Spooks (2002) has just finished it's first series of 6 episodes.  An exciting and action packed drama about MI5 which is the department concerned with internal national security, MI6 deals with national security issues outside the UK.  This is one of the best action dramas to come out of the UK in a while and comes highly recommended.  But be warned, it's not afraid to do horrible things to main characters, so you're not going to find happy ever after stories here.  Slash possibilities are limited so far. Pre-series slash would be a possibility between Anthony Head's character and Tom Quinn in episode 5, and there are possibilities sort of in episode 6.


Tom Quinn - (Matthew MacFadyen)  Tom is the main character, and a section leader running a team of agents and informants.
Tessa Phillips - (Jenny Agutter) Tessa is the same rank as Tom, and has been at MI5 a long time.
Harry Pearce  - (Peter Firth)  Tom and Tessa's immediate superior.
Danny Hunter - (David Oyelowe) The section's technological expert.
Zoe Reynolds - (Keeley Hawes)  Fairly new agent, keen.
Helen Flynn - (Lisa Faulkner)  Watch episode 2, ouch.
Ellie Simm - (Esther Hall)  Tom's girlfriend.
Others - Hugh Laurie - MI6 person.

Notable guest stars

Anthony Head - Series 1 episode 5 (10/6/02)  Anthony plays the agent who recruited Tom to the service initially, Tom is now his handler. 

Further information on the series, characters and MI5 terminology can be found at the BBC site www.bbc.co.uk/spooks .

The pictures featured here are from the last cliff-hanger episode (17/6/02).  MI5 are contacted by the representative of an IRA splinter group who've come across information that a Middle Eastern group is going to attack a British nuclear power station. As this would wipe out a lot of Ireland as well as Britain they want to do a deal, the information in exchange for a period of 48 hours unwatched.  Tom's boss doesn't want to do a deal, but Tom goes ahead anyway, staging a fake explosion in a tube station so the group think their bomb has gone off.  He gets the information from them on a laptop computer which he takes home.  The attack on the nuclear power station is successfully averted, just.  But unknown to Tom his contact's colleagues have planted some C4 explosive in the laptop.  Tom who's installed extra security in his home to reassure his girlfriend is locked out, while she and her daughter are trapped inside with the bomb. The end.  We have to wait until next year to find out definitely if Tom's girlfriend and her daughter are in pieces all over the remains of Tom's house, or if by some miracle the bomb didn't go off...

Danny installing extra security at Tom's.


Tessa and Harry

The contact


Team briefing