What to say about Casualty?  Well it's been on BBC1 for what seems like forever, originally 13 episodes every Autumn/Winter, it's now gone very unusually for the UK to 26 episodes a year. It's a medical drama the nearest British equivalent to ER probably <g>, but nothing like it...   Casualty, which is the popular name most people use for their local hospitals A & E departments is set in the fictitious city of Holby, which is in reality Bristol in the SW of England.

Casualty now has a spin-off series called Holby City, which follows the progress of the patients once on the wards.. Now this series has the amazingly sexy George Irving as the head of the Cardiac team, Mr Anton Meyer. His second in command is the equally cute Mr Alex Adams played by Jeremy Sheffield, see the photos of Philip Quast for a picture of him with Jeremy Sheffield at the RSC in 'Troilus and Cressida'.

Pictures of various members of the current cast below... With one exception, sadly Dr Spiller is now deceased.  Detailed cast and character information on both Casualty and Holby City can be found at the BBC's sites, and .


Mr Max Hastings - Talented A & E Consultant. No patience with inept staff. Recent relationship broke up after he supplied methodone to the drug addict son of his g/f. Hospital kept him on after a review.
Dr Patrick Spiller (deceased) - Patrick died after surviving sacrificing his own safety to save a minibus of school children in a motorway pile-up. He hit his head when his car crashed and later died from a blood clot on the brain. Despite a somewhat annoying attitude to fellow staff and patients, Dr Lara Stone still fell in love with him, and he'd just got a job as a consultant at a London hospital when the crash occurred.
Senior Nurse Charlie Fairhead - The only cast member to have been in Casualty continuously since the beginning.  On/off relationship with Dr Baz, who's currently working in Canada with their son Louie.  Charlie did have one interesting adventure when one of the male nurses fell in love with him.  Slash potential with ex heads of department such as Julian or Mike Barratt.
Sister Lisa Duffin - Another long term cast member, although she left for a while. On screen supposedly to bring up her young family. Married a Doctor who was sadly killed during the rampages of a hospital stalker.
Sister Colette Kierney - Involved with Paramedic Josh Griffiths. One child adopted at birth, recently re-united, and now with a young grandchild.
Nurse Dillon Cahill - Blond, cute.
Nurse Anna Paul -
Receptionist Jack Vincent - Was involved with Paramedic Nikki Marshall, but had a recent testicular cancer scare which caused a great deal of mental trauma.  Relationship could be back on again...
Tony Vincent - Former Casualty Hospital security guard and Jack's brother. Gay. After he and Jack saved the life of a gay club owner he decided he wanted to take a more active role in medical care, training in some medical capacity at the moment.
Paramedic Josh Griffiths - Long term character. Lost his entire family in a house fire. Now involved with Colette.
Paramedic Finlay Newton - Having an affair with Comfort Jones.
Paramedic Nikki Marshall - Fairly new staff member. On/off relationship with Jack.
Jan Goddard - Hospital management. Having a relationship with Charlie Fairhead, but it's a tempestuous one. Charlie cares about the patients and his staff, Jan cares about Hospital management and statistics. The two are not really compatible.

Mr Max Hastings, Head of A & E.

Jack the receptionist, with tattoo on arm if you look carefully

Dr Patrick Spiller and Dr Lara Stone


Paramedic Nikki Marshall, Tony Vincent and Jack Vincent


Paramedic Finlay Newton, Josh Griffiths and Dr Spiller


Sister Lisa Duffin


Nurse Anna Paul


Paramedic Comfort Jones