjoyed*,” Spike smirked, “everything I did.”

“He didn’t ask you to bite him!”

“Well, that’s all right then, coz I didn’t bite him,” Spike retorted.
“Again, chip, remember.” Spike tapped his head.

Angel was confused. If Spike hadn’t bit Wesley because of the chip, then
where had the blood come from? “But the blood?”

“He bit himself, didn’t he. Probably done some research, knows that we
like blood during sex an’ thought he’d help me out.” Spike grinned
salaciously. “‘Course, exactly *why* he’d be checkin’ up on vampire
shaggin’ is another question.”

Angel frowned. “What are you getting at?”

“Bloody ‘ell, Peaches, you really *do* lose brain cells when you get the
soul back, don’t you! What I mean, you great prancing ponce, is that
*I’m* not the vampire he wants.” He stared at Angel pointedly.

//Close your eyes. And imagine I’m Angel.//

The words Spike had spoken ran through Angel’s mind. Comprehension
dawning, Angel turned slowly back to face the entrance of the Hyperion.
Was it really possible that Wesley could return his feelings?

“‘Sides,” Spike continued, “I’ve already got a Watcher of my own, an’ I
don’t think Rupe would be very happy if I brought home a stray.”

Angel’s head whipped around. “You and *Giles*?!”

Spike shrugged. “What can I say, you’ve either got it or you ain’t.” He
grinned as he looked down at his watch. “Bollocks, I’d better get goin’
if I want to make it back to Sunnyhell before dawn.”

Shaking his head to clear it of the image of his childe with his
ex-lover’s Watcher, Angel reached out, laying a hand on Spike’s arm.
“Spike, what did you come here for?”

“That? Nothing. Forget it, it can wait.” Turning around, Spike headed
towards a red BMW convertible parked outside the hotel and jumped in.
Flicking on the tape, the Sex Pistols blared out as he peeled away from
the curb and tore down the street, breaking every LA speed limit.

Watching until his childe had disappeared from sight, Angel slowly
walked back into the hotel.

Wesley was kneeling on the floor, busy gathering up the papers that
surrounded him. Looking up as Angel headed over to him, he got to his
feet. “Angel, I, ah, was wondering when you’d get back.”

Closing the distance between them, Angel took the papers Wesley held and
placed them on the desk. “Leave that, Wesley,” he said, leading the
young man over towards the stairs. “ Because I think it’s time you and I
had a talk, don’t you?”




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