Title:  Development
Author: elfin
Email: elfin@burble.com
Homepage: http://www.sundive.co.uk/
Rating: NC-17 - BE WARNED!
Fandom: JPIII
Pairing: Alan/Billy
Archive: Alan&Billy list, Britslash, others with permission
Classification: slash
Spoilers:  some for the start of the film
Warnings: explicit sex!
Summary:  The Kirbys' offer comes at a vital point in Alan and Billy's

Thanks to: Tomy for beta reading after my usual notice!

Disclaimer: characters are beloved creations of and copyright Michael
Crichton and Peter Buchanan.  I'm just playing with them.




by elfin

The sun set on another day.  Plugging in the spotlights, Billy Brennan
let his gaze linger for a moment on Dr Grant where he stood on the top
of the incline, just outside the tent that housed the computer
equipment, looking over the rest of the site.

For a moment, he thought about calling out to the other man.  But over
the months they’d worked together, Billy had gotten to know Alan Grant
about as well as he knew anyone else.  At times like this, he was best
left alone.


He turned, blinking at Cindy.  “Hi.  You off?”

The young girl nodded, smiling.  “I was wondering if you wanted to… come
for a drink.”

Billy returned the smile.  She was a nice girl, pretty, and with an
obvious crush on him.  But she wasn’t what he wanted now.

“Sorry, Cinds, but I’m going to stay on for a while.”

She nodded, and if she was disappointed she didn’t show it.  “Okay.
Don’t work too hard.”

He watched her leave, watched the slight sway of her hips.  And smiled
to himself.  Again, he glanced over at the tent.  But Alan had
disappeared.  Shaking his head, he dropped carefully to the ground and
picked up the toothbrush, starting once again on the amazing fossil
they’d found of the ‘raptor.

An hour passed before he looked up again.  Alan was crouching down
across the excavation from him.  It was truly dark now, only the
spotlights over head and those around and in the tent beyond them
illuminated the site.

“She’s right, you know,” the older man said with a smile.



Billy shrugged, realising that his left arm had gone to sleep where he’d
been leaning on it.  “How did you spend your graduate days?”

Alan looked away, a gentle expression on his face.  “Doing exactly what
you’re doing now.  And chasing Ellie.”

Billy sighed, too softly for Alan to hear.  Sometimes he felt that there
was something happening between them, something more than protégé and
mentor.  And on other occasions he had to believe he was kidding

Alan was watching him again, that way he had, as if he was staring right
through into your soul, and Billy realised that he might have read too
much into Alan’s admission about Dr Sattler.  “How about a beer?  You
can show me how to use the new software.”

Billy’s smile spread slowly across his face, and he nodded, pushing
himself up to his knees.

They climbed the incline together.  It hadn’t escaped Billy’s notice
that for a man of his age, Alan was in great shape.  Mind you, as he’d
taken to reminding the palaeontologist, mid-forties hardly constituted

Billy stepped into the tent behind Alan, watching the other man take two
cold bottles from the fridge and cracking them open.  Usually they fell
easily into conversation concerning the dig, and their rapidly depleting

“Something’ll come up,” Billy always told him confidently.

This time, there remained a companionable silence between them until
Alan pulled up two plastic chairs in front of the computer and sat down.

Billy grinned as he turned his and straddled it, lifting the bottle to
his lips and downing half the liquid in three swallows.  With a glance
to his left he noted Alan’s eyes on him, but didn’t comment.

Alan managed to turn the computer on and start the imaging program up,
but that was as far as he could get.  He’d never been great with
technology, always burying himself in the past.  His time at ‘Jurassic
Park’ had only strengthened his resolve that the only type of progress
he wanted to make was in his chosen field, and using old fashioned

Several months ago, Billy had joined him and his little team at this
site.  A graduate studying for a Ph.D. at the local university.  Unlike
many who had worked with Grant in the past, Billy had made a marked
effort to get to know the man.

On his first day at the dig, Alan had come up and introduced himself.
They’d stood for a second, hands held in a strong, masculine handshake.
And Alan had smiled, and said, “As long as you don’t mention Jurassic
Park, you’ll be fine.”

Not once, in the months since, had Billy mentioned the place and it was
obviously something that Alan appreciated.  They’d become close in many
ways.  Mentor and protégé, friends.  Something else maybe.


He started, bringing himself back to the here and now.  “Sorry.  Miles
away.”  He gave Alan what he hoped was a winning smile and reached over
his outstretched arms to hit the F1 key at the top of the keyboard.

The screen cleared and a coloured, wire diagram of a Pteradon was

Alan smiled.  “Okay, so that’s what it looked like.”

