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Actors Index



Awesome Guys


British Actors & Actresses Webring

British Beef - Lots of gorgeous
 hunky British actors

Cine-rhama's Britalent Page: Guide To British Actors and Directors

The League of Obscure British Actors

Theatre, Musicals and Actors Web

Miles Anderson  
Miles Anderson

Anthony Andrews  
Anna's Anthony Andrews Page

Sean Bean  
The Complete Sean Bean

Also see the Sharpe listing below.

Robert Carlyle  
Robert Carlyle
  Credits include Hamish MacBeth,
 The Full Monty etc.

Brendan Coyle


Jack Davenport  
The Jack Davenport Website
  Jack plays Miles in 'This Life', and Michael in 'Ultraviolet.'
The Jack Davenport Website
Blueshirts: Jack Davenport

Alan Davies - Who plays Jonathan Creek in the show of the same name. 
The Un-Official Alan Davies Homepage   
Alan Davies

Aidan Gillen  
My Aidan Gillen Page
  Plays Stuart in 'Queer as Folk'.  
Review and pic of Aidan's movie 'Buddy Boy'.

Leslie Grantham  
The Leslie Grantham Page
  Leslie's most famous
 role was as 'Dirty Den' in Eastenders.

Robson Green

Credits include Soldier Soldier/Touching Evil/Reckless/Casualty.

Ioan Gruffud  
The Ioan Gruffudd Home Page    
Credits, Horatio Hornblower in 'Hornblower', 
First Officer Lowe in 'Titanic', and one of 
Oscar Wilde's boyfriends in 'Wilde'. 

Anthony Stewart Head 
GylzGirl's Anthony Stewart Head Shrine

Ciaran Hinds  
Ciaran Hinds 
Ciaran Hinds

Charlie Hunnam  
C.H.A.P - The Charlie Hunnam Appreciation Page

Charlie plays Nathan in 'Queer as Folk.'

Derek Jacobi
The Derek Jacobi Page

Jude Law  
The Jude Law Web Ring - site list

Denis Lawson  
The Dennis Lawson Information Bureau
Denislawsonobsession New!

Neil Pearson  
Neil Pearson Fan Page
  Dave in 'Drop The Dead Donkey, Tony Clarke in 'Between The Lines.'  
The doctor in 'Rhodes.'

Philip Quast
The Philip Quast Continuum
  Pearse J. Harman in 'Ultraviolet'.

Ken Stott  
Ken Stott Page

Terrence Corrigan



Kevin Whately
Kevin Whately

Ray Winstone  
About Ray Winstone
(Will Scarlett in Robin of Sherwood)

Edward Woodward
The Edward Woodward WWW Page


The Bill - Official Site

Fiction Links

(Gen & Slash)
Dr Who
The Panoptric Network  
Adult fiction on this site requires a password.
Fuschia's Secret Archive
- Gen fic, some adult, photo manipulations etc.

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