Well, here's my submission for the cheesy challenge. As always, it involves 
Duncan and Methos from The Highlander. I used Midge Ure's sappiest song ever 
- That Certain Smile - as the basis. 

DISCLAIMER: Duncan and Methos don't belong to me. They belong to Rysher and 
whoever. I have only borrowed them to play with for a while. I have made 
no money from writing this story. The only thing that I have gotten is the 
enjoyment of writing out this little fantasy. I also want to extend my 
sincerest apologies to Midge Ure. Your music is wonderful and I have taken 
your perfectly beautiful love song and used it for this piece of Highlander 

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by Roxanne

Cross your heart and hope to die, it's love
A perfect world in my mind's eye and oh
The face that's watching me tonight has me
Falling for that certain smile

When was it that I first fell in love with Methos? Sometimes I think that it was the first moment that I saw him ... sitting there on the floor of that tiny apartment, headphones on, offering me a beer. No ... that wasn't love. That was lust. Then there was that moment when Joe brought him onto 
the barge to help me deal the mess that Kalas had created. I watched his perfect lips curl into a half smile as his eyes dropped down to observe my instant erection. Nope ... lust, again. 

No ... the moment I fell in love with Methos was the moment he let me paint the end of his big nose and instead of hitting me in the face, he kissed my mouth. Then he only smiled at me as I stiffened up and pulled away in panic. I know that I confused him by my reaction. Hell ... I confused myself, but he never showed it. He just smiled. 

There had been no denying my feelings ... they were so obvious when I opened the door of the loft and found him standing there. God, how I had wanted to kiss him then. And then he came in and made himself at home on my couch and all I wanted to do was pick him up, carry him to the bed and ravish him like the heroine of some dime store novel. But Methos started talking about Kristin and I got all caught up in one more little Immortal melodrama and that was that. 

By the time that mess got cleared up, Alexa and Claudia had appeared on the scene. I tell myself that Methos just used Alexa as an excuse to get away from me after I had reacted so badly to his kiss. I don't want to believe that he really loved her ... not like I wanted him to love me ... like I love him. Maybe he wasn't using her, but I was certainly using Claudia. The terror of realizing that I was in love with Methos had been too much and I suddenly had to prove that I was all man. 

I think it was part of that testosterone rush that contributed to the dark Quickening. I was so hell- bent on proving what a tough guy I was that when Coltec's spirit entered me, I lost control completely. Methos didn't seem to realize how much I loved him then. But in that mad, delusional  state, I still couldn't hurt him. My God, I killed Sean Burns, but I could never have harmed a hair on the beautiful head of his. 

Yeah, we've certainly been through a lot of ups and downs together. We've fought his past and mine to get to this point. We always come back to each other. Now, here he is... standing in my living room ... looking a lot like the young grad student I first encountered 4 years ago ... and he just told me that he loves me. He looks so shy ... so uncertain of how I'll react. And then there's that smile ...

Hold your hand up, swear to God, it's love
Help me to believe, because for all
The words you said to me tonight has me
Falling for that certain smile
Falling for that certain smile

I am not going to run tonight. I won't panic ... I won't judge. I've been without him too much. Now I need him here with me. Now I need to love him and feel him love me back. I reach out my hand to him and he takes it. We just stand there ... holding hands ... nothing more. Then he raises my 
hand to his lips and kisses my fingers so softly. The sensation blasts through my body and travels straight to my groin. 

I pull him to me with more force than necessary and he crashes against my chest. We stop again and just stare at each other. There are so many questions in his eyes. I want to answer them all, but am terrified to speak. Duncan MacLeod, the Highland warrior that has romanced more women in his 400 years of life than he can remember, is suddenly struck dumb by a skinny 
wise-ass with a big nose. And then he smiles ...

Take my tears and smile for me, it's love
Take my soul, my heart, my fears for oh
The way you're touching me tonight has me
Falling for that certain smile

I melt with that smile. He could ask me to cut off my own head right now and I'd do it for that smile. 

I cup his face with both hands and lower my mouth to his. The fear is gone. I only can feel the love that I have for this man. The kiss is as sweet and wonderful as the one he gave me over 3 years ago. I don't ever want to let go. He tastes so wonderful. Who needs food? I could live on the 
taste of Methos alone. 

His tongue has slid into my mouth and is caressing me with slow, fluid motions. Oh, how does he do that? My, God. I am actually getting weak in the knees from this kiss. If he keeps it up, I'm going to swoon like some Victorian maiden. Then Methos breaks the kiss and I hear myself whimper. I expect a look of triumph. Instead, I see that smile ...

I manage to keep myself upright and reach for his hand again. This time, I gently lead him up the three steps to my bed. He follows obediently ... silently. The only sound is the gentle whoosh of waves against the steel hull. I stop and turn to face him. I open my mouth to speak but he brings 
one long finger up to silence me. He's right. This is not the time for words ... no words could do justice to what I am feeling. 

I suck his finger into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. Methos lets out a little gasp, then slowly pulls the digit out. He uses it to trace around my lips as if he is memorizing them by touch. I close my eyes and just feel him stroke the burning flesh. A cool puff of air precedes his lips 
covering mine again and I am lost in another kiss. This one is hungry and 
demanding and I meet it with raw passion. 

