Author: Clare
Email: clare@solomon29.freeserve.com.uk 
Pairings: Curtis/Keel
Series: One-off at the moment but this might be the first of a series.
Status: Complete
Archive: Write first
Disclaimer: Not mine and I guess it's a good thing considering all the
shooting and explosions that happen around them!
Summary: Keel and Curtis meet.
Warnings: None


by Clare

"Sorry," Curtis said as he bumped into someone in the CI5 corridor.

The man looked up from the file he'd been reading and said, "My fault," in an American accent. Then he smiled.

Curtis felt his heart do a strange little dance in his chest.

Then the man was gone.

For the rest of that week Curtis looked out for the stranger. He felt in a strange way that they were fated to know each other. Apparently not - he never saw the man again.

3 Years Later

"England will be your base for now and your new partner ." Malone broke off as Curtis knocked on the door while opening it. "Ah, here he is. Come in, Curtis. Meet Chris Keel. The two of you will be working together from now on."

Curtis turned to see the man he'd been paired with and gaped. It was the man from the corridor. The man he'd never completely forgotten. The man who'd haunted his dreams for weeks after their first encounter.

Keel proffered a second devastating smile to Curtis. "Good to meet you," he said.

"Er, you too," Curtis agreed and looked away, praying that he hadn't been staring like a lovesick teenager.

"Right, down to business," Malone said and began to outline the case he wanted them to work on.

Curtis, afraid of dwelling on his partner and not hearing a word, concentrated on their boss. He felt his new partner's gaze on him a couple of times and ignored it with difficulty.

When they got out of the office Keel said in a puzzled tone, "We've met already, right?"

Curtis nodded, trying to regulate his breathing. "Three years ago. We knocked into each other in the corridor."

"Yeah, that's it!" Keel grinned. "I was here for my induction. It was the only time I was in England. That's a weird coincidence."

"Yes." Curtis returned the smile. He couldn't have stopped himself if his life depended on it. "So where were you stationed?"

"Back in the States. I was on missions in various countries but this is the first time I've been back here."

"You worked alone?" Curtis resisted the urge to ask a hundred questions at once. He wanted to know everything about the man and he didn't understand why he felt like this.

"My last partner retired." There was something ambiguous in the answer or the tone of it but Curtis couldn't work out what. Keel added, "What about you?"

"I've been working alone or in one-off partnerships until now."

"Why's that? Are you difficult to handle?" Keel asked in a teasing voice which sent all the air shooting out of Curtis's lungs.

'That wasn't a sexual innuendo and, if it was, he was just joking', he told himself, for all the good it did. "That depends who's doing the handling," he replied in as light a tone as he could manage.

Keel laughed. "I'll take that as a challenge!"

He strolled on passed his new partner and Curtis murmured to himself, "Oh, God, this could be an interesting partnership!"

Keel glanced over his shoulder. "You with me?"

He was smiling again and Curtis wanted to say 'Always' but instead he simply moved to catch up with the man and they walked on together.

The End

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