TITLE: A Four-Course Meal
AUTHOR: Violet Nightingale
FANDOM: Dalziel and Pascoe
PAIRING: Andy/Peter

SERIES: Sequel to A Matter of Trust

DISCLAIMER: With thanks to Reginald Hill, the sole owner of these wonderful characters which I’ve merely borrowed.


A Four-Course Meal


by Violet Nightingale


Outside Wetherton Police Headquarters it was dark and the streets were wet, although the rain had ceased for now. As the two men exited they inhaled the damp, cool evening air.

"I’ve spent the whole day assisting Malone on the Preston case and I think I’m going mad!" Pascoe complained as they walked towards their cars.

"And I’ve had to put up with nowt but shit all week and you not around!" his superior officer retorted. "D’ya think it’s been fun having you pilfered from under me nose?" he accused.

"Well you could’ve used your influence and got me back!" Pascoe complained.

"‘Used my influence’!" Dalziel mimicked sarcastically. "With who? You know damn well Special Branch’d tell me to sod off!" The anger which had flared in him just as suddenly left. "Look, Sunbeam, I..."

"No, I’m sorry." Pascoe shook his head, frustrated. "It’s just that we’ve barely been able to manage lunch!"

"Yeah, between work and..." he trailed off, unwilling to bring up the subject of Pascoe’s shaky marriage.

They had reached their cars and now stood facing each other.

"... my marriage you mean." There was some bitterness in the remark. He shook his head. "We need to talk."

"Yeah. Can you manage it?"

"Not tonight. Ellie’s parents are coming for dinner. Don’t know about the weekend. I’ll ring you."

"And where are ya going to ring me from - the bathtub?" Dalziel queried somewhat cunningly.

Pascoe snorted, mouth setting in a grim line. "I’ll find a way!" he retorted.

Dalziel leaned back against his car. "Might I could find a reason?" He cocked his head to one side.

"Yeah, you do that!" Abruptly, Pascoe’s aggravation faded and he slumped a little against his car. "Sorry. I’m not angry with you. I’m just..."

"... bleedin’ frustrated!" Dalziel concluded. "Petal, we both are!"

Pascoe gritted his teeth. "Well what do you want me to do about it - come round to your place tonight?" he retorted, angry again at his partner’s seeming lack of understanding for his position and regretting the words the moment they were out of his mouth.

Dalziel rolled his eyes heavenward. "At last a bright idea!" he responded sarcastically.

Pascoe’s lips set in a grim line. "You know I can’t. My in-laws... "

"Fuck your in-laws!"

Pascoe glanced around the car park, ascertaining that they were still alone. "I’d rather fuck you, though God knows why," he muttered to no one in particular.

Dalziel shook his head, gazing openly at his attractive subordinate, eyes roaming from head to toe. "If we were anywhere but the bloody car park... " he threatened.

It was Pascoe’s turn to gaze heavenward. "Don’t! Only makes it harder."

"Sunbeam, I’m ‘ard enough for both of us!" Dalziel smiled lecherously.

The air positively crackled between them though anyone observing them would have seen nothing but two men having a polite conversation in a car park.

"God, you’re impossible!" Pascoe closed his eyes, giving a sigh of resignation before his gaze once more returned to his partner. "All right, ring me later."

Dalziel positively beamed at him. "Now that’s more like it! Nine?"

"Ten past." He smiled at Dalziel for the first time, his eyes lighting up.

"Done! I always said you’re a smart lad! Now out of ‘ere ‘fore I kiss ya!"


As Peter Pascoe dutifully listened to his father-in-law expound on the latest weed killers the telephone rang. Nerves strung out in anticipation, he surreptitiously observed Ellie as she went to answer it. The time was precisely ten minutes after nine. Within moments she returned to the room, cordless phone in hand. Not bothering to inform him who the caller was, she simply handed him the phone while simultaneously giving him a disgusted look.

In moments he’d apologised to all for having to leave so suddenly, complaining that it might be an all-nighter. As he got into his car and drove away he felt only relief - relief and anticipation. Yes, he and his superior needed time alone together, had needed it for a week now ever since the twenty-third.

