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Title: 'Target'
Author: Jon Snow
E-mail: jonman2@hotmail.com 
Archive: Yes to Britslash, anyone else please ask first.
Rating: PG-13, attempted Humour
Fandom: CI5, The New Professionals
Pairing: Curtis / Keel

Disclaimer: New Pros, CI5 et al all belong to... Hey, who do these guys belong to? Oh well, for now I'll say Sky and be done with it. The story is mine, all mine I tell you! <evil cackling laugh> (We apologise for the seasonal peppering of this story, but it's traditional)

Warnings: The lack of plot, sex and perhaps even common sense in the world at large are all my responsibility. I apologise for all of them, save for the common sense thing which really isn't my fault. Well, not *exactly* my fault, at any rate.

Summary: Halloween. Gay fancy-dress party. Vampire costumes (let's just say I was inspired<g>). Oh, and 'Big Smoochies(TM)'.


by Jon Snow

"Hey Gorgeous, can I buy you a drink?" a leering member of the Village people was giving Curtis a moustached grin as he leaned over the bar.

"Err, well, erm-" Before the CI5 agent could come up with an excuse, Keel butted in; "Sorry, but he's spoken for" came the familiar American twang, accompanied with an almost perfect smile, save for the slightly long canine teeth.

"You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" Curtis challenged his partner after his admirer had wandered off to find new prey. "What? Just 'cause I like to see you squirm?" Chris sat down on the next stool and motioned to the bartender for two beers. "You know what I mean. Role-play. You love pretending to be something you're not."

"Are we talking vampires or faggots here?" Keel replied, a mock-quizzical look on his face, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly when Curtis shot him a look that could kill. "There's no point in trying to have a 
sensible discussion with you," Curtis replied, taking a swig from his beer, then turning back to face his partner "especially when you're dressed li-"

He was cut short by a pair of lips suctioning themselves on to his own. Not just any lips. Keel's lips. Big, soft, full lips. Man's lips. Alarms started going off in his head. Curtis went to pull away, but the other man had grabbed the back of his head, holding it in place, deepening the kiss as he did so.

When they finally parted, Curtis was too stunned to say anything. "Our target's just entered the premises. He's at my 9 O'clock." The American glanced down at his beer, quickly licking his lips as Curtis turned and 
looked over his shoulder. "Okay, I think I have him. So do you want to tell me now or later why you just kissed me?" Sam asked as he turned back to face his partner.

"I had to create a diversion" Curtis gave him a blank expression, his features emphasised by his hair being gelled back, mimmicing the traditional Dracula look. "He was looking our way..." Keel explained, taking another swig of his beer, thinking the matter was closed.

"Okay, so now try telling me what was with the tongue?"

The American almost spat out what he had drunk. "What are you on about? *you* instigated the tongue!" he protested

"No, *you* did!" Curtis replied

"Look, Sam, just drink your beer so we can get on with this. After we're done you and I can sort this out."

"Okay. Fine." Both men finished their beer in silence. As they got up from the bar, Curtis turned to face his partner.

"Look, just so we're straight about this, I don't mind that you kissed me. You had to. You had no choice. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Look, if I'd kn-" This time it was Keel's turn to be cut short, the other man having grabbed him, kissing him passionately, his strong arms wrapping round his body. As both of them were dressed in black, they looked like one really big person, they were so close.

As Sam went to pull away ('And no doubt say "See how you like it"' Keel thought) the American decided to get a further one up on his friend, deepening the kiss even more, and as he did so, moving his hands to grab both cheeks of Curtis' ass, lifting the balls of his feet a small ways off 
the ground.

Sam could feel Chris's hands groping his buttocks, as well as his tongue investigating what he had had for lunch. He could also feel the curve of the other man's lips, matching his own smile as they kissed in full view of everyone.

As they came up for air, still in their close embrace, Keel challenged his partner "Care to explain?" Curtis smiled "He was looking this way"


"Our target..."

"What target?" Chris replied, tilting his head to let their mouths connect again before Curtis's brain had a chance to process what he had said.

As their tongues mated once again and Keel's finger nails traced patterns through his partner's trousers, Sam had already begun to plot his revenge. 'Oh yes' he thought 'he's gonna die...'


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