Randall & Hopkirk Deceased (new) 

There have been two series of the the remake of Randall and Hopkirk so far, one of six episodes last year, and one of seven episodes this. The pictures below are from 'O Happy Isle', a sort of tribute to The Wicker Man with a twist.  Jeannie, Jeff and Marty the ghost go to a remote Scottish Island to investigate the supposed suicide of a young man which his family believe to be murder.  The twist in the tale is that the Laird, played with relish by George Baker, is really using his beer business to spread a chemical which increases the female hormones in men. This is his answer to the global population increase, to turn half the men gay and he's been experimenting by selling the beer in the island pub.  The substance also acts as a female aphrodisiac.

The local police inspector becomes very fond of Jeff, which Jeff of course puts down to the beer, however, after the inspector apologises for his behaviour he admits to being teetotal.

For those who've never seen it, Randall and Hopkirk is about two private investigators Jeff and Marty, Marty is killed in the opening episode and comes back as a ghost, his fiancĂ©e Jeannie becomes rather fond of Jeff, making Marty somewhat jealous. Of whom we may ask <g>.  See last episode of first series and numerous other incidents for slashy evidence, such as Marty materialising in the shower with Jeff, or Marty materialising in bed with Jeff with his own head and a woman's body <g>.

Main cast
Jeff Randall - Bob Mortimer
Marty Hopkirk - Vic Reeves
Jeannie - Emilia Fox
Wyvern - Tom Baker


Tom Baker as
Wyvern, Marty's
mentor in Limbo

The beer in action,
the guy on the right
is the one who plays
Trevor in Eastenders!

What is Jeff doing?
what on earth is that
hat? <g>.


Look at that
Jeannie with Jeff In the prison cell George Baker as the
Romantic confessions