TITLE:  A Phone Call Away
AUTHOR:  Pathos

DISCLAIMER:  These two certainly do not belong to me - they belong to others who don't have nearly as much fun with them as I tend to!!

Once again this is dedicated to the Keeper of my soul and sanity - even if she takes them both with her half way around the world! Oh, and Sweetie...Now that you have told everyone that I am a tease...I get to do things like this! Hope you enjoy it - your opinion means everything.

To Bron, who is such a wonderful Beta...how gallantly she patiently corrects my tense problems...I promise to learn one day! You deserve more than hugs...but I offer them anyway as a token of my gratitude.

To everyone else...this is because Chakotay and Paris won't talk to me so that I can finish my VOY story...so I tried to show them what they were missing out on<g> well I don't know about them, but I feel better about being ignored! Please excuse my ignorance of anything alarmingly out of place for our HL heroes...if the episode doesn't have Methos in it - I don't watch it - it is that simple! Oh - and this was supposed to be an outdoor shower scene... don't ask - I have no idea what happened!

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A Phone Call Away

by Pathos


Duncan was tucked up in bed reading a book when the phone rang. He glanced at the clock, it was after midnight - not good. He picked up the receiver.

"Duncan MacLeod..." his voice was tinged with equal parts trepidation and irritation.

"Are you in bed, Duncan MacLeod?"

Duncan's face lost its hard edge as he recognised the voice at the other end of the phone. As usual, the sound of that voice sent a shiver down his spine.

"Yes, I'm reading a good book, my lover abandoned me this evening for work." He replied.

"What are you wearing?" the voice asked.

"A pair of old shorts."

"Sounds delicious. I would like to be the one to take them off you Duncan MacLeod. Slowly, oh so slowly over your hips, down past your buttocks, along your thighs and finally own your legs, until they were all the way off and flung down beside the bed to be forgotten."

His voice seduced, and Duncan struggled against being lured under his spell.

"Take them off for me, Duncan MacLeod. Just like I told you I would do it...slowly"

"And if I don't?"

"Then we can't progress, can we Duncan MacLeod, of the Clan MacLeod. We can never get to the part where I use my hands to show you how much I worship your body."

Duncan was lost. He succumbed to the voice that was beckoning and offering so much. He pulled his shorts down slowly, just like it had been described to him, pretending that it wasn't his own hands that were caressing his flesh, but another's.

"Are you naked now, Duncan?"

"Yes" was the hoarse reply.

"Are you ready to continue?"

"Oh God Yes!"

The voice at the other end of the phone changed tack suddenly.

"What would you like me to do Duncan MacLeod?"

"Touch me." Duncan pleaded.

'Where?" the voice asked coolly.

"Everywhere... just touch me. I want to feel your hands on my skin. I want to be able to still feel your touch after you hang up, I want my skin to tingle after we have finished... just touch me!" Duncan begged.

"Shh, calm down MacLeod...we have only but begun...we have all night." The tremor in the once cool voice belied that claim.

"Close your eyes, Duncan and place your hand on your chest...pretend that I am touching you. My hands on you. You like that, don't you MacLeod?"

"You know I do" Duncan murmured, lost in the sensation as his hand glided across his chest, finding and swirling around one taut nipple. He hissed.

"Slowly Duncan...don't race. Let your hand move downwards, over your stomach...umm - I do like a man with a flat stomach Duncan. That's it, keep going...just a little further...where is my hand now MacLeod?"

"You know where it is."

"Say it...tell me where my hand is."

"Wrapped around my cock. It wants to move..."

"Well by all means let it move, Duncan. Tell me how that feels." The voice was by no means cool and distant now.

"I want it...." Duncan's voice was no more than a restless murmur.

"How do you want it?"

"Here and now...I want you to finish it...here and now."

Duncan was almost incoherent with need as he tried to hold onto reality, only to feel it slip away as his arousal expanded to take over all his conscious thought.

"That's it Duncan, faster now, a little faster..."

Duncan's hand moved to carry out the voices' bidding, settling into a rhythm that was guaranteed to make him come within moments, but something was missing.

"Oh please...more...I need more.please." he begged.

"Open your eyes, Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod...that's it, look up." The voice on the other end of the phone compelled.

