Based on: Hamish Macbeth
Title: Simple Explanation
Author: Elvichar
Spoilers: None
Archive: Yes
Rating: This is me - am I ever X-rated? (well all right occasionally - but not this time)
Disclaimer: Not my characters...blah deblah.


Simple Explanation

by Elvichar

It wasn't easy pretending not to notice. Isobel reminded Hamish
of Wee Jock in a way - always following him around,
dependable, big-eyed. It probably would have been easy to tell her he wasn't
interested - but to do that he'd have to actually acknowledge he'd
noticed her noticing. It was quite fortunate she thought he was
still in love with Alexandra Maclean. 

Isobel was an excellent reporter by Lochdubh standards, but quite 
obviously she was never going to make it to investigative journalist 
standards. She couldn't even see spot something that
was right in front of her.

Doc passed the pipe to Hamish and grinned sleepily.

"So are you thinking of telling the lass soon Hamish? You
don't think it's a bit cruel of you to let her go on mooning about
over you?"

Hamish looked shocked. To be accused of being cruel - he `d
always thought of himself as a kind and gentle man.

"Are you talking about Isobel?"

"Ah. You catch on quickly Hamish - must be all the fine detective
work you do!"

Hamish smiled wryly, "You'd better watch it. I'm not always this 
mellow you know - I could quite easily take offence."

"I know Hamish, I know. Like a coiled spring."

Hamish laughed in spite of himself. "What makes you think Isobel
cares one way or the other? She seems perfectly content.
Besides she's got ambition that lassie. Don't want to hold her back by
asking her to marry some stick-in-the-mud country policeman."

The Doc's grin widened. "Did I say anything about marrying
her? Honestly Hamish you take things too far sometimes. And
then again..."

"What do you mean?"

Doc shook his head languidly and lay back on the bench. The air in
the cell was getting a little chilly, Hamish thought.

The policeman leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. 
What had brought this on? Isobel for god's sake - what had
she got to do with anything?

The young doctor had started to snore. Hamish assumed
he was sleeping. Ah well, a walk in the cool air might do him good,
help him clear his head and stuff.


"Morning Hamish - you're up early." TV John was digging a

"John it's 2.30am what on earth are you doing?"

"I would have thought that was quite obvious Hamish."
He went back to his hole.

"Why are you digging a hole John?" Hamish knew he would
regret asking.

"Ah - life's great mysteries," he said enigmatically.
Hamish sighed. There was no point prodding.

"Well good luck then." Hamish carried on walking.


Doc was still asleep - or feigning sleep - when Hamish
got back to the station. Hamish coughed loudly hoping to rouse him.
Doc immediately opened one eye and looked around.

"Was that some sort of attempt at getting my attention

"I knew you weren't asleep - why were you pretending?"

"What makes you think I was pretending?"

"Because you were trying to avoid saying something.
And I can't work out what it was," Hamish said.

Doc sat up and raised an eyebrow. "My Hamish, your
detective skills are working overtime tonight. No clues to guide you -
no strange lateral way to the truth?"

Hamish frowned. The usually pleasant companionship he
had with theDoc was being sorely strained. If he wanted to say
something why didn't he just come out and say it?

"Maybe now is a good time for you to go home. I'm sure
we both have to work early in the morning."

"No. I don't have any appointments till four in the
afternoon. And unless some sheep have been stolen or an unlikely
murder has occurred in the night I'm sure you are similarly unoccupied
tomorrow.  Today rather."

"Why do you stay around here? All the places you could
be and you come to Lochdubh."

"What?" The doctor wasn't expecting this.

"I mean I know it's quiet around here and the police force is
very relaxed about certain minor crimes," Hamish smiled as
he glanced at the tobacco case sat next to Doc. "But surely you want
something else out of your life?"

"But what keeps you here Hamish?"

Hamish knew he could hardly say `the quiet life'.  Lochdubh
seemed to have more criminal activity than Glasgow some weeks.
His face flickered as he tried to find a credible explanation.

"Could it be the people Hamish? Could it be the admirable

"Well yes of course. Everyone here is so friendly."

"Anyone in particular keep you here though?"

"I asked you the question first," Hamish said irritably.

"Well we all know Alexandra couldn't drag you away to
the big city, and Isobel is bound to be picked up by some big daily
fairly soon. TV John - well I know there's some affection there
between you two but is it enough to make you stay here? It's not me is it?"

"It's not you what?" Play dumb, Hamish thought, it always
worked with Isobel.

"Ah. As I thought," Doc said sagely.

Hamish was looking gravely at his friend. He said
nothing. How did he let the situation get reversed? He was asking the
questions a few minutes ago and now...

"Because Hamish I was wondering if the same thing that
keeps you here is what keeps me here," Doc smiled and relit the pipe.

Hamish sat down. He'd become a master of holding his
emotions in check over the years. It had got to the stage where he
thought nobody would suspect him of any sort of singular affection.

"How long have you known?" Hamish asked quietly.

"Didn't know. Just wondered. Didn't want to say
anything till I knew you were all right with it."

Hamish laughed. "Oh right - a trap!"

"I wouldn't say that," Doc said passing the pipe to

"So shall we just carry on as we were -pretend none of
this was said?" Hamish asked.

Doc appeared to give the matter some thought. "No," he
said eventually, "I don't think that's a good idea at all."

Hamish nodded. "No I didn't think you would."

"So is the station all locked up snugly?"

"Of course."

"Well that's all right then." Doc leaned over to press
his nose against Hamish's, grabbing the back of his head
tightly.  Hamish's eyes met his briefly then the policeman looked down.

"This won't change things between us will it?" Hamish asked.

"Well of course it will!" Doc said.

"Well that's all right then," Hamish said. 

End (maybe)

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