Title: 3AM

Author: Gemma

Fandom: The Bill

Pairing: Craig Gilmore/Luke Ashton

Rating: I'd  go for heavy R, but we'll say NC-17 to be safe

Summary:Steamy sex.

Series: Arg. Yes.




by Gemma

It had to happen eventually.
It happened on the 3am nightshift, after a long and trying night. SO19 were called to a domestic hostage situation, and Craig Gilmore was exhausted.
Too exhausted even, to take any notice of Luke. His eyes flicked by Luke and Kerry's brushing hands as he swept by. He didn't even bother to nod. Tired, hungry and cranky, and going home to an empty bed in a rather depressing house. Sean had taken theirs, and he had moved into an old detached fifteen minutes away.
Shower, home, tea, bed.
He turned on the shower, and walked back into the lockers to dump hs clothes. He never really had felt at home in communal showers, too many nasty jokes and off-colour wall drawings.
But it was empty now, and only shades of the past remained.

Luke waved Kerry off at the front, too tired to face another night of failed sex and Kerry's hurt eyes. The first time had been the only time. Still fired up from  The Kiss, as he'd come to capitalise it,he'd gone for it. And felt like a shit all the while after. His flatmate had by now probably either forgotten to turn the boiler on or had used all the hot water. He headed for the showers.

Craig heard someone arrive, but assumed it was Tony, who looked as bashed in as he felt. Tony who'd told Luke not to mess Kerry around. And to be fair, he was right. Craig would have said so even if he'd not had his own interest in Luke. But he wouldn't tell Kerry that, because despite the fact that gay men and straight women were meant to be natural allies, Kerry tended to either squeak or glare defiantly in his presence. Life wasn't all fuzzy, camp <I>Will and Grace</I> antics at Sunhill.

Luke recognised the back instantly. The shoulders and height matched only Craig Gilmore. More muscular than a first glance might suggest, and even he in his confused state could tell that Craig was sexy naked. He felt his stomach knot amd squirm, and a heat that had nothing to do with the steamy water set in.
He sensed that the was a Moment (the capitals thing was getting out of hand). He could take this chance. He could have hot, steamy sex here and now, or he could wash, and leave, and go back to his emtpy bed and have a wank to the soundtrack of Craig's pants in his head.
Well, that strange voice in his head said <I>Duh</I>. This was the same voice that had informed him Craig would be a fantastic kisser, so he had every reason to trust it.

The sensation of a hand on his shoulder made Craig spin round. No Tony, but Luke, looking serious, and intense.
Luke reached over to kiss him, but he pulled away slightly, stopping him.
"Don't start anything you're not ready to finish."
"Don't worry." Luke replied, and kissed him. Like The Kiss, this was hot, and serious. It was do-me-now-please kiss. this time with bare skin. Luke felt he should be panicking, but he couldn't. Craig's skin was so soft, and his hands were firm were they touched. Firm, but not grabby or demanding. His own hands were currently stroking Craig's ass, and pulling them into closer contact.
The first sensation of Craig's hardness was alien, but it made Luke's own harden in reply.
 Craig was kissing his neck, rocking against him slowly.
The movement set off sparks in Luke, and he ground himself up against Craig, re-taking his mouth.
The grinding got faster and didn't last long, Luke coming first with a harsh gasp and Craig a few seconds later, biting his lip to keep from groaning.
They kissed again, before Craig broke away, and squeezed Luke's hand and walked into the locker room.
Luke washed the remains of his come off  his chest and walked out. Where Craig had been was a note-
My house, tomorrow at 8pm.


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