Oh, God, the date was engraved on his memory! He’d thought about it in his waking hours, even dreamt about it in his sleep it seemed. All he could seem to think of was how wonderful it had felt to fuck the hell out of his Superintendent and fall asleep in his arms afterwards. And in the morning... God, he’d dreamt he was being sucked and woken to the delightful reality of Andy Dalziel’s mouth around his cock - and he’d wanted even more. In his need he’d begged his lover to turn around and been confronted with his partner’s generous erection. Without hesitation he’d taken it into his mouth, hearing with satisfaction his partner’s grunt of pleasure. He’d wanted to warn Andy he was coming, wanted to pull away in time, but his eager partner had only held him tighter, while simultaneously fondling his balls and sucking ravenously - and once more he’d come gloriously. God, he’d even returned the favour! The fact that he’d thoroughly enjoyed it, when previously he would have sworn to the contrary, had left him shattered.

Now as he drove toward his partner’s place he considered that he could now legitimately be called a cocksucker - and felt no discomfort or remorse at the idea. Yet prior to a week ago if someone had labelled him a fag he’d have been self-righteously outraged. That was a laugh, he decided somewhat ruefully. Trouble was that the controlled lovemaking he had enjoyed up to now with Ellie paled in comparison. He wanted more, far more than that - and he would have it tonight. In anticipation, his cock twitched a little as he drove.

Two more streets and he’d be there and, God, he couldn’t wait! He didn’t care if they sucked each other, or if he fucked the hell out of Andy again, or... Oh, Lord, what if... ? They hadn’t done that yet. Hell, they hadn’t had a chance to do much of anything! But what if tonight... ? He shied away from the thought, but his erection was most definitely interested.

As he parked the car in the driveway he found he was breathing faster and his heart was pounding. He wanted to run the few steps to the door but forced himself to walk normally instead. Just as he reached it the door was opened and a beaming Andrew Dalziel greeted him.

No sooner was the door closed than they were in each other’s arms, hugging like mad and Andy was murmuring, "Ah, Sunbeam, ya feel so good! So good!" And Peter Pascoe found himself overjoyed to hear those words, returning the embrace strength for strength, rejoicing in the older man’s strength. With Ellie, so small and so slender, he had always used restraint, never, ever his full strength. Now, in this big, tough man’s arms, he found that he could at last be his true self, his strength unleashed, and the freedom almost made him giddy as he kissed a freshly shaved cheek, inhaling the delicious scent of Fahrenheit cologne.

"God, but you smell good!" he whispered into the ear so close to his lips, allowing himself to kiss it lightly. "And you haven’t been smoking as much."

"The nose knows! I’ll make a detective of ya yet!" He grinned. "Trying to cut down."

Pascoe realised that his partner was really making an effort for him, knowing how he hated smoking. He also realised that Dalziel, being a heavy smoker for many years, would find it very difficult. Touched, he hugged his partner.

"I’ll get you some nicotine patches tomorrow."

"Already tryin’ one out!" Dalziel grinned proudly, rolling up his sleeve to show it off.

Pascoe returned the smile, murmuring, "Then allow me to give you a substitute." So saying, he kissed his partner thoroughly, even aggressively; tongue pushing into his mouth for the other to suck on.

Although the kiss was long and deep it was not long enough for either. Becoming lovers for the first time only a week earlier and being deprived of each other’s company ever since had left a hunger in each that would not easily be satisfied. Both wanted far more and, for once, there was nothing to stop them. Now, as Pascoe ground his erection against his partner’s, he could not believe how excited he was. Overwhelmed by a feeling of raw anticipation, his need was almost desperate.

"Sunbeam, if ya keep that up we’ll be lucky to make it upstairs!" Dalziel panted as Pascoe’s mouth devoured his neck.

"Oh, God, I want you!"

"Kind of ‘ad that impression!" Dalziel managed while nibbling the lobe of an ear.

Pascoe took a deep breath. "Upstairs it is!"

"Good lad!"

Arms around each other they climbed the stairs, headed for Dalziel’s room. Once there Dalziel pulled the younger man to him, hands gripping his buttocks and fondling them. On hearing his name murmured he allowed one hand to slip to the front of his partner’s trousers.

"Oh, lad! Oh, but that’s a lovely hard-on ya got there! C’mon, let me at it!" With that, Andrew Dalziel began to remove his partner’s clothing. Excitement peaking, he felt like a teenager once more as his wonderful lover’s hands eagerly fumbled with the opening of his trousers.

