Fandom: Oz
Title: Dancing
Pairing: B/K
Rating: Whatever the lowest is. I'm useless at American ratings. PG13?
Archive: When it's finished it anyone wants it they're welcome.
Author: Elanor


by Elanor

If you closed your eyes you could almost hear the music. Strauss. He and Gen 
waltzing faster and faster around the dance floor at yet another anniversary 
celebration, alone together in a sea of people, alone in a world of music and 
shimmering lights. 

'You OK?'

'Mmnn', Beecher hugged his partner closer, breathing in that so familiar 
scent, circling slowly on the spot as they danced in their own private world. 
Could you get any closer to another human being than this? Closer than sex 
it always seemed to him, as they continued to whirl slowly round and round.

Bang! The fantasy shattered like his broken heart, as Chris wrenched himself 
away and snarled in anger at the transparent pod wall. 

'Fucking bitch hack,' He stuck his finger up at Officer Howells.

'Leave it Chris, leave it...' But it was too late, the illusion had 
vanished, a fantasy of freedom, of he and Chris dancing alone together, 
unfettered by the mental chains of prejudice and intolerance, free at last 
from all the petty rules and regulations that governed every minute of their 
never-ending life in this wonderful land of Oz.

The End?

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