Holby City



Holby home of the sexy Mr Anton Meyer and the exceedingly cute Mr Alex Adams.  The pictures below are from April 2002, and are from the second episode guest starring David Soul as a Cardiac consultant friend of Mr Meyer's. In this episode his wife is seriously ill with heart failure after a heart transplant which has been rejected.


Mr Anton Meyer (George Irving) - Cardiac surgical consultant - Arrogant, aloof, cold. Incredibly sexy voice.  All is not well at home, but cagey about his private life.
Mr Alex Adams (Jeremy Sheffield) - Meyer's assistant.
Dr Sam Kennedy - Alex's ex girlfriend, on/off relationship. Meyer keeps warning Alex off relationships with the female staff.
Mr Ric Griffin - General Surgical consultant.
Dr Tash Bandara - Surgeon, assists Mr Griffin. Just had a health scare caused by an accident with a needle, the property of her HIV positive former Heroin addict girlfriend.
Jess Griffin - Mr Griffin's daughter, a new character, fancies a career in modelling or something but for now is working as a PA at the hospital.  Currently sort of seeing Mr Adams...
Dr Janice Taylor ( Siobhan Redmond)- Head of the Paediatric ward.  Early forties, newly separated and pregnant via IVF. Lost the first baby.
Mr Alistair Taylor - separated husband of the above, had an affair with Sister Chrissie Williams, ward sister of the Cardiac ward.
Mr Owen Davies - Gynaecologist. Friend of Dr Taylor, in charge of her IVF treatment and former lover of Chrissie Williams... She split up his marriage, but he still has a soft spot for her.
Sister Chrissie Williams - Ward Sister in charge of the Cardiac ward... Has penchant for disastrous relationships and not bothered whether her victims are married or not, that's their problem.  But has had a recent health scare with pre-cancerous cervical smear, and has been displaying a more human side lately.
Sister Kath Shaughnessy - Ward Sister on the general surgical ward. Mother of Danny. Recently separated from her wife beating husband. And on the verge of a relationship with her priest.
Danny Shaughnessy - Started at Holby as a general porter, but transferred to the nurse training programme. Recently married a East European illegal immigrant so she could stay in the country and get treatment for her child who had heart problems, but he fell in love with her.  It ended tragically when her husband who she thought was dead turned up.
Nurse Kerri McGrath
Nurse Sandy Harper
- sympathetic and well meaning junior nurse.
Nurse Liam Evans
- cute, blond... currently in a coma.
Dr Mubbs Hussein - Gynaecologist, assistant to Mr Owen. Recently split up with Lisa Fox.
Midwife Lisa Fox - Works on the maternity ward.
Midwife Ben Saunders - recent addition to the cast, Ben's first day at work was by an amazing coincidence the day his boyfriend's wife went into Labour. This came as a bit of a shock to Ben, who had no idea the now ex b/f was married.
Stan Hill - Porter, recently lost his wife to cancer.  Played by Paul Shane.

Alex Adams

Nurse Steve Waring

Dr Janice Taylor

Dr Sam Kennedy and Mr Ric Griffin

Sam and Alex

Nurse Sandy Harper

Mr Anton Meyer


Jess Griffin

Jess and Alex

Alex and Anton

Dr Tash Bandara

Anton, Alex and Sam


'David Soul'


Sister Chrissie Williams


Mr Owen Davies