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New - February 2004

Douglas Henshall pics from the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Brendan Coyle in Rockface
Jeremy Sheffield visiting Africa for the Holiday programme, and his BBC Afternoon Play
Eamonn Walker in Othello




Programmes & Films

The Bill
Dalziel and Pascoe
Holby City
Home Front
Randall and Hopkirk Deceased (new series)
Still Crazy
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Thief Takers
True Blue
Clips and other odd bits!





Sean Bean
bullet A young Sean in a Lager ad.

Brendan Coyle

bullet Rebel Heart
bullet Conspiracy
bullet Rockface

Aidan Gillen

bullet Aidan Gillen in 'The Bill'

Hugh Grant

bullet A Very Peculiar Practise (1986)

John Hannah

bullet Rebus

Douglas Henshall

bullet See under Thief Takers in the programmes column.
bullet Gentlemen's Relish
bullet The Young Indiana Jones

Dominic Keating

bullet Inspector Morse

Ewan McGregor

bullet Parkinson

James MacPherson

bullet The Bill (2/7/02), see under 'The Bill' in the programmes column.
bullet WatercolourChallenge

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

bullet Gormenghast

Bill Nighy

bullet True Blue
bullet Mean Tears
bullet See under programmes for guest appearance in The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

Philip Quast

bullet Assorted pics of the Gorgeous Australian Baritone.

Jeremy Sheffield

bullet Afternoon Play BBC1 28th January 2003
bullet The Holiday Programme 2002
Holby City, see under programmes


Eamonn Walker
bullet Bergerac
bullet In Sickness and In Health
bullet The Governor
bullet One Foot in the Algarve
bullet Othello

Sam West

bullet Hamlet


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