Military Affairs 3/?
Fandom: Dr Who
Pairing: Dr/Brigadier
Rating: NC 17.

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Military Affairs Pt 3

by Heather

Alistair's hands slid down the Doctor's chest, undoing the buttons of his shirt; gently pushing the two halves aside to reveal a bare and heaving chest, the Doctor's hearts still beating double time 
after the previous exertions. Alistair took in the sight, yet again revelling in the joy of being able to experience the new sensations he had barely dared to dream of. He moved to straddle
the Doctor, lowering his head, running his tongue lightly up his chest, stopping on the left nipple, circling the nub, then taking it gently between his teeth and pulling, teasing. The Doctor let out a gasp, Alistair smiled, he had never realised just how much pleasure he could get simply from seeing the Doctor's reactions. He turned his attentions to the other nipple, flicking his tongue in and out, 
raking his teeth on it. The Doctor drew a sharp breath as it hardened, feeling his cock rise at the same time, accompanied by a spreading warm glow like whiskey fire. Alistair's hands moved lower, tentatively reaching down to stroke the Doctor's rapidly hardening shaft. He moaned, delighting in the sensations coursing through his body. An idea struck: he suddenly rolled them over, grinning down at Alistair's confused look. 

"Don't panic soldier boy, I'm just about to widen your experiences"

"I think you've already cranked them a bloody long way apart!" Was Alistair's dry rejoinder.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet..."  

Alistair groaned  "For Heaven's sake Doctor, we really must do something about your lines!"

The Doctor smiled, and flipped Alistair onto his back. He gently pushed his trousers further down, and carefully removed his boots. The discarded uniform was thrown away, and the Doctor turned his attentions to the Brigadier's taut ass.  "You know Brigadier, I've always thought you have a nice arse...."

Alistair turned his head to look at the Doctor, the confused look deepening.

"Back in a second lover... think happy thoughts"  The Doctor left the console room, heading off into the depths of the TARDIS. He returned carrying a pillow, a tube of something, and wearing
a wide grin. He knelt down next to the mystified officer, and gently placed the pillow under his stomach, raising his ass to an even more inviting angle. He moved to straddle Alistair, spreading his legs at the same time. Alistair gasped as the Doctor inserted a lube covered index finger into his ass.  Let me know if I hurt you" whispered the Doctor, his breath hot on his cheek. He slipped another finger into the tight, virgin ass. 

Instinctively, Alistair knew to try and relax himself, as the fingers were withdrawn and he felt the tip of the Doctor's cock touching his entrance. He grunted as the Doctor started to push his way in, a sharp stab of pain blotting everything else out for a moment.  The Doctor continued sliding his length into his ass, slowly withdrawing almost totally, before returning to go even deeper, slowly working his way in until his balls slapped against Alistair's arse, enjoying the delicious tightness. The pain was replaced by a new sensation, pleasurable in a way he'd never experienced before. He gasped as the Doctor quickened his pace, riding his ass, he began to buck his hips in time, maximising the contact between them. He grew hard again, and began to pump his own member in time with the Doctor's ministrations. The Doctor saw Alistair's need, and moved one hand down to stroke his shaft, running his thumb around the head, massaging his balls, whilst all the time continuing his assault on his ass. His thrusting took on an urgent edge as he felt himself near his climax, he began to pump harder on Alistair's own dick. Alistair sensed his closeness and bucked his hips harder, their balls slapping together as the Doctor slammed into him, burying himself up to the hilt. He threw his head back as he felt himself explode deep into Alistair's ass. The Brigadier tightened his ass around the Doctor's dick, milking it, enjoying yet another new experience that evening. He felt his own cock throb, and shuddered as he came, shooting a creamy white jet onto his stomach and the Doctor's hand. The Doctor collapsed onto him, rolling over and lying exhausted and spent on the console room floor. Alistair grabbed him, pulling him close and administering a deep kiss.  "Thank you" he breathed

"We ought to move"

"But not yet"

End part 3. Well, I said it was short. Part 4 will be longer, and may
even have a <gasp>.. PLOT! :-)

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