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Fandom: Hornblower
Pairing: Horatio/Captain Pellew
Rating: Nc-17
Challenge: Sex in a hammock. 
Status: complete

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A Thought of Thee

By Reets

Horatio Hornblower crept through the underbrush back toward the shore. Two days earlier he and a crew of five, including Capt. Pellew boarded a long boat; the trip was to be short, jetty over to another ship and board. The winds and storms saw differently and as the small boat 
tossed and heaved, most of the crew were sent into the sea. He was thankful when a hand pulled him from the current. Even happier to find the hand attached to his captain. He pushed past the last low tree and nodded a greeting to Pellew. “Nothing sir, no huts, villages, just nothing.”

“You mean to tell me we’ve found a deserted island, Mr. Hornblower.”

“Would seem so sir.” Horatio knelt down and took a deep breath. He had covered several miles in a short distance and needed to catch his breath.

“Are you all right Mr. Hornblower?”

“Yes sir, just a bit winded. Made good time though.”

“Yes indeed.” He noted the flushed look on the young man's face and smiled to himself. Horatio Hornblower was quite a handsome man. He cleared his throat at the thought and busied himself. “Tomorrow you can go further inland.” He heaved several pieces of driftwood inside the ring 
of rocks they used for a fire and turned to his young companion. “It’s getting late, we should cook these fish and sleep.”

“Yes sir.” Horatio began striking the flint with a stone until the sparks ignited the tan grasses. They cooked the fish and ate in relative silence. For two nights now he’d slept in close contact to the good captain and he worried about his mind. Each time he climbed into the makeshift 
hammock the captain would spoon against his back, this brought a new sensation to his body as the older man’s groin rubbed against his arse. Sex was not something that he’d had time for and sex with his captain, unheard of. But his manhood would swell to almost painful proportions 
and he’d have to excuse himself into the jungle. Tonight he stared at the hammock. “Sir?”

“Yes, Mr. Hornblower?”

“Should I not stay awake, make sure we don’t miss any ships?”

“As you wish my boy, but you’ll be twice as tired tomorrow.”

“Perhaps shifts, sir. I could watch at night and sleep by day.”

“Does my company offend you so?”

“Oh no,” Horatio thought about the right things to say, but nothing would come. “I didn’t mean that at all sir.”

“It’s quite all right Mr. Hornblower. Shifts it is.” Pellew retired to the hammock but could not sleep. He kept recounting the feel of Hornblower pressed against him. With a sigh he closed his eyes and forced himself to sleep. 

Horatio sat all night staring out at the sea. He glanced back several times to watch Captain Pellew sleep and wondered if he’d ever say or do a right thing in the man’s eyes. He seemed to step on toes and fumble when he was around the captain. Not good if he wanted the Lieutenant 
position. Tomorrow, tomorrow he’d make it up to Pellew, somehow.

First light found Hornblower fast asleep in the sand and the captain fishing. When he brought back several fish and dribbled the water on the young seaman he jumped awake. “Sorry sir.”

The captain smiled and sat down on a rock near the fire ring. “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Do I frighten you?”

“Frighten? Sir?”

“Does the thought of being alone with me, scare you?”

“Of course not,” He shook his head vigorously. “Why do you ask?”

“Because you seem scared out of you mind.” 

“No sir…”

“Yes, but let me assure you of something Mr. Hornblower. I am your commanding officer and I believe up until now, I’ve been a friend as well…”

“I owe you my life…”

“Stop interrupting.”

“Yes sir.” Hornblower lowered his head, but Pellew stepped close and raised it. 

“I would not force you to do anything you weren’t comfortable with.” Pellew saw the look of understanding on the young man’s face and relaxed a bit. The dark eyes smiled up at him. So young, so handsome. “Now, enough of this nonsense. You’ll sleep in the hammock at night 
and we’ll both watch by day. Three days now, not much chance of a rescue.”

“No sir, I know.”

“Best cook this breakfast, at least stave off starvation for a bit.”

“Yes sir.” 

The smile was warm and bright and Pellew smiled back. The wait for rescue would be long, but could prove to be quite interesting.

Ten days on the beach.

Hornblower was down to his britches now, his shirt hung open and undone. The captain was a bit more modest but the stockings were gone now and he enjoyed the feel of the sand between his toes. He smiled as his young companion approached with several crabs. “You’re good at 
that Rache.” 