In the end they found it faster to do it themselves before tumbling into bed, each craving the intimate feel of the other’s nude flesh.

"Oh, lad, let me look at you!" Dalziel pleaded.

Obediently, Pascoe lay on his back, gazing up at him. "Like what you see?"

"Aye, lad, you’ll do!" he sighed appreciatively. "You’ll do!"

The beauty of that slender male body, highly aroused was too much and Dalziel reached out to touch, to stroke everywhere he could reach, his partner reciprocating. However, it was Pascoe who pulled his excited partner down for a kiss that seared his soul and almost made him come there and then.

Wrenching himself away when all he wanted was more, Dalziel forced himself to take deep breaths. God but the lad made him feel so very vital and alive - and he couldn’t remember when he’d last felt this wonderful, overpowering lust. He didn’t care what they did or how, only that he was with a man who could satisfy his needs as no other; who took away the unfulfilled ache inside him - an ache that his career, much as it meant to him, could never assuage - and filled it to overflowing with warmth.

While his hands and mouth had been preoccupied, Dalziel had failed to notice that his partner had already retrieved the lubricant and removed the cap. It was only as he felt warm, slippery fingers sliding delightfully all over his rampant erection that he realised what was happening - and exactly what it signified.

As he opened his mouth to protest, he found his partner’s finger pressed to his lips to seal them.

"No, don’t say anything! Not a word! Let me do this, Andy."

In the face of his lover’s sincerity and determination, and knowing his own enjoyment of the act, Andrew Dalziel found himself quite unable to mount a protest. Finally, nodding, he acquiesced, only to find the finger replaced with warm lips.

"All right, lad. All right," he murmured. "I won’t say anything, but we’ll take it easy so’s you’ll enjoy it better. ‘Ere, ‘and us that pillow."

They piled up the pillows before Dalziel sat back against them, legs parted a little, inviting his eager lover to come sit on his lap.

"Now, me laddo, come to Papa!"

The expression on Dalziel’s face, not to mention his open arms spoke a thousand words of welcome as Pascoe found himself sitting on his lover’s thighs, legs tucked under him.

"God, Andy, you’re big!" he murmured, gazing at his partner’s swollen sex.

"Think ya can take it?" Dalziel challenged playfully.

Pascoe smiled. "Bet you a four-course meal!"

"You’re on!" Andy smiled. "Never thought an old bugger like me could turn you on, huh?"

Pascoe gazed down on his lover. "You’re older than me, yes. You’re not a pretty face, and you’re overweight..." he shook his head at the impossible reality of being this man’s lover, "...you’re argumentative, you’re impossible to work with, you drink and smoke too much, though at least you’re cutting down on the smoking and I’m grateful for that, but you’re a bloody horny sod too - and Christ but you turn me on like no one I’ve ever met!"

Dalziel chuckled hard, the smile lighting up his face. "So I’m a horny bugger. Is that why you love me?"

"Can’t think of any other reason!" The expression on Pascoe’s face said otherwise.

"Too right, my lad! Oh, and by the by, you’re keepin’ me waitin’, and seein’ as ‘ow I don’t like to be kept waitin’..."

"That’s the trouble - we’ve both been waiting too long!"

"Well stop your dawdlin’ and get on with it!" Dalziel demanded.

As Pascoe leaned forward to silence his impatient partner with a kiss it occurred to him that they even argued in bed. In fact, they had the first time too. Well why not? he decided. They argued everywhere else about everything else, so why not sex too? But deep down where it counted they thought the same, and that was one of the reasons they were together now. Also, there was an undeniable attraction between them. Besides, they laughed together. They argued but they also laughed, and that was the important thing. Maybe that was what he missed with Ellie - laughter. He couldn’t remember when he’d last laughed with her. Andy’s mouth was on his cheeks, his neck, and he didn’t want to think any more, just enjoy the sensation of his superior officer’s mouth paying homage to him.

They were kissing again, mouths devouring each other now. The thought of what they were about to do goading them on.

Parting his thighs, Pascoe straddled his lover, holding the other man’s cock in exactly the right place. Heavy-lidded gazes meeting, Pascoe lowered himself, feeling the soft tip of his partner’s sex push against the opening. Still with his eyes on his lover, he pushed more, gasping as he felt the other’s heavy erection breach the opening and enter him.

