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by S Baker

Chapter 2

Lewis's headache was still throbbing painfully, exacerbated by his head dangling downwards across the horse and the crick in his neck as he twisted it up to look at Hawthorn. He closed his eyes and drooped. The sound of a zip made his eyes snap open again. Rob had been stripping, and Lewis had a close-up view of his smooth rounded backside emerging from his trousers.   He had a beautifully muscular back, quite broad and strong, and the skin was olive-toned and unblemished. Lewis's mouth went dry and he could feel the blood rushing to his groin.

<Fuck.. what's come over me.. I've never fancied a bloke before in my life> gibbered his thoughts, followed by the searing realisation that Rob knew him better than he knew himself. 

<It doesn't matter which sex my lover is as long as *they* are in charge, as long as *they* dominate *me*. And nobody has ever come close to the amount of control as Rob has over me right now> 

Understanding that Rob was a complete psychopath and could kill him without a troubled conscience because (by his world view) he *knew* he was justified was the final straw that released a raging lust through Lewis's body and brought his penis to a rock-hard state of attention. 

<Christ.. that's the last thing I need.... and just when did I start thinking of Rob as a lover? He's probably stripping off to avoid getting my blood on his clothes when he bumps me off.> 

Rob glanced over his shoulder to find Lewis's eyes transfixed on his buttocks, his face flushed and his thighs squirming against the leather of the horse. Grinning ferally, he turned and wriggled his body, running his right hand down his torso and across his cock. 

"You're even more twisted than I am, Richardson." he said sardonically. As he brought his left hand up Lewis could see he held a shining kitchen knife with a broad blade and pointed tip, the sleek handle formed as one with the blade of burnished stainless steel. He could hear Lewis panting raggedly as he approached. Lewis squeezed his eyes shut in shame. 

Lewis felt Rob's hip brush against his thigh and looked through the legs of the horse to see Rob kneeling down and peering at his erection in fascination. Bringing the blunt edge of the knife up against the weeping tip, Hawthorn ran the blade down the shaft, piercing the skin delicately with the knifepoint where it met the scrotum and producing a single drop of glowing scarlet blood. Lewis's penis throbbed and twitched, and he held his breath, half expecting to be castrated. Rob gathered the blood on his forefinger and slowly licked it off, staring into Lewis's eyes as he wiped his blade on the inside of Lewis's thigh.

Lewis could see Rob's cock hardening as he caressed his prisoner's bum and groin with the flat of his knife. Though not overly long, it was thick and there was a dark mole near the end of his foreskin. By now, Lewis assumed he would be raped as well as injured or killed and wondered how it would feel to have that thrust up his arse.

<At least I won't die a 'virgin', unless he's into necrophilia> popped up in Lewis's mind, and he giggled.

"For goodness sake, Lewis, I'm trying to scare you witless here, not give you a jolly" burst out Rob. He surged round to the other side of the horse, and grabbing Lewis's top lip, pulled it up cruelly and jabbed the knife into his gum above his front teeth. Blood gushed from the wound and dripped to the floor. 

The jolt of pain brought Lewis back to sobriety. He looked up at Rob and said "I know. It's just all too much and I think my brain hasn't got the right wiring to deal with the situation you've put me in. You've scared me enough by just showing me how turned on I am by all this. I don't know how I can ever face Ruth again with the memory of how I feel now. Please Rob, just finish it."

Rob moved away and Lewis heard the familiar noise of a condom packet being ripped open. 

<Well this is it.. goodbye Mr. Heterosexual Richardson, hello bumboy> thought Lewis, thrusting his buttocks out in breathless anticipation. Again the feel of Rob's hot flesh against his backside, but instead of penetration the condom was rolled onto his own cock. <God, he wants me to do him... I can't fuck him trussed up like this, and unless he's a contortionist he won't be able to sort it.>

Rob came round to the front and gently lifted Lewis's chin. "Look up, love" he whispered. Lewis craned his aching neck around to see a close-up of Rob's beautiful penis. The smell of Rob's groin swept through his body and Lewis clenched his thighs as hard as he could against his genitals, trying to squeeze his own desperate member. Rob brought his knife down and sliced as lightly as a feather across the hard shaft of his own cock. As the blood welled from the shallow cut he guided Lewis's mouth down to suckle the injury. The captive tasted Rob's blood, strong and rusty on his tongue, then Rob pulled away and smeared the liquid over his face and into his shorn blond hair. 

Rob staunched the bleeding on a piece of blue cloth ( <My tee shirt> thought Lewis) then rubbed his hard erection against Lewis's lips. They stretched wide and sucked the cock in , the mucus at the tip rolling off onto Lewis's tongue. Lewis tried to massage the shaft but couldn't get any leverage to thrust properly against his gaoler. He let the penis slip from his mouth.  "Fuck my mouth, Hawthorn, or better still screw me properly." begged Lewis, his hips bucking against the horse in a vain attempt to masturbate.

Rob grabbed the back of his head and shoved his cock down Lewis's throat, grinding hard against his face and ignoring his coughs and strangled cries. Suddenly he withdrew and his semen shot over Lewis's nose and cheeks. Rob rubbed the seed roughly over his skin and into his eye-sockets. 

"You shit, Richardson. You little turd... People try to excuse my perversions because of my background, because I'm 'mad' if you will, but *you* are scum by your own choice, by your own free will"

"Call me what you like, Rob, but finish me please" sobbed Lewis. "Please Rob, please."

"OK, Lewis, 'specially for you the orgasm I'll give you will prove just how bent you are" chuckled Rob.

Scooping some come off Lewis's face he went around behind the prisoner again and massaged the slick liquid against Lewis's arse-hole. Gradually Rob's finger insinuated itself into the tiny hole and Lewis was surprised to find that the initial discomfort was soon replaced by pleasure, and as his prostate was brushed the pleasure was instantly an addiction. 

"Harder, Rob, harder, *fuck me dammit*" whined Lewis, wriggling his bum for all he was worth.

The finger was withdrawn with a distinct 'pop' and Lewis became more desperate still.

"Give it to me Rob! *Don't stop! PLEASE!*" he cried, panting hard. Looking through his legs he could see Rob held his knife again and his balls tightened and tried to crawl inside his body. But Rob reversed the knife, holding the blade in a thick cloth, and thrust the bulky handle of the knife up to the hilt into Richardson's anus.

Rob's other hand reached beneath Lewis's body and gripped his penis, stimulating it with firm strokes as he fucked him with the warmed metal of the knife handle. Within half a dozen strokes it was all over, and Lewis's arse-hole spasmed strongly around the unyielding knife, jetting his semen into the condom below. Lewis collapsed limply onto the horse and sobbed quietly.

Rob came round again to Lewis's front. His head was lifted gently by his tormentor and Rob's tongue snaked out and licked the tears from his cheeks. The lush lips worked down to Lewis's own and Lewis's mouth opened to the man who for a brief period had owned him, body and soul. 

"Are you going to finish it now, Rob? Is this the end? Are you going to kill me now? Because nothing could ever be this good, ever again....."

"Oh no, Richardson" laughed Rob "I have, um, a certain reputation to uphold, you know. This is only the beginning for you"

Suddenly the stinking cloth was crushed again against his mouth and nose and the world slipped away once more.

End Chapter 2
To be continued

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