Billy smiled.  “I hope not.  That would be frightening.”  He leaned over
again, deliberately brushing his palm over the back of Alan’s hands to
reach the trackball mouse set in the top centre of the laptop.
Using the on-screen icons, he fleshed out the image on the screen.  The
macros for muscle, flesh and skin had already been written, he just had
to apply them.  Alan looked suitably impressed, but his expression was
easy to read.  What he hell was he supposed to do with this pretty

“The idea,” Billy explained patiently, not minding in the least that his
choice of software was being questioned, “is that this program can mimic
how dinosaurs used to behave.  The way they moved, the muscles used when
they walked or ate or fought…” he pressed a key, “…or flew.”  On screen,
the Pteradon took to the air.  Using the trackball, Billy moved the
angle of view and then took away the skin and flesh.  They were left
with as accurate a guess current knowledge could take at how the
Pteradon actually flew.

“And it’s not just for movement.  In a couple of weeks I should be able
to model the workings of the ‘raptor brain.”

That was the hook.  Alan turned to look at him, his whole face lighting
up.  “Then we’ll know.”

Billy nodded, returning the glowing smile.  “Then we’ll know.”

Their eyes locked, and for a moment neither risked breaking the heated
gaze.  And then it passed.

Billy finished his beer and got up.  “I’ll go secure the site and switch
off the lights.”

Alan nodded, pretending to return his attention to the screen.  But he
listened until the young man’s footsteps on the ground outside faded.
And then he rubbed his face with the palm of one sweaty hand.  “Stop
acting like a kid!” he scolded himself under his breath.

Picking up his bottle with a trembling hand, the same one Billy had
brushed over while he’d been operating the trackball, Alan drank down
the beer.  He needed something stronger.

He’d spent days being chased by dinosaurs that had meant to tear him
apart while he was still alive to feel it.  After that, all his other
fears and phobias had paled and finally vanished into nothing.

He hadn’t been frightened of anything.

Until Billy had come along and wormed his way into Alan’s life and under
his skin.  Only Ellie had known him better.  He smiled when he thought
of her.  He should go and see her again and he resolved to call her the
next day.

He heard sounds outside, and Billy came back into the tent.  “All done.”

Alan shut down the program and the computer.  Turning the system off was
something he excelled at.  Even if he didn’t always go about it in the
recommended way.

From thoughts of Ellie and thoughts of what they’d been through
together, he found the courage which had previously been elusive.

“Want to get something to eat?”

Billy smiled and nodded.  “Sure.  That’d be great.”

A few minutes later, as Billy followed Alan out to his car, he was
thinking to himself, ‘Christ, Brennan, you’re acting like a love-sick


The one thing not in short supply in the near-by university town was
somewhere to get food and drink.  The students liked the loud, hip
places.  The lecturers preferred somewhat quieter spots.  Without really
thinking about it, Alan and Billy chose the quietest of the bars.

It was a wooden-shack on the edge of the town, almost the last building
before the main road became a desert highway.

Alan bought four beers and they ordered a basket of tortilla chips with
cheese and chilli, followed by burgers and fries.

They sat opposite one another at a table against the back wall.

“We’ve got about two weeks left,” Alan told his student.

Billy shrugged.  “Something’ll come up.  It always does, doesn’t it?”

Alan snorted into his glass.  “Yes.  Last time, it came up in the guise
of a nightmare trip to a tropical island on which I was the inhabitant’s
idea of lunch.”

Billy found himself holding his breath.  In the past, he’d let such
throw-away comments go by without stepping onto forbidden ground.  Now,
he decided to test the borders.  “Nothing could get you back there,
could it?” he asked carefully.

To Billy’s surprise, Alan didn’t freak, he just shook his head, setting
his glass down on the bar, staring into the dark amber liquid.  “We look
upon dinosaur fossils with… love.  We care about them, coax them out of
the ground and nurse them once we have them out.  Those creatures on
Nublar, they’re out of their time.  This planet can’t cope with them any
longer.  Humans and dinosaurs cannot live in harmony.”

“I can’t imagine what it was like.”

“No, you can’t.”  He looked straight into his companion’s chocolate
brown gaze.  “Be glad.”

It was very rare that those stormy eyes were such open windows to the
soul.  Billy couldn’t resist taking a peek.

“You still have the nightmares?”  It was a murmur, softer than Billy
might ever have spoken before.  Not his usual style of questioning at

Alan nodded silently.  And the conversation between them was lost.

“I’m sorry,” Billy volunteered after a minute or two.  “I didn’t mean to

“No.”  A shake of his head this time.  “It’s okay.  I banned you from
asking about it, didn’t I?”  Billy nodded.  “I was wondering the other
night why you hadn’t asked me and then I remembered what I said to you
when we first met.”