Standing framed by the door, one hip nonchalantly leaning on the doorjamb, was the object of Duncan's desires and the voice from the end of the phone, one hand hooked into the waist band of his jeans, the other holding a phone to his ear, his face shadowed by the light from the bedside lamp.

"Oh no you don't Duncan...keep going, only keep your eyes open and fixed on me now. I am not done with you yet."

It was too much for Duncan. The sight and voice of his lover at the same time was more than enough outside stimuli to take him over the edge with a hoarse shout. He dropped the phone and concentrated on the waves of pleasure breaking over his body as he continued to milk his cock. The crooning tone from his lover helped him prolong the feeling. Finally spent, he lay gasping on the bed, one hand flung out where he had tried to grasp the edge of the sheets during his orgasm. The telephone lay abandoned beside him on the bed.

Duncan was oblivious to it all as he tried to bring his breathing back under control in the aftermath of his climax. He didn't even hear his lover approach and was only aware of him when he sat on the bed, close to Duncan's head, using his fingers to comb back the hair which had come unclasped during the call.

"You," he gasped "are truly outrageous!"

His lover merely smiled slightly. "Are you saying that you didn't like it MacLeod?"

Duncan looks incredulously up at his lover, then back down to his chest and groin which were covered with his own semen.

"I don't think I could quite convince myself, or you for that matter, of that one. I only meant that we've never done that before"

He caught his breath as the very hand that he had been instructed to envisage during the call touched him for real, the fingers traced patterns through the semen pooling on his stomach.

"No? you wish something a little more conventional from me then?" his lover purred. With little warning, the lithe body swung up and over Duncan's, his thighs tight against Duncan's sides as he swooped in to possess his lips in a deep kiss, which demanded his surrender. Without a thought, Duncan gave under the pressure being applied and allowed the plundering tongue the entrance it was demanding. They broke apart, panting. There was little noise in the room save the laboured breathing of the two men locked together in the middle of the bed.

"I listened, MacLeod as you brought yourself to completion and now it's my turn."

With those words, Duncan's lover rose and began to remove his clothing, never once allowing his eyes to fall from where they had captured Duncan's. Mesmerised by the pale skin being revealed slowly, Duncan could no more turn away than he could stop breathing voluntarily. His lover's movements were sensuous as he got rid of the final barrier between them.

"Like what you see, Duncan?"

"Oh yeah." was the whispered response.

"Well come and get it...it's yours."

Duncan moved with surprising swiftness to grab at his pale lover and pull him down onto the bed. His hands explored the lithe frame, not missing a dip or hollow as he used his mouth to convey his feelings. Only the fact that he had already climaxed once that evening stopped him from entering his lover immediately.

His lover felt none of Duncan's calm, and ruthlessly moved to once again be sitting astride Duncan in one smooth move, his pelvis resting on Duncan's groin. They both moaned as their cocks come into contact for the first time that evening.

"Not the time to take it easy Duncan.... I'm hurting here..."

Duncan's only response was to wrap one of his hands around his lovers and move it so that he could wrap their joined hands around both oozing cocks. Setting a pace that was guaranteed to get them both off without much delay, he moved so that he could grip his lover's hip with his other hand.

Still caught up in each other, neither moved to break the eye contact as wave after wave of sensation rolls over them. The silence of the room was broken by a shout as the tension finally broke and almost in unison the two figures on the bed begin to climax. Removing his hand from his lovers cock, Duncan moved so that he could grip his lover with two hands, pressing him even closer into his hips, trying to imprint him onto his own body as they shuddered together, their breath coming in ragged gasps.

As they slow to a stop, both were silent, trying to get racing hearts under control, their arms were wrapped tightly around each other. After what seemed an eternity, Duncan moved to speak.

"So I take it that you finished early tonight Methos?"

There was a small chuckle.

"You could say that...but any longer and we would have both been dead Duncan!"

Duncan snorted. "I dinna mean that Methos. I meant the business that you had to attend to tonight."

"You were my business Duncan, the only business that would get me out on a cold night anyway!"

Duncan pulled away from Methos slightly.

"You mean to tell me that you went out tonight so that you could phone me? he asked incredulously

"Well, it did have its rewards didn't it?" was the complacent rejoinder.

"Och that it did, Methos that it did."

Both men were quiet, content to be wrapped up in one another and the silence secure in the knowledge that they were loved by the person that they were with.




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