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I Only Have Eyes for You

by D.Ramsey

Attired in a dapper black tux suitable for an evening
hobnobbing with royalty much less the members of
the Thames Valley constabulary retiring one of their own,
Morse stood, drink in hand and one eye on
the door, waiting for Lewis to show. He was trying not to
appear as if he were waiting or impatient, but
all the same, his efforts to particpate in what passed for
repartee with Strange and the other Inspectors
were dismal. He hoped that the others were too far in
their cups to notice, but had no such hopes of
Chief Superintendent Strange. The two of them went too far
back to be able to slip much past the other.

As if reading his mind, Strange turned to him, "Lewis not
able to make it this evening Morse?"

Morse took a casual sip before replying," He had a few
details to finish up at the office, sir."

Inspector Bottomley laughed and said, "Where would we be
without our sergeants, eh Morse?"

Morse turned a cold eye towards Bottomley, who was
notorious for slacking off. He despised the man and deigned to
answer. Inspector Collins piped up, changing the subject.

Morse never noticed as his eye was caught by Lewis
entering through the double doors. Almost like a
magnet or possessing some second sense of where the
other was, Lewis' eyes went straight to his and he was
intrigued as the younger man wiggled his brows
at Morse in amusement. He soon saw what was tickling his
Sergeant's fancy, when he noticed the woman who had
entered with Lewis. She was, simply, stunning.

Tall with red-gold hair loosely curling, she wore a one-
shouldered white Grecian dress. The cluster of men
standing with Morse stopped talking and
turned to look. "Who is that with Lewis?" Bottemley asked
Morse. That was a question Morse wanted answered
also, though he never would admit it. He was
spared answering by Strange. "That is Elliott's daughter."

Bottemley continued, "Superintendent Henry Elliott? I've
never seen her around here. Are you sure?"

Strange laughed into his drink, "She's modelling or some
such on the continent."

Morse interrupted, "That's Susan Elliott, little Suzy
Elliott?" Morse's disbelief was apparent.

Like the parting of the Red Sea, Lewis and Ms. Elliott
made their way through the crowd to the arrive
beside them. Everyone greeted Lewis with more enthusiasm
than Morse could ever remember. Lewis
went round with the introductions ending with "This is
Miss Susan Elliott." She was a very self
possessed young woman, thought Morse, as she firmly shook
his hand and smiled into his eyes. And he noticed that she
kept the other hand on Lewis'. After a brief time,
she turned to Lewis. "Would you care to dance Robert?"
Lewis, with a shyly mumbled "Excuse me"
followed where she led him. /Robert?/ thought Morse
grimly. Frowning, he watched as they made a
pass around the floor.

The others were also watching silently. Bottemley broke
that silence with a short whistle under his breath.
"Lucky sod...Lewis is divorced isn't he,
Morse?" At Morse's nod, he continued, "Lucky sod."

Morse, as he watched Lewis and Susan Elliott, had to admit
grudgingly that they did make a nice looking couple.
By far, the nicest on the floor and
not entirely due to the beautiful girl. Lewis in a black
tux and bow tie stirred Morse to his very core.
He gradually took himself apart from
the others, needing space to get his emotions in order. He
knew he was possessive, but this was the
first time he had ever been faced quite so blatantly with

And it turned out he needed all his mustered strength,
because the majority of the evening saw the
lovely Miss Elliott in the arms of his oh-so dashing
Sergeant. Until finally, a slightly out of breath and
flushed Lewis joined him in his quiet corner where the
older man stood silently drinking. Guiltily, Lewis tried to
meet his eyes. "Sorry."

Morse continued to stare out straight ahead. "Enjoying
yourself, Lewis?"

Lewis moved till he was directly in Morse's eyesight. "You
know how I..." He was interrupted by the girl's
return. She took up Lewis' arm in a
proprietary movement. "You're Chief Inspector Morse, aren't

Morse bestirred himself to reply in the positive.

