Title: When It Rains
In response to my own 'write a fic inspired by the pic of Alessandro'
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Author: elfin
Email: elfin@burble.com
Homepage: http://www.sundive.co.uk/
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Jurassic Park 3
Pairing: Billy / Alan
Archive: Britslash, the Alan/Billy list, others with permission
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none
Summary: Alan reassures Billy as a storm ravishes the dig

Thanks To: Tomy for beta reading even though she's totally busy

Copyright: characters - Michael Crichton, Peter Buchanan and co. Story
copyright MJHughes 2001

When it Rains

by elfin

When it rains in Montana, it pours.

Sometimes it wasn’t enough to take shelter in the tents.  The whole
campsite just became waterlogged and the tents tended to collapse under
the weight.  The dig staff usually bailed out into the jeeps and trucks
then and sat it out.

This time, the storm was a beauty.

Rain flooded down the windshield of the vehicles, lightening tearing
apart the dark evening sky, thunder rumbling just above them.

Usually Billy would jump into the jeep beside Alan and they’d wait it
out together.  If others joined them, they’d just enjoy being squashed
up together, feeling one another close.

Alan loved having his lover pressed all the way along his body, touching
from head to foot.  Sitting in the jeep under those circumstances, Billy
would clamber across on to the same seat as Alan, stretching himself
against the older man, wrapping himself over Alan like only Billy had
ever done.

If they found themselves alone they usually came up with a more
inventive way of spending the time.  Windows steamed up very nicely in
this weather.

But after five minutes of sitting out this downpour, Billy hadn’t turned

Alan looked around at the other vehicles.  He couldn’t see his young
assistant, but it was pretty cramped in some of them and the glass was
already steaming with so much hot breath.

Winding his window down, getting instantly soaked, he shouted to the
next jeep along.

“Is Billy with you?”

Cheryl shook her head and he watched, grinning to himself as the
question was passed around the makeshift car park.  Billy wasn’t in any
of the cars, jeeps or trucks.

“Oh great!” Alan muttered to himself, realising Billy must still be out
in it.  He pushed open the door of the jeep and stepped out into the
beating rain.

There was a second site, about a mile away, but Alan knew Billy had been
working on a ‘raptor excavation close to the edge of this site.  They’d
only unearthed it yesterday due to the unusually deep burial, and Billy
was being very protective over it.

Alan headed for where the excavation was, running, mindful of the
covered bones and the rocky ground.  His clothes were soaked through,
clinging to him like a second skin.  Water ran in a continuous cascade
over his face and down the back of his neck.

Blinking the rain out of his eyes, Alan ran up the side of the incline
that was above Billy’s ‘raptor skeleton.

When he looked down into the small valley below, he saw his Billy
crouched at the edge of a deep hole, almost curled into a ball, trowel
hanging from his fingers, one arm covering his face.

Alan frowned, and called out.  But his shout was lost in the roll of a

Shuffling down the gentle incline, the ground quickly turning to mud
beneath his feet, Alan reached Billy’s side, putting a hand onto his
lover’s shoulder.

Billy started, looking up, and Alan’s heart tightened when the saw the
expression on the young man’s face.

Despite the rain streaming over his skin, it was obvious that Billy was

“Hey,” Alan slid his arm around Billy’s shoulders and crouched next to
him.  “It’s okay.  What’s…” he waited for the thunder to let up again.
“What’s up?”

Uselessly, Billy wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and dropped
his head to Alan’s shoulder.  He didn’t speak, just indicated the dig in
front of them.

It was the first time Alan had really looked at the bones since coming
out here.  His sole aim had been in getting Billy into the dry.

The large hole they’d dug to excavate the bones was quickly filling with
rainwater.  The skeleton – Billy’s pride and joy – was being flooded.

Alan felt for him.  He tightened his arm.  “Billy… Love… it’s okay.
We’ll cover it over and when the rain stops, it’ll drain and dry.
They’ll still be here, I promise.  They’ll be fine.”  He kissed Billy’s
hair where it was plastered to his head, touching his lips to Billy’s
temple, tasting the fresh rainwater.

Billy nodded slowly against his lover.  “I’m sorry….  I….”

Alan smiled, holding Billy closer, talking close to his ear.  “It’s
yours, I know.  You found it, you feel responsible for it, and you don’t
want to see it lost.”

Billy lifted his head and smiled up, the rain running over his lips,
dripping off the end of his nose.  “I knew you’d understand,” he
murmured wryly.

Alan wrapped his other arm around the wet body close to him and hugged
his lover for a second.  And then, releasing him, he headed around the
quickly filling hole in the ground.  Billy stood, helping Alan with the

Once they’d secured it over Billy’s find, Alan took the young man’s hand
and they strode up the bank, breaking into a run on the other side,
heading for Alan’s jeep.

Slamming the doors behind them, Alan leaned behind the passenger seat
and grabbed the battered travelling bag he kept there.  Before he’d met
Billy he’d often let himself be called away from the site on short
notice if it meant the possibility of more funding.

Taking the towel from the bag, he opened it up and threw it over Billy’s
head, delighting in his lover’s surprised laughter.

Leaning over to the driver’s side where Billy was sitting, Alan rubbed
his lover’s hair briskly with the towel, gently bringing one side around
and wiping it over Billy’s face.

Alan grinned at the mutters of protest, and grabbing another corner, he
quickly wiped his own face and neck.

Billy dried himself above the shoulders, then let Alan pull the towel
away.  By the time Alan had stopped his own hair from dripping, Billy
had stripped his t-shirt off and dumped it in the footwell under the

Alan hummed appreciatively, leaning over once more to dry the inviting
body.  But Billy held him back while he pulled his khakis off.

