Fandom: The Whole Nine Yards
Title: All the Way
Author: Elvichar
Warnings - NC-17 (for bad language and stuff!)
Archive: Well yeah!
Plot: After Jimmy and Oz part company they still have some unfinished 


All the Way

by Elvichar

"So how ya doing?"

The voice on the phone was very familiar. For a second Oz felt his 
throat tighten. Then, "Jimmy?" He tried to put in as much good natured 
bon hommie as he could muster. 

What could the not-really-dead onetime hitman possibly want. Oz tried 
to stop himself panicking. 

The last thing he'd said to Jimmy, on the boat, was "You love
her don't you?"

Jimmy had replied, "Her?" with a quirky twist of the eyebrow.

For a while afterward Oz had wondered exactly what that was supposed 
to mean. He kept trying to tell himself, "Jill - he's in love
with Jill." But he knew that wasn't what Jimmy meant. Not really.

The suspicion was confirmed a month or two later. Jill had visited, 
just passing by on the way to a hit.

"So - how is he?" Oz had asked, feigning polite indifference.

"He? Who he?" Jill had asked, gulping down the scotch and
soda Oz had poured.

" know..Jimmy," The last bit was whispered - no
one was supposed to know he was alive after all.

Jill laughed. " God, I haven't seen him for weeks. He set me
up with this job though," she tapped her nose, "Don't tell."

"But I thought you and he..."

"Us?" Jill laughed again, a short sharp snort, "No I
don't think so. Jimmy? We talking about the same Jimmy?"

"But... he loves you. He told me."

Jill stared at Oz as if trying to decide something. She sat back with 
her drink - whatever it was she was going to say she didn't say

Instead she said, "So - where's Cynthia - thought you two
would still be in the honeymoon period by now."

Oz blushed. "She...ah...she.." What was he supposed to say.
They had honeymooned - in Arruba, which after Sophie Oz had vowed never to 
visit again. But Cynthia insisted. Said it would be cathartic. It
was. For a while everything seemed fine. Great even. Then about three days 
in Cynthia started to look at him funny. They were arguing by day 

On day six she left - leaving the words "I knew this would happen
Jimmy the fucking tulip strikes again," hanging enigmatically behind 

"Cynthia had to go and visit a sick aunt," Oz said finally.

"Yeah - with all that money she should be able to get good
treatment," Jill answered.

Oz looked questioningly at his ex-receptionist.

"You know," Jill continued, winking, "Jimmy's little
wedding present."

"What wedding present?" Oz was confused now.

Jill wondered whether he was kidding around. "Ah. Very
funny," She said after a while, "'What wedding present?' good one."

"No. I mean it. Jimmy disappeared before we got married. There
was no wedding present."

Jill breathed in. It was the sort of gasp some of his patients made 
when they were just going under, Oz thought.

"Oh I'm sorry honey," Jill had risen to her feet. She
walked over to where Oz was sitting and hugged him. Oz just sat there - unsure of 
what was going on. But he did know Jill knew he was lying about 

"Sorry?" Oz pretended he had no idea what she was talking
about for precisely three seconds, then, "Jill - what happened? I loved
her. I...think I loved her...why did she have to leave?"

"Listen Oz - it wasn't love. You were all screwed up after
Sophie - it could happen to anyone. Don't worry."

"Aren't you supposed to comfort me - say "she'll be
back - she loves you Oz?'"

"Honey," Jill looked at him seriously, "She's not
coming back."



The word kept coming back to him every time he thought about
Jill's words.

He didn't want Cynthia dead. Well a part of him did, but not a
good part. Yeah, she'd hurt him, but he was sure he must have deserved
it in some way.

Look what happened between him and Sophie. It couldn't have been
just her. He must have provoked her for her to have wanted him dead so 

Maybe he was just a bad person. Maybe he'd just have to try
harder next time.

And Cynthia was so beautiful. Far too beautiful and sweet and fragile 
for a klutz like him.

Far too beautiful to die.


"Jimmy. You musn't do it. It wasn't Cynthia's fault.
I'm sure it must have been me. Don't do it. Please." The words were coming out
more and more strangulated as Oz tried to plead with his estranged wife's
late husband.

"Oz - do what? What you talking about buddy. I just wanted to
shoot the breeze. Catch up."

"So you won't kill her?" Oz was surprised.

"She deserves it. But no. I won't kill her. Not if you
don't want me to."

"I don't."

"You're a sweet guy Oz. And that's why I'm never
going to tell you how much Cynthia has done. Hey - maybe she
 just wasn't right for you.You haven't met the right person yet. 
Or maybe you have and you just never figured it out."

"Right," Oz was still very suspicious.

"Will you meet me. I mean I'd come around your place - but
there are eyes everywhere," Jimmy laughed. Oz joined in the laugh 

"Meet you. Yeah. Somewhere with a lot of people though."

"You like Mexican food?"



Oz couldn't believe he'd been suckered into coming all the
way down here. <I'm going to die> he thought to himself.