“Thank you, sir.”

“For goodness sakes, Edward, boy. I think we’ve established enough of a relationship to drop the formalities here. Don’t you?”

“Yes si… I mean Edward.” Horatio blushed and dropped the crabs near the fire. “We’ll have to steam them somehow.”

“Right, use the overcoat and lots of water.” 

The sun was setting as they finished their meal and Pellew settled down in the cot for the night. “Coming Rache.” He couldn’t bear to keep saying Mr. Hornblower and the full name Horatio was a bit much. He shorted it to his tastes and the younger man didn’t seem to mind. 

“In a moment.” Horatio headed into the jungle, but found that the erection he was expecting wasn’t there. He shrugged it off and went back to the captain. “Ready.” The hammock was a little hard to handle sometimes with two people in it. It took careful manipulation and planning not to dump them both on the sand. But after a week they hand managed. Pellew steadied the hammock as Horatio climbed over him and settled down in his arms. Shared space, shared warmth, shared 
protection from spiders, snakes and crabs that dotted the beach. For some reason tonight was to be a very tiring night. Neither man could sleep; both struggled to get comfortable with the hammock and each other. Finally, Hornblower turned to his captain. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, why?” He shifted again, this time he ended up on his back with Hornblower on top of him. 

“You seem restless.”

“And you’ve not been?”

Horatio lowered his head and listened to the pounding of Pellew’s chest. “I have learned so much from you. You’re a great man and a good friend.”

“Flattery is not needed in this situation Mr. Hornblower.”

At hearing his full name he knew the captain must be upset with him and he raised his head. “What did I do wrong, sir?”

“Wrong?” Pellew was trying to get out of the hammock, but he couldn’t. “Boy, you’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Then why are you upset with me?”

“I’m not,” He gasped as the younger man’s lips met his, but it was so quick that he didn’t have time to react. “Horatio?”

“I’ll sleep in the sand.” 

“No,” Pellew held him still. “You’ll do no such thing.” 

“I’m making your uncomfortable.” He watched the captain’s eyes for signs of disapproval but saw none.

“Get up a moment, please.”

When they were both standing Pellew took Hornblower’s hand. “Listen to me. I want to be close to you, but you’re young and I’m frightened that I’ll hurt you.”

“I’m old enough to let you know if I’m in pain sir.”

“After we’re rescued, this can never get out, nor can it continue, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” 

“Remove your trousers.” Pellew watched as the younger man unbuttoned the flap of his britches and slipped them down his hips. “This too.” A slight blush ran across those beautiful cheeks as he slid down his underclothing as well. “Now, do the same for me.” 

Hornblower met his eyes and nodded slowly. First, the shirt was slipped off the older man’s frame. Horatio smiled at the defined muscles. He knelt down, undid the buttons, and watched as they fell away. He peeled down the white undergarment, the captain’s erection pointed straight at him and he grinned. It wasn’t the first erect cock he’d ever seen; well it was the first man’s cock. The captain swayed his hips and the head brushed his lips. He glanced up at Captain Pellew and licked his lips. “Do you want me to?”

“That’s up to you.” Pellew closed his eyes as a timid tongue licked the end of his shaft. It teased the slit and then circled the delicate underside. He wanted to shove the entire thing down that beautiful throat, but he held back. If given proper time and instruction this young man would be a fine officer and lover. He wouldn’t rush the training now. 

The taste wasn’t unpleasant and Horatio opened his mouth a little wider and slipped the head inside. He took as much as he could and nearly choked as the captain started rocking in and out of his mouth. He pulled back and looked up for acceptance or disapproval. “Come here. Have I  ever told you how beautiful you are? No, of course not.” He sat Horatio sideways on the hammock and knelt beside it. He planted kisses on the smooth chest, teased the taunt nipples and nipped at the quivering stomach muscles beneath his mouth. “You are beautiful Horatio, I’m sure 
you’ll have dozens of lovers in your lifetime.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Will I have the privilege of being the first?”

“What? Oh, yes.” 

“No young ladies in your past?”

“No sir. I am a…” His pause was long and he looked down at Pellew. 

“You can say the word, it’s not a bad thing Horatio.”

“A virgin sir.”

