Title: Itty Bitty Kiss (epilogue to Friendly Persuasion)
Author: Elvichar
Fandom:  Friends
Rating: G

Email: elvichar@yahoo.com

Itty Bitty Kiss

by Elvichar

The door closed and Joey smiled.

"Hey Joe - do you think we should be doing this - I mean it's all so
sudden and..."

"Chandler would you just shut up and get over here."

"Well - all right."

As Chandler came closer, Joey grinned.

"Ok - i'm going to kiss you now - okay," He said.

"Well you don't have to tell me - just do it - it'll be easier that
way... I think."

Joey and Chandler moved closer. Chandler could feel Joey's warm,
moist breath on his face.

Suddenly he broke away. "Joey - what have you been eating?"

"What? I just had a tuna and pastrami sandwich, what's the problem?"

Chandler sighed. Maybe he was just going to have then get used to
stuff like that. It was kind of funny in a way. "Ok Joe - but next
time could you eat something a little less ...fragrant."

"I'll eat soap if it'll make you kiss me - now come on Chandler, I'm
dying here."

Chandler moved closer. Joey moved closer. Chandler noticed Joey had
clossed his eyes, but he kept his firmly open. If Joey suddenly
decided this was alll a joke he was going to kill him.

But it didn't feel like a joke. And Joey tasted a lot better than
he'd thought.

In fact he tasted wonderful.

Chandler pulled away, Joey moved down to nuzzle his neck.

"Joe," Chandler said breathily, "remind me to let you eat whatever
you like in future."

Joey looked up briefly, "hehehe" he said.

"That's not what I... Oh forget it," Chandler said, going with the


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