I'd just like to make it clear that the use of words like 'pufter' aren't words I'd use I'm just trying to reflect views expressed in the 1970s, particularly in the military.

Fandom: Dr Who
Pairing: Doctor/Brigadier
Military Affairs (2/?)
Rating: I can't use the US system, but I guess the BBFC would
give it an X certificate :-)
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Military Affairs Pt2

by Heather

The Brigadier stumbled down the corridor away from the UNIT lab, what the Hell was he thinking? He was an officer in Her Majesty's Army, and he was letting himself be seduced by
another man, not only another man but an alien from God knows where! UNIT had been set up to fight aliens, he was supposed to defend Earth from them, not jump into bed with them! What
the blazes was wrong with him? He wasn't a pufter, not that he really had anything against them of course, his mother had raised him to be an open minded man, that was partly what had got him the post as commander of UNIT. Damn the Doctor for making him think like this. But even as he thought it, he knew he couldn't blame the Doctor. Maybe that sort of thing was normal where he came from, how was he to know? Still, whatever his personal feelings may be, he was still a soldier, and soldiers simply didn't do that sort of thing, especially not the Commanding officers of international organisations. He would just have to learn to ignore such... urges. It was a shame
the Doctor was such an key figure in UNIT, otherwise perhaps he could arrange for him to be transferred, "not that he's exactly official staff" he thought wryly. He glanced down at his watch
_23:39_ he noted, _long past bedtime when reveille is at 06:00__Not that sleep is likely to be on the cards tonight, time to show the troops that the commander hasn't forgotten them_. He
headed off to check the duty rooms, a base like UNIT HQ never truly slept. It was a shame Captain Yates had been forced to leave, he could do with a conversation with the young fellow, 
although the man had had a fairly public thing for Jo Grant, the Brigadier had noticed towards the end of his time with UNIT a change in attitude, and a habit of sidling off to suspicious looking clubs
when the UNIT Officers were out together. He's turned a blind eye to such things, partly because he tried to keep his nose out of his men's private lives, but mostly out of a genuine liking
for the chap.

Alistair found his feet leading him back towards the lab as he roamed the base. As he'd walked he'd come to a number of conclusions, he realised he couldn't ignore his thoughts anymore, he had tried for weeks now and it had very nearly led to a complete breakdown in his relationship with the Doctor, and had badly affected his ability to lead, no, that wasn't an option. He had to either face
his...feelings or resign from the Army. And he didn't like the idea of that all. He was a soldier, that was really all he knew. He joined as a Commissioned Officer straight out of college, he came from
a military family and had never considered another option. No, he would have to sort things out with the Doctor. He took a deep breath and opened the doors to the lab. The Doctor sitting calmly at his bench, working on some gadget or other, he looked completely composed for a moment Alistair panicked: Had he entirely misread the Doctor?  As the Doctor looked up and smiled he knew his fears had been unfounded, the Doctor *did* feel the same way, and what was more, he didn't appear to be at all flustered by it. Well if he wasn't then neither would he be, he was British after all. 

"I thought you might come back. I was getting worried, I was about to start looking for you"

"Hide 'n' seek in the corridors of UNIT HQ eh?"

"Hmmm, the idea has a certain appeal, but I suspect it might cause a few raised eyebrows"

"You're probably right. Wouldn't do for the troops to see the CO enjoying himself now would it?" There was a smile on the Brigadier' face as he said it, but it carried an important message.

"Perhaps you're right." The message was received and understood.

"So then why are you here? If you don't like the idea of hide 'n'seek..."

The Brigadier drew a step nearer. He had intended to sit down and talk things through like a civilised man, but his brain appeared to be taking a back seat in matters tonight. Civilisation be damned.  "There are others games for two"

"Really? How good at them are you?"