He was nursing his third tequila sunrise when Jimmy entered the bar.

"You hungry?" He smiled at Oz. For some reason the smile made
Oz slightly giddy. <Must be the tequila> he thought.

"Yeah - I haven't ordered yet. Is the food good here?"

"Oh yeah. I highly recommend the burritos. No mayonnaise,"
Jimmy winked and suddenly Oz really felt like running away.

"So - you adjusting to your new life?" Oz said, trying to
stop the butterflies in his stomach from flying up and choking him.

"I'm not here to talk about that. How are you holding
up?" Jimmy put his hand on Oz's arm, "I've missed you," the big
tough hitman looked embarrassed somehow, and quickly
 added, "You make me laugh."

"Yeah. I missed you too," Oz said quietly.

"You know she wasn't right for you. It's probably better
it ended so soon."

"Yeah I know," And Oz realised he wasn't pretending.
Jimmy was right. It had all been a stupid mistake. "Guess I was just lonely after
being with Sophie for so long. Cynthia was a ray of light in my dark prison 
cell," Oz laughed nervously.

"You know prison isn't all bad. There are definite pros to
the cons."

Oz guffawed despite himself. Then he started to sob.

"Oh no, Oz."Jimmy looked uncomfortable for a few seconds,
then he moved his chair closer to the weeping dentist and put his arms on his 
shoulders. "Ok. Ok, let it out." He pulled Oz in for a hug.
<just consoling a friend> he assured himself <I'm tough, I can hold

"I'm..I'm...sorry," Oz said between sobs. It was nice
here,on Jimmy's shoulder. Made him feel that someone actually cared if he lived or 
died. The thought froze him. What if Cynthia had hired Jimmy to kill 
him. Would she do that? Would he do that? What if Jill had sent him.

Oz pulled away and sat up.

"What? Something spooked you?" Jimmy looked worried.

"Are you here to kill me?"

Jimmy looked genuinely shocked. And hurt. Oz could swear he almost
saw tears in his eyes - but they could have been his own, clouding his 

"I would never, never do that to you," Jimmy blinked. Oh my
god they were tears.

"Then...wh...why? Why are we here. What do you want from me."

Jimmy laughed then. A bitter, short snort. "Yeah - should have
know it was just me. "

"Just you what? What are you talking about?"

"Just love. That's all. Nothing important," Jimmy got up
to leave.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm an idiot. Okay," Jimmy shouted before stomping out.


<Love?> Oz wondered whether Jimmy had being lying when he said he 
didn't love Cynthia anymore. But that was just stupid. Jill had
also seemed pretty adamant he wasn't in love with her. He must have
met a local senorita - maybe she wasn't responding and Jimmy needed a
friend to talk it over with. <Yeah - like I know anything about women> He 
thought ruefully.

He got up to see where Jimmy had disappeared to.

As he was leaving a hand grabbed his arm and swung him around.

"Ok. I'm not going to say any more after this. I just want
you to know that if I've been an idiot about this you've been a fucking

<Hey that's not fair> Oz thought, he opened his moth to object, 
although he wasn't sure what he was objecting to.

"No - don't say any more," Oz went to speak again,
"no!" Jimmy warned.

They stood there for several seconds. Facing each other. Jimmy's
hand was still solidly, on Oz's arm. Then his other arm was gripped.

Jimmy smiled with his disarming lopsided grin. The one that kept 
making Oz's stomach jump. He was definitely hungry. Very hungry.

"We need to go indoors," Jimmy said.


"No," Jimmy said, leading Oz across the street. And into a
hotel. And up the stairs. And into a room.

And suddenly, onto the bed.

<Oh my god> thought Oz. But he didn't make much effort to
extricate himself.

JImmy's disarming, charming mouth was hovering around Oz's
neck. His perfect, lovely teeth were gently biting. Getting lower.

Oz felt his shirt being undone. Felt the rough-smooth palm of
Jimmy's hand slipping inside, stroking.

Oz really wanted to move, but he'd forgotten how. Well - most of
him had forgotten. One particular part of his anatomy had obviously 
remembered very well. And it had been so long. One night with the 
woman of his dreams almost four months ago did not make up for five 
years of absolutely no sex. No love. Nothing. 

Oh this was what he needed.

Jimmy had reached Oz's pants. The baggy low crotch chinos that
were, Oz had long ago learned, perfect for hiding the embarrassing,
telltale signs of lust.

Once they were open there was no disguising these signs. One 
particular sign, pointing due north.

Jimmy looked up and smiled. Before looking back down and dealing with 
the matter at hand. And mouth. 

<Oh god this is what I needed> both of them thought in unison.


"And we're just going to take this slow?" Oz said
afterwards. He'd rushed in once before, not so long ago. He was not going to make the 
same mistake again.

"Slow. Yeah. Real slow." Jimmy grinned.

Jimmy's mind flashed back to that time on the boat. The

He shook his head. For a smart guy Oz could be really dumb.


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