Author: Eggbert

Fandom: The Bill.

Pairing: Very curious Luke Ashton and a thrilled to bits Craig

Rating: NC - 17

Summary: What happened after That Kiss.

Disclaimer: The Bill is the property of Carlton Television. No
infringement of copyright intended and absolutely no profit made from

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A/N: I had to write this, especially after cheering them on from the
sidelines, attempting to drown out the revolted noises from
practically everyone else that was watching at the time. It'll never
happen though, but that's what fan fiction is for, no? On another
note, this is my first (posted) Bill fic, so please be gentle. If
anything doesn't exactly ring true with descriptions or whatever,
it's my fault. I don't know these two as well as I know Dave and




by Eggbert

The kiss broke and Craig Gilmore felt himself slowly return to earth.

It was real, Luke Ashton was still in his arms, the younger man's
eyes shining with desire. With the utmost reluctance, Craig pushed
him away.

" We shouldn't have. " he whispered.

" Why not? " asked Luke.

" It's all wrong. " murmured Craig. " You don't know what you want or
you wouldn't have gone on that date with Kerry. And I'm rushing

" //I// kissed you, " said Luke boldly. " Can you honestly stand
there and tell me you don't want me? "

As Luke slid his arms round his neck, Craig knew he was lost,
totally, irrevocably and surrendered his mouth with a soft groan.

The second kiss was even sweeter than the first and Craig found
himself becoming steadily aroused, their embrace more passionate with
every passing second as their tongues duelled in the wet heat of his
mouth, Craig's hands gliding over serge and polyester, under cotton
to touch smooth overheated skin.

As they broke for air, reality asserted itself. They were in their
superior's office in the middle of Sun Hill station and just about
anyone could have walked in on them. Luke was obviously thinking the
same thing.

" Take me home, " he said.

Craig couldn't have resisted, even at gunpoint, not the beautiful
picture of Luke standing there, his shirt untucked, his hair ruffled
and his lips swollen with fierce kisses.

In the locker room they changed without looking at each other, the
temptation for Craig to fall on Luke and nail him to the changing
room floor would have been too great.

" Follow me in ten minutes, " he said. Luke nodded and sat down on
the bench, a playful smile dawning on his face.

Craig exited the almost deserted station, bidding a hearty goodnight
to the desk Sergeant. As he reached for his car keys he realised he
was trembling. The car started at the first turn of the key and he
drove to the front of the station to wait.

Ten minutes passes, fifteen, twenty. Craig caught himself checking
his watch every five seconds or so and told himself to calm down.

" He's not coming, " Craig thought sadly when half an hour had
passed. " He's changed his mind. "

He was about to put the car in gear and drive away when Luke pelted
out of the station entrance and threw himself into the passenger seat.

" Sorry, " panted Luke. " I got caught up with one of the D.C.'s
asking about poor Reg. I couldn't get away from him. "

Craig smiled and put the car into gear. The journey home passed in a
blur as Craig anxiously wondered if he'd made the bed that morning
and removed the more embarrassing items of laundry from the bedroom

Once inside the flat he bolted the door, dropped his keys on the hall
table and turned to smile at Luke who returned it full-force.

" Like a drink? " he asked, playing for time.

" Please. " Luke replied, following him into the living room.

" Whisky okay? " asked Craig as he rummaged in the wall unit for
clean glasses and the remnants of the bottle of Glenmorangie.

" Thanks, " said Luke, accepting the glass and sitting down on the
sofa. The room was sparsely furnished and Craig, seeing the other
man's look, felt inclined to explain.

" It's not much at the moment. I left a lot of stuff when I split up
with Sean, see. "

" It's nice, " replied Luke, raising his glass to his lips.

Craig downed the contents of his glass in one hefty swallow. The warm
intimacy of the moment had made him want Luke very badly, but he had
to be entirely sure that it was mutual. Tentatively he slipped an arm
around Luke's shoulders and was pleased when he nestled closer.
Craig's hand reached up to timidly stroke Luke's hair.

" I need to know, " he said. " Are you sure you want this? "

" I'm sure, "

" Have you ever been with a man before? " Luke shook his head.

" A bit of mucking around at Hendon, nothing more. "

Craig swallowed nervously.

" So this will be your first time? "

" Are we going to play Twenty Questions, " asked Luke as he placed
his glass on the table and wrapped his arms tightly round Craig, " Or
are you going to take me to bed? "

Wordlessly Craig stood up and led him to the bedroom.

With the arrogance of the young and beautiful Luke pulled off his T-
shirt and tossed it aside before moving in to work on Craig's shirt
buttons. Craig swatted his hands away, taking off the offending
garment and drawing Luke to him so they were clasped breast to breast.

