Author: elfin
Title: Potential Beginnings
Fandom: Jurassic Park III
Rating: G - slash implied
Pairing: Alan/Billy
Archive: Britslash, the Alan/Billy archive page (ie. mine!), others with

Characters belong to others (and we thank them!)
Thanks to Tomy, my wonderful beta reader.



Potential Beginnings

by elfin


“Dr Grant!  Wait up!”

Alan turned, smiling to himself as his cheery graduate archaeology
student, William Brennan, jogged across the campus road to catch up with

Only when he was along side did Alan duck his head and say, “’Dr

Billy’s private smile back at him was breathtaking.  He tightened his
hold on the books in his hands, dropping into step with Alan.

“I thought, you know, keeping up appearances.”  The young man couldn’t
believe he was actually blushing.

Alan’s grin spread from one ear to the other, but he moved his gaze
forward and picked up his pace once again.

“About… last night…”

Alan picked the sentence up.  “You’re regretting it.”

“No!”  He surprised himself and lowered his voice.  “No… not at all.”
Billy shook his head.  “I thought, perhaps… you might be.”

Alan stopped walking, waiting until the student noticed he’d halted and
came back to stand in front of him.


For a moment, Alan just looked at Billy, head tilted to one side.  He
studied the young face, wondering what it was that a twenty-seven year
old saw in an ageing archaeologist with a hang-up about velociraptors.

“If either of us is going to regret last night, it should be you.”  He
waited, watching the young man’s reaction.  A smile.  “You have the
world at your feet.  You’re young, you have your whole life ahead of
you.  Last night… doesn’t have to mean anything.  It was… whatever you
want it to be.”

Billy stared at older man.  And then he smiled broadly.  “I want it to
be what it was.  You’re a fascinating… attractive man.”  He was blushing
again!  He hadn’t felt this embarrassed since high school.

A glance at Alan’s face told him that he wasn’t the only one to feel
it.  And along with the embarrassment was the joy of knowing that they
both felt the same way.

“I… have a lecture,” Alan spoke with a smile.  “I’ll meet you at the dig

Billy nodded.

For a moment they stood silently, grinning at one another like
children.  And then, Alan turned and strolled off without looking back.



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