She continued, "I bet you don't remember, but I'd like to
thank you for something you did years ago."

Morse, despite himself, was intrigued and charmed. "And
what would that be, my dear?"

She smiled. "When I was about 13, you and Dad were working
on a case together. Long know the drill. Anyway, you
came over to pick him up and go to work. I have to
admit I had a bit of a school girl crush
on you. So while Dad was getting his jacket I slipped out
and hung about. Well, you were sitting in your
magnificent Jaguar, waiting. You noticed me and
asked me if I had ever heard Wagner's
'Ride of the Valkyries'. Of course, I hadn't a clue
as to what you were talking about. And then the
music. You turned up the volume. Dad came out
and shooed me away. But to this day, I'm an
avowed Wagnerian."

Morse was inordinately pleased. "You flatter me, Miss
Elliott and I do remember. You were a pretty
little girl with a ponytail and braces. You've
certainly turned into a most beautiful woman."

She laughed delightfully. "The braces paid off. Do you
still have that car?"

"The car AND the cassette tape."

"Well in that case, you'll have to play it for me
sometime." After a pause, "would you care to dance
Chief Inspector?" she smiled her invitation.

"Yes. And it's just Morse."

She turned to Lewis. "You don't mind, do you Robert?"

Lewis, without meeting Morse's eyes, answered somewhat
stiffly, "Not at all Susan. Sir."

While on the floor, she said, "You're a very good dancer,
Morse. Lots of practice?"

He laughed, "I've had a few more years of practice. But
you're very good yourself. What besides
dancing have you been up to?" They chatted in a desultory
manner as they danced about the room in a quick step.

As the music ended and he and Susan made their way back,
Morse noticed that Denton had joined Lewis and
the two were talking in an intense way.
It wasn't hard to deduce the subject, because
Denton's fair skin reddened as he introduced Miss
Elliott and the young man stuttered
out an invitation to dance. At her acceptance, the two men
were alone for the first time that evening.

"I have an apology to make to you Lewis. You probably
don't think I do, but I do. Some of my thoughts this
evening haven't been exactly...pleasant. But she really
is most charming and I can't blame you."
Morse offered up a peace offering.

The two stood looking at each other. Finally, now in close
proximity and complete understanding, they
were at ease with each other. Lewis could have sworn that
Morse was making love with his eyes. There was a hint of
naked desire in them that made him swallow hard.

"Apology accepted. Want to go home?"

Morse chuckled softly. "Yes, please."

Morse being contrite turned Lewis' knees to jelly.

Denton and Susan returned breathless and laughing after
their fast dance.

Morse took her hand, "Miss Elliott, it has been a real
pleasure to see you. Please tell your father hello for me."

"Oh no, you're not going are you?" She pouted prettily.

"I'm afraid so." Morse bid his farewells as he made his
way to the door. As he collected his coat, he caught
sight of Lewis and Susan. She was
leaning against him, laughing at something his shy
sergeant, and lover, had said.

Morse swallowed hard. He was startled at his intenseness
of his feelings. What he wanted to do was to go
back into that ballroom and take Lewis by the hand
and take him home. Lewis was his. Instead, he got into the
Jag, popped in Wagner and played it very loud.

An hour later, he heard Lewis' car as it pulled into the

Lewis opened the door to candlelight and music, soft


"In here Robbie."

He stepped into the living room and stood in front of the
older man. They quietly observed one another for a
short space of time. Lewis broke their
silence, "Are you all right? I am sorry about the girl."

Morse stood and laid one finger lightly on Lewis' lips.
"Shush. Don't say anything." He studied his young
lover in the flickering light. "You are beautiful
and I love you."

Slowly, he began undressing the younger man. As he
unbuttoned Lewis' shirt, he
kissed each expanse of skin as it was revealed. Lewis
moaned and placed his hands on Morse's shoulder
for support. At the touch, he
stood and faced Lewis squarely, his hands on
the waist of the tuxedo pants. "You are mine, aren't you
Lewis?" But the older man didn't give time for
an answer, as he took Lewis' mouth in a swift, hard kiss
as he pushed the pants to the floor. It was
Lewis who broke the kiss, panting and heavy eyed with
lust. "Let's go to bed" he whispered. But
Morse was in control and without a word, sank to his
knees, pushing down Lewis' underwear and
capturing the bobbing erection in his mouth.

When Lewis realized the other man wasn't going to stop,
he gave in to the sensations. It didn't take
long. He stiffened and whispered urgently, "Oh luv." He
was swallowed whole and knew himself lost.

When he was sufficiently recovered, he dropped to the
floor, took Morse into his arms and kissed him.
"I love you.

"I want you" Morse whispered hoarsely.

He realized Morse meant here and now, so he brought them
both to lie on the floor. He drew off Morse's
robe and began making love with his mouth and
hands. Then just as suddenly, he stopped and pulled away
from the older man slightly. "Lewis?" In answer,
Lewis turned over onto his stomach and
looking back over his shoulder, whispered, "Show me I'm

Morse looked at the long slim body presented to him and
his throat tightened. He reached under the sofa
for the tube he had placed there. He began kissing
down Lewis' back. When he had his lover trembling with
need, only then did he enter the other's
body. It was too exquisite to last.

Complete and replete, Lewis turned and held Morse in his
arms. He gently kissed away the tears he
surprisingly found." Oh sweetheart. Don't. Please don't."

* * * ** * * * *

Having bathed first, Lewis entered the bathroom, towelling
his hair dry. He pulled up a stool to the tub where
Morse was immersed to his chin in hot
water. They sat for a time in companiable silence. Lewis
leaned over, softly kissed Morse, then traced
the just kissed lips with a finger as he
broke the silence. "Want to talk about it?"

Morse captured the hand and place a reverent kiss in the
palm. It was quiet for a few minutes before
Morse began talking, "You made such a good looking
couple. It was just assumed you'd leave with her." He gave
a short bitter laugh. "It's nothing. Just my
insecurities emerging."

Lewis gave him a long searching look. "Come on. Out of
there. We'll talk in bed. "

At that, Morse stepped out of the tub and stood dripping.
As Lewis handed him a towel, he asked, "How can you
prefer me to her?" He was startled when
his sweet, gentle Lewis roughly seized his wrist. "I LOVE
you, damn you. That's how." Lewis strode out.

Morse quickly dried and slipped on his robe. He found
Lewis looking desolate sitting on a chair in the
hall, head in hands. He took up one hand. Lewis looked
askance at him. "When you came in tonight,
Christ, you looked good. I wanted to go to you, the whole
world be damned. Foolish, I know. I didn't
even notice the girl till later. I jealous and
insecure... and old and totally besotted." He gave a
weak smile. " I am sorry." He became quiet and couldn't
meet the soft brown eyes that tried to search

Lewis spoke softly as he cupped the other's chin in his
hand, "Don't turn away from me. I have nothing,
nothing if I don't have you. If my wife
couldn't keep me from you, no little chit of a girl is
going to. You are all I need or want. You.
Gruff, possessive, gentle, vulnerable, beautiful you."

"Oh Robbie." He pulled the taller man into his arms, but
it was hard to tell who held on tightest.

They went to the bedroom, hand in hand and sought to heal
whatever wounds the evening had wrought in the
closeness of each other. They didn't make love
again, but rather held each other. Lewis was constantly
amazed that love between two men could possibly
be so tender or all encompassing. Morse made
him feel whole. He kissed a bare shoulder and snuggled
into the safety that was the older man.

Morse, feeling that kiss, tightened his hold and silently
thanked his lucky stars. He had waited his whole life
for this love that was so freely given.
He placed a kiss in the ruffled hair as he felt Lewis
relax into sleep. Sweet, sweet Lewis.


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