Title: Temporary truce 
Author: Mareen
Email: syad.nms@gmx.net 
Fandom: Ultraviolet
Rating: nc17
Pairing: Jack Beresford/Michael Colefield

Summary: Uhm...Jack and Mike are having a temporary truce maybe?

Disclaimer: The characters of this story belong to Channel 4
Television/World Productions (and Fox Television now). They don't belong to me. No
infringement intended. 

Archive: yes. Whoever wants it. Just tell me about it.

Notes: Probably a PWP. 
I also don't know if Sci-Fi already aired all the episodes of UV. If
Sci-fi hasn't: Major spoiler for "Persona Non Grata" (Ep 6) ahead.

Beta-read by Gail, who's writing around 1 million stories right now but
still had enough time to do this for me. Thanks. :-)

Temporary Truce

by Mareen

He was just lying there on the bed, on his stomach, with his legs slightly
spread to give Jack better access. He should feel ashamed of himself, he
knew that perfectly well, but he was too wrapped up in the feeling of his
friend...ex-friend...the vampire...his enemy...of *Jack* filling his body and
slowly moving in and out of him. 

Mike kept his hand in front of his head, stretched out like the rest of
his body. The fingers moved a bit, drawing together and making a fist,
drawing together and making a fist again,always in sync with Jack`s movements and
the feelings those movements inflicted on him,the incredible burning that
was about to destroy him from the inside. 

A humming sound seemed to fill his chest when he pressed his forehead down
on the pillow and opened his legs even more for Jack, but he realized that
it was just the deep breath he heaved. 

Then there was *him* suddenly, Jack, his hands closing hard over Mike's
own and making them stop moving. Instead, Jack moved alone, rotating his
hips, agonizingly slow and arousing. 

His mouth closed down on Mike's neck, wandering up and down it, as if it
was searching for something A tongue flickered out and licked over the
sweaty skin and Mike stiffened and tried to roll away but Jack held him, pressed
him down on the mattress, forced him to stay. 

Mike could hear the vampire`s low laugh from behind him. 

"I won't bite, Mike," he whispered into his ear. "Trust me." He
chuckled, and the breath that hit Mike felt much too warm to come from a man who was
in usual terms dead. 

Suddenly, Jack pushed his hips forward hard and buried himself deep in
him, and Mike was barely able to hold back a groan. 

He bit his lower lip angrily to fight the urge to just let go and to
forget the promise he had made himself when this had all started...before this
madness had begun. The promise that he wouldn't make a sound, that he
wouldn't give Jack the satisfaction of realizing how aroused he really was. 

How long he had wanted that body that was now pressed to his backside, he
really couldn't remember. He only knew that those feelings had been wrapped
up in the deepest parts of his mind, so deep he hadn't even been aware of
them until this evening. But now that they had been brought to the surface,
they had done so with a vengeance that made it hardly possibly for him to
fight them. 

A hard push into his ass sent his groin straight into the cushions of his
bed and Mike bit on his lip that strongly, he could feel the first drops of
blood fill his mouth. Behind him, Jack growled. Mike wondered for a second
if it was about the smell of blood or the feeling of being inside another

Suddenly, a hand grabbed him around the stomach and easily and swiftly
pulled him up so he was on his hands and knees, his ass up in the air. Jack
didn't even had to pull out of him to do that. Maybe it really was true and
people became stronger when they got infected. Mike didn't really care about it

Let Angie do the research. 

He swallowed hard and let his head fall forward on the pillow. Facing the
window, he stared at the full moon shining through it. Warm air filled the
room. The window was still open, the way Jack had left it when he had entered
the apartment through it. 

It is a lie that vampires can't come into your home if you don`t invite

Jack's hands ran over his chest and his fingernails scratched the skin
deeply enough to irritate it. Mike hissed, more from the sensation than the

He felt so *full*, so filled with Jack, of his body and his mind,
possessed by the man who had been his friend before he had become what they called
a Code 5. 

Jack wasn't even moving. He just stayed where he was, bent over Mike's
body, his cock buried inside of him, the hands roaming, pinching and
scratching, the lips on his back, kissing him. 

Mike stiffened again when sharp teeth started nipping on his skin, not yet
drawing blood, but very near to it. On the first long lick over his back,
Mike bit down on his pillow to hide the deep groan building in his throat. 

He could feel Jack sighing against him. 

The sudden returning of the thrusting into his body surprised him a bit,
and out of that surprise, he let go a short gasp before pulling his hand to
his mouth and biting down on it hard. The metallic taste of blood filled his
mouth from the cut on his lip. 

