Fandom: Queer As Folk
Title: Tread Softly...
By: Koenig
Pairing: Stuart Alan Jones / Vincent Tyler (I like
Rating: PG-13 (pardon me for breathing, I just happen
to need language and sex when I write slash...)
Spoilers: Nothing major. Honestly. QAF2 is over, these
two are still crossing them wide open spaces, them
wild cities where the streets have no name and nothing
ever goes to sleep. Apparently...
Disclaimers: They're not mine. None of them. You all
know by now who they belong to, right? RTD, Red, C4.
Feel free to sue, I'm not making a dime out of this...
Summary: Sometimes you've got to give a little. And
sometimes you can't spare shit. Then you're in

Tread Softly

by Koenig

I am this nightmare repeating itself every night. The
hissing sound, the darkened woods. I am alone. I wake
up "Roll over." "Stop kicking me!" "Vince? You still
"No! Go back to sleep!"
Breakfast is so predictable. It's worse than that.
It's deep fried. All of it. Even the coffee tastes
funny. People are so uncivilized. You can't get a
decent espresso at gunpoint here, but at least
everybody tries to, I'll grant them that.
"Fuck! It's still the middle of the night..."
"I beg your pardon?"
"So you should. Third time you wake me up for no
reason. What's the matter with you Stuart? Want a
quick shag? Tough. I got headache. Have a wank babe."
It goes on and on like that all night. Every single
fucking night. One of us will give. Or break, or run.
Those things people do when they're fucking desperate
because they went looking for nothing and found it.
Now they wish for things left behind. Kids, parents,
coffee, rainy days, one-eyed mean fucker leading the

"This isn't working, is it? What the hell are we still
doing here? It's like a bad movie, only there's no
exit. I want to get out."
"And go where?"
"I don't know! Real life, maybe?"
"What do you call this?"
"I call this another planet and I'm sick of it. So are
you, in case you haven't noticed."
"I've noticed. Fuck me!"
"Not in the mood."
"What happened to us?"
"We got to play at running away from home. It was fun
for a couple of... days? Weeks?"
"Now what?"
"Now we stop running. Now we go back."
"That's so like you. You're a coward Vince! I said no
passengers, remember?"
"It's not me, it's just life taking over. I've enjoyed
being taken for a ride, thanks. Now turn over if you
don't mind."
"Why? Are you gonna fuck me?"
"Yeah, any objection?"
"No. There's some lube.."
"Got it covered, smart ass."
"You're developing a weird sense of humor Vince
"Well I'm glad to notice you're not developing a
thing. Your ass is still as tight as our first time.
Of course I never knew you intimately 20 years ago..."
"Eighteen. Ahhh! Can't you try to be .. Ohh!... Feels
good! Fuck me! Fuck me!"
"Try to be what? Gentler?"
"No. Please don't stop! Ahh.. Please! Fuck me!"
"Sorry. Lost the urge."
"Want me to dial you up some nice boy? Someone
younger, maybe?"
"Bastard! Bastard!"
"Hush little baby don't you cry..."
"Makes me laugh. I need a laugh to get me through all
this shit. Thought you'd understood it."
"You think it's funny to give me a hard-on and start
to fuck me and then just stop."
"Yeah, sure. But what's really funny is hearing you
beg me to fuck you. And looking at you now, your eyes
filling up with tears because you want me so bad and
you're not going to have me. How does it feel?"
"Feels like you've been drinking."
"Damned right! And it also feels like being me.
Multiply what you're feeling right now for sixteen
fucking years! And on top of that imagine I'm getting
it off with every slut that comes within a mile of me!
How does that strike you? Answer me!!"
"You're not like this! You don't have all that rage.
You would have said something, done something a long
time ago. Beat me up, fuck me good, tell me to sod
off... You wouldn't bottle it up for now."
"Wouldn't I? Why not? Because all my dreams have come
true? Because we're together on a bed of roses?
Dancing on the shore by the light of the moon? Starry
sky and all that bullshit? Well open up your eyes!
Poetry stayed at home. It's where it belongs. It's
where we belong. This is no place to live or cruise or
cross. This is just an amusement park. You come here,
enjoy the rides. End of the day you go home. Then you
look at the pictures and make yourself believe you had
a wonderful time. That's how it works!"
"So it's time to go home? Is that what you're saying?"
"You know it as well as I do. At least I hope you
"And what happens when we get home? A job? A family?
Health insurance, pension?"
"Of course."
"And if we stayed here?"
"Nothing would happen. We'd be at each other's throats
for a few more years. Then BANG!, double BANG!,
"And you'd rather be back in Manchester than in
"Who wouldn't?"
"Movie stars?"
"I rest my case. What do you say?"
"Something about a little child who's supposed to lead
"That'd be Alfred..."
"I'm beginning to like the 'Fred' bit more and
"Missing home Stuart?"
"I sold my house."
"I said 'home'. 'Home' is here. Can you feel it
pounding? Where does it pound strongest?"
"Wherever you are. Wherever Alfred is."
"OK, so at last a nice movie cliché. That's your home.
That's why I'm taking you there."
"No more beds of roses..."
"Famous for its roses, England is."
"Can't we dance by the light of the moon? Just once in
a while?"
"Famous local tradition."
"And will I get fucked and sucked and kissed and
"Pretty much all the time."
"Take me home Vince. Sounds good."
"Always was."
"How do we get there?"
"Haven't you seen this a thousand times. We wait for
the sunset, we get into the car we hold our hands high
above our heads and jump into the sunset?"
"That's how you get home?"
"Sure is."
"What if we fall?"
"We won't. Don't you trust me?"
"Yes, but I'm scared... I'm afraid of falling. Falling
"That's a different story. Besides, I'll be there to
catch you."
"And what if the car falls down? Do we die like
"Of course not. We just ride a passing hurricane and
bump our heads and wake up home."
"Let's go then! Vince?"
"I know. I love you too."


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