Here be a few screen grabs from the last series of Dalziel and Pascoe, (July 2000).  In this series Peter Pascoe has separated from his wife Ellie and is living with Dalziel. Hence the first picture of the two of them enjoying a cosy breakfast together in Dalziel's kitchen.

A little information for those unfamiliar with the series.  This is the BBC version of Dalziel and Pascoe, there was another version made by ITV starring Hale and Pace, but there's no comparison. Andy Dalziel is played by Warren Clarke, not your typical handsome hero, craggy perhaps is a better description. But he very talented and has the ability to take on a role and make you believe he is that character.  Peter Pascoe is played by the blond and very cute Colin Buchanan, another familiar face on British TV.

Andy Dalziel is divorced, a bit of a womaniser,  but doesn't have much luck with women. His latest romantic entanglement turned out to be a serial husband killer.  Peter Pascoe is an intellectual  policeman, married to Ellie, a University lecturer, with one daughter.  It is Peter's police career that comes between him and his wife.  And she also resents his superior officer Dalziel, though she has a sort of grudging liking for him, and they do make him godfather to their daughter.  Competition?  A touch of jealousy?  Or simply the fact that he monopolises so much of her husband's time.

Slash wise, it is possible to slash Dalziel, Pascoe and Sergeant Weild, or Weildy as he is more usually referred to. In any combination.  Weild is gay in canon.  But it is never an issue in the series, he's accepted as such by those of his colleagues who know.

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Pascoe and Dalziel share a cosy breakfast together.

Dalziel and Pascoe

As always side by side.

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Sergeant Weild.