Title: When Momma's Away
Author: Losh
Email: loki@globalreach.net 
Fandom: Little Mermaid
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Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one in this here fic and I'm sure they're happy about that.
Rating: G
Notes: Yet another pairing I couldn't resist. And I probably shouldn't have done this to the two of them but… *shrug* That never stopped me before.

When Momma's Away

by Losh

Flotsam darted around the cave entrance and avoided the grasping reaches of
the past victims of the witch. Ursula had said she wouldn't be back for
several hours but she lied too much and too often for him to take her word.
And the last thing he or Jetsam wanted was to get caught by her. Her
temper was none to be trifled with and he was no trifler. Well, at least
not when it came to her.


Flotsam jerked in surprise at the sound of the voice and slammed the lower
part of his body against the wall. He glared at the other eel when he
giggled and slithered past him. "Ssshe'sss definitely gone. I followed
her all the way to the clam bedssss and ssshe wasss ssssstill going
sssstrong." Flotsam paused as he remembered the sight of her corpulent
body skimming over the tops of the ocean floor. "Amazzzzzing really that a
ssssquid that sssizzzze can ssswim for sssuchhhh disstancessss." He said
and swam past the other eel.

"Yesssssss, you would think ssshe'd havvve to ssstop at least once to
consssume an entire sssquad of Tritan'ssss mighty Merwarriorssss for
energy." Jetsam sniggered. He looked up and realized he was talking to
himself and hurriedly weaved his way though the tunnel and caught up with
Flotsam. "Ssssssooooo… Can I be firssst thisss time?" Jetsam beseeched and
brushed up against Flotsam.

Flotsam bobbed in place and wrapped his tail around Jetsam lovingly. "Of
coursssse you can. But I get to put it on you."

Jetsam rubbed against Flotsam in thanks then streaked through the water to
Ursula's room. Flotsam laughed and swam after him, he couldn't wait to get
started. He arrived and saw Jetsam already curled up in front of the
vanity. "Not very anxioussss, are you?" he teased.

Jetsam smirked and just patted the empty area next to him on the wide stool
with his tail. "Hurry up or I won't get to do you."

"I'm sure we'll have at least a couple of hours this time before she comes
back." Flotsam hissed. He sidled up next to Jetsam and curled his tail
around him and reached for a kelp-tube filled with a bright red pasty
substance. He squeezed it gently until some of the paste oozed out. 
Grasping it between his uneven teeth he leaned towards Jetsam and started
applying it to the eel's lips. He drew back after a bit, "Mmm thisss color
looksss sssssooo good on you." He muttered around the tube. Jetsam beamed
up at Flotsam and gave him a kiss, leaving a blot of color on Flotsam's

Flotsam licked his lips and eyed Jetsam's sleek form before he replaced the
kelp-tube and examined the various other pastes, ashes and colors. "Be
right back." He said and dashed off into the other room. A minute later he
appeared with a former merperson. It's shrivled and wrinkled body dangling
from his mouth. He retook his spot next to Jetsam and dipped the shriveled
form into an open clamshell and coated its bottom with the dark volcanic
ash. He twisted around and began to apply the eyeshadow, being careful not
to press too hard. After he finished with both eyes, he discarded the
merperson with a flip of his head and nuzzled Jetsam's neck.

Jetsam smiled and waved at the giant clam Ursula used as a bed, with his
tail. "Flotsam…" he nearly whined, "Let'sss…" He broke off as a crashing
sound came from the entrance of the cave.

The eels looked at one another with horror filled eyes. "Ssshe'sss home." 
They exclaimed in unison. Quickly, Jetsam grabbed a few strands of seaweed
and wiped the make-up off his face. Flotsam found the discarded merperson
he'd tossed out the way earlier and gobbled it down so Ursula wouldn't ask
any questions as to how it found it's way there. He looked around for
anything else that might be out of place then checked Jetsam's face for any
trace of make-up and nodded when he saw nothing.

Jetsam gasped when he saw the bit of color he'd left from his kiss. He
reached up and wiped it off with his tail. "There." He glanced towards
the other room as another crash came from it. "Ssssounds like ssshe's in
another mood." He sighed and looked at Flotsam hopefully, "Next time,

Flotsam darted his tongue out and licked Jetsam's nose. "Yessss, next

The eels grinned secretively and winked their one glowing yellow eye
at the other and went dashing off to greet Ursula when she called out,
"Poopsies. I'm home. Come greet momma."

~ fin ~

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