Title: Queer as Folk - Unexpected Guest
Author: Clare
Email: clare@solomon29.freeserve.com.uk 
Pairings: Stuart/Nathan
Series: None
Status: Complete
Archive: Write first
Disclaimer: Standard.
Summary: Stuart has two visitors.
Warnings: None

Unexpected Guest

by Clare

The door buzzer sounded and Stuart reluctantly switched off the porn video to answer it. "Yeah?" he said into the box.

"Trick or treat!"

"Bugger off!" he exclaimed.

"Wait, Stuart it's me!"

He frowned, finally recognising the voice. "Nathan?"

"Yeah," the boy said, belatedly adding, "I'm back!"

He paused then pressed the button to open the front door of the block of apartments and moved to open his own door. A minute later he heard the lift approaching and Nathan got out. They faced each other for a moment, a touch of awkwardness in the air, then Stuart nodded back towards the flat and Nathan smiled and followed him inside.

"Your mum said you'd run off to London. Why did you come back?"

Nathan shrugged and said simply, "Ran out of money."

Stuart smiled for the first time. "Do you want a drink?"

"I'd rather have a shag!" Nathan said, giving him a brilliant smile then adding plaintively, "I missed you."

Stuart wondered if the boy was using the words and that smile deliberately to try to con him into bed. If so it was probably Stuart's own influence on him and he was almost proud.

"We'll see. I've got some orange juice or coffee?"

"Juice, ta."

Stuart poured out the drink which he handed to the young blond then he got himself a beer. He took it into the lounge area and sat down on the couch, Nathan following him and curling up by his side. Inching even closer, Nathan said, "So did you miss me too?"

"No," Stuart told him in a bored tone. "I hoped you were gone for good."

Nathan grinned. "Liar." He leaned forward and kissed Stuart. "Miss that?" he whispered.


Nathan nibbled his neck. "How about that?"

"Not in the slightest," Stuart said in a slightly breathless way and felt Nathan's smile against his skin as the kisses and nibbles moved lower.  "Cocky bastard!"

"Not yet," Nathan said, "but I'm getting there." He glanced downwards. "And so are you."

"Right, that's it!" Stuart exclaimed, grinning and jumped the younger man, pressing him down on the sofa. "You're mine!" Nathan raised his hands above his head in a 'take me' fashion and lay looking up at Stuart, smile even wider. Stuart groaned at the sight. "Well, I might have missed you a little ."

An hour later Nathan grabbed his coat and prepared to leave. He looked out into the corridor then said, "Oh, I almost forgot ." He went outside and returned with something black and mud-stained in his arms. "Brought you a present."

"You what?" Stuart eyed the stray cat with disbelief.

"Found her outside. She needs someone to look after her and, the way I see it, so do you."

"She could have fleas!" he exclaimed.

Nathan shrugged, carefully putting the cat down. "The places I've been staying it's more likely that I've got them."

"Oh, now you tell me!" Stuart glared at him and Nathan grinned back. "So what am I supposed to do with her?"

"Cats are supposed to make very good familiars," Nathan suggested helpfully.

"Ha-ha," Stuart said coolly.

Nathan smiled. "Gotta go. Seeya!" He was out of the corridor and closing the lift door behind him before Stuart could stop him. Grimacing and feeling thoroughly put-upon, Stuart closed his front door and looked
downwards. Wide green eyes stared back up at him.

"I hate cats," he said to the muddy stray. She purred and head-butted his ankle playfully. "Did Nathan tell you not to believe a word I say?"

He found himself crouching down to tickle behind her ears and the purr rose in volume. "I suppose you can stay for now. I'll tell Nathan he has to come round and feed you."

He thought about this and smiled as he realised it gave him an excuse to see the boy without ever having to admit that he wanted to see him.

This could work out just fine.

The End

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