A Story for Comic Relief   
Author:  Sigrina
Pairing:  Peter Caine/Kermit

Archive:     Does anyone *really* want this? If you do, please don't do
anything that will spoil the ending.

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Notes: I was writing this Drop the Dead Donkey Red Nose pwp that suddenly got
all angsty, so I put it on the back burner. So you get this instead, you
*lucky* people. Very spurious mention of a red nose. And this was all the
idea of my husband.

More Notes:  Written for the BritSlash Comic Relief fundraising challenge.  Only condition to mention a red nose somewhere in the story. Of any variety <g>.

A Story for Comic Relief


by Sigrina


..and Peter is writhing in pleasure, calling out his lover's name...

'Kermit, Oh my God, Kermittttttt...'

...and he's coming, harder than he's ever done in life before.


Afterwards, they practise Kung Fu moves. Peter models a new move, aware of
Kermit's fixed stare.

Once upon a time, this came first. They'd work for an hour or so, developing
Kermit's defence skills, then they'd fall laughingly in to bed. But that was
before the passion escalated. Now, when they meet, they can't keep their
hands off each other. Hardly conducive to teaching or learning Kung Fu. Not
without injury, anyway!

So now they fuck first and practise later. It's usually less painful that
way. And then Kermit goes back to *Her*. Which is always painful. Peter hates
the fact that he has to share his lover. Hates it when Kermit crawls back to
that overbearing, tyrannical female.


Kermit's moving well today. Or maybe it's just that Peter is distracted by
the play of sunlight on long limbs. Either way, Kermit gets the drop on him.
Literally. One flying foot hitting him in the throat and the other in the

There's no blood, but Peter's nose is red and throbbing. And his voice is
raspy and hoarse as he reassures his distraught lover.


Peter can't concentrate on the computer screen in front of him. His nose is
still red, but it only feels a little tender. His throat, however, is another
matter entirely. Tonight he'll go to see his father. Pop is sure to have
something to soothe a bruised throat.

'Oh, isn't it *so* sweet?'

Skelany is leaning on his chair. Peter looks up, following her gaze. Kermit
Griffin is walking into Captain Simms' office. This morning they came in five
minutes apart, both going straight to their offices before very formally
greeting each other a little while later.

Peter grins up at Skelany. He doesn't really know what the other man sees in
the Captain. But it takes all sorts.


Phoning his lover isn't something Peter does often. Today he feels a sudden
need to hear that sometimes grating voice. He waits impatiently for Kermit to
pick up the phone. But when he finally gets an answer, it's a female voice,
strident and jarring. He splutters out Kermit's name, and listens as she
yells for 'Kermy'. Feeling suddenly foolish, he puts the handset down. A
minute later, his phone rings. Ten minutes later he's crouched in a stall in
a public men's room, swallowing his lover's cock.


Peter is late. Blake gives him a curious look, and Peter rubs his mouth

'Captain wants to see you.'

Peter nods, walking over to the Captain's office. She and Kermit are
carefully standing a distance away from each other.

'You wanted to see me, Captain?' he asks, huskily.

Two eyebrows rise. Captain Simms hands him a file. The next ten minutes are
spent discussing Peter's new case.

Later, Kermit stops by Peter's desk.

'Got a cold, Peter?'

Peter shakes his head, thinking of long green limbs and a wide, clever mouth.

'Nope, just a frog in my throat,' Peter says.


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