Title:  black & white
Author: elfin
Email: elfin@burble.com
Homepage: http://www.sundive.co.uk/
Rating: PG-13, Slash
Fandom: Stargate SG1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Archive: Alpha Gate, Area 52, Britslash
Spoilers: none
Summary:  Valentines day

Disclaimer: characters are beloved creations of and copyright Dean
Devlin, Roland Emmerich and Jonathan Glassner, they're the only ones I
trust with them.


Black & White


by elfin


Jack sauntered into Daniel's office, hands thrust deep in his pockets. 
"Daniel!  I was thinking coff...."

The rest of the word was lost as Jack's mouth fell open.

Daniel's desk, usually covered with open books and half-empty mugs of
dark coffee, was strewn with cards and torn envelopes.

"Jesus, Daniel!  Sure some of these aren't for the rest of the base?!"

He stepped further into the room, eyes sweeping over the array of
Valentines cards.  Then he looked at Daniel, and his heart was strummed
in sympathy.  The civilian member of his team was blushing a deeper red
than the nearest love-heart, obviously more than a little uncomfortable
with the display.

"I thought... I don't know what I thought.  It's someone playing a joke,
probably Ferretti."

Jack picked one at random.  No words written, just the printed 'Be my
Valentine' and a hand-drawn question mark.  He wasn't so sure.  He'd
seen the looks Daniel was obviously oblivious to, hungry eyes that
followed them around the base, mostly aimed at Daniel's face as he
walked towards them, and his ass as he passed by.

But their beloved archaeologist was no more aware of the lust he stirred
in his fellow SGC members than he was of the budding relationship
between their two fellow team members.

He was still bemoaning his surprised popularity.  "That's not the worst
of it."  Daniel indicated something behind him, and Jack glanced across
to see the bouquet of black and white roses on the couch.

He instantly perked up.  "Hey!  Do you release how difficult...."  His
snapped his mouth closed.  Daniel was staring up at him, blue eyes curious.


"I was just saying.... Black roses are rare.  And not cheap, someone's
obviously spent a lot of money on you...."  He moved over to lift the
bouquet, sniffing it.

"I do... appreciate it."  Daniel's voice quieted.  He watched Jack put
the flowers back onto the couch, and an idea sprung into his mind.  He
might have dismissed it, ridiculous as it was, but he looked over the
cards on his desk and picked one out.

It was smaller and simpler than the others, and had caught his eye
initially because of the lack of red or pink, and the missing
love-heart.  Instead, it was an imprint of a single black rose on a
plain white background.  Inside was a simple 'x'.

Daniel settled his gaze on Jack, who had turned back and whose attention
had been caught by the card in Daniel's fingers.

Keeping his smile to himself, Daniel slipped from his chair and went
over to the couch, deliberately brushing passed Jack.  He picked up the
flowers, breathing in the amazing scent.

"I think I know who sent these," he chose his words carefully, not able
to meet Jack's intense regard.

"Really?"  The colonel might have sounded nonchalant had it not been for
the catch in his voice.

"Paul."  Daniel said the name with affection.  "He's the kind of person
that would spend the time finding a florist who could supply black
roses."  He could almost feel the impending explosion at his shoulder.

Jack opened his mouth, then closed it again.  Then said, "He's likely to
buy you flowers?"  He didn't need the answer.

This time Daniel was able to look Jack in the eye.  He smiled.  "Are you

Of course Jack was kidding.  Major Paul Davies could barely take his
hands, never mind his eyes, from Daniel whenever they were in the same room.

"Maybe I should give him a chance," Daniel continued, taking the bouquet
back to the desk, clearing all the other cards with a sweep of his arm
to lay the flowers carefully down and stand his one chosen card up next
to them.  He was aware of Jack behind him, bristling.

"I should call him.  I've got no plans for the weekend."  He reached
across for the phone, fingers touching the receiver.

Jack's hand closed over his.

For a heartbeat they stood like that, Jack pressed against the other's
back, arm lying the length of Daniel's.

"They're from me," Jack muttered eventually.

Daniel smiled, head still turned from his team leader.  "I know, Jack,"
he murmured softly.  "They're beautiful.  Thank you."

Jack swallowed.  "Danny....  Can I...."  Shaking his head, Jack touched
his lips to Daniel's neck, just below his ear.

Daniel let his held breath out slowly.  "Can you what?" he whispered.

"Kiss you?"

Nodding, turning his head, Daniel met him half way, lips touching Jack's.

They stayed like that for a time, both nervous about being caught doing
more.  Yet when they broke the contact, they were breathless enough that
had anyone found them, they'd have suspected a lot more than a simple,
chaste kiss.

"Can I love you?"

Daniel met large brown eyes, nibbling his bottom lip as he smiled.

Grinning, Jack slid his other arm around Daniel's waist, risking
bringing his Valentine closer against him.

"So, no plans for the weekend...."

Daniel laughed.  A truly beautiful sound.  "I think I have now."

"Oh yeah.  You bet, Grasshopper."  Jack stole another quick kiss.  "You

Valentines, 2002


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