Title: "Games of Chance"
Author/pseudonym: xof
Fandom: Queer As Folk
Pairing: SJ/VT
Rating: Nc-17
Status: New/Complete
Archive: Yes. Please.
Feedback: xof@rose.net
Website: http://thesleepydragon.com/nesting/main.html
Series/Sequel: No.
Disclaimers: I don't own these characters. I presume that Channel 4 and
Russell D. do.

Notes: Okay, now I'm not obsessed . . . but I couldn't get that scene in
QAF2 outta my mind. You know the one . . . one bed . . . two men . . . and
no shag. Awwwwwwww!!!!! I had to fix that. Really. I also wanted to try
my hand at a younger version of Stuart and Vince, even if in flashback.

Summary: Love at the spin of a bottle . . . and memories left in the dark.

Warnings: Spoilers for QAF 1 and up through the wedding in QAF2,
definitely. This is more of my own personal kinks showing . . . blindfolds,
mirrors and memories half realized. FEEDBACK is definitely needed. Not

Games of Chance

by Xof

Whispered words breathed warmly across the back of his neck were the cause
of Vince's sudden wakefulness. Mind not clearly focused he asked without
knowing to whom he spoke, "What?"

"Do you remember spin-the-bottle?"

Stuart's voice. So close to his ear that he could feel the words against
his skin. Taking a moment to gather in his surroundings, Vince realized a
few surprising facts. Body heat was the first sensation he could
acknowledge as he waded through half-sleep on towards full consciousness.
Stuart was pressed close along his back. They were lying spooned together,
having changed positions in bed during the night.


What were they doing in bed together? Oh, the wedding. His sister.

They hadn't shagged. He remembered that with sudden disappointment and
conflicting traces of relief. Last he remembered, he'd been fully awake
listening to the subtle movements of Stuart's body as it shifted in sleep at
his side. Staring at the ceiling, Vince had been calling himself every
variation of twat he could think of . . . knowing that he'd not get any
sleep with Stuart so close. Untouchable... The feeling returned to echo
through his mind as it had earlier that evening.

He was brought back from thought as Stuart cleared his throat and draped an
arm over his waist. The shifting in sleep had rucked Vince's t-shirt up his
back almost to the shoulder blades, leaving him open to the heated glide of
Stuart's chest as it was pressed close in his friend's loose embrace. "I .
. . uhm." Not opening his eyes, Vince tried to think despite the sensory
spike caused by his practically naked friend's touch. "Couple months after
we first met, yeah?"
"Uh hum. That weekend trip to your father's."

Stuart's words continued quietly to caress Vince as he nuzzled his forehead
against his friend's neck, their low tone flowing over him. He remembered
well, that weekend. Since meeting Stuart, everything had changed in his
isolated world. He had a friend. This marvelous force that liked him in
returned and listened to his prattle with smiling indulgence. Having stood
in the light of Stuart's smile, Vince never wanted to feel the shadows of
loneliness again. Within those first two months, they'd quickly become
inseparable. Always together. So when Vince had been invited down to visit
with his father's family, it had been agreed that he would be allowed to
bring his friend along. Vince's sister had been planning on having a party
for her birthday Sunday night so Stuart was to her a welcomed male presence
in what would have been a fairly girlish event. For a girl of twelve, she
showed all the signs of pubescence on the rampage. Giggles and all . . .

So for most of the day, Stuart had been fending off unwanted flirtations
from one girl after another. Always handling these dramas with charm and /
or salaciousness that often sent his new found admirers running off in a
flurry of hair ribbons and flushed faces. Needless to say he was the hit of
the party.

This despite the presence of Daniel Birlow . . .

Daniel was a boy of their same age, fourteen and blonde with expressive
green eyes. He smiled easily and had a pleasant laugh that made Vince
relish telling the next joke. Sadly straight. He'd come to the gathering
with his sister, a good friend of Vince's own. If Stuart was king of the
party, then this was its prince . . .

Vince remained the court jester.