Pellew smiled. His prize was sweeter than he could have imagined. Now he’d have to make this the most perfect experience in this young man’s life. He dipped his head and took the engorged organ in his mouth. It wasn’t long before his efforts were rewarded and the warm seed oozed 
down his throat. “There, how was that?”

“Damn perfect sir.” They both laughed. 

“Do you think you could manage something like that for me?”

“I’ll try sir.” 

“Good, all I ask.” He held back as best he could and signaled the young man when he was ready to burst forth. No need in gagging him with the stuff before he’s used to it. 

The next two nights found them in the same position each night. By day Pellew had began crushing coconuts, when Horatio began asking questions he would send him away to fish. The next night Pellew climbed into the hammock early and motioned for his lover. “What are you up 

“You’ll see young man, climb on, but when you do I want you high enough so I can service you from the hammock.”

“Right, we’ll kill ourselves.”

“Not if it’s done right.” He smiled; his plan was coming together perfectly. To his amazement, Horatio wasn’t already rock hard, instead he was totally flaccid. “Something wrong?”

“No, no, just thinking.”

“About what?” He asked as he slid the soft organ into his mouth.

“Oh God, things, us, making love.”

“Hmmm, go on.” 

Horatio grew hard in the captain’s mouth and began slowly pumping in and out. The rocking of the hammock seemed to help as his knees were positioned just outside the captain’s shoulders. “Just this, is there anything more we can do? I want to be with to you, but you seem to hold 
back when we’re together.”

Pellew dipped a finger in the coconut beside the hammock and raked a slick finger between Horatio’s ass cheeks. “This more what you want Horatio?”

“I don’t know,” He gasped as the finger slipped inside him. “Ohhhh.” The finger withdrew and he grunted his disapproval. “More, please.”

“In time, this will help ease the way.” A well-oiled finger slipped back inside and began stretching his internal muscles. This was a shock to his system and he moaned loudly. “You must relax Mr. Hornblower, or this will never work.” Pellew suckled the hard cock and worked a second 
finger into the tight opening. 

Fingernails digging into the bark of the tree in front of him marked the protest. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to pull away from the invaders or sink onto them. All he knew was that the feeling was overwhelming. “I promise to relax if you don’t stop.”

“Good, then relax.” Pellew felt the clenching muscles relax around his fingers and he pushed further inside the young man’s ass. Deep inside a man’s body if you touch the right button, the man would love you forever. He found the small gland and rubbed it Horatio began gasping and hissing and thrusting his cock faster into Pellew’s mouth. The older man pushed him back a little and dislodged the cock. “Slide down.” He removed his fingers and pushed on the younger man’s thighs until he 
hovered above his cock. “Now,” He dipped his fingers and applied the oil to his cock. “Sit back slowly.” 

Horatio felt the hardness against his body is opening and gasped. “Will it hurt, sir?”

“Yes, at first.” Horatio nodded and sat back against Pellew’s cock. The older man closed his eyes as the head of his cock slid inside the tight channel. 

“Ohhh, sir, it burns.” 

“Shhhhhh now, relax, let me inside you Horatio.” The younger man met his eyes and a tear slipped from one. “I love you, I think I have since the first time I laid eyes on you. Let me make love to you.”

“It hurts.” 

“I know, but it’ll pass. Be still or you’ll tip us both out of this thing.”

Horatio tried to slow his breathing and sank down on the ungiving cock, a few thrusts from the good captain and he was impaled. He leaned forward and Pellew kissed him several times. “I’m yours.” He sat back as best he could and let the captain thrust in and out of his body. But what he didn’t expect was the hand on his cock, coaxing his own orgasm from him. As he neared it Pellew changed his angle of entry and he almost lost control of his limbs from the electrical shocks sent through his body. 

Pellew smiled, he’d angled just right and now he would take the young officer over the edge and endear himself forever. He stroked the hard cock in his hand in time with the thrust of his own cock and soon Horatio was bent over him gasping for breath. “How does that feel?”

“Like I’ve died,” he met the warm brown eyes of his captain. “And gone to Heaven.” He sat up and put his feet on the ground as his orgasm burst forth. His hips were forced down and Pellew moaned beneath him. He felt the sticky fluid release deep inside him as his own seed spilled forth onto Pellew’s stomach and chest. He smiled and collapsed atop his superior officer.

