The Inspector Lynley Mysteries


The Inspector Lynley Mysteries are based on a series of books, as most of these types of detective shows are. I'd say this one is an attempt at an Inspector Morse type of scenario. Cultured, educated police Inspector who this time is young, gorgeous, and an Earl, partnered with a working class female Sergeant, whose father is dying and whose mother has Alzheimer's.

Inspector Lynley lives in luxury, drives a flash car and enjoys performing dressage on horseback amongst his hobbies. He's also played by the very cute Nathaniel Parker.

The screen grabs here are from the first episode of series 2 (Spring 2002).  Lynley appears to have a roving job investigating crimes all over the place, here he's asked by an old friend John Quantell to investigate the disappearance of a boy at the boarding school he works at.  Quantell is head of one of the School's houses. Without spoiling the story for those who may yet see it. Quantell is gay, and has an interesting exchange with Lynley when Lynley has to ask him if he's been involved with any of the boys at the school.  'I'm a gay man' he says, 'and I sleep with gay "men", as you well know'.  Which is enough to set the old slash radar off <g>.


Inspector Lynley - played by Nathaniel Parker
Sergeant Barbara Havers
Headmaster - played by Bill Nighy
Bursar - played by Martin Jarvis
Head of Erebus House (John Quantell) - played by John Sessions
Chaz Quilter (Head Boy)
Pritchard (Head Prefect at Erebus)

Dressage at home

John Quantell

Sgt Havers and Inspector Lynley

Insp. Lynley, the Headmaster & the Bursar

Martin Jarvis as the Bursar

Brian and Chaz Quilter



Pritchard and Lynley


Brian and Chaz playing the organ


Lynley (yum)


Quantell being questioned by Lynley



The question

The answer?

At High Table


Bill Nighy as the headmaster