Title: An Alternate Reality: In the Pale Moonlight
Author: Sigrina
Pairing: Spike/Ethan
Sequel to: Trying To Make Things Right (Jenny/Willow)
Archive: yes

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Comments: This universe is different to the original Buffyverse in a number 
of ways. No Faith, Jenny Calendar is still alive and is in a relationship 
with Willow, Angel has not become Angelus, Spike was never in a wheelchair 
and Dru is still weak. Nothing is exactly the same as in the series.

An Alternate Reality: In the Pale Moonlight

by Sigrina

He kicked the car with quiet viciousness. Typical, bloody typical. He'd 
finally got around to leaving this Hell-on-Earth place and he'd broken down 
just at the Sunnydale border. Just his luck.

Of course, he *should* have left days ago, after the Eygon fiasco had been 
resolved. Ripper and his Slayer-slut obviously thought he had, since he'd 
been left alone. 

The thing was, he hadn't anywhere better to go. 

Ethan laughed softly. What did it say about him, he wondered, that a 
Hellmouth patrolled by a Slayer and his own ex-lover was the best place he 
could think of to be? And Ripper had made it very clear that Ethan wasn't 
welcome here. Just because he'd tried to sacrifice that bloody Slayer to save 
his own skin. 

Ripper hadn't reacted well to that. Nor to the fact that Eygon had taken over 
that gorgeous-but-idiotic brunet boy. He seemed to blame Ethan for that as 

He should never have come here. There had to be any number of things he could 
have done to put off the day of reckoning with Eygon. Instead, he'd found 
himself back in this forsaken place. 

You're a pathetic old fool, Ethan, he told himself bitterly. Ripper doesn't 
want you any more. And why should he? He's got all those lucious young 
children to play with. Or dream about. Didn't look like he was getting any 
'action', not if that little spell he'd detected was anything to go by. He'd 
been tempted to rub that in Rupert Giles' oh-so-holier-than-thou face. See 
his reaction when he realised that his witchy friends were using him for 
their own ends. Two things had stilled his tongue. The first was pure spite: 
if Ripper was so far gone in 'Faithful Watcher' mode that he couldn't even be 
bothered to cast a simple 'Detect Magic' on himself from time to time, well, 
who was Ethan to enlighten him? The second reason was a case of 
self-preservation. Those two witches were holding an awful lot of power 
between them. And anyone who used Sex Magic was hardly likely to be heavily 
into the 'Do No Harm' scene. Much as he enjoyed meddling, he'd leave those 
two with their secrets intact. Though why they wanted what little sexual 
power they could glean from 'mild manner Watcher' Rupert Giles, when they 
could generate so much energy themselves, was beyond Ethan's understanding.

Ethan wandered down the deserted street, aimlessly kicking a beer can. He'd 
better retrieve his bag from that crappy rental car and...

Oh, bloody hell. 

While he'd been wool-gathering, night had fallen. 

'Well now, what have we got here, then?'

Oh, that voice! It slithered and hissed across his nerve endings like burning 
oil. If the teenage Ripper's accent had been that of the streets, then this 
was redolent of dark and deadly alleys where even the damned might hesitate 
to go. It made him feel young again. And older than sin itself.

Ethan turned round slowly, every movement, every inch of him a wanton 

'Hullo, Spike. Long time no see.'

'Ethan? It is you, isn't it? Well, I suppose that all the mad bastards in the 
world must finally get around to holidaying in Sunnydale. Been here long, 
have we?'

'A little while. Had a little demon trouble. I was here a while ago, as well. 
Halloween. I meant to look you up but I was bit busy.'

He watched as Spike smiled. Others might have fled or frozen at that smile. 
Ethan shivered in anticipation. 

'Well, we'll have to make up for lost time then, won't we?' 

Oh, yes, Ethan could do that. With a languid elegance he glided across the 
street and dropped slowly to his knees.

He mouthed the growing bulge in Spike's jeans, smirking as he heard the 
vampire's ragged groan. From his immediate response it was obvious that Spike 
hadn't had much action recently. Ethan wondered where Dru was. Not that he 
had *any* desire to become reacquainted with the psychopathic bitch. She'd 
*never* been any good in the sack. Too doo-lally, airy-fairy and murderous. 
She'd rather torture and do weird visions than screw, the stupid bint. 

Spike on the other hand... Spike had his good points...

Or at least *one* good point, Ethan giggled softly to himself, as he freed 
the 'point' in question.

He began to lick and suck the cool, marble-like column before swallowing it 
whole. Cold, viscous fluid gushed down his throat gratifying soon afterwards. 
Above him, Spike let out a wordless roar. And then the roar subsided to the 
rough panting of a vampire who has forgotten that he doesn't need to breathe. 

Spike was still hard. Lucky me, Ethan thought, thanking vampire stamina. He 
began to work at Spike again, fingers fumbling with his own belt. 

Inhumanly strong hands lifted him up.

'Don't think I'm not enjoying this, Ethan mate, but I think we should take 
this somewhere more secluded.'

'What? Never say you've gone all coy, Spike?' Ethan queried archly, hands 
reaching out to caress.

'Shit, Warlock, stop that! This is Sunnydale. Last thing I want is to be 
caught by the Slayer with my pants down.'

Slayer? Oh, yes, the Slayer. Ethan thought about that for a second. Spike 
*did* have a point. Wait a minute, hadn't he done that already? 

'Screw the Slayer,' he managed, through his giggles.

Spike was tucking himself in, with some difficulty. He halted at Ethan's 
words and gave a chuckle.

'Rather screw you, mate.'

Ethan grinned. 

Aware that the vampire's eyes were tracking him, he sauntered with easy grace 
to the useless car and removed his luggage. 

'I hope your place is nearby, Spike. Wouldn't want me to lose interest, now 
would you?'

'Grrr. Fucking wanker.'

'That's it, talk dirty to me, you big stud you.'

Hand grabbed him and sharp fangs nibbled at his neck.

'Hey, hey! Remember the 'no-fang' rule! And please recall that I'm a 
quarter-demon. My blood tastes disgusting. And I mark easily.' 

He felt Spike sigh against his neck.

'Remind me, Ethan, why did I ever put up with you?' 

Ethan smirked. 'Simple. I'm a moderately powerful warlock and I've been 
useful to you in the past. And undoubtedly will be in the future. And let's 
not forget my most important skills: I give a killer blowjob and I'm a really 
good fuck.'

'Oh, yeah, I knew there had to be a good reason. Come on then, mate, let's 
give you a chance to practise those 'important skills' of yours. Dru will be 
glad to see you. You were always one of her favourites.'

Oh, shit. Screwing Spike's precious Dru was about as satisfying as screwing a 
corpse. And that was speaking from personal experience. 

Well, it couldn't be helped. He'd have to make sure he had as little contact 
with her as possible. While getting as much 'contact' as possible with Spike, 
of course.

'And then you just might be able to help me get even with the Slayer.'

The last thing Ethan wanted to do was get involved with Ripper's precious 
Buffy again. But things might be different if he was allied to Spike. It 
might even be fun. 

Ah, well, it looked as though he'd be staying in Sunnydale, at least for a 
while. At least it had compensations...

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