“You didn’t want to talk about it.  I can respect that.  From what I
read in Malcolm’s books it wasn’t joy trip.”

Alan chuckled.  “Ian went back.  Mad fool.  Hammond manipulated him into
it.”  He shook his head, an ironic smile on his face.  “You wouldn’t get
me back on that island for all the money in the world.”

Billy grinned.  “Really?  Even if someone else did come along and make
the same offer Hammond made?”

They both sat back as a waitress put the basket and plates down on the
table in front of them, bestowing on them both a smile she’d obviously
relied on a lot in her life.  They barely noticed.

“What good is a large cheque if you’re dinosaur food before you get a
chance to spend it?”

Billy had to give him that one.


Kirby had barely finished inviting Dr Grant out to dinner with he and
his wife when Billy accepted.

“We’d love to.”

Alan raised his eyebrows as the graduate smiled widely at him.  He
waited until Paul Kirby was out of earshot before saying, “So now it’s

Billy blushed brightly.  He’d known he was taking a liberty, but Alan
wasn’t the most personable of people and he’d have never accepted the
dinner date of his own accord.

But Alan’s smile was one of genuine teasing.

Billy followed him back inside the tent.  “Told you something would come
up,” he boasted.

Alan glanced at him, head tilted.  “If he so much as mentions the words
‘come to my island’, I’m out of there,” he turned back to his work,
“date or no date.”

It was a moment before Billy realised what he’d heard.  He stared, mouth
open, until Alan looked up deliberately, smiling broadly.  “Well?” he
asked finally.

“I… I’d… love to.”  Billy stammered.  He couldn’t believe it.  Weeks of
deliberately accidental touches, of treasured glances and shared
moments, and Alan had just come out with it.

Not that Billy was complaining.  Not at all.

The bar that they’d suggested to the Kirbys was slightly busier than the
one they’d been frequenting.

They were late on purpose.  Whatever Kirby was up to, Alan didn’t want
to seem too desperate.  And tonight was so much more than a dinner date
with two complete strangers.  It was Alan’s first date with Billy.

Mrs Amanda Kirby was a good-looking woman, but something about her
seemed to Alan to be almost desperate.  She didn’t strike him as the
relaxed, rich woman in love with her husband.  But he seemed genuine

The moment that Isla Sorna was mentioned, Alan sat back.  Billy, whose
heart had been pounding like a hammer anyway since they’d left the dig
site, watched with caught breath.

Alan gave all the right arguments, but Paul’s reassurances seemed to
work.  Just a tour guide, that was all he would be.  They’d fly over the
island, see some harmless dinosaurs from the safety of an aircraft, and
then come home.  And for this small service, they’d be paid… a half a
million dollars.  It would fund the dig for some considerable time to

They arranged to meet the next day at the airport, and then the Kirbys

Billy stared at his companion, concerned.  “Alan… are you sure?”

Alan nodded, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, eyes
lingering on the cheque for a few more seconds before he folded it and
tucked it into his shirt pocket.  He wrapped his fingers around his
glass and lifting it he emptied it, his hand shaking.

“I’m sure.”  He stated, putting the glass down carefully.  “And at least
I’ll have you to keep an eye on me.”

Billy’s eyes widened.  He wasn’t sure how many more surprises today
could possibly offer him.


“Of course!”  Alan turned to look at him, his smile playing on his lips
and in his eyes.  “You don’t think I’m going all the way out there with
those nutcases alone, do you?”

Billy wanted to hug the man at that moment.  He was going to see
dinosaurs!  Real life, honest to God dinosaurs, living in a habitat
they’d all but created for themselves.

Alan saw all that, it seemed.  “Don’t get too excited,” he warned his
companion.  “You’re not getting any close-ups.”

Billy grinned and leaned forward, closing the gap between them.  “Of the
dinosaurs, or of you?”

The world faded to nothing around them.  Alan opened his mouth to speak,
but no words came out.  It took him a couple of tries before he managed
to talk.

“Are you actually hungry?” he asked, without meeting Billy’s gaze.

“No. Are you?”


They moved together, as if finally they’d both suddenly reached the peak
of their tolerance levels and could no longer go on teasing one another.

Alan’s place was closest.  The room he’d rented out here was at the
university while Billy was sharing an apartment with three other
students on the other side of town.

The journey was completed in a heated silence.  They had so much to talk
about, so much to say about the upcoming trip and the funding for the
dig….  But at that moment, it wasn’t what was foremost in their minds.

Alan found his door key and let them in.  The moment it closed behind
them, they caught one another in mutual, awkward embrace.  Billy pushed
his fingers into the soft hair at the back of Alan’s head and cradled it
as he brought their mouths together in contact he’d longed for.