I want to devour this man. I want to consume his spirit. I want to absorb everything good and erotic and wise about him. I want his body and his soul. 

We are suddenly pulling at each other's clothes in a frantic struggle to get to one another's bodies as quickly as possible. Methos rids me of my shirt first and abandons my lips for my nipples. He is relentless. His sucking on the tender buds is driving me insane. I push him off of me, then 
grab his arms to yank his sweater off. 

I see the terror in his eyes as, for one split second, he thinks that I am pushing him away for good. Willing myself to slow down, I pull him back into a gentle kiss. As I feel him relax again in my arms, I work my hands up against his naked torso. This time when I release him, he lets me lift the 
bulky garment over his head. 

By mutual agreement, we each reach down and unbutton and unzip our own jeans. Someday I want to undress him myself, but tonight we need to just get rid of these damn clothes as quickly as possible. When we are both naked, I take his hand again and pull him down onto the bed with me. He doesn't seem to know where to go ... just sit on the edge or scoot up to the pillows? He 
sits next to me and I push him back onto the mattress with my body. 

That is enough. We both know what to do from here. Without any more hesitation, we are each exploring the other with lips and fingers. I make it my mission to sprinkle every part of his gorgeous body with kisses. Methos is stroking my flesh like he can't believe what he is touching. A surge of 
pride rushes through me as I realize how much he wants me. 

Our hunger is now all-consuming. We feast on each other with a primal intensity ... locked in a carnal dance of desire. As we grope each other, our cocks both become hard and dripping. Together we grab them and together we come in a wild torrent of passion.

The release is exquisite and I melt into a puddle of tears. The ache I feel for this man is now even greater than before our frantic coupling and I am terrified that he will leave me again and that I will die from the loss. And then, Methos wraps his arms around me and pulls me to his chest. He 
kisses the top of my head and coos soft words of love to me as every regret for missed opportunities pours out of me in a flood of emotion.

"I love you, Methos," I whisper through the sobs.

"I love you too, Duncan."

I look up at the man holding me as tenderly as a babe and there it is again ... that smile. How could I have been so stupid as to have just accepted every bad thing I ever heard about him without question? Did I really believe that he was evil or was I just afraid of getting too close? 
Now that I am here, it all seems so stupid ... such a ridiculous waste of time. I love Methos and he loves me. Nothing else matters. 

I pull him into another kiss. He kisses me back, then releases me. He is sliding against me ... positioning himself against me so that we are chest to chest ... mouth to mouth. I gnaw at the soft flesh of his neck while I let my hands drift down to the firm mounds of his ass. I pull his body even 
closer and grind my cock into him. Methos' fingers are wound through my hair and he is curling his body into mine. I pull one of his hands free and run my mouth down the length of his arm. The sleek muscles twitch as I kiss and lick at them. He is the most breathtakingly beautiful person I have ever seen. 

I know now what I need to do. Gently disentangling myself from Methos' embrace, I blindly reach into the drawer of my bedside table and fish for the massage oil that I know is there. I can't seem to find it, so I raise up and look in the drawer. There it is. I turn back to see Methos laying on his 

"No," I whisper. "I want you inside of me."

I sound desperate and I know it. I don't care. I need Methos to fill me with his love ... with his passion ... with his body. 

I hand Methos the oil. I need him to touch me. He pours the liquid in his hands and rubs them together briskly. I lean back on the bed and pull a pillow to shove under my hips. Then he touches me. I shiver, but all I feel is heat. I have never had a man touch me there before. It feels so good. I 
can't take my eyes off his. I love him so much. 

His finger slides into me and my body reflexively tightens around it. He tells me to relax and I try to do as I'm told. He continues to murmur encouragements as he molds my body to his needs. The pressure is tolerable, so I urge him on. Then he presses the head of his cock to my opening and I 
feel like I'm being torn in half. I take a deep breath and look down at Methos entering me. It is amazing. Then I feel his finger lift my chin and he kisses me. As his tongue enters my mouth, his cock completes it's entrance into my body. 

Pleasure erupts through the pain and I am suddenly floating towards ecstasy. How can this feel so good, I wonder. Oh, but it does. His thrusts are almost delicate at first and his kisses are so tender. Then the momentum builds. We are soon rocking against the mattress with wanton abandon. Our bodies are locked in an erotic gambol in the sheets. 

Methos grabs my cock and pumps it roughly. I feel the semen boil up from my balls and gush from my body. It is like liquid fire against my stomach. Then, as I am still shuddering from my orgasm, I feel Methos stiffen and then a blaze ignites inside me. It is like nothing that I have every felt before. This is rapture. This is bliss.

Then it is all over too quickly. Methos leaves my body and I feel so empty. He kisses me again before we both fall back onto the mattress. He wiggles up next to me and I pull him against my chest. I want to keep him close to me forever. Before snuggling up against me, he raises up, tells me again that he loves me, then gives me that smile ... 

Bring me passion, bring me lust or love
Bring me only truth because for all
The times you said to me tonight have me
Falling for that certain smile
Falling for that certain smile
Oh, falling for that certain smile


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