The straight-equals-no observation was new to Vince. He'd been somewhat
aware that he didn't find girls as interesting as the other boys for some
time before Stuart entered his life. After seeing the confidence of
Stuart's own sense of sexuality . . . and after finally admitting to himself
in those first few days that his dreams and thoughts towards his new friend
were not to be denied in their intensity, Vince had confessed his shared
affinity to the same sex to both himself and Stuart. Not a declaration
really. More a seconded opinion that proved he found Stuart's taste in men
mutually satisfying.

Not that he'd done anything with anyone at that point. His first time on
that Summer trip with Hazel was still in his future, months following his
sister's party. So there he stood, surrounded by girls . . . watching
Stuart eyeing Daniel Birlow with open interest despite his belonging to the
"no" category. No. Yes. And Maybe...

Daniel was a no. Or so he'd believed. It was so fucking obvious, but still
Stuart persisted with his charms. It was driving Vince daft. By the time
the evening had turned dark as pitch he was ready to scream with each new
subtle touch of Stuart's hand on Daniel's shoulder, each new brush of thigh
to thigh as they passed each other in the quest for more food and each time
Stuart bit his lip in thought as to what he would try next. Daniel hadn't a
clue . . . living only on the sight, fragrance and smile of Edwina
Vandermeer, Vince's sister's best friend. It was mental, this . . .

"Do you remember what happened?" Stuart asked sleepily.

"Whatever could you mean? Being outed to my sister at a game of spin the
bottle . . . which was your bloody idea to play in the first."

Stuart chuckled devilishly behind him, moving still closer as his legs
pulled forward and slid against the back of Vince's own. Vince's next
breath came deeply, released in a sigh that was heartfelt. Damn, what was
he doing?

"I was thinking more alone the line of you in the closet," Stuart whispered.

Groaning dramatically in the dark, Vince answered. "I'm probably the only
bloke we know who's come out by going in . . ." Realizing what he'd just
said and how it sounded, Vince bit his tongue as Stuart erupted with
laughter so loud it shook the bed. His own nervous chuckles ceased when
Stuart hugged him closer from behind, burying his face in Vince's hair.

"I love it when you talk dirty, Vince."

"That's right. Keep having at, you bastard." Vince tried for sarcastic
banter, but his voice sounded gruff even to his own ears. They were both
wide awake and clasped closely together in bed, talking about the past. Why
Vince didn't know, but he cherished being able to feel Stuart holding him as
they laughed.

Stuart finally quieted enough to ask, "What happened in there that made you
so nervous? You wouldn't ever say later, just spent the next couple days
not meeting anyone else's gaze."

Vince asked hesitantly, "What's this in aid of, Stuart?"

Passing his hand upwards from Vince's waist, Stuart spoke quietly as his
fingers stilled . . . the tips having made their way fractionally up under
Vince's shirt and coming to a stop against the bared skin of his abdomen.
"Just humor an aging man and tell me."

Feeling the heat of Stuart's fingers on his skin, Vince hedged his answer.
"You know how I got there. It was your game. Your rules."

"Did anything happen that you didn't like or that scared you?"

Surprised that Stuart would even think to ask that Vince said, "Not scared,
really. I . . . I liked it a lot. It just confused the hell out of me at
the time."

Stuart continued to wait in silence for him to speak, finally breaking
through Vince's reluctance with the light pressure of his hand as it rubbed
small circles along his stomach. Vince began to speak as a means of
distraction, not wanting to think about his growing arousal and Stuart's
probable intent.

They'd finally run out of party games to play. Guests were getting bored
and Stuart was not any closer to having a go with Daniel.

"He wasn't that hot."

"Stuart, he was almost a mirror image to Nathan Maloney. Bite your tongue .
. ."

Laughing, Stuart answered. "I didn't think you'd noticed."

"As if . . ."

So Stuart had announced that he had a special game for them all to play.
Vince had been seconds away from making a rude pin the tail on the jack-arse
remark, when Stuart had asked for the silk sash off of Edwina's dress. He'd
explained that they were going to play spin the bottle . . . with a twist or
two. The six of them - Vince, Stuart, Daniel, Vince's sister, Edwina and
Patrice were to sit in a circle . . . girl - boy - girl - boy - girl - boy.
The spinner was to be blindfolded with the black sash. The bottle would spin
and then once it's had stopped, the spinner would be led carefully into the
large walk-in closet at the end of the hall with the person at whom the
bottle had been pointing. Ten minutes would then pass until they were
allowed to come back out. The rules also stipulated that the spinner could
not remove the blindfold. There was to be no talking, either. Once out of
the closet, the blindfold would be lifted and the spinner had to guess with
whom they'd spent their time in captivity.

