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Maybe Tomorrow?

by K9

A kiss?

Oh, yes. A tender, passionate kiss. Soft cool lips sending warm waves of pure unadulterated pleasure straight to Michael's groin.  He smiled and moaned softly at the sensory stimulation. "Kirsty?" he mumbled, still halfway between sleep and waking.

"You bastard!" a male voice said with annoyance, piercing Michael's delightful dream-state.

In a moment, Michael was awake, his legs frantically trying to push him up the bed and away from the intruder. His shoulder hit the headboard with a crack of bone on wood. His hand aimlessly reached for the gun that was no longer there. Blinking, panic clawing at this throat, he held out a futile hand to ward off the soon to be attacker.

"What d'you mean, 'Kirsty'?" the voice chided.

Michael's vision began to clear. He saw a familiar figure sitting on the bed beside him. "Jack?" he croaked.

"I always said you had an unnatural interest in my fiancé," Jack said breaking into a grin.

"What do you want?"

"To see you, mate!" Jack's smile grew wider

"Why?" Michael asked.

"Do I need a reason after all these years? We're friends….aren't we?"

"Jack was my friend. I don't know who you are," Michael insisted, shifting further away from the smaller man who was still sitting on his bed, regarding him hungrily.

"Oh, Mike," Jack sighed. He rested his hand on Michael's duvet covered knee, "You've been spending *far* too much time with those tight-arsed bastards on the squad. I'm still *me*, I promise."

"No. *You* are dead."

"Er….technically speaking, yes. But don't hold that against me, mate," Jack's delicate features opened up into a sly smile, "I never held a grudge against you when I found you screwing that good looking young bloke from traffic, in the evidence store, now did I?"

"That was different…" Michael began to complain.

"Yeah. It should have been different. 'He' should have been *me*," Jack said mischievously.

"Look, we've been through that before, it wouldn't work, we're partners, you're my best mate for God's sake!"

"'Are' Mike? " Clear blue eyes shone with glee.

"Were," Michael looked away, "We *were* mates."

"It's alright, I won't tell your friends about that little 'Freudian' slip, if you don't tell them I've been to visit you."

"More secrets?"

Jack moved in a little closer, almost brushing Michael's chest with his own, "Oh, but we've always had our little secrets, haven't we, Michael?" he said, letting his gaze roam across Michael's barely covered body.

"This is different. I just can't accept what you've become now," Michael grimaced.

"Hey, I'm a vampire, not a bloody bank manager," Jack pouted, "Don't turn your nose up at me, until you understand."

"Understand what?"


"I don't want to understand you, just…" Michael stopped as he looked for the first time into Jack's eyes.

"Just what? Kill us? That's it isn't it? Listen to yourself, Michael, you don't want to understand, you don't want to listen to our side, you just want to destroy us. I seem to remember a bloke called Hitler saying something similar a few years back." Jack looked away; he took a couple of breaths to calm himself. Despite the fact that he no longer needed to take breaths at all.

"It's not that simple, Jack,"

"It could be…if you came with me."

Michael met his friends eyes with a look of surprise, "What?"

"Come with me. Come over…..At least think about it?" Jack urged.

"No!" Michael raged, "I would kill myself before I would become what you are."

For one moment, a flash of pain was visible in Jack's eyes, then, without warning, his face softened into a smile, "I seem to remember you saying that when I voted Tory once!" he quipped.

Despite his anger, Michael returned the smile. Jack always could melt him with his weird sense of humour and easy manner. Not to mention that, deep within him burned a desire for his friend that nothing, not even death, could fully extinguish. "Why did you do it, Jack? Why did you choose *this*?"

"I ran out of options," Jack said sadly, "But none of that matters anymore.   All I want from this 'life' now…is you."


"Because you're the only thing that really still matters to me, " Jack said.

"Did 'they' send you to say that?" Michael asked bitterly.

"No. And they'd be royally pissed if they knew I was here. I've been told to keep away from you," Jack grinned, resembling a naughty schoolboy, who had been found behind the bike sheds with a fifth former.

"Funny, " Michael said ironically, "My lot told me the same thing," he smiled at his friend fondly.

"Think about what I said? Please?" Jack asked.

Michael shook his head slowly, "It's not an option for me, mate. Sorry."

"We'll see. Gotta go. Sun up soon," Jack moved as if to stand up, but instead lunged forward and captured Michael's mouth, sliding a slim hand around his friend's neck, pulling him into a kiss. He pulled away, and grinned. Michael didn't resist, but merely accepted Jack's embrace.

All was not yet lost. "I'll be seeing you," Jack said slowly, "Don't cut yourself shaving!" he waggled his eyebrows, and licked his lips seductively.

Michael gave in to a laugh as he watched his friend walk away, "Jack?"

Turning to face the dark haired man, Jack tilted his head questioningly, "Mmm?"

"I've missed you."

A heavenly smile radiated from the young vampire, "If you need me, you know where I am," he said.


Jack slid his hand up his chest, and tapped his fingers gently across his heart, "Right here," he whispered. With a wink of his eye, he was gone.


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