Only a little, he thought distractedly, barely able to think at all, but it was in, and his body desperately wanted to push it out, muscles contracting against this invader, gentle as it was. Instead, he concentrated on Dalziel’s hand, alternatively stroking and milking his cock.

"That’s it, lad. Relax as much as you can," Dalziel coaxed.

As Dalziel continued to stroke him, in triumph, Pascoe slid down a little further, a hissed, "Yes!" floating to Dalziel’s ears.

"Ah, yes, indeed, lad!" Dalziel affirmed. "But go easy. We have all night!"

"In our profession we may not!" Pascoe disagreed through clenched teeth. "Who’s to say if the phone will ring - and I want this!"

Relaxing more, he slid further down, almost all the way now, completely impaling himself on his partner’s generous sex. His face contorted a little in discomfort while Dalziel remained totally still, only lifting a hand to stroke his face, that one simple gesture conveying utmost gratitude and affection.

Dalziel risked a glance at their joined bodies only to see himself buried to the hilt in the wonderful heat and tightness of his younger lover. That one glance almost almost proved his undoing.

"Ah, lad!" he murmured. "Me lovely lad! Y’ave me now!" he gasped. "All of me!"

Pascoe smiled down at him. "All of you!" he panted, his smile triumphant. "Yes! Damn but you’re big!"

He raised himself a little before allowing his own weight to bring him down once more, hearing through a haze of desire and discomfort his partner’s gasp of pleasure. On repeating the action, he discovered his own pleasure in the act; an ache deep inside him that wanted only more and more. His erection blissfully hard again in his lover’s hand, he continued to raise and lower himself, becoming used to the sensation of a swollen erection sliding back and forth within him. It felt huge inside him, but he wanted it so badly it was unbearable - and he wanted more than this.

To Dalziel’s surprise, without warning, his partner lifted completely off him.

"What, lad? Have I hurt ya?"

Pascoe shook his head, smiling at the concerned expression on his partner’s face. "Give me what you had!" he demanded. So saying, he turned around, thereby presenting his very attractive rear to his partner’s ravenous eyes.

Dalziel needed no further encouragement. Rising to grasp his partner eagerly, he sheathed his generous erection in the other’s willing body.

"Dear lad!" he murmured, already beginning to thrust as Pascoe bucked beneath him, pushing back now to meet his partner’s every eager thrust.

For Pascoe it was akin to being stabbed repeatedly. He didn’t even know why he wanted it, only that he wanted more and more of the wonderful sensations, now far outweighing any discomfort. He raised himself to a kneeling position, leaning back against his partner, immediately feeling Dalziel’s arms encircle him, stroking him everywhere from his nipples to his thighs.

"Yes!" he hissed. "God, Andy, yes! Do that!" Reaching back, he stroked his lover’s thighs pressed snugly against his own.

"Aye, feel us together, lad! Feel us!" Andy gasped. Pascoe turned his head toward him to share a kiss. "Ah, me lusty lad!"

"Say that again!" Dalziel had never called him that before - and he found he liked it. A tongue licked the outside edge of his ear.

"Me lusty lad!" Dalziel whispered, gasping as he felt Pascoe’s internal muscles tighten to squeeze his delighted sex. "Aye, that’s what y’are! That’s ‘ow I love ya!" He felt it again and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. "Lord, lad, you’re a revelation - and if ya keep that up I won’t be responsible for the consequences!" he warned.

For his part Peter Pascoe could not believe the utter joy and freedom he felt with his partner’s heavy cock buried to the hilt in him. "Go on then, Andy! Let me feel your strength!" he goaded. "I can take it, I know that now! Do it hard, Andy! Fuck me the way you’ve always wanted!"

As they began to move once more both knew that it could not last. Far beyond the point of no return, it was Pascoe who came first, almost whimpering in sheer bliss as he came in his lover’s hand, his partner’s every thrust only seeming to prolong the orgasm.

As his partner’s pleasure peaked it sent Andy Dalziel over the edge, gripping his lover desperately as he released all of his passion and love for this man in one long, delirious outpouring while his partner gripped him rhythmically to squeeze every last drop from him.

