Fandom: Queer As Folk
Title: White ~ Pink ~ Orange
By: Koenig
Dramatis Personae: Nathan / Vince / Stuart
Rating: 15
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Disclaimers: all characters by Russell T. Davies
Spoilers: none
Timeline: after QAF #1, presuming QAF #2 didn't exist


by Koenig

~ White ~

London! Shit, you can fuck London. Settled couples
going to Soho, some of them actually living there! And
tourists with their wide-eyed enchantment. Foreigners
with fat bellies and sculptural escorts...

I'll take Manchester any day, at least I'll reign over
Canal Street everyday. So I do, I did.

I came back in a snow blizzard. I popped down
something to feel warm and majestic. I can do it! I'll
be 16 now! Fuck age!...

Whatever I popped down is mildly soothing. No more
headaches. No excessive sleep, either.

I miss Donna.

I want to shag Stuart until he begs for mercy... or
for more.

This is my nature, can't help it. Predatorial but so
innocent, so unblemished by life.

Mom took pity, Mom took me in. Immaculate room, comfy
bed, clean white sheets so white...
I press my forehead against the window. It's cold
inside and outside and it's snowing.

I feel strangely settled. Must be the whites. Pills,
snow, sheets. Moonlight. Stuart's skin. Talcum powder.
Cocaine. Cotton. The lot, the whites.

~ Pink ~

If only I could stop loving you Stuart... But do I
want that? No. No! No... Reach you? How can I? You
fly at impossible heights and my feet are firmly
rooted on the ground.

There's this new article in some guy's magazine about
these pills. Pink, would you believe it? More like
strawberry mash - only 'normal' people don't mash
their strawberries... do they?
I'll give them a go.
Might give my gutless self some guts. Guts to go and
face you, confront you, fuck you, have you inside

Oh Stuart, why can't you leave me and come back

Don't worry. I'm not the kind who'd do such a stupid
thing. There's people to think of and all. And then
there's you and I just know it - without good reason -
that I'd hurt you to the point of... No! Let's not...
I won't think about that now.

I'll pop down some pinkies and glue my eyes to the TV.
Usually works... Yeah. Sure.

~ Orange ~

No fear tonight
The hounds stand clear of my torch
Not the light that puts them off
My fears in one do the trick,
and it's just as well...

Orange pills? What is this, the 70s? Been there,
shagged those. OK, I'll try to pretend I can't be
bothered to go look for others


Vince! Vince... Oh yes...
Bliss! Bliss...
Vince-Bliss, he-me, life-lives one-our sum


Still looking and searching a word. Because I know
that's what you need from me. I hate myself for being
such a fucking twat. I need words, orange. Orange
familiar words to lead us to...

...bliss, Vince?


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