More blood was running over the fist in his mouth and fell down on the
pillow in little drops of deep red. 

He closed his eyes and let the feeling of Jack possess him. The thrusting
was getting stronger and deeper and with every one, Jack brought him nearer
to climax. The other man's grunts filled the room. Jack had never been
afraid to let everyone know when he was enjoying himself. 

Maybe the long look Jack had given him on their last encounter should have
been a warning to him. Or his "Let's keep in touch.". Or that he hadn't
been able to just shoot Jack when he had the chance to do it. But he hadn't. Or
maybe he just hadn't wanted to. 

Again, he bit down on his own skin when the urge to just let the scream go
became overwhelming. He felt the skin break under his teeth, felt the sweat
mingling between their bodies, heard the slapping of skin against skin,
felt that incredible friction inside his body when again and again Jack slammed
into him, touching that certain spot inside his body. 

He pressed his eyes together until tears ran down his cheeks, just to not
let Jack hear his moans. But inside, he was doing it, inside he couldn't
hold it back. Without him being able to stop himself, he finally let his other
hand find his own hard member and he grabbed it and stroked once, so very
near to the edge now, before Jack caught his hand and stopped 
him with his strong grasp. 

"No," he hissed. "Just me." 

Jack howled with his next thrust, and nothing human was left in that

"So this is how Vampires sound when they are coming," flashed through
Mike's mind. He was nearly able to chuckle before the next movement from Jack
deep into his body ripped every coherent thought out of his mind and with a
choked sound into his fist, Mike suddenly came, pulling Jack with him. Jack's
long and still only half-human moan filled the room. 

Somehow, Jack had managed to let them both fall to their sides. Mike could
still feel him inside of him, although Jack had pulled out, but the memory
of him was still there...that, and Jack's tongue, licking him again. 

For the first time for what seemed to be an eternity although it was only
minutes, Mike stiffened again over a touch from Jack. 

"I still won't bite you," Jack answered that, a bit seductively. "Yet." He
closed his arm around Mike's stomach and stroked his chest. "I like you the
way you are now. That's why I came here in the first place." He hummed into
Mike's neck-hair, kissing his hairline. His hand found Mike's thigh, then
pushed itself down between his legs. He lazily stroked. "You should be more
careful about your open windows", he whispered, "if you don't want to have 
me here..." 

Mike pressed his lips together to keep himself from groaning, when the
hand made its way off his groin, then over his nipples, back to his hip. 

"Did you want me to come back to you?" 

Jack's words were followed by another lazy movement, this time the pushing
of his groin towards Mike's ass. Mike withstood the urge to push back to
meet it. 

"But why would you leave your window open, if you didn't," Jack answered
his own question. 

His hand clasped between their bodies and he pushed it down between Mike's
legs from behind. Automatically, Mike opened them for him. Jack gave a low
laugh into his ear. 

"If I just would have known earlier," he whispered. He found Mike's balls
and fondled them. A sigh escaped the other man. "But I always thought you
just had the hots for my fiancèe, not me, too. - If I'd just known earlier
you would just trash your clothes and your beliefs and let me do you...I'd
have tried seducing you much earlier." 

He gave Mike's balls a last appreciative slap, then rolled himself out of
the bed and got up. 

Frowning, Mike turned and stared at him. 

"Oh come on!" Jack said, laughing a bit. "Did you expect cuddling till
dawn? What do you want me to become? A big pile of dust?" 

He grabbed his clothes from the ground and vanished into the bathroom.
Mike heard the water running for a moment, then the sound of clothing being put
back on. He was still lying on the bed the way Jack had left him, when his
ex-partner and ex-best-friend reappeared in the bedroom. 

They stared at each other for a moment. Then Jack walked around the bed to
stand beside Mike. Cocking his head, he looked down at him even somehow

"We'll keep in touch again, yeah?" 

Jack bit his lip and stared at Mike's face, before finally bending down
towards his mouth. His tongue flickered out again and he licked over the
half-dry blood on Mike's mouth. The saliva burned in the cut and Mike's hand
flung instinctively up to his lips to touch it. 

"Just cleaning you off", Jack whispered. "Can't waste that, can we?" 

He pulled himself back up and turned towards the window. 

"Jack," Mike said tonelessly. 

The other man turned. "Yeah?" 

Mike frowned in earnest. "Next time we see each other...I kill you." 

Jack pursed his lips in a slight smile. "Yeah," he answered smugly. "Maybe
you do. - Maybe you'll surprise me." 

He easily pushed himself on the window-sill and let himself fall outside.

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