For a time they remained frozen in place, a tableau of passion spent. When finally they collapsed to the bed it was to lie on their sides. Eventually, they roused themselves enough for Dalziel to clean them both up before settling down again, the older man sleepy and content, his younger partner thinking deeply.

"God, Andy!" he sighed. His partner grunted a lazy affirmative. "It... It’s never been like that before... I mean not..."

The note of wonder in his lover’s voice made Dalziel smile. "Not with Ellie, you mean," Dalziel supplied.

Pascoe groaned. "And what the hell do I tell Ellie?"

Dalziel sighed a little, knowing this would come. "Knowing your Ellie she’s already guessed anyway," he responded sleepily. "She’d ‘ave made a right good detective that lass."

"But I don’t want to lose them, especially Rosie! I mean I know it’s selfish and I shouldn’t want to have my cake and eat it but I can’t help it." He gave a long sigh. "Andy?"

Dalziel forced his eyes open to gaze questioningly on his attractive partner. "What, lad?"

"Can you understand? I want to be with you but I don’t want to lose my family."

The troubled look on his partner’s face moved the older man deeply. "Shh. It’ll all work out. You’ll see."

"Ellie will leave me."

"Now what makes ya say that?"

"Can’t..." he faltered, ... you know," he finished lamely, his hesitation only endearing him to his lover.

Dalziel shook his head. "You mean you’re not indulging in your conjugal rights?" he queried.

Pascoe nodded. "I’ve moved into the spare room."

Dalziel let out a hiss of breath. "Small wonder she’s mad at you!"


Neither man immediately noticed that Pascoe’s response echoed that of his partner, a habit of which he seemed quite unaware.

"And ‘ere I was I thinkin’ ya were in Ellie’s arms every night." Dalziel chuckled. "So that’s why ya arrived at my door with a ragin’ hard-on!" Pascoe’s eyes widened in dismay. "Not for nothing I’m a superintendent!" Dalziel grinned.

Pascoe found himself grinning. "No secrets from you!"

"And that’s the way it should be! But why’re ya deprivin’ yourself at ‘ome? Ya’ve no need ya know. I mean... " he faltered, not quite knowing how to express that he really didn’t expect any kind of fidelity in the circumstances. "Look, lad, I don’t think..." he began.

Pascoe shook his head in frustration. "It’s not a matter of being loyal to you. I don’t think it’s even a conscious decision. It’s just... I can’t! I just can’t handle sex with Ellie any more. Anyway, all she does is complain or push me off her, or..."

"She pushes you off?" Dalziel interrupted, astonished. Pascoe nodded rather sheepishly. "Lord, that’s rough! Sorry, lad, I didn’t realise." Abruptly, Dalziel turned to face his partner. "Look, ‘ere, Peter Pascoe, last chance: If we stop this right now, if ya’ transferred to the Met like Ellie wants, d’ya think it would work? Would it at least save your marriage?"

Dalziel’s offer to let him go right now and probably never see him again moved Pascoe with it’s sincerity.

Dispiritedly, he shook his head. "No," he answered, the sadness in his voice touching his partner. "No, Andy, it’s too late for that. Besides, I like it here in Yorkshire. I feel at home here, and I want to work with you. You’re a stubborn bastard and you nearly drive me mad, but I won’t leave you - not even for Rosie’s sake," he quietly added.

"God, lad, what’ve I done to ya?" He gave a long sigh. "One night with me and you’re a ragin’ fag."

"Huh! You don’t exactly strike me as being a ‘ragin’ fag’!"

"Guess not. Never really thought about it much except I didn’t want to take advantage of subordinates."

"‘Didn’t want to take advantage’!" Pascoe mimicked. "What am I if not your loyal foot soldier?"

Dalziel drew a long breath. "Lad, ya’re the exception to the rule."

Pascoe shook his head in dismay at the time they had wasted. "Four years spent at your beck and call and nothing - all because you didn’t want to take advantage!"

"Well there was Ellie!" Dalziel defended.

"Who’d already dumped me once and now hates me and our life here! God, I’d probably never have married her but for you pushing me into her arms!"

"Oh, so I’m to blame for all your marital woes! Did I force you to marry ‘er? Didn’t I tell ya she was a dangerous woman! Ya could’ve just shagged each other blind! Even just lived together! Who said y’ad to get married!"