No matter the combination, the two players would have to make the trek down
the hall and into the closet . . . or else not play the game. Amongst
multiple sets of giggles and blushes, all the people in the room agreed.
Not wanting to be shown up as cowards proved a powerful impetus. Birthday
girl, first of course. The bottle spun and spun . . . hypnotic in its
off-centered circular glide. Stopping in front of Stuart Alan Jones.

Snorting at the memory of Stuart's face Vince laughed. "If you could have
seen your face . . ."

"Shut up, you twat."

Obviously not the result that Stuart had been hoping for, still he'd stood
amongst the cacophony of laughter and pleased shrieks . . . dead man walking
to his doom. Vince helped his sister up as he tried to contain his own
amusement and helped guide her to the closet. Seeing Stuart's green pallor,
Vince had patted him soundly on the back and then shoved him forward into
the room. Closing the door, he walked back to the others shaking his head
as he grinned widely. Serves him right, he thought.

"Longest ten fucking minutes of my life," his friend grumbled.

"All you did was kiss her hand, though. What's so terrible in that?" Vince

Sighing loudly as he rubbed his head against Vince's warmth . . . the
feeling of those silken curls doing crazy things to his friend's breathing,
Stuart answered. "What wasn't wrong with it? She was nervous as hell,
anyway. Wouldn't stop fidgeting while she giggled. I thought she'd have a
heart attack if I did anything at all. Didn't want to anyway. Just wanted
out of my own trap."

Smiling in the dark Vince said, "So why'd you kiss her at all?"

"My game. My rules. And her birthday . . ." Shrugging slightly, Stuart
moved his head up so that his lips were close enough to brush against
Vince's neck as he spoke. "The selfless gentleman. That's me . . ."

Not knowing how to respond to Stuart's playful sarcasm in the wake of their
ever increasing physical contact, Vince just mumbled a reply. "Not if I'm
lucky." Instantly wanting to bite back the words, he lay in silence as he
felt Stuart's quiet release of his name against his shoulder. Body still so
enticingly pressed to his own, warm breath skirting over his skin and the
continued sensation of fingers moving over his middle . . . oh my god. Back
to distraction.

"I still remember to this day the look on Daniel's face after the next

His voice raspy but amused, Stuart replied. "Not so much then as when
Patrice and his Edwina got out of the closet..."

Irony. The second spin had produced an interesting mix. Daniel's sister,
Patrice spun the bottle and wound up in the closet with his dream girl. Not
unlike Vince's sister winding up in there with his dream man . . . The
difference being that when the girls returned, there were obvious clues that
more had taken place than in the first couple's turn in the dark. Patrice
seemed slightly shaken but with a pleasing flush to her skin. Edwina on the
other hand. Her lips were swollen and reddened from use. Her hair was
mussed and she had the most delightful gleam in her eyes. The girl radiated
happiness, the emotion standing in stark contrast to the jealous fire of
Daniel's own gaze. He was not at all amused with the implications. Here
was the girl he wanted, having made out not with him but with his sister.

Chuckling again, Vince asked, "Did you see Edwina tonight? She's still with
that feminist performance artist, Lyla."

"Owes it all to me, too."

"Ha ha. More like to Patrice."

Bringing his hand up away from Vince's stomach, Stuart trailed his touch
down the line of his friend's arm . . . coming to rest finally with his palm
lying over the back of Vince's own. Their fingers entwined, he encouraged.
"Vince. Stop stalling and get to your turn."

With a reassuring squeeze of Stuart's hand, Vince did continue.

By the time Vince's turn had come, everyone was in a state for one reason or
another. The giggles had increased, the laughter had gotten louder and
everyone was trying to keep themselves from being too loud and dropping the
grownups in on their heads. Too much commotion and the fun would be over.
Stuart took the blindfold from Patrice and walked over to Vince. It was
obvious that his friend was nervous and not a little dreadful of the outcome
of his spin. Looking deep into his eyes, Stuart smiled and then covered
them with care.