"I don't know, but I'm a fast learner, I'm sure I'll.... Pick it up as I go along?"  They were almost touching now, Alistair leaning down over the still seated Doctor. The Doctor stood up suddenly, pressing himself against the shorter man, he ran his hands up the other man's side, pulling him close as his arms encircled his waist, pressing his lips against Alistair's, forcing his tongue into his mouth, exploring every inch. Alistair was temporarily stunned, and stood for a moment taking in the new experience, he was surprised to find the rough feeling of stubble against his cheek such a turn on, he felt his cock hardening in response to the contact, he pressed himself harder against the Doctor and began kissing back with an almost violent passion, his hands roaming all over the Doctor's body, simply enjoying the feeling of what he had dreamed of for so long. He could feel the Doctor's dick pressing against this thigh, mirroring his own, which was now desperately straining for release from his stiff uniform trousers.  He began to rub himself against the Doctor, frantically trying to gain release.

"Patience Alistair, patience" smiled the Doctor.

The Brigadier started, what was he, an inexperienced teenager? Had he no control? _No probably not_ he thought.  "What do you suggest?"

"Somewhere more comfortable?"

"My quarters are on the other side of HQ" _please don't suggest that, I really don't think I can keep my hands off you for that long.

The Doctor seemed to read the Brigaider's thoughts.  "I was thinking more of the TARDIS. Come along"  The Doctor took Alistair by the hand, and led him over to the blue box in the corner.  "There are all sorts of delights in here" he whispered, a playful glint in his eye.

"Really? I'm intrigued"

"Step in to my palour..."

"Really Doctor, that is *the* worst pick up line I've *ever* heard"

"I'm sorry, I thought I'd already picked you up"

"So cut out the bad lines then!"

"Better uses for tongues?"

"Exactly" So saying, he pulled the Doctor into another deep kiss, enjoying being the instigator this time.

"mmmm, I see what you mean. Come in then" He stepped aside, leaving room for Alistair to pass him, but not without pressing up against him. As he passed the Doctor grabbed his arse, kissing him again, ramming him up against the TARDIS wall. This time it was his actions that carried a note of urgency. He pressed himself tightly against Alistair, bucking his hips against him

"Now who needs patience?" Inquired Alistair, breaking the kiss after what seemed like an age.
The Doctor only response was a low growl, as he began to search for the other man's flies. Alistair took the hint, and reciprocated, all thoughts of a bed forgotten. The Doctor found what he was looking for, and Alistair gasped with pleasure as his straining cock was released and the Doctor began to stroke and fondle with skill acquired over nearly seven hundred years. Alistair began
to buck his hips in time with the Doctor's ministrations. The Doctor smiled at the effect his fingers alone were having on him, then suddenly, without warning dropped to his knees and took the whole length in his mouth. The Brigadier cried out at the sudden change in sensation, and nearly came right then. 

The Doctor pushed Alistair's trousers further down, his hands sliding down his thighs, then rising again to cup his balls. The Brigadier let out a low moan as the Doctor began to fondle his balls, whilst continuing to suck and swirl his tongue around Alistair's long, mow rock solid and hot length. 
He rolled his tongue around Alistair's head, enjoying the little gasps and moans of pleasure his actions elicited from the (much) younger man. The action of his hips became more urgent as he climbed towards his climax. The Doctor read the signals and began to bob his head in time with the motion, all the time sucking harder, allowing his teeth to gently rake along the shaft. As Alistair
grew closer, he began to massage the underside of the base, tracing tight whorls with his finger tips. Alistair let out a loud cry as he came and he lost all grip on his mind. The Doctor drank greedily, enjoying the sensation of Alistair's hot seed spurting down his throat, savouring it's salty taste.  Alistair sunk to the floor, spent, heart thumping against his chest, mind reeling at what he had just done. The Doctor leant forward, allowing him to taste himself on his lips. They embraced, sprawled on the TARDIS floor, but without the energy to move themselves.

"Your turn" growled Alistair, as he returned to unfastening the Doctor's flies.  He'd never made love to a man before, but he knew what he enjoyed........

End part 2

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