Pascoe sighed. "Touché," he capitulated.

"Besides, ya wouldn’t’ve married Ellie if ya ‘adn’t loved her."

"True, but I know now it was you I wanted, even back then."

"Aw, lad, how could I?" Dalziel pleaded. "I won’t take advantage of subordinates."

"Commendable, I’m sure. But in the circumstances how could I allow my superintendent to know I wanted him when he might come to the conclusion - however wrongly - that I was doing it to advance my career?"

"Lad, we’ve both made mistakes." Dalziel’s voice was resigned.

"Yes. And you know what they say about hindsight..."

"Aye. There’s no point in regrets. Too late now. Way too late," Dalziel added as his lover buried his face in his neck.

They lay in silence for a while, embracing warmly and listening to the rain pattering on the window.

"It’s nights like these make ya glad ya’ve a warm bed to sleep in," Dalziel murmured, touching his lips to Pascoe’s forehead.

The gentle kiss made Pascoe smile. "And some git to share it with."

"Some git with a big dick!" Dalziel teased.

Pascoe chuckled and hugged him hard. "God, you’re big enough!" He reached down to fondle the now-quiescent object of his thoughts. "That reminds me - you owe me a four-course meal."

"You’re on!" He turned to gaze at his partner. "Peter Pascoe, I’ll ‘ave ya know you’re a bloody banquet!"

Pascoe laughed. "Strong enough to take you, my Superintendent!"

"That ya’are, lad! That ya’are," Dalziel murmured, sleepy and content.

A short time later Pascoe wondered if Dalziel had fallen asleep until he heard, "Lad?"

He pulled back to gaze at his partner, their faces only inches apart on the pillow.

"Lad, there’s only one thing I ask ya: Let’s never ‘ave lies between us. That’s the one thing that’d break my heart."

As Peter Pascoe gazed on the careworn face of the man who had unleashed such passion in him that he felt as if he’d never known himself before, he realised for the first time how much power he had over Andy Dalziel. He could so easily break the man’s heart - and he vowed never to do that. This man had changed his life so completely it was almost dizzying - especially in the last week. How much had he always held back during lovemaking and not even been conscious of it? And yet Andy had released that pent-up yearning to the point that it almost frightened him in its intensity; to the point that it made him long for more so much so that he could no longer satisfy his needs with his very attractive wife. Deep down in his heart he knew now that anything less would never satisfy him again. Remembering Andy’s words of a week ago, he realised that he’d proven his courage tonight. He could match his partner strength for strength, and having done it, he found that he could no longer contemplate a life not shared with the man in whose embrace he lay so happily. Yes, he had ambitions and his career would never take a back seat, but, above all, he wanted to be with this man as his partner and lover, and he saw no reason whatsoever for that to hamper his career, not in this day and age.

He rolled over to lie on top of the object of his thoughts, smiling down at him and running playful fingers through his lover’s hair.

"Andrew Dalziel, I promise to tell you the truth, no matter the consequences - for either of us."

Dalziel smiled. "Good lad! And I trust that includes withholding it, bending it, stretching it and generally telling porkies?"

Pascoe chuckled. "No porkies," he agreed, "and no regrets." Leaning over to seal his promise with a kiss, he uttered a silent prayer that nothing and no one would ever force him to betray his words of this night.

Without their previous feverish need, the kiss was long, deep and incredibly satisfying, Pascoe welcoming his lover’s tongue and sucking on it in pure delight.

Eventually, forced to come up for air, Dalziel protested, "Look ‘ere, lad, keep that up and you’ll ‘ave me worn to a bleedin’ frazzle! I’ll be skin and bone!"

Pascoe burst out laughing, at the same time patting his lover’s generous girth. "Not bloody likely!" he retorted.

"Oh, ya think not, do ya! Peter Pascoe, I’ll ‘ave ya know I’m no spring chicken and ya’ll ‘ave me in an early grave, ya will!"

Pascoe only laughed harder, reaching down to fondle his partner’s already swelling erection. "Well at least you’ll die happy!"

As fingers were replaced by an eager mouth, Andrew Dalziel decided that dying happy was always to be hoped for - though not just yet.

*** * ***


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