Having his sense of sight closed off only added to his growing anxiety.
What if he spun to a girl like Stuart had? Oh hell. What if he spun on to
Daniel? Well, there are worse things to do than be locked up with a
handsome bloke like him. Besides, he'd probably just stand there for ten
minutes and then they'd be released none the worse for wear minus the
teasing from the girls. But what if . . . oh shit. What if it was Stuart?
The rush of heat through his body told him well how pleasing the idea could
be, but his mind shied from the possibility. Stuart didn't want him, that
he knew. Probably just give me grief over having missed out on a chance at
Daniel for the second time that night.

His mind a whirl, Vince took a breath and then spun the bottle. A small
eternity later, the room erupted in the loudest bit of laughter that night.
Why was everything suddenly so loud? Must be the blindness. He felt soft
hands urging him to his feet, stronger ones turning him to go down the hall
and still he couldn't tell with whom he walked. From the sound and the
rustle of fabric, he thought he heard both girls' dresses and men's shoes.
He was awkwardly pushed into the closet having to reach forward to keep his
balance, hearing the hangers moving about on the rod, the close of the door
and the burst of laughter just outside the door. And then only his own
breaths were to be heard, seemingly echoed in the silence of his own

Vince stood still for what must have been a full minute or two, trying to
decide if he could tell anything about his surroundings. No idea where his
partner in frivolity was standing, how close or how far from him. If it was
one of the girls, then surely she was waiting for him to make the first
move. Standing still for much longer would make he seem even more the twat.
A kiss on the cheek. Maybe he could just get away with that. Safer that
way if it turned out to be his sister . . . Ewwwww.

Parish the thought.

Then just as he started to reach out for a better idea of where the person
could be, Vince felt the first touch. It was the slow teasing glide of
fingertips along the length of his spine . . . stopping only at the waist of
his pants. Oh my god. What . . . why'd? Again the touch came, this time
with a stronger pressure that changed again as the fingers ran up under his
shirt and along his ribs. Gasping in surprise, Vince was too shocked by
both the blatant touch and his own body's reaction to even think about
lifting the sash from his eyes to see the one in front of him. "I . . . um.
What are you . . uhm." His questions were stopped with the press of the
other's hand against his mouth. A hushed, "Shhhh," sounded in a voice too
deep to be one of the girls but too indistinct to tell weather it was Daniel
or Stuart.

Daniel wouldn't . . . would he? And Stuart? Why like this? Or better . .
. why at all?

Suddenly he was pushed back against the wall . . . all thoughts and
questions fleeing in the wake of the first touch of a boy's mouth against
his own. Sweet but quick to burn like fire . . . so good. Addictive brush
of liquid fire as his tongue was touched, then stroked with all the
enthusiasm of youth and desire. Vince was lost to the power of his
possession. He moaned into the other's mouth, trying to raise his hands to
touch in return. But his seducer would have none of it . . . capturing
Vince's hands behind his back, leaning full against him so as to prevent
further interruptions. Truly trapped now . . . and loving the feeling,
Vince kissed him as heatedly as he could. Playing into and out of the mouth
against his, melting with the firm glide of his lips over those pressed
close . . . Vince never wanted the moment to end.

And then he felt the arch of the other's groin against his own. Hardness
mirrored in them both. The other let loose a welcoming hiss as he moved one
hand from Vince's wrists down to touch his arse, pulling him closer so that
they both could feel the full length of each other's erections. Groaning as
he thrust forward, Vince pulled back from his mouth . . . trying to catch
his breath while still feeling the world teetering in the wake of his
arousal. "Yes . . ."

It was almost too much . . . and so very new. Being made to feel this way
by him. And wanting more in the wake of first contact. Struggling to free
one hand, Vince made to touch the blindfold. He wanted to see what was
happening as well as feeling it.

Just as he began to lift the veil from his vision, the other jerked away.
His reluctance to be seen becoming very clear when he pulled Vince's hands
forward away from his face. Vince stood unsteadily as he tried to make
sense of it all, fighting the pounding of his heart and the rush of his
blood. "Okay," he whispered to his unseen companion. "I'm sorry. I just .
. . I wanted to know." Understanding that the bloke still didn't want
that as well when he didn't release his hands, Vince spoke in a whisper . .
. all the time hoping his choice was the wrong one. "Daniel?"

