Title: Lock, Stock and One Violent Beating
Author:  Fastfood junkie
Email : fastf00djunkie@yahoo.co.uk
Fandom:  Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Rated: PG-13

Summary – Soap gets himself into a spot of bother. Short, slightly slashy fic.
Pairing – Ed/Soap


Lock, Stock and One Violent Beating

by Fastfood Junkie


“Oh fuck…”

Soap lifted one shaking hand and wiped the back of it across his nose, grimacing as it came back dripping blood. Trying to sit up, he growled as dizziness threatened to topple his balance and a sharp shard of glass pierced the palm of his hand. Pulling away, he leant against the wall and put his pounding head in his hands, trying desperately to breathe properly. The ache in his ribs intensified to a sharp pain every time he inhaled and it blurred his vision to a grey haze.


The warehouse was empty now. A slight cloud of disturbed dust floated near the roof, visible in the beams from the streetlights outside that shone into the building dimly. Wrapping an arm around his chest, Soap glanced from the smashed window near the door to the glass that crunched underneath his body, shuddering in memory of what had happened. His head fell back against the cold stone wall and he swallowed nervously, closing his eyes to block out the ugly picture.




His heart jerked violently and he lifted his head, an action which he soon regretted as the room began to tilt again. The noise outside was followed by a long moment of silence, before a silhouetted figure appeared in the space where the door used to be at the far end of the warehouse. Trying to curl into the wall, Soap bit his lip, heart hammering painfully behind his bruised ribs. Two single footsteps echoed softly around the rafters as the dark figure stepped forwards, head turned in the direction of the crumpled body. It seemed as though he was staring into the darkness, unsure of what he was seeing, before a curse escaped him loudly. Soap instantly recognised the voice.



It came out as a whisper and he choked as the blood in his mouth slipped down his throat. A hand patted him on the back and he gasped as his ribs protested once more.


“Oh god…”


“Shhh, it’s ok mate, you’re safe now.”

The familiar, comforting voice hovered above his head somewhere and as the coughing subsided, he looked up shakily. Ed was on his knees, gazing at him with a worried expression. His arms wrapped around Soap’s body gently, pulling him onto his lap and running a hand through his dark hair.


“Fuck, you’re shivering all over. What happened?”

The question he didn’t want to answer was the one he knew would come first. Opening his mouth, he tried to think of the easiest way to explain it.


“I bumped into a few old acquaintances. They decided they wanted to uhhh…get some payback…”


“Payback? For what?”

Ed watched as his friend’s green eyes softened, taking on a haunted glow in the darkness. He could tell straight away that it was something extremely private. For the first time since they had known each other, Soap stumbled over his words.


“That’s…that’s something I can’t tell you mate.”

Ed’s long fingers ran over the bruises on Soap’s cheekbones, wiping away the blood that trailed from his lips. He nodded in understanding and spent a moment taking in his friend’s appearance. The long black coat was gone and his grey shirt was untucked and ripped in places. Red-brown liquid that had dripped from his nose had stained the material.


“You need to go to hospital.” He commented quietly, knowing even so that there was no way he’d get the other man to go within five miles of a doctor. As expected, Soap’s eyes widened and he shook his head, moving closer to Ed’s warmth in an almost child-like manner.


“Please Soap,” he sighed, “I don’t think I can look after you by myself. You might have broken ribs or something.”


Leaning down he placed a soft hand on the side of his friend’s face and tilted it so that they could look at each other. He was surprised to see painful tears building up in a shimmering layer in Soap’s eyes and he swallowed the lump in his own throat.


“I don’t want you to get hurt even more.”

The smaller man nodded imperceptibly, gazing at him intensely.


“Only if you stay.”


Ed smiled, ruffling the dark curls affectionately. Inwardly he was trying to fight an overwhelming sense of anger. He could tell there must have been at least three on one, and it appeared they had enjoyed fucking with Soap’s mind aswell as his body. There was no way he was going to let this go, but for the moment he pushed it to the back of his mind. He would be able to get Bacon and Tom in to help later, as soon as Soap was back on his feet. Lifting his friend’s head slightly with his hand, he bent down and kissed him softly, tasting the metallic blood that trickled from his lips.


“Course I’ll stay you muppet,”



**The End**



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