For a time they just kissed, like they’d been starving for one another
for years instead of weeks.  Billy managed to manoeuvre them inside and
somehow found the bed with the backs of his knees.  Sitting down,
pulling Alan with him, they ended up with the older man on top, mouths
sealed together.

Fingers fumbled with clothing, hunting for flesh.  Alan pulled Billy’s
t-shirt from the back of his pants and spread his fingers over the small
of his back.  Billy whimpered softly, retaliating by yanking Alan’s
shirt up and drawing his fingers over his chest and stomach.

Words were murmured between kisses to lips and flesh.

They somehow rearranged themselves on the bed.  Billy pushed Alan’s
shirt from his shoulders as Alan tried to pull Billy’s t-shirt over his
head.  Laughing, they finally sorted themselves out and melted back into
a kiss.

They were equal on making first moves now and it was Billy who took the
lead.  Easing his hand into the back of Alan’s jeans, he stroked his
fingers over the man’s tailbone, loving the low groan he was rewarded

Alan’s fingers raked into the short, loose curls on the top of Billy’s
head and gently pulled it back to give himself better access to his
lover’s throat.  Billy chuckled in delight, a sound that faded to a long
moan as Alan started to kneed his erection through the hard denim of his

Pulling his head free of the fingers that held it in place, Billy
reacquainted himself with Alan’s mouth like it had been days, not
seconds since he’d last tasted it.  His tongue slid over the other,
tracing the edges of Alan’s teeth, mapping the ridges in the bridge of
his mouth.

With a barely audible moan, Alan closed his lips over Billy’s tongue,
sucking gently.  The young man’s fingers stiffened, his nails digging
into Alan’s skin for a moment, exacting another wonderfully erotic sound
from his lover’s throat.

Having finally divested themselves of all their clothing, they released
one another for a moment.

Alan’s eyes raked along Billy’s muscular body, humming appreciatively
while at the same time he felt a slight blush rise in his cheeks.

Billy saw it.  He smiled, combing his fingers into Alan’s sun-bleached
hair.  “You’re gorgeous.”

“I’m a fossil.”  But his expression belied his words.  If there was one
thing he wasn’t, it was self-depreciating.

“No,” Billy confirmed, his travelling hand skimming over Alan’s hip to
curl fingers around the hard cock, “you’re not.”

Grinning, returning the gesture, Alan leaned in and tongued over Billy’s
lips.  As he did, he glanced down at the organ he held.  Circumcised.
His grin grew wider.

Moving closer, lifting one leg over Billy’s thighs, Alan took the other
man’s stroking hand from his own cock and with a skill learnt a years
ago, but never forgotten, he eased his own foreskin over the crown of
Billy’s erection.

The sensation was exquisite.  Tip to tip they touched, Alan’s hand
wrapped over the join, manipulating them, lighting sparks that burned
along Billy’s nerves to explode in his mind.  He broke the kiss, burying
his face in Alan’s shoulder, lips against his lover’s neck, drawing
breaths in small gasps.

Delighted with the effect he was having on the young man, Alan moved his
head to one side, allowing Billy’s tongue to lather the sensitive skin
behind his ear, and his lips to place tender kisses along the column of
his throat.

Spreading his fingers along their joined lengths, Alan pressed the pad
of his thumb against the underside of Billy’s cock, rubbing in small
circles under the crown.  He felt the man tense against him, and without
warning, he squeezed his hand tightly.

He yelped when Billy’s teeth sank into the soft flesh between his
shoulder and neck as his climax hit him, triggering Alan’s own.  It was
brutally hard, shaking them both as they clung to one another.

It was a short while before Alan heard a muttered apology and then a
lavish tongue was soothing the bruise.  He’d obviously taken his young
lover by surprise.

“Sorry,” Billy murmured again, a little more coherent this time.

Alan chuckled, disconnecting them both before moving to wrap one arm
around Billy’s back and stroke the fingers of the other into his damp
hair.  “S’okay.”

“No one’s ever done that to me before.”

Alan kissed his lips softly.  “Which part?”  Billy glanced downwards.
Their hips were flush now, Alan’s leg laid across his own.  “Oh, that.
‘Docking’, I think they call it.  An friend showed me one night.”

Billy snuggled closer, his forehead rested against Alan’s.  “Should I be
jealous?”  He heard his lover chuckle and thought yet again what a
wonderful sound it was.

“No.  It was a one-off.”

“Pretty intimate for a one-off.”

Sighing, contentedly, Alan murmured, “Was it?”  He felt fingertips poke
his ribs gently.

“You know it was.”

The older man shrugged slightly.  “Maybe.  Is that all right?”

Billy let out a long, happy breath.  “It’s more than all right.”

Within minutes, they slipped into sleep, still wrapped up in one
another.  Tomorrow, a different adventure began.



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