As soon as the name was spoken, Vince was pushed away . . . whether in
rejection, anger or fear he didn't know. His hands were loosed. The door
was thrown open and he listened as the guy walked swiftly out of the small
space. Given a minute or two, Vince removed the cover from his eyes . . .
blinking against the brightness of the room as the light radiated from it to
his end of the hall. Once his body had calmed enough to follow the boy
back, Vince reentered the room . . . determined not to answer the questions
that awaited him inside.

Thankfully, no matter the ribbing that followed . . .he'd held strong.
Telling everyone that he didn't want to know, "Thanks very much."

Whom ever it had been . . . Daniel or Stuart . . . he would not ask. The
moment had been given and taken from him just as quickly. Leaving him
reluctant to speak of it for fear of losing the intensity to the clear light
of day. This was his to keep. Even in the face of Stuart's endless
restlessness and lines of shags . . . and the fantasy of what Daniel could
have been were he not a "no." Or was that a maybe . . .

Having lapsed into silence at the memory he'd shared, Vince was slightly
startled to once again feel his friend's arm move up his chest under the
shirt to press him back against Stuart's warm skin. Feeling as much as
hearing the words spoken huskily against his neck, Vince listened as Stuart
asked "First kiss, hum?"


"Memorable circumstance I'd say."

Smiling warily Vince nodded his head in agreement. "The whole colony . . ."

Lifting his head slightly Stuart said, "You've left out something," the
words traveled once more over the curve of Vince's ear like a brush of

Clearing his throat, Vince closed his eyes as he responded. "What?"

Sitting up, Stuart took his friend's hands into his own, "Come with me."

Following as Stuart left the bed and walked into the bathroom, Vince made to
pull his shirt down in an attempt to hide his obvious response to the past
few moments. Feeling as if he was walking in a daze, he entered the room
close behind Stuart. Blinking against the light he murmured, "Blimey.
Nothing by halves, right?" The room was enormous . . . featuring a Jacuzzi
tub, a large glass paneled shower that would easily fit probably up to three
at a time and a full bank of counter to ceiling mirrors over the double
basin sinks.

Stuart turned to him. "Shhhh, Vince. Remember you're not supposed to talk
after your spin." Stepping forward deliberately one footstep at a time, he

forced Vince to back up against the cool tiles of the wall opposite the

Caught up in the feeling of being seductively menaced into this trap, Vince
spoke in a low voice. "I thought the rule was not to remove the blindfold."

"Mmmm. With those eyes of yours, are you fucking kidding me?" Coming to
stand a hair's breath from Vince's body, Stuart smiled enticingly.
"Besides. Didn't you say you wanted to see . . . to know what was
happening? And with whom?"

Trying to catch his breath long enough to speak Vince asked, "Stuart. Where
are you going with this?"

Running a hand through the tangle of his own dark curls, Stuart met his
friend's gaze with an openness of expression that surprised him. "Back to
where I never should have left off . . ." Reaching around, he drew Vince's
hands back behind clasped in his own. Stuart pressed his body completely
against Vince . . . his leg thrust between his friend's unsteady stance,
rubbing their groins together with a feline sway of his arse.

"Oh my g. . . uhm." Vince's gasp was cut off by the sudden tempest of
Stuart's kiss. Hmmm . . . the way he tasted. The man kissed like he was
master of the universe and wanted to share the wealth. Vince moaned as his
tongue was slowly stroked in time to Stuart's hips, feeling the rhythm
echoed through out his body. God, Stuart was hard . . . for him.

Breaking away suddenly, Stuart panted out words that thrilled Vince's
spirit. "Do you know just how fucking hot it feels to have been your first
kiss? The first one to touch you like this." He moved one of his hands
down to clasp and kneed the sweet curve of Vince's behind. Murmuring a
satisfied sound as Vince arched back into his caress and then forward
against his hardened cloth covered cock . . .

