Author: S Baker
Show: Hollyoaks
Pairing: Rob/Lewis
Rating: NC-17 m/m sex and violence
Status: New/unfinished
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Notes: Action starts soon after Rob breaks into Carol’s flat at Halloween. Thanks to Jon Snow for reading and corrections.


by S Baker

Chapter 1

Lewis darted around the corner just in time to see Rob bolt through the door of an industrial unit in the distance.  <Great.. trapped... I HOPE> ran through his mind as he sprinted to the entrance, threw the metal door back and, caution at last to the fore, stepped gingerly through. "Erkkkk" was the last sound he uttered as an arm throttled him and a cloth reeking of some pungent chemical was clamped to his face.

He felt wasted. <My GOD I must have been shit-arsed last night> he thought as he blinked open his eyes and cringed from the avalanche of saucepans that crashed through his oversensitive cerebellum. A cliché...<where am I?> pinged into his throbbing scull, next <my goodness I *never* thought *I'd* wonder that> and then came the realisation that he couldn't move.

He squinted around. There were his legs.. he recognised the exotic interplay of fuzz and moles framing the (admittedly knobbly) knees. His arms were nowhere to be seen, but from the ache in his shoulders he knew that, given a little time, he might locate them. <This is too weird> he thought as he closed his eyes again and groaned.

"Hello, back from the Land of Nod are we, Richardson?" breathed a sultry voice close to his ear. Lewis's eyes snapped open as he twisted his head towards the voice, sending a shaft of pain through his brain. There, just a few inches from his face, was Rob Hawthorn, his habitual little smile quirking his mouth and his silky brown hair almost brushing Lewis's nose.

"What the HELL are you playing at now Hawthorn?" yelled Lewis, as he tried to lunge ineffectually at his enemy. 

"Um.. I don't think you're in any position to antagonise me, now are you Lewis?" 

Rob shifted closer until the struggling Lewis could feel his breath on his ear.

"It might be as well to be, um, polite, to someone who has you sort of in their power at the moment, don't you think?" and Rob placed his hand on Lewis's neck and ran it lightly down his back. It was at this point that Lewis's fogged brain cleared and he realised that he was tied firmly, stomach down, to some 
kind of trestle, and that he was naked. His muscles clenched and he felt cold and faint. In the sudden silence and stillness he could feel Rob's warm hand gently rubbing the small of his back.

He let out the breath he was holding with a shudder, his skin cringing away from the feel of the other man. Through the pounding in his head he tried to make sense of his surroundings. The shabby room was stacked with piles of nets, posts and boxes of balls and racquets, cricket bats and gymnasium equipment. He realised that he was firmly bound across a vaulting horse by ropes passed through metal loops in wide leather cuffs buckled around his wrists and ankles. The worn leather of the horse felt warm and smooth under his body and there was a smell of old trainers and grass in the musty storeroom. There was no sign of a window and but for the sounds of their breathing and the rustle of Rob's sleeve as he stroked Lewis, all was quiet.

"What are you going to do with me, Hawthorn?" whispered Lewis, as the memory of the terror he had felt in the immersion tank clenched him again. 

Involuntarily he began to thrash and struggle once more and as a hysterical fear took over he began to shriek "Let me go you bloody madman! Haven't you done enough to us ! HELP... *HELP*".

Rob stood up and watched his prisoner's struggles with an amused smile. No one could hear, no one would come. The isolated school was shut for the half-term and Rob knew that the caretaker would not be around until the morning. Even the alarms in this part of the building had been disabled. Rob believed in the virtues of careful planning. 

Satisfying though it was to see how spineless he could be, eventually Richardson's hysterics began to irritate him. Rob gave his prisoner a stinging slap on the backside to shock him back to his senses. 

"For goodness sake Richardson, show a bit of stiff upper lip" smirked Rob.

He squatted down and grabbed Lewis's face between his hands. His captive was panting and shaking, but had fallen silent. Resting his forehead against the other man's he said,

"Are you finding it harder to be brave without your teammates to impress, hmmm? *I'll* protect you from the big bad Hawthorn, Ruth. *Don't* worry Tony, I can deal with him. He can't get to you while *I'm* here, Lucy.  Well, Richardson, I could have done anything I wanted with Carol at Halloween" he mocked, "and now it's *your* turn to discover how little Lewis will turn to jelly when he is helpless and alone and in the power of 'that lunatic Hawthorn'."

Lewis's stomach roiled as he remembered Rob's cruelty as he tormented his captives in the freezing water of the tank just a few weeks before. How he had plotted Lucy's downfall with infinite patience and his glee about Kurt's death. He knew that if he was Rob's prisoner, then short of a miracle, Rob would do just what he liked with him and no one would catch him; Rob would leave no evidence of his involvement. 

Rob drew back and tilted Lewis's face up a little more. He leaned forward and  kissed Lewis softly on the lips. Pulling back, he smiled broadly and raised a quizzical eyebrow.

"I'm sure having you at my mercy will be fun for both of us." Rob's voice was like warm liquid chocolate melting into his soul and Lewis realised that his shivers of fear were merging with excitement.

<I must be crazy> he thought. <Rob has no conscience and I'm unlikely to get out of this alive>.

But Rob, always sensitive to his victims' moods, had noticed how Lewis's pupils were dilating as he stared at his captor, and how the racing pulse he felt in the man's neck was thudding even harder.

"And, um, I think, noooo, maybe I *know*, that you're looking forward to our playtime too, Lewis love" he cooed as he stood up, holding Lewis's head so that it trailed down his body, finishing opposite his fly.

"Fuck off Hawthorn! I knew you were a nutter but I didn't realise you were a bloody pervert as well" shouted Lewis, shaking his head wildly to loosen Rob's hands and starting the crushing pounding of his headache anew.

Rob flopped back down to sit cross-legged beside him. "Not a very, um, politically correct turn of phrase for a nineties, new age, caring type of man such as yourself, wouldn't you say, Richardson?" He looked up at his captive and ran his tongue lasciviously around his lips. "I suspect your sex life has it's more, um, outré moments. I'm sure Jude kept you under no illusions about your subordinate place in the relationship.... and now you're with Ruth who's an equally 'tough cookie', in her own way. Being lumbered with her almost made me feel sorry for Kurt."

Lewis spat in his face. Sniggering, Rob wiped himself with a handkerchief, then reached out to toy with the rings in the other man's earlobes, tugging on them painfully when Lewis tried to pull away. 

"What the hell are you doing Hawthorn? If you're out to prove to me that I'm just as vulnerable to your surprises as the girls, then I think you've made your point. Now, please, why don't you just let me go?"

Rob frowned. "Um, no, I, um, don't think that can happen just now. You see Lewis, you don't fear me enough yet. The girls are scared to venture out alone, and jump at every noise in the night. Tony would be a wreak without you. *You* are the rock they cling to, the foundation they depend on. I'm going to put a tear in their security blanket, to throw in yet another metaphor.  But you're right, I'm dilly-dallying, and you're obviously keen to get down to business."

End Chapter 1

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