It was an invitation Alan wasn’t about to turn down.

He unfastened his shirt and peeled it off, doing the same with his
jeans, and added both items of clothing to the small pile next to
Billy’s feet.

Billy gave him the towel again, which was fairly wet now.  But he rubbed
most of the water from his body before dropping it too to the pile.

Offering his own, silent invite, Alan shifted to the far side of the
passenger seat, closing up to the door.  Billy crawled across, over the
handbrake and gearshift, to settle next to Alan, one leg hooked over his
lover's, arm across Alan’s chest.

“I can’t believe you came to find me in this!” Billy murmured, letting
his fingers wonder up to tease over Alan’s right nipple.

Alan squirmed slightly under him, wrapping his arm around the beloved
body, holding Billy close to him while they soaked up one another’s
warmth.  “I’d come and find you in a lot worse than this,” he whispered

Outside, the night was closing in quickly, aided by the storm.  A streak
of lightening lit the whole site in front of them.

Alan felt Billy’s fingers caressing his cheek, and he directed his full
attention to his lover just as Billy’s mouth closed over his own.

Alan responded hungrily, bringing his other arm around to stroke down
over Billy’s back, fingers pushing under the wet waistband of Billy’s

Billy moaned into the kiss, loving the way Alan held and touched him.
He always felt so precious and treasured.  That feeling was addictive,
exciting and calming all at once.

Ending the kiss, Billy leaned down and took Alan’s left nipple between
his lips.  Suckling gently, he waited until he felt Alan arch into him
before biting down on the hard bud.

Alan groaned Billy’s name, fingers pushing into the damp curls, silently
urging Billy on, asking for more.

Billy was only happy to give his lover anything he wanted.  He lapped
the tip of his tongue over that same nipple, pursing his lips, sucking
firmly, grazing the top with his front teeth.  Alan bit back a cry of
pleasure, scraping his nails down his lover’s toned back.

Smiling to himself, Billy moved onto the other nipple, treating it the
same, knowing exactly how to drive Alan to the point of climax without
even touching his cock.

Alan pushed his hand down inside Billy’s underwear, fingers ungracefully
working their way inside the crack of his lover’s ass.

As the tip of his index finger brushed over Billy’s anus, it was Billy’s
turn to moan.  His cock ached, and as much as he wanted to make this
last, he knew he wouldn’t be able to.  The low ebb that had brought on
the tears at the edge of the excavation had washed all his emotions to
the surface and he needed Alan now, fast and hard, to reassure himself,
to rebalance himself.

Pulling away from Alan, Billy shifted until he was kneeling up on the
edge of the seat, leant back against the flat half of the dash.

The new position gave Alan easy access to his straining cock, and Alan
immediately took advantage.  Tugging on the waistband of Billy’s briefs,
he pulled them down off the slim hips and leaned down to touch a kiss to
the tip of the thick cock as it sprung free.

Billy shivered, reaching out to dig his hands into Alan’s boxers and
expose the long erection and tight balls.

At the same time, Alan thrust one hand between Billy’s legs, searching
for his anus, finding it and filling it with his index finger.  Billy
groaned roughly and awkwardly leaned forward to kiss him, tongue
reaching into Alan’s mouth as his cock was grasped and his prostrate

“Billy….”  Alan rasped his name as nimble fingers worked up his cock,
grasping firmly, perfectly.  Billy looked like a blond angel to him,
framed against the misted dark outside the windshield.  “God, I love
you, Billy,” Alan muttered, hand now pumping the other’s cock firm and

“Alan….”  Billy could barely get words out.  His concentration was split
between the incredible sensations being caused by Alan’s hands and
ensuring his lover was with him, sharing the ecstasy he was feeling.

“Come on,” Alan murmured hotly, “come with me.”

Billy let out a cry at the command.  His orgasm coiled in his belly and
erupted from his cock, covering Alan’s erection just as the older man

Coming down slowly, Billy dropped forward to lie over his lover, his
forehead resting against the back of the seat.

After a few long minutes, their senses started to allow the outside
world in again and they both realised that the rain had stopped pounding
against the roof of the jeep.

Cautiously, Billy lifted his head and cleared some of the steam from the
window next to them with his fingers.  Looking out, they saw that the
downpour had become a drizzle, and some of the dig staff were already
out and checking on the excavations and the campsite.

Alan hoped there hadn’t been too much damage this time.

“We should check your ‘raptor,” Alan murmured into his lover’s ear,
kissing the tip of the shell and biting the lobe.

Billy jumped slightly, his whole body sensitised.  “We should probably
find some dry clothes first.”

“Um.  We’re going to give everyone something to smile about as it is.”
Easing his finger carefully from Billy’s ass, Alan gently tucked his
lover’s genitals back into his underwear before gingerly pulling his own
boxers back up.

They shared a long kiss before Billy reached for the door release and
opened the passenger side of the jeep.

Ten minutes and a truckload of smirks later, Alan and Billy crouched
down either side of Billy’s ‘raptor excavation.  Dressed in one of
Alan’s denim shirts and a pair of combat pants, Billy leaned over and
yanked on the tarpaulin.

In a tan-coloured lumberjack shirt and blue jeans, Alan tugged on his
end of the cover and it came back easily.

Already, the water was draining from the hole.  The bones could be seen
just below the surface, in place and in tact.

Billy grinned at his lover over the bones.  “Told you so,” Alan said
happily, grinning widely.

“And you’re always right,” Billy teased.

Coming around to the other side, Alan leaned down and covered Billy’s
mouth with his own. “I love you,” he whispered.  Then he left his young
assistant with his excavation and wondered away to see what else had
happened during the storm.  He really loved the rain.




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