Not knowing what to say in response but feeling joy rising to flood his
angst-ridden passion infused brain, Vince could only voice his ultimate
version of . . . why. "Wished it had been my first everything." Pressing
his forehead to Stuart's Vince moaned at being pulled closer into his
friend's heat. "Why'd you stop then? I'd have given you everything. I
wanted it all . . . I wanted you."

Slowly sucking in a deep breath, Stuart answered. "Overwhelmed . . . And
then you said his name instead of mine. Didn't like that." Threading his h
and through Vince's hair, holding his head still with a firm grasp Stuart
continued. "Quick to temper . . . and one game of chance. I've been a twat
ever since." He nibbled along the line of Vince's jaw as he continued to
move towards him. "Until I woke up tonight with you against me. I liked
how that felt."

"Stuart." Spoken shakily in the wake of feeling the rasp of Stuart's
unshaven cheek brushing against his own.

"Again, Vince."


"My name. Say my name like that again."

Closing his eyes . . . throwing his head back as Stuart trailed his mouth
down his throat Vince groaned, "Stuart. Oh yeah. I . . . ahh. Stuart."

Releasing a sexy chuckle Stuart said, "And now for that bit you skipped."
Taking his hand from Vince's other wrist, he slipped it down the back of his
friend's boxers . . . teasing the fingertips along the cleft of his arse.
Pressing inward, he groaned as Vince gasped his pleasure. A direct repeat
of his reaction the first time Stuart had touched him so . . .

Time to take on new territory....

"Open your eyes, Vince. You're a beautiful sight." Once Vince had
reluctantly obeyed, Stuart continued to play with his auditory senses.
"Look over my shoulder into the mirror. Yeah . . . that's it. See
yourself. Skin flushed. Heart pounding so hard I can almost see your pulse
jumping. Arms trapped. Lips swollen and wet. And your eyes so wild.
Fucking beautiful." Growling softly, he pulled Vince's underwear down with
a jerk. . . . feeling the initial brush of the hot aroused flesh against his
own stomach. Quickly taking Vince's mouth in another kiss, Stuart pulled
back to jerk the man's shirt over his head.

The motion left Vince's hands free. He reached up in desperation, threading
his fingers into Stuart's hair and pulling his mouth back for more. Feeling
Stuart's body ungulate along his own, Vince spoke his friend's name in a
deep tone into their kiss as he realized that now they were both naked at
last . . . Stuart's shorts a puddle around their feet.

Whispering into the taste of Vince's lips, Stuart moaned. "Feel me, Vince.
The way I feel you. Hot. Hard and wanting more."

Vince ran his hands down the slim silken line of Stuart's back, reaching
down to take his arse in hand. Pulling his friend even closer, he gasped at
the pleasure he'd found.

"Talk to me." Stuart murmured fiercely into Vince's chest. He trailed his
tongue teasingly along Vine's collarbone before dipping to take his hardened
nipples into his mouth. "Tell me what you want."

After all the years he'd yearned and been without, the command for knowledge
was almost as stirring as the way Stuart's body felt along his own. Not
thinking first, Vince could only answer with his heart. "Whatever you're
willing to give me."

Moaning in response, Stuart rubbed his mussed hair over the sensitive tips
of Vince's nipples as he spoke. "God, you're fucking fabulous." Lifting
his head to meet the deep storm within those of his friend, Stuart continued
to move against him. Their cocks thrusting together as he bit his lip, he
fought to give Vince what they both wanted. "Make me feel you, inside and
out. Touch me, taste me . . . take me as you will." He kissed him lightly
before pulled away and standing back against the sink. Looking into Vince's
eyes, he whispered. "It's what I want. You're what I want."

"You always get what you want." Vince smiled uncertainly. He was so damn
turned on . . . he couldn't think beyond the moment. But then . . . "It's
time I did too."

Crooking a finger, Vince reached down with his other hand . . .. stroking
himself as he waved Stuart near. He watched over Stuart's shoulder as the
image of his friend was echoed glass pane to glass pane . . . his arse a
dream made flesh as he walked back towards Vince. Stuart's skin took on a
faint sheen as they pressed together once more, their mouths captured and
given again and again. Running his hands over Stuart's body, he listened to
the changes in the man's breathing as he teased his fingers along the column
of their heated lengths. "Vince, I have too."