Horatio swam to consciousness, a warm feeling overtook him and he smiled. The feeling of Pellew’s hands on his body made him hard at once. He opened his eyes and saw the captain seated beside the small bunk. His head was at an awkward angle and he was sleeping. His hand held tight to Hornblower’s even in sleep. When he moved, the captain roused. “Edward?”

“Mr. Hornblower!” Horatio sat up now and looked around. They were on board the ship, safe and dry. “I’ll forgive you for that breech of protocol because of your fever.” At once Horatio’s hand was released.

“I’m sorry sir, I thought we were still on the island.”

“What island?” Pellew lifted his eyelids and looked inside, then touched his cheeks with the back of his hands. Next, he gripped Horatio’s stomach a bit. “You had a fever from the water, seems to have broken now. You still need rest though. I’ll have someone bring you something to eat, get your strength back.”

“Oh, thank you sir.”

“No need, just get well, Lieutenant. I need you above ship, not lounging about down here sick.” 

Horatio smiled at the captain’s need for him, but sank back into his bed as the confusion sat in. Had he dreamed the entire thing?

Two days later Horatio was back to full strength, but he had avoided the captain entirely. Or as much as he could. Today he was back on duty as usual, at the captain’s side. “I believe we need to talk Mr. Hornblower.”

“Right sir.”

“Yes, after dinner, my cabin.”

“Yes sir.”

Horatio had to clasp his hands together to keep them from shaking as he approached the captain’s quarters. He knocked quietly and was about to flee when he heard the ‘come’ from inside. He pushed open the door and closed it behind him. “Ahh, Mr. Hornblower. Would you like something 
to drink?” 

“No thank you sir.”

“Too good to drink with me?” 

Horatio lowered his head; again, he had offended the captain. “I’ll drink what you’re drinking sir.”

“Good, because I hate to drink alone.” He poured two drinks and handed one to the young officer. “Sit, please.”

“I’d rather stand, sir.” 

“I’d rather you sit, sir.” Horatio sat quickly and glanced up at the captain. “Tell me about this island.”


“The island. You mentioned an island when you awoke and you called me Edward.”

“I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again.”

Pellew nodded and sat on the edge of the table near Horatio. “What happened on the island?”

“Lots of things sir, but it was just a dream.”

“Sometimes dreams have a way of coming true. But only if you share them.” He placed a reassuring hand on the young man’s shoulder and met his eyes. He slipped off the table and stood behind Hornblower. Both hands now fell on the strong shoulders and began to massage the 
tense muscles. “You were quite ill. I was concerned that you wouldn’t pull through.”


“Yes,” His hands found Horatio’s neck and rubbed it gently. “Tell me about your dream.”

“I’m touched by your concern sir, but the dream was just that.” The warm hands slipped inside his collar and massaged his neck. “Ohh sir.” He stood up slowly and turned to face his superior officer. His boldness grew and he pushed the chair aside. He was inches from the captain, the  older man’s breath warm on his face. “On the island we, ahhh…”

“Yes?” Pellew didn’t falter, if this was that important to Hornblower, he wanted to hear it. He suspected what the dream was about, but waited on the younger man to explain in detail. “Go on.”

“You and I were stranded.” He swallowed hard. “Just the two of us.”

“Really? That must have been an interesting time.” 

“Yes sir. May I go now sir?” Pellew tilted his head, dismissing him without a word. But as he tried to slip past, the captain’s hand came down to his ass and caressed his buttock. He turned back to Pellew and kissed him fiercely. The older man pushed him back roughly.

“Watch yourself Mr. Hornblower, lest you find yourself across my knee for a good thrashing.”

“I am sorry sir. But after the dream, I couldn’t help myself…”

“Nonsense, self control can be taught Mr. Hornblower. Perhaps you’re in need of a lesson.”

Horatio swallowed hard and nodded. “Perhaps so, sir.” 

“Fine, return here in three hours, ready to study.” Hornblower nodded and tried to turn away, but Pellew grasped him by the back of the head and kissed him hard on the mouth. The younger man trembled in his arms and he released him. “Be prepared to study hard Mr. Hornblower.”

“Yes Sir.” Hornblower turned and a grin spread across his face. He left quickly, closing the door tightly behind him. Several deep breaths later he regained the use of his legs and headed to his quarters to prepare for his first night with the captain. The first of many he hoped.


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