They kissed again; Luke's mouth tasting of whisky and anticipation, a
heady mix that made Craig's senses reel as his hands moved
unceasingly over the pale flawless skin. He could feel Luke's
erection pressed against him and he allowed himself a small moan of
anticipation as he drew Luke down on the bed with him, the younger
man's untutored caresses inflaming him far more than any of his
previous lovers' erotic efforts. As his hand strayed to the zip of
Luke's jeans he murmured,

"Are you all right about this? "

Luke nodded, toeing off his trainers and socks as Craig unzipped his

" Take them off. " Craig instructed. " I want to see you. "

His hand moved to the front of his own trousers, needing to free his
own erection as he watched Luke's jeans slide down over his slim hips
and toned thighs, swiftly followed by his briefs, the front dampened
by a small spot of pre-come.

Finally naked, the two men embraced, their hardened sexes brushing
together making them groan into each other's mouths. Luke pulled away

" I'm not sure what to do, " he confessed. Craig responded with a
feral grin.

" Just relax and let me take care of you. Any time you want to stop,
just say. I want you to enjoy this. Now lie still. "

Luke lay on his back as Craig began a slow, lazy exploration of his
body, teasing a nipple to pebbled hardness with the tip of his tongue
then moving to caress its jealous companion as Luke moaned aloud his
appreciation. Craig continued his tongue bath, flattening the hair
below Luke's navel with broad swipes of his tongue, ignoring the
throbbing, begging flesh of Luke's erection, he moved to the warm
skin of his lover's inner thighs. Luke's hips shot forward as he

" Please..."

Craig raised himself up on one elbow. Luke's face was a half-
agonised, half-ecstatic rictus, his hair clinging to his skull like
wet feathers, his torso gleaming with a combination of sweat and

" No more teasing, eh? " Craig whispered and wrapped his hand around
Luke's shaft and lowered his head, sliding Luke's erection into his
mouth an inch at a time.

Every one of Luke's nerve endings was standing on end and screaming
with pleasure as Craig continued his delightful suckling. //Nothing//
could have prepared Luke for such intense sensations and all too
quickly he felt his orgasm tightening in his belly. Gasping his
lover's name aloud he climaxed in what felt like an endless stream
and Craig ensured he caught every drop.

" Oh fucking hell! " gasped Luke as Craig released him. " That was
fucking incredible. "

Craig moved up the bed to hold his lover, smiling as he did so.
Compliments had been in short supply during his time with Sean. The
thought withered and died as Luke began to stroke Craig's ignored
erection, smoothing his pre-come over the sensitive head, making him
moan aloud.

" God, that feels so good. " he whispered.

" I want it inside me. " said Luke bluntly.

" I don't want to hurt you. " said Craig.

" I trust you. Please, Craig. I don't think you could hurt me. Not
the way I'm feeling now. "

" All right, cariad. If that's what you want. It might be easier if
you lie on your side. "

Luke complied, presenting Craig with a view of his lightly muscled
back, trim waist and the smooth curve of his buttocks. Craig sat up
and rummaged in the drawer of his bedside table, swearing under his
breath when his fingers didn't immediately find what they were
looking for. Finally, right at the back, they encountered a small
tube of lubricant and an unopened box of condoms.

Generously he slicked his fingers, sliding them into the cleft of
Luke's buttocks making the younger man squirm as he gently probed the
entrance to Luke's body.

One finger slid in easily, followed by a second and Luke felt himself
harden again as Craig slowly and meticulously prepared him for
loving. Luke felt almost bereft as Craig with drew his fingers and he
trembled in anticipation. He didn't have long to wait. Craig slid on
the condom and slowly entered Luke's body.

Luke gasped. Craig was stretching him farther than he would have
believed possible and there was a brief flare of pain.

" Are you all right? " came an anxious whisper from behind him.

" Yeah," Luke replied through gritted teeth. He was beginning to
wonder what all the fuss was about then Craig began to move, slowly
at first allowing Luke to become accustomed to his size, then faster,
every thrust finding a sweet spot that Luke had been unaware of that
sent spirals of exquisite pleasure through him, Craig's voice a
soothing litany in his ear murmuring Welsh endearments in a voice
rough with desire.

Luke grasped Craig's hand and clasped it to his chest, gripping
tightly as he came again, his semen splattering the bedsheets. His
muscles tightened around Craig, pushing him over the edge and he rode
the waves of orgasm with a soft cry, tears spilling unheeded down his

Later, much later they slept, curled up together, their fingers
entwined and their legs tangled under the duvet.

Craig awoke very early the next morning and lay there, his eyes
riveted to the slight figure in the bed beside him.

Luke's eyes were tightly shut and there was a faint trace of a grin
on his lips. The early light of an August morning picked out the
golden highlights in Luke's hair and made them sparkle.

" You are so beautiful, " whispered Craig, yet even as he spoke the
words a question was forming in his mind.

What would happen when Luke awoke?



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