Stuart licked Vince, from collar to cock . . . then cock to collar.
Releasing appreciative murmurs as Vince gasped in response, Stuart made the
trek downwards again . . . coming fully onto his knees before him. Pressing
his face forward, Stuart took in the feel of Vince's dark curls against his
nose . . . reveling in his scent, before taking his cock into his mouth.
They both moaned at this possession. So good. And so long denied.

Not able to control his hips, Vince thrust slightly forward into the wet
heat of Stuart's mouth. "Stuart, please." He cried out as Stuart began
bobbing his head in a determined rhythm. Letting his eyes fall open, Vince
clutched his friend's head as he experienced the duel reality of seeing them
both mirrored from counter to ceiling . . . and then looking down at the
glory of Stuart's eyes as he continued to pleasure and find pleasure in
Vince's body.

Knowing he'd never withstand Stuart's skill for long, Vince pulled back. He
spoke gruffly, "Stand up." Once he'd done so, Vince kissed him desperately
. . . needing and finding his own taste along Stuart's tongue. Grasping
Stuart by the back of his neck, Vince held him . . . pressed forehead to
forehead as they gasped their excitement against each other's cheek.
Grinning like a loon Vince watched Stuart's face as he told him, "Turn
around, hands on the counter and arse out."

"Oh, Vince." Stuart looked absolutely and pleasantly floored at the words.
"What are you like?" Smiling he quickly turned to obey. Meeting Vince's
gaze in the mirror he asked, "Is this how you want me?"

Covering the length of Stuart's back with his body, Vince nibbled at the
curve of the man's ear. Hearing his friend's moan at the touch of tongue to
lobe and cock to arse, Vince growled forth a reply. "You have no fucking
idea how many ways I want you." He leaned back to slide his tongue down the
line of Stuart's back, making his way down in a tease until he crouched
behind him. Giving into impulse, Vince reached forward and nipped at the
perfection of Stuart's arse.

"Vince. Ohh . . ." Stuart rested heavily on his arms as he thrust
backwards into the pleasure of Vince's mouth on his skin. Feeling the hot
glide of his tongue as it traced ever nearer to the mark, Stuart groaned in
frustration as it skirted passed without finding the spot where he wanted
it. "More. Vince do it . . . please."

Smiling against his behind Vince asked naughtily, "What . . . this?" He
reached between Stuart's spread legs and took his balls in hand, rolling
them in the warmth of his palm. Hearing the man curse under his breath,
Vince continued. "Or is it this?" He let the heat of his breath breeze
over the opening to Stuart's body, finally giving in when his own desire to
taste proved irresistible.

"Fuck. Oh . . . fuck." Stuart groaned as he reveled in the deep pleasure
of his friend's touch. He thrust back into the gentle pressure of Vince's
tongue as it entered his body ever so briefly before moving away, returning
yet again. Stuart's own breath was steaming the glass in front of him,
framing his panting image as he stared forward . . . eyes half closed as he
drowned in the feeling of Vince's mouth on him. "Vince." Gasping as he
spoke Stuart said, "I knew you were good with your mouth but . . . awwww."

Vince stood abruptly on unsteady legs. His body felt fevered and he'd never
felt so hard in his life. Kissing up Stuart's spine, he leaned over him.
"I'll be right back."

Stuart whispered in a rough tone, "You better be."

Stumbling about in the half dark of the room, Vince found what they needed
and then went back to Stuart. He'd stood up to await Vince's return. "Come
here, Vince."

Coming to stand once more at his back, Vince took in the full view of his
friend in the mirror. Sleek with sweat, nipples tight . . . standing out in
firm peeks and his cock . . . so fucking hard as it rested darkly against
his thigh. Vince ran a hand down the full length of the man's chest, coming
to rest lightly over his hardened desire. "Look at you. So ready . . ."

Moaning at the touch of Vince's fingers over his cock, Stuart purred out, "I
want to feel you inside of me, Vince. Fast or slow, doesn't matter. It
only has to be now." Reaching back, he drew Vince's mouth back to his neck
. . . loving the feel of his unshaven chin as it passed over the sensitive
skin of his back. He watched their reflections as Vince opened the tube and
guided fingers back to his arse. Vince bit down playfully as he pushed his
fingers into Stuart's heat. He continued to play on the edge . . . nibbling
as he worked Stuart's body into submission to his touch. Finally when at
last he felt the full give of his friend's body, Vince pulled away.

Stuart reached forward with a shaky hand. He torn open the condom wrap and
then passed it back. Seeing Vince ready himself . . . stroking the lube
over his cock . . . "Vince, now."

That first moment . . . the press and give. Passed the first ring of muscle
. . . and on into the tight sheath of Stuart's body. "Oh god. Stuart. I'm
. . . This is . . ." Thrusting fully into him, Vince echoed Stuart's moan
loudly. No hesitation just a burning need to continue. More . . . must
have it all. He moved into and out of his friend's body, drowning in the
full cacophony of their mingled cries and entwined bodies. Not gentle this
. . . fierce and steady . . . driving forward only to leave and return again
and again. Vince was murmuring Stuart's name as he took the man's cock in
hand, working him as he'd always wanted too.

Stuart threw back his head, resting it on Vince's shoulder as they
straightened . . . the motion driving Vince even further into his body . . .
brushing his friend's cock over his prostate. "Fuck, Vince. I'm gonna
come. Harder, please."

Vince increased the intensity of their connection, frantic in his desire to
take Stuart over the top. He looked at the vision of them both in the
mirror . . . the scene emblazoned forever on his brain. He pushed forward
hard enough to almost drive Stuart off his feet, his hand a blur around the
cock in his grasp . . . until finally with a scream, Stuart's orgasm burst
forth . . . leaving Vince almost sobbing as his body quickly followed suit.
Feeling the tight clench of that fabulous arse around his cock, the warmth
of the come from Stuart's body as it covered his hand and the full weight of
his friend's collapsed torso against the flushed heat of his own chest,
Vince continued to gasp out his joy - the name "Stuart" falling from his
lips like a prayer.

Not wanting them to fall, Vince eased them both back until he was against
the wall again . . . letting Stuart's lax body rest fully along his own.
Stuart moaned quietly as Vince withdrew from him, not wanting to lose the
connection that they'd achieved. Turning round in Vince's arms, Stuart
leaned in to steal a kiss freely given. "Shower."

Vince followed him into the warmth of the cascading water, never losing full
contact with him . . . a hand here and touch there. They took their time,
quietly meeting the other's gaze as they washed their bodies. Kissing
continued through the dry towels, adding to the deep flush that marked
Vince's face and chest. Stuart hugged Vince from behind as they slowly made
their way back to the bed. Under the covers, each man teased . . . running
fingers along hips, thighs and bottoms. Not sleepy . . . and full at heart.

Rolling onto their sides, they faced each other . . . watching the play of
the light from the bathroom glint across their eyes.

Vince was the first to speak. "I don't know what to say."

"Hmmm. Well, I'll tell you what I'm feeling." Leaning in to kiss him
again, Stuart smiled. "Glad."

"Not restless?" Vince whispered. "I've never been on the other side of
your shag list, Stuart. What happens now? Do we stay the night side by
side? Do you chunk me out at first light? Is this a one-off, the end or
happily ever after?"

Stuart lay quietly for a long moment, then he reached out and pulled Vince
against him. He whispered in his ear, "New rules for our game of chance,
Vince. If this had just been any other shag, I'd know exactly what to do.
But there's a difference . . ."

Shivering at the warmth of Stuart's breath over skin, Vince tightened his
arms around his friend with a sigh. "What is it?"

"I liked waking up with you in my bed. I like the way that felt, the way
you curled into me. And then in the bathroom . . ." He brushed back
Vince's hair from his forehead. "I don't know anything for certain except
that I want to do this again. To feel this way." Kissing Vince, he
confessed softly, "I was your first kiss. You are my first non-shag."
Smiling like a naughty little boy caught in the act, he continued. "I don't
have any frame of reference for this one. I just know that I want more."

Burrowing further into Stuart's as before infrequent embrace, Vince closed
his eyes as sleep beckoned. Hearing Stuart's own breathing deepen in turn,
Vince murmured his agreement. "Yes, more."

And with a spin of fate in the game of chance called life . . . they
surrendered to the peace